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Well located detached villa for sale in Antalya Kemer center


Kemer is one of the tourist areas in Antalya. The best 5 star hotels in Antalya are located in Kemer region. In the Antalya Kemer, due to the high demands of tourists for accommodation, the price of renting a villa and renting a house has increased. You can apply for a residence permit in Turkey after completing the villa purchase process in Turkey. Currently, one of the easiest ways to get a Turkish residence permit is to buy a property.

Property Nr.
Completion year
220 m²
Price 375,000 €
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Exquisite villa with modern design in Turkey Kemer


This stylish villa in Kemer has been designed by new architectural ideas. Kemer Turkey is a tourist town located in the west of Antalya. Kemer is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and has a beautiful beach. Kemer Beach is one of the beaches in the Turkey with a blue flag. Contact us via WhatsApp to visit Kemer Turkey Real Estate, how to buy and sell villas in Turkey and the up to date prices for houses in Turkish market.

Property Nr.
Completion year
140 m²
Price 300,000 €
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Purchase forest home in Kemer Antalya


These villas are beautifully and uniquely designed in the Kemer Mountains. The location of this forest house is in a cozy and quiet area among the green forests. Buying a villa in the Kemer forests is very suitable for investment and Holiday Home. The forest house in Kemer is stylishly and antiquely designed. Buying a home with furnitures in the Kemer is negotiable. To inquire about the purchase price of a house in Kemer, Antalya, and how to buy a property in Kemer, Turkey, please contact our agents.

Property Nr.
Completion year
150 m²
Price 212,000 €
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Renovated villa for sale in Kemer Antalya


This villa is located close to the Kemer forests and mountainous. Kemer Antalya is one of the tourist areas of Antalya. Kemer is one of the western cities of Antalya province. Kemer Beach is dedicated to hotels and beach clubs, which are one of the attractions of Antalya. This villa is located in Camyuva area. This villa has been completely renovated in 2022. The cost of renovating the villa in 2022 in the Kemer of Antalya is estimated at around 25,000 euros.

Property Nr.
Completion year
245000 m²
Price 245,000 €
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Mountain view Villa for Sale in Kemer Turkey


A Three-Bedroom Villa in Kemer is priced at 130,000 euros. If you are interested in buying real estate in Kemer, please contact our sales managers.

Property Nr.
Completion year
450 m²
Price 260,000 €
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Two Bedroom Villa in Kemer Turkey


A Two Bedroom Villa in Kemer Turkey is for sale at a price of 100,000 euros. If you are interested in buying real estate in Kemer, please contact our sales managers.

Property Nr.
Completion year
2+1 duplex
180 m²
Price 200,000 €
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large Villa with a Private Pool in Kemer Antalya


A large Villa with a Private Pool in Kemer Antalya is sold at a price of 200,000 euros. If you are interested in buying real estate in Kemer, please contact our sales managers.

Property Nr.
Completion year
380 m²
Price 480,000 €
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Large Villa with Sea Views in Kemer


A large Villa with Sea Views in Kemer is for sale at a price of 280.000 euros. If you are interested in buying real estate in Kemer, please contact our sales managers.

Property Nr.
Completion year
312 m²
Price 530,000 €
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A large Villa in Kemer is for sale Turkey


 A large Villa in Kemer is for sale Turkey at a price of 220.000 euros. If you are interested in buying real estate in Kemer, please contact our sales managers.

Property Nr.
Completion year
200 m²
Price 365,000 €
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Find out everything about Villas for sale in Kemer Turkey

Kemer is a small and beautiful city in the south of Turkey and south of Antalya. This beautiful city had no road to Antalya until 1980, and the people of this city used boats and sea buses to go to and from Antalya.

With the increase of the tourism industry in Antalya and as a result the natural and recreational landscapes of Kemer became known, the road from Kemer to Antalya was opened. Currently, D400 highway connects Kemer city to Antalya.

Kemer is located 45 kilometers from Antalya, and by living in Kemer, you can easily access Antalya's life and entertainment facilities. In terms of climate, Kemer has a clean climate that is sunny most of the year.

The air temperature in the summer of this city rarely reaches above 40 degrees and rain usually falls in the cold seasons of the year. In winter, the temperature rarely drops below 10 degrees.

Due to its mild mountainous climate, in winter and summer, Kemer is a little colder than Antalya itself, and for many people, Kemer is known as a vacation destination.

For information on the price and terms of buying other types of real estate for sale in this city, refer to the Buy Real Estate in Kemer.

Villa for sale in Kemer, Antalya

A photo of Kemer city beach in Antalya

Kemer is so beautiful and attractive that it might take a few months to see all its beauty and recreational places. Beautiful citrus groves, date palms, cypress trees in the forests, natural caves, things left from the Paleolithic era, connecting the forest and the sea on the coast, the beautiful Taurus mountains, the beautiful rivers and springs that originate from the Taurus mountains and so on. It is only part of the natural beauty of the waist.


Kemer has a very long history and the history of this city goes back to 700 years before Christ. At that time, the ancient city of Phaslis was founded.

Because of the strategic location of Faslis port, there have been several wars over this city in history, and it has fallen into the hands of different governments during different times. Later, with the expansion of urbanization and the increase of the population, the city of Kemer was separated from the ancient areas of Phaslis and it was named Idros the Greek.

Until the Ottoman government captured this city, it was called Hyman, but after taking Antalya and Greek Idros, they changed its name to Kemer, which still stands today.

The presence of several rivers in this area and the existence of the valley had caused this city to be regularly in the path of floods and be subject to destruction.

For this reason, from 1916 to 1917, a 23-kilometer long wall was built in this city, which separated its northern and southern regions. In addition to the protective role against floods, this wall also had a protective role against the enemy.

Before a road was drawn from Kemer to Antalya, Kemer was not much developed. But after that, with the arrival of tourists to this pristine and beautiful area, Kemer became very prosperous. To the extent that it is now equal to many expensive and luxury areas of Antalya.

Over the past three years, the growth of the real estate market in Kemar has been more than 110 percent, and many real estate experts believe that this amount will increase in the coming years.

In this article, we are going to examine the different regions of Kemer and their conditions for buying a villa and examine their location. If you are interested in buying a villa in Kemer, Antalya, reading this article can be a very good guide for you. Stay with us until the end of this article.

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Geography, climate and population of Kemer

As mentioned, the distance between Kemer and the west of Antalya is about 45 kilometers. Kemer is located at a distance of 46 kilometers from the western Taurus mountains. Kemer is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea from the east and mountains and forest from the west.

This city has an area of ​​approximately 53 thousand kilometers. Forests cover 45,000 km of the area of ​​this city. The length of the coastline of Kemer is also 53 km. In terms of climate, summers are hot and dry and winters are mild and rainy.

Buying a villa in Kemer, Turkey

A view of the Kemer Sea in Antalya

On average, it is sunny 300 days a year and it rains only 60 days a year. Also, the sea water temperature is between 10 and 12 degrees Celsius in winter and between 27 and 29 degrees Celsius in summer. The temperature of the water in the waist is such that it is possible to swim in its sea in 8 months of the year. The population of Kemer in 2019 was estimated to be approximately 50,000 people.

Administrative divisions of Kemer city

Camyuva, Goynuk and Tekirova are three cities close to Kemer, Beycik, Kudzere, Ovacik and Ulupinar are also four villages close to Kemer. Out of these three villages, only ulupinar village is located on the coastline and the rest are far from the coast. Among the different neighborhoods of Kemer, there are 4 neighborhoods in Kemer itself, three neighborhoods in Camyuva, three neighborhoods in Goynuk, and two neighborhoods in Tekirova.

Villas for sale in Beldibi Kemer

One of the beautiful and special regions of Kemer, which is considered a wonderful recreational place for many tourists, is Beldibi region in Kemer. Beldibi is the closest neighborhood to the city of Antalya itself and it can almost be said that it is attached to Antalya.

This area is known for its beautiful sea beach, stylish shops, luxury hotels and Beldibi Cave. Beldibi Cave belongs to ancient times. Boat tours are also held in Beldibi every day.

By buying a villa in Beldibi Kemer, you will have a safe and profitable investment. Beldibi is located at a distance of 26 kilometers from Kemer and between the road from Kemer to Antalya. The distance between Beldibi and Antalya itself is only 20 kilometers.

There are several shops, restaurants, supermarkets, etc. in this area. Most of the coastal areas of Beldibi are occupied by 4 or 5 star hotels.

There are pebbles in some parts of Beldibi beach, in most places, sand was poured on the pebbles to provide recreational and comfort conditions for travelers and residents of Beldibi to rest on the beach.
Among the entertainment places of Beldibi or near it, we can mention Beldibi Cave, statues and coffins related to the Paleolithic era, lemon and orange fields, beach, river, etc.

The close distance to Antalya and Konyaalti has made it have the conditions of living in a recreational settlement with good weather and access to the facilities of the city of Antalya. The same issue has also affected the price of buying a villa in Beldibi. Luxury villas have been built in Beldibi.

Most of the villas built in Beldibi region have an attractive view of the forest and mountains, and the best quality materials are used in their construction.

In this area, the construction of villa projects is very popular, and most of the villas have a private pool, air conditioning system, green space, CCTV, smart system, storage, parking, etc. Due to the change of Turkey's strategy in the last few years and the arrival of foreigners in this region, the style of construction in Beldibi has changed and most of the buildings are newly built with Turkish architecture.

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Villas for sale in Aslanbucak Kemer

One of the very good neighborhoods to buy a villa in Kemer Antalya is Aslanbucak neighborhood. This neighborhood is located inside the city of Kemer and therefore has easy access to the facilities inside the city of Kemer.

Aslanbucak is located in the mountainous area of ​​Kemer and because it is not located on the coastline of Kemer, the price of buying a villa in Aslanbucak is lower than other areas.

Buying a villa in Kemer, Antalya

A view of the Kemer city of Antalya

It is true that Aslanbucak does not have villas with a sea view, but these villas are built with a view of the forests and Taurus mountains, which are very beautiful and attractive.
The distance from Aslanbucak to the beach is only a 30-minute walk, and by buying a villa in Aslanbucak Kemer, you can easily enjoy its beautiful beach.

Aslanbucak is known for peace and quiet, and because it is located inside the city of Kemer, there are good urban facilities such as schools, medical services, doctors, pharmacies, shops, etc. in this neighborhood.

In Aslanbucak, most of the villas are built individually. There are no big villa projects in this neighborhood. Also, there are no multi-story skyscrapers in this place and most of the apartments are low.

Villas for sale in Goynuk Kemer

One of the best areas to buy a villa in Kemer, Antalya is to buy a villa in Goynuk Kemer. This area has a blue flag beach. The Blue Flag is a global symbol that shows the cleanliness of coastal waters.

Goynuk is 9 km from the center of Kemer and 35 km from Antalya. One of the most important points of Goynuk is its valley, which had a very important position in the past.

Currently, it has become one of the best recreational areas in Kemer and even Antalya, and many tourists choose Goynuk Valley and its beauty as their tourist destination.

Like a small city, Goynuk has all the amenities and is considered the most populated area after Kemer. In 2010, the population of Guynuk was counted as 6000 people, which has increased over the years.

There is a kindergarten, an elementary school, and two high schools in Guynuk, and you don't need to worry about your child's education. If you don't want your child to study in Goynuk schools, Antalya schools in the province of Konyaalti are very close to Goynuk and you can choose Konyaalti schools for your child's education.

D400 highway passes through this neighborhood and buses from Kemer to Antalya are always on this route, and you can use these buses to go to Kemer, Antalya, or send your child to Antalya by bus to go to school.

Goynuk is closer to Antalya than other Kemer regions except Beldibi region. This is the reason why it is better known than the rest of us and has more expensive villas to buy.

If you want to buy a villa in Goynuk Kemer, you should know that there are almost no residential villas on the coastline of this area. Hotels, shops, restaurants and guesthouses occupy the coastline of Goynuk and most of the houses are located a little further from the beach.

Despite this, due to the short distance to the sea, the beautiful views of the Taurus Mountains and the forests ahead, the proximity to entertainment centers such as Dino Park, Goynuk Valley, the beach and its recreational facilities, the existence of ancient places near Goynuk, including Phaselis, Paradise Bay, Mount and Tahtali have caused the sale price of buying a villa in Goynuk Kemer to be average and rising.

For approximately 6 months of the year, it is the tourist season in Goynuk, which creates good conditions for investment by renting a villa.
Compared to villas, the number of apartment houses in Goynuk is low, and most of the villas are built with views of the Taurus Mountains and the gardens of Goynuk.

Also, the villas are fully equipped and completely up-to-date. Swimming pool, parking, CCTV, smart system, green space, beautiful gardens, beautiful design, etc. are common features of most of the villas built in Goynuk.

Also, due to the increase in construction in recent years, old villas are less visible in this area and most of the villas are newly built.
For example, a three-bedroom villa with an area of ​​295 meters, parking and outdoor pool, built in 2022, with 24-hour security, closed-circuit television, air conditioning system, water storage system and water pump, children's pool, children's playground, generator, Jacuzzi, double-glazed windows, solar panels, household appliances, distance from the sea 1.5 km, distance from the city center 1.4 km, distance from the bus station 400 meters and... for 385,000 euros. By buying such a villa in Guynuk, you can easily apply for residency in Turkey.

Villas for sale in Kiris Kemer

One of the very good areas of Kemer, which has a large number of villas for sale in Kemer, Antalya, is the Kiris area. This area has a very short distance from Kemer and its distance from Kemer is only 5 km.

Kiris region welcomes Russian and German tourists more during the tourist season. The people of Russia and Germany love and prefer this region more than other regions. Kiris region has a coastline. In Kiris beach, there are various orange groves and 5-star hotels. The distance between Kiris and Antalya is about 65 kilometers.

See the daily price of all types of houses for sale in Kemer on the following page:

Villa for sale in Kemer

Canoeing on the coast of Kemer

Rally competitions are also held in Kiris. The World Rally Championship has been held in Kiris. Kiris has a pebbly coastline, but for the convenience of tourists, they poured sand in bulk in some areas so that both children and adults can enjoy the sandy beach.

There is not a long distance between Kiris and Kemer and it is easy to get around with the buses that run on this route. If you want to go to Antalya from Kiris, because the D400 highway passes through Kiris area, you can easily use the special buses of this highway that go to Antalya. Due to the very favorable conditions, the demand for buying a villa in Kiris is very high.

Many foreigners consider this area suitable for buying a villa in Kemer Antalya. This is the reason why Kiris villas are very well built and relatively expensive.

Villas for sale in Tekirova Kemer

Tekirova is a town near Kemer with a population of 2500 people, which is famous for its blue flag beach. This beautiful area is known for its beach and clean water.

Tekirova is 17 kilometers away from Kemer and it is more far from Antalya than Goynuk and Beldibi. Tekirova is also known as an important tourist center in Kemer.

The existence of clean and clear blue beaches, being near the Botanical Ecopark, the ancient city of Phaselis, Mount Tahtali with the largest cable car in Europe, Cleopatra Bay and Ulupinar, which is famous among fishing enthusiasts and seafood restaurants, have made this area Tourism has a high status.

Despite the large number of tourists in this area, the construction of villa projects became very prosperous. So that currently, empty land to build a villa is rarely found in it. The lack of land and the large number of tourists who come to Tekirova every year make it an expensive place to buy a villa in Kemer Antalya.

For example, a detached villa in Tekirova with an area of ​​350 square meters, an outdoor pool, two floors with 6 bedrooms, three balconies, completed in 2006, sale priced at €600,000. This villa has facilities including three balconies, open parking, household appliances, air conditioning system, central satellite antenna, 200 meters yard and garden, and its distance to the sea is 500 meters.

Villas for sale in Ovacık Kemer

Ovacık is a small and quiet neighborhood and the people who live there are mostly natives. The occupation of most of the people of Ovacık is animal husbandry and agriculture. There is no primary school in this area and the residents of this area go to other parts of Kemer to go to school.

This area is currently cheaper than other areas of Kemer. Because water piping has not been done in this village. But the unique nature of this village, its peace and quiet, the safety and comfort of life in it have gradually made the construction of villas and apartments in it flourish. This area will become more popular in the next few years and property prices will increase.

Canoeing in Kemer Antalya

Boat ride in Kemer Antalya

Ovacık is 25 km from Kemer and 70 km from Antalya. Ovacık is located after Kuzdere region and is located in the heart of Taurus mountains.

To go to Antalya or other parts of Kemer, the people of Ovacık first come to Kuzdere and from there use the D400 highway to go to Antalya or other parts of Kemer. This region is less populated than other regions of Kemer. Also, there is no seashore Ovacık.

Life in Ovacık is a little different from other areas of Kemer. Because this area is mountainous and has a higher altitude than the other areas of Kemer. This has made the summers of Ovacık cooler. Ovacık, there is a lot of land for construction and the price of buying a villa in Ovacık is low. The houses in Ovacık are far apart and the number of houses built is not high.

See the price and terms of buying an apartment in Turkey on the following page:

Villas for sale in Beycik Kemer

Beycik Kemer is one of the mountainous regions of Kemer that does not have a beach like Ovacik. Beycik is close to Tekirova and you can easily use the beautiful beaches of Tekirova.

The distance between Beycik and Kemer is about 25 km and from Antalya about 70 km. Living in Beycik provides you with excellent conditions. villas for sale in Beycik Kemer is cheaper than ivillas for sale in Tekirova and Goynuk.

Beycik has a lot of charm with its natural mountain scenery and you can experience a peaceful and quiet life by buying a villa in Beycik. The quiet mountain scenery is reminiscent of the beautiful mountains of Switzerland and Sweden.

Despite not having a beach and a longer distance to Kemer than other localities, Beycik has very good conditions in terms of tourism. Several accommodation places, hotels and guesthouses have been prepared for the accommodation of tourists. The five-star Nirvana Hotel is also located in Beycik.

Villas for sale in Camyuva Kemer

One of the best areas to buy a villa in Kemer Antalya is to buy a villa in Camyuva Kemer. A beautiful area with a permanent population of 10,000 people, which is one of the largest areas in Kemer.

Camyuva is located 10 kilometers from Kemer. Camyuva is one of the coastal areas of Kemer, where the forest reaches the sea and creates unique natural landscapes. The sunset scenery of Camyuva is like a colorful and charming canvas.

The name of Camyuva is derived from the pine and cypress trees that are located in this area. The distance between Camyuva and Kiris is not so much and many tourists who come with Kiris choose Camyuva for rest.

The beaches of Camyuva, like many parts of the coast, are pebbly, but for the comfort of travelers, they are covered with sand in bulk in some places. Camyuva beach is very clean, its water is clear.

Living in Camyuva is like a sweet dream for nature lovers. Because not only will they enjoy the beauty of the sea, but they will also benefit from the beauty of mountain scenery and cypress trees, rivers, springs, etc. in the heart of the Taurus Mountains.
Camyuva is one of the most popular tourist areas and therefore the most popular for buying a villa in Kemer. There are quite a lot of villas for sale in Camyuva. Many people who are looking for a villa for sale in Kemer Antalya choose Camyuva villas. Most of the villas are newly built and have very good facilities.

Due to the lack of vacant land, the choice of many foreign investors to invest in this area, the addition of European tourists to this area, and the existence of many recreational facilities and natural scenery, Camyuva is considered a relatively expensive area.

If your intention is to visit real estate for sale in Kemer, Antalya, and buy a villa in Camyuva, Kemer, keep in mind that you will have to pay a higher price than other parts of Kemer. In this area in the last few years, the construction of new villa and apartment projects has been booming.

For example, a villa building in Camyuva with an area of ​​150 square meters, the construction of which was completed in 2022, two floors, four bedrooms, with parking and outdoor pool, satellite antenna, etc., is priced at 440,000 euros.

It should be noted that this villa also has a garden with an area of ​​215 square meters. The distance of this villa from the sea and the beach is about 500 meters and from the nearest supermarket about 150 meters.

To buy a house in Turkey and to know the prices of the day, refer to the following page:

Villas for sale in Kuzdere Kemer

Until a few years ago, Kuzdere was a village near Kemer. But in 2009, this area officially became one of the districts of Kemer. Kuzdere does not have a beach and is located near the center of Kemer city. The D400 highway passes through this neighborhood, and for this reason, the residents of Kuzdere have no problem in terms of access to Antalya.

They also easily go to the center of Kemer city. The density of house construction in Kuzdere is lower than in Kemer, and most of the houses are built as garden houses.
There are schools in Kuzdere from primary to high school and if you choose to buy a villa in Kuzdere, you don't need to worry about your child's school.

If you would like your child to study in Antalya, but you prefer the peace and quiet of Kuzdere, your child can easily travel between Kuzdere and Antalya by using the buses on the D400 highway.

It is approximately 30 minutes from Kuzdere to Antalya by bus. The distance from Kuzdare to Antalya is 46 km and to the center of Kemer is 5 km.
There are facilities in Kuzdere, including several children's parks, hotels, mosques, schools, shops, restaurants, a large commercial center that opened in 2020, Gedelme Plateau, Kuzdere Plateau, etc. Kemar Industrial Campus is also located in Kuzdere.
Gedelme Plateau is one of the tourist attractions of Kemer, which is located in Kuzdere and has a cave with a depth of 500 meters, a Roman castle and a giant 2000-year-old tree, which is a wonderful place for many tourists and nature lovers.

Clock tower in Kemer city

Clock tower in Kemer city

The price of buying a villa in Kuzdere Kemer varies according to the facilities, year of construction, materials used, square footage, etc. However, in general, it can be said that the price of buying a villa in Kuzdere Kemer is reasonable and there are various options for buying.

Villas for sale in Cirali Kemer

The Cirali is more distant from it than other areas of the waist. Cirali beach is sandy and the sea turtle breeding area is protected. The lifespan of these turtles is very long and these turtles are very important in terms of the environment. Cirali beach rises gently from the sea. Cirali beach is divided into two parts: Cirali and Olympos.

Ulupinar stream and valley, Likya road, Olympos, Yanar Tash, cypress forests, plateaus, historical fortress of Olympos, etc. are among the natural and recreational attractions of Chiraly.

The ancient city of Olympos is also located in this area, which, along with Phaselis, is one of the very old cities that gave way to modern cities. Yanartaş, which is located on the hills of Ciraly and Olympos, are always lit fires that are a great attraction for tourists.
Cirali beach is less known than other beaches in Kemer city.

Usually, on weekends, the people of Kemer or those who know this area come to Cirali to have fun and relax in a nice and clean place, but during the week the beach is deserted.
If you choose to buy a villa in Cirali, you can enjoy seeing a beach every day that can be called a piece of paradise. The Cirali path to the waist takes approximately one hour. Cirali is quiet and peaceful and at the same time has many historical attractions.

Villas for sale in the center of Kemer city

Kemer is a lively area and life flows all year round in this beautiful city. Kemer beach is pebbly and covered in bulk with sand.

Sailing, jeep safari, diving, boat trips, clubs, traditional Turkish restaurants, Aqua World water park and dolphinarium, etc. are part of Kemer tourism. In addition to the regular buses from Kemer to Antalya, there are buses to and from Kemer areas including Tekirova, Goynuk, Beldibi, Kiris and Camyova.

In addition to land buses, it is also possible to travel to Antalya by sea, and you can choose sea buses to travel to Antalya.
Migros 5M shopping center is one of the best entertainment and shopping centers in Antalya with 130 stores on three floors, which includes many Turkish and foreign brands.

From this shopping center to Kemer, there are buses so that the people of Kemer can easily access this shopping center.
Like a big city, Kemer has all the recreational, medical and educational facilities.

This city has two well-equipped hospitals that you can go to one of these two hospitals for medical services.
In Kemer, there is a great variety in the selection of villas.

Most of the buildings in Kemer are low and due to the lack of land in this area, most of the villas in Kemer are medium and high. There are some older villas in Kemer that are second-hand and furnished and are sold at a lower price.

To buy a villa in the center of Kemer city, you can choose beach villas, villas in villa projects, or second-class villas.
For example, a villa for sale in Kemer city center, which was completed in 2022, with an area of ​​220 meters, 4 bedrooms, a private pool, a garden that is maintained and cleaned on a weekly basis, full security and... with the amount It is sold for 675,000 euros.

Conditions for buying a villa in Kemer Antalya

If the price of a villa for sale in Kemer reaches 75,000 US dollars, you will get a temporary Turkish residence.
If the price of a villa for sale in Kemer Antalya reaches 400,000 US dollars, you can apply for Turkish citizenship.

Kemer is a holiday resort. For this reason, it has excellent conditions for those who plan to buy a villa to spend the holiday season or retire. Because there is no news of the crowds and traffic of big cities, and despite the variety of recreational and natural places, it is a very suitable place to spend a vacation.

With the increasing price of buying a villa in Kemer, in the next few years, Kemer will become more advanced and more expensive.
In the past, the main occupation of the people of Kemar was agriculture and animal husbandry. With the expansion of the tourism industry to this city, many agricultural lands gave way to villas, hotels, boarding houses, etc. For this reason, there are not many vacant lands left in Kemer.

Especially since in the past the price of real estate in Kemer was very low and every person bought a large area of ​​land at a low price.
After Kemar became known, its real estate market experienced a growth of 110 percent, which in turn is amazing.


Despite the fact that Kemer is considered a recreational settlement and is not advanced like many big cities, the price of buying a villa there is expensive. Especially in its famous coastal areas such as Tekirova, Camyuva, Beldibi, Goynuk and the center of Kemer, the price of buying a villa is very high.

If you are planning to make a safe investment by buying a villa in Kemer, you should know that you are on the right path, because many real estate experts believe that the villa properties in Kemer will continue to face price growth in the next few years.

In recent years, the arrival of European tourists and European investors has changed the culture of the people of Kemer, and now the native people of Kemer treat immigrants very well.
Russian and German investors and tourists are fans of buying villas in Kemer and invest in Kemer more than other countries.
If you buy a villa in Kemer and rent it out, the entire amount you paid for the villa will be returned to you within 4 years, although if the real estate market is growing at the same rate, this time will be even shorter.
Although most of the Kemer areas are coastal, they rarely offer villas with a beach view. Because the coastal lands of Kemer are at the disposal of hotels, guesthouses and restaurants and are built for tourists.

For this reason, most of the villas for sale in Kemer are facing the mountains and cedar forests, but their distance from the sea is short. The closest villa to the beach is about 500 meters away.
If it is not possible for you to visit the villas in Kemer in person, or if you do not have complete information about the villas in Kemer, the specifications and features of each villa, just call the contact number of Antalya Estate .

With several years of experience in the field of buying and selling villas in Turkey and the city of Kemer, this group is fully familiar with the characteristics of the Kemer region, villas and the conditions of buying a villa in Kemer and can guide you in the best purchase. After you state your requirements and budget for buying a villa in Kemer, the expert in Kemer will visit the projects in person and send you videos and photos of each villa online.
You can easily choose the villa you want online and send the documents to the consultant in Kemer without having to travel to Antalya and stay for several days to buy a villa. Until the consultant does the document transfer, you can go to Turkey in person to sign and receive the document and we will do the rest.

Antalya Estate consultants have a lot of experience in buying and selling villas in Turkey and are fully aware of the different conditions of each villa. This group only introduces you to the villas that were built by the most reputable construction companies so that you can be sure of the quality of the materials and the building in question. They will also check the villas that have document problems, are more expensive than usual, or are in the bank group, and will never introduce such villas to you.

Kemer Antalya, with its amazing natural scenery, has become a holiday destination for many Turkish people and foreigners. In recent years, many Iranians have chosen this area to buy villas.

Therefore, the number of Iranians who buy villas in Kemer is increasing. Kemer experiences a multifold growth of the real estate market every year. For this reason, the price of real estate in it is always increasing.

However, due to the popularity of Kemer, if you intend to sell a villa in Kemer, it will take a very short time to sell the villa. You can sell the villa you bought whenever you want without worrying about the villa being sold late or under the selling price.

For information on the price and terms of buying various types of properties for sale in other cities in Turkey, refer to the Turkey Real Estate for Sale.

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