Buying a property for sale abroad: Belek vs Tuscany

Buying a property for sale abroad: Belek vs Tuscany

Buying a property for sale abroad: Belek vs Tuscany

If you have decided buying a property for sale abroad, you might find yourself lost in infinite options. You can find countless cities Europeans buy a property and start a new life. No matter what you hear, there is no perfect city for everyone, it is all dependable. Belek and Tuscany are two of the most popular cities for property investment.
If you have decided what you expect from the city you invest, all you need to do is to pick one. Both Belek and Tuscany have great advantages to offer.
First things first, both of these cities offer a wonderful Mediterranean climate on different parts of the world. As it is widely known, Mediterranean climate comes with friendly faces and a sunshine all year long. If you like the sun, sand, and sea type of holiday, neither Belek nor Tuscany will let you down. But the question still goes: “Should I buy a property for sale in Belek or Tuscany?”
Let us divide the pros and cons of Belek and Tuscany and come up with a decision of which one is the best city to buy a property for sale.

Budget friendly luxury lifestyle

Everyone wants a luxurious lifestyle. However, this doesn’t necessarily have to cost a fortune to achieve.
Both Belek and Tuscany have wide range options for luxurious property for sale. You can find infinite options such as a sea front villa for sale, high end apartment for sale, or a moderate apartment in Belek and Tuscany.
Antalyaestate offers you wide options for luxurious property for sale in Belek. You won’t have any insufficiencies in our villas in Belek. You can check out our properties in Belek yourself and see our villas for sale.
Our villas have private swimming pools, sea views, advanced security systems as well as tasteful decorations and modern equipment.
Real estate for sale in Tuscany offers similar qualities as well. However, we cannot guarantee its affordability in Tuscany. Belek offers the same qualities (if not more) with fewer prises. To get a general idea on our prices at Antalyaestate, feel free to check out our properties for sale in our website and contact us and get a free consultation service.

Let us look at Belek and Tuscany from an investment wise view

We can safely suggest that both real estate for sale in Belek and Tuscany offer high values. However, their stability doesn’t match.
With the increasing demand, Turkey property has been gaining an incredible amount of value. The property you buy today might offer you double as much as you have paid tomorrow.
Due to the foreign currency rates, Turkish property is far cheaper. It is only easy to find cheap property for sale in Turkey now.
However, this fact is widely known. Turkey attracts investors all around the world actively. If you act quickly, you can find a strong place in Turkish property marketplace and earn the double amount you pay in the close future.
Tuscany has valuable properties to offer. However, they don’t offer this much of an increase of profit. If you want a guaranteed profit, Belek is the best choice of the two. It will cost a very reasonable amount to buy a profit now and it will definitely pay back every cent you pay now, even more.

What about the life costs in Belek and Tuscany?

If you want to keep your new life as affordable as possible, your daily life costs is probably another important factor to consider.
Turkey uses Turkish lira as the official currency in Turkey. If you compare it with Euro, you will get an idea of how cheap Turkey is for a European citizen.
Tuscany, on the other hand, uses Euro. Even though Tuscany offers more affordable prices compared to most European cities, living in Belek will be almost feel like it is free.

What about all the natural wonders to discover?

If you find piece when you live by the nature, both of these cities will satisfy your soul. One thing to keep in mind is that Tuscany is far bigger than Belek and not all regions are seafront. If you want a seaside villa for sale, Tuscany have far more expensive options.
Belek, on the other hand, is relatively small of a city. All its parts are very close to the Mediterranean coastline. But we can say that both Belek and Tuscany offers the wonderful colours of nature: yellow and blue.

Climate and weather in Belek and Tuscany

Belek and Tuscany have many differences as well as similarities. Their climate and weather are some of their similar aspects.
Both Belek and Tuscany are Mediterranean cities. They offer hot summers and a year-long guaranteed sunshine as well as mild winters when it might rain occasionally.
However, Tuscany have hills and mountains as well where both the summers and the winters are colder than the other parts of it.

City Of Tuscany

City Of Tuscany

Is it safe in Belek and Tuscany?

One of the most important things to consider before buying a real estate for sale in abroad is the safety. Nothing should be given more importance than your safety considering how crucial it is to maintain it for all your family.
Especially if you want to buy a luxury villa for sale, you might get the attention of the wrong minds if you are in wrong places. Thus, you need to be careful while planning ahead.
Both Belek and Tuscany shows us clear sings of being located in a Mediterranean region with friendly faces. These friendly faces won’t turn against you in Belek. You won’t need to worry about the possibilities of pickpocketing, harassment, break in, vandalism, or terrorism.
Tuscany is also very safe compared to many other cities in the world. The crime rates in Tuscany are not much higher than that of Belek. However, you might want to be careful in crowded streets as pickpocketing is a problem you might run across here.

Life as a family in Belek and Tuscany

If you want to buy a property for sale in Belek or Tuscany to live with your family, there are many other factors you should consider. Both Belek and Tuscany are cities for adults where you can spend wonderful time with your family. They both have beautiful seaside facilities, zoos, theatres, and entertainment centres.
In Tuscany, you can visit museums with your children as well as joining other cultural activities.
Belek offers your children wonderful days at The Land of Legends Theme Park, Aqualand, dolphin shows, Antalya Aquarium, boat trips, buggy safari tours and many more.
Neither Belek nor Tuscany will let down your family. Everyone of every age can find many activities to do. Apart from the spear time activities, we can safely say that your children can join international schools and get the best education in Belek and Tuscany.

Shopping alternatives in Belek and Tuscany

Shopping is another important factor during such a decision making process of buying a property for sale n Belek or in Tuscany.
We can safely say that Belek has wide shopping options. You can find many cheap grocery stores, local bazaars, souvenir stores, carpet stores, huge malls, workshops, and many more in Belek. You can shop for yourself, or you can buy wonderful gifts for your friends and family back in your home country.
Tuscany is also a great shopping destination. If you like good wine, then you will be lucky to be in Tuscany. You can also visit local workshops and get hand made products by craftsmen.

Your child’s education should not worry you!

As we have mentioned before, buying a property for sale in Belek or Tuscany may seem confusing if you have children of school age. We can safely say that your children can get the best education international schools that follows British, American, or French curriculums that are taught by the most experienced and qualified teachers.
These international schools offer education in varied languages. Your children will not only get to know other cultures better but will also get to be a polyglot.

Are the health services good in Belek and Tuscany?

Health service is the other crucial topic to consider during this decision making process.
Turkey has an advanced health sector that offers world quality services to all patients. Health service in Turkey is not only of high quality but also very affordable. This is the main reason behind Turkey’s popularity for health tourism. Each year, thousands of tourists from Britain, France, US, and many other countries choose Turkey to get a medical treatment. We can thus safely say that you won’t have any difficulties while reaching a good health service and treatment in Turkey.
One of the best things about Turkey health sector are the small facilities that only offer primary health care. These facilities are located in every single neighbourhood in Turkey.
A health care index of 2020 locates Italy on the 40th row while Turkey is in the 28th. We can deduct that Turkey had been improving itself greatly in the world area of health sector.

Language barrier is not an issue in Belek

One of the biggest advantages of Belek over Tuscany is the language barrier. In Belek, almost every local has at least once had an occupation related to tourism sector. This leads the foreign language speaking rates to be higher than most of the cities in Turkey and in the world.
The locals in Belek speak at least one more foreign language fluently other than English. Most popular ones in Belek are German, Russian, French.
Tuscany also has high amounts of polyglots. However, the numbers cannot even be compared to the ones in Belek. If you don’t want to learn the local language at all, Belek will be far easier and better for you.

Do I have to use my property all year long?

One thing you should keep in mind is that you don’t have to use your property all year long. Buying a holiday home for sale in Belek or Tuscany is a great option you should consider.
You can spend your summers in your property and winters in your home country. You can even rent your property and get a passive income out of it. Both Turkey and Italy allow it. For more information, please contact us.

Turkish cuisine vs Italian cuisine

Both Italian and Turkish cuisine are very popular around the world. They have similar dishes too, as Turkish cuisine is a mixture of Mediterranean and Eastern cuisines. Trying to find which cuisine is better only leads to endless arguments.
However, we can safely say that Italy wins the title for wine culture hands down. Each region in Italy offers different kinds of wine made out of hundreds of different grapes. You can find many wine villages in Italy that offer something for every taste.

Golf property Belek and Tuscany

One of the biggest reasons for the rivalry between Belek and Tuscany are the golf properties. Both of these cities have proven themselves around the globe.
Almost all hotels in Belek have either their own gold courses or have agreements with a golf course in Belek. It is almost impossible to leave Belek without playing golf. The weather conditions are perfect for a golf play in Belek, with a guaranteed sunshine almost all year long.
Golf courses in Belek offer high qualities with the latest and more advanced equipment and qualified tutors. All of the tourists that choose Belek as a holiday destination leave the city satisfied, only to come back. Many of them decide to buy their own property for sale in Belek to benefit from all the wonders it offers all year long.
If you want to live this type of a life, buying a golf property in Belek could be one of the best decisions you have ever made.

Belek and Tuscany at a glance

As you know better know, Belek and Tuscany are two wonderful spots to buy a property for sale. We cannot sum up Belek and Tuscany as better or worse, we can only compare them categorically.
Both have a Mediterranean climate, which leads them to carry similar qualities. Both offer wonderful natural beauties, good and sunny weather, luxurious properties, seaside villas, high end apartments, friendly faces, delicious dishes, and enjoyable activities to all.

Pros & cons of buying a property for sale in Belek



Sunshine all year long

Might rain in winters

Perfect golf weather

Small city with small population

High profit

Less popular

Affordable prices

Less lively during winters

World quality golf courses

Less famous than Tuscany

Pros & cons of buying a property for sale in Tuscany



Sunshine all year long

Might rain in winters

World quality golf courses

You will have to learn Italian

More affordable than most European cities

Less affordable than Belek

Famous wines

Less profit

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