Buy property for sale in Belek 2023

Suitable for Turkish passport
24 Month

Discover Affordable Properties in Belek Serik with Flexible Installment Plans


There are details a luxurious property development in Belek Serik, Turkey, covering 16,065 m² with 450 flats, a mall, and a hotel. Highlighting unique features like underfloor heating, smart home systems, and an array of amenities, the project offers flexible, interest-free 24-month installment plans. The location's investment potential was emphasized, and a comparison with Marbella demonstrated Belek's affordability and attractive return on investment.

Property Nr.
Completion year
1+1, 2+1
55 - 130 m²
Price from 78,000 €
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Customization Options for New Build Villas For sale in Belek


The new build villas for sale in Belek, Turkey offer extensive customization options and a luxury lifestyle in a prime location. Built by a reputable construction company, these villas are a smart investment due to rising property prices, driven by increased demand and infrastructure development. Compared to similar Mediterranean destinations, Belek stands out as a more cost-effective choice for luxury living.

Property Nr.
Completion year
4+1 Triplex
250 m²
Price 550,000 €
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5 bedroom Mansion villa for sale in Belek Antalya


The villa in Belek Serik is surrounded by nature, beautiful luxury properties and amenities. The location and weather create a perfect atmosphere for sports tourism in the Belek town. Belek offers a wide range of properties for every budget. You can live luxuriously without spending a fortune.

Property Nr.
Completion year
450 m²
Price 500,000 €
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Family villa for sale in Turkey Belek region


The cozy villa is designed with family living in mind, and it is very suitable for a large family. The Lands of Legends theme park is located in Belek. Real estate investment in Belek has been a unique case and great opportunity for buyers. If you are interested in living in a lively area in Antalya, or if you have any further questions, you can contact Antalya Estate.

Property Nr.
Completion year
180 m²
Price 340,000 €
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Property in Belek Turkey with pool for sale


The villa in Belek provides a beautiful area for all your comfort needs and a calm and easygoing atmosphere. One of the most popular places in Belek is the Lands of Legends theme park. Belek draws attention with its modern real estate market which consists of apartments and villas. Belek is a rapidly developing and growing area.

Property Nr.
Completion year
330 m²
Price 300,000 €
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12 Month

Belek golf properties for sale with rental income


Belek is a tiny, affluent resort in Turkey, yet it is internationally famous, and its name is well known in the mainstream tourist and property markets. Despite its international popularity, buying real estate in other golfing locations like Spain and Portugal is far more expensive, which is a significant draw for golf enthusiasts. Additionally, as Belek has just gained popularity in the past ten years, the majority of homes for sale are brand-new constructions with Turkish-inspired architecture, and also in the last 4 years property prices for sale in Belek Antalya has increased %718.

Property Nr.
Completion year
1+1, 2+1
50 - 89 m²
Price from 77,000 €
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Belek Golf Center apartment for sale in Kadriye


Belek is a town on Turkey’s southern Mediterranean coast known for its beaches, 5-star hotels, and golf courses. Over 300 days are sunny in the city and you can spend your free times on the beach of the beautiful Mediterranean coast. This magnificent villa offers you a life of quality and will make your stay in Turkey pleasant. This property is an ideal opportunity if you intend on having an estate investment in Turkey.

Property Nr.
Completion year
65 m²
Price 125,000 €
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Seafront villa for sale in Belek Bogazkent


This seafront villa has been built and designed to luxury standards from top to bottom in a prime location in Belek; home to some of the luxurious golf courses with manicured greens. This villa just might be the holiday home of your dreams! Nowadays, the easiest way to get a Turkish citizenship is to buy a property anywhere in Turkey. By purchasing this villa in Belek you can have a Turkish passport.

Property Nr.
Completion year
220 m²
Price 2,000,000 €
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Serik prime location properties for sale in Belek Kadriye


This modernly built villa is in a prime location in Belek close to Kadriye beach, meaning that you can visit the beach with your friends and family on a daily basis and have a lovely experience in Turkey. This villa brings you a life of quality with its wonderful facilities. If you are looking to have an estate investment in Turkey, this villa is an ideal opportunity that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Property Nr.
Completion year
200 - 235 m²
Price 580,000 €
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Belek affordable properties for sale close to Kadriye beach


Belek is a big resort region that features mild climate, clean air and well-equipped sandy beaches. This three-bedded villa is set within a location near the Kadriye beach which gives you the opportunity to visit this magnificent beach on a daily basis and have a memorable experience in Turkey. This is also a great opportunity for you to have an estate investment in Belek Turkey.

Property Nr.
Completion year
200 m²
Price 320,000 €
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All you wanna know about property for sale in Belek

Belek is a small and beautiful city 45 km from Antalya, which many people consider to be a part of Antalya due to its proximity to Antalya. Belek city is about 25 minutes drive from Antalya and about the same distance from the airport.

Belek city is one of the best and most luxurious tourist areas in Antalya, and many tourists who have detailed information about Turkey and Antalya's entertainment places choose Belek as their tourist destination.
The city of Belek is one of the historical cities of Turkey and its history dates back to the 4th century BC. In the past, this city belonged to the Romans and was considered the place of residence of the Romans.

To find out the price and specifications of other properties for sale, refer to the property for sale in Belek

Property for sale in Belek Antalya

Living in the Belek area of Antalya

After that, Belek fell into the hands of the Seljuks when the Seljuks attacked this city. Nevertheless, after the passing of centuries, there are still historical monuments related to Roman times in this city and the architecture of the houses is still not similar to Roman and Greek architecture.

Currently, magnificent historical monuments such as the ancient theater of Assutos have been preserved and restored in the best possible way in this city and are reminders of the distant past of this city. In addition to this ancient theater, there are also the ruins of a large ancient city in Belek, which are among the oldest historical monuments of this city.

Life in Belek brings you a sense of vitality and vitality. Suitable weather, the presence of various water sports, beautiful nature, etc. are factors that make you interested in buying a property in Belek.

In this article, we are going to talk about living conditions in Belek and properties for sale in Belek. If you are interested in buying property in belek and want to get comprehensive information about this city and houses for sale in Belek, read this article until the end.

Advantages of living and buying a property in Belek

Belek Weather

One of the most important issues in choosing a city to live in is its climate. The climate of the city of Belek is Mediterranean, that is why it is also called the Mediterranean city of Belek. The air temperature in this city varies from 15 degrees to 40 degrees. In the coldest days of the year, the temperature rarely drops below 15 degrees, and in the hottest days of the year, it rarely reaches above 40 degrees.

It usually rains 12 inches in a year. The average water temperature on the beach of this city is 25 degrees Celsius. The best time for swimming and water sports in this city is from May to mid December. Apart from the excellent and mild climate, this city also has beautiful nature.

You can see a hundred types of birds that live in this city and its beach or during the turtle spawning season, you can see small turtles hatched and move towards the sea.

Belek Beaches

One of the most important strengths of Belek are its beaches. Belek coastline is about 17 km long and its beach is sandy and golden in color. This city has one of the best and most beautiful coastlines in Turkey. On the beach of this city, there are about 47 beautiful 5 star hotel that accommodate tourists from all around the world.

Apart from that, great recreational facilities such as children's playground, adult park, parasailing, sailing, diving, boating, rafting, etc. are only part of the attractive activities in Belek.

For information on the prices of apartments for sale in Belek, refer to the following page:

Buying property in Black in installments

5-star beach hotels in Belek Antalya with sea view

Land of Legends water park

Antalya Land of Legends Water Park, which is the largest and most equipped water park in Europe, is very famous. This park is located in Belek district of Antalya city and is one of the biggest tourist attractions of Antalya and especially Belek city. Near this park is the Land of Legends Hotel Rixos World, which owns this water park. This amusement park is like an amusement park and every person can spend 6 hours there every day.

This beautiful water park has no age limit and you can take your young children with you. All comfort and recreational facilities have been prepared in this water park complex. If you choose one of the properties for sale in Belek, due to the short distance to the water park Land of Legends, you can enjoy being in the largest water park in Europe and spend a happy hour with your family in this beautiful and exciting park.

Recreations such as golf, football and tennis

Belek Golf Courses are one of the most famous golf courses in the world. Belek is considered a paradise for golfers. There are ten golf courses with the best facilities and according to international standards in this country. It is said that the best golf times in the world are in Turkey, and among the Turkish golf courses, the best courses are located in Belek. The names of some of these golf courses are as follows:

• Max Royal
• Rixos Permimum
• Gloria Golf
• Spice
• Limak Arcadia
• Kaya Plazzo

• Cullinan

Many European tourists choose this city as a tourist destination to use these golf courses.
Excellent weather and unique nature have made this city a suitable location for the construction of well-equipped and professional football fields.

Famous golf courses in Belek Antalya

Famous golf courses in Belek Antalya

There are 50 football fields in this city. The existence of several high-quality football fields has made many national teams, including the national team of Germany, Hungary, Romania, etc., choose the football fields of this city as their camping place. You too can enjoy playing in these football fields by living in Belek.
In addition to quality golf and soccer courses, Belek City is famous for its 200 tennis courts. There is also an international tennis school in this city. For those who are interested in water sports, tennis and football, Belek can be a dream city to live in.

A variety of construction projects in belek for every taste

Due to the touristic nature of Belek City and its beautiful and peaceful nature, many Europeans and foreign investors choose this city to buy a house. High demand in the real estate market of this city has caused various construction projects to be built in this city.

You can check many villa and apartment projects and then choose one among these projects. Due to the special prosperity of Belek in terms of golf resort, villa construction is more prosperous there, and usually there are more villas than apartments on the coastline, and apartment projects are mostly located in the center of the city. You can buy a stylish and beautiful apartment or villa in this city with any taste and budget.

Business centers of Belek city

One of the important issues of living in any city is the existence of reliable and stylish commercial centers in it so that you can buy all kinds of products you need. There are several large shopping centers in this city, which are as follows:

Boyner Sports Belek Shopping Center

This shopping center can be considered the most popular and famous shopping center in Belek. All kinds of famous brands such as Zara, Gucci, Nike, Adidas, etc. have branches in this business center. There are all kinds of children's, women's and men's clothing shops, cosmetics, jewelry, bags, shoes, and watches in this commercial center.

Belek saturday bazar

The weekly Belek market is held on Saturdays on its coastline. In this market, peddlers and shopkeepers sell all kinds of goods needed for life at a lower and more affordable price.

This issue has caused a lot of excitement in this market and people choose this market for shopping. If you are also interested in shopping in a cheap place in belek, visit Saturday Belek Market.

Information about the daily price and specifications of houses for sale in Turkey on the following page:

Buying a property in Belek for residence and living

Land of Legends commercial entertainment center in Belek Antalya

Land of Legends shopping center

Land of Legends shopping center is one of the most beautiful and luxurious shopping centers in Antalya, which is located in Belek area. This street was inspired by Venice, Italy, and you can cross it by boat and shop in different parts.

In this street, there are all kinds of brand stores in the world and you can buy from different brands. Roughly speaking, there are 104 brands of products in different stores of this street.

The shopping hours on this street and its stores are from 10:00 to 23:00 at night. Many people who travel to Antalya choose Belek City to stay because of shopping on this street and enjoying water park and luna park of Land of Legends.

High security and peace with living in Belek

Belek's relative well-being, silence, and tranquility have made it one of the most expensive areas in Antalya to buy a property, and it is considered a luxury area. There is high security in this city and despite the large number of tourists, the crime rate in this city is very low.

Low cost of living

Like many cities in Turkey, the cost of living in Belek is relatively low. In this city, there are both expensive stores with brand products and cheap stores. There are properties for sale in belek for any budget.

If you want to buy a property at a more reasonable price, belek has good options for buying.

Multilingual schools

One of the good features of Belek, which has made immigrants to this city more comfortably for families, is the existence of multilingual schools. There are both public and private schools in Belek. Some private schools in Belek are international and teach in Turkish, English, Russian and German languages.

These schools have such good educational facilities that people from around Belek also come to study in this city. Those who reside in Belek City will enjoy a special discount on school fees.

These schools include from elementary to high school, and if you buy a property in Belek and choose this city for your life, you will not have any worries or problems about your children's education.

Real estate market boom

The touristic nature of this city, the presence of several high-quality golf courses, football and tennis courts, beach facilities, security, well-being and comfort in Belek, the investment of Europeans in Belek's real estate market, the choice of many Europeans to live in Belek, are the reasons for this. The city has one of the most prosperous real estate markets in Turkey.

This city is the perfect place for people who need to breathe in healthy and clean air and get away from the hustle and bustle of big cities. Most of the retirees are one of the applicants to buy property in Belek Turkey. Many tourists prefer to rent a villa or apartment privately instead of staying in a hotel.
Buying a property in Belek and renting it to tourists is one of the best ways to earn money and an excellent investment in Turkey. The large number of tourists prefer to rent a property to stay in belek for a week or month. You can contact Antalya Estate to have a list of properties for sale in belek which is suitable for short term rent. also if you buy a property for a certain amount, you will be able to stay permanently in Turkey.

See the daily price of all types of houses for sale in Belek along with full specifications on the following page:

Steps to buy a house in Belek, Turkey

Before choosing and buying property, it is better to either come to Belek in person, or leave this work to your trusted real estate agents. To provide you with videos and photos of properties for sale in Belek and to show you the location of the property and its advantages, so that you can choose the property of your choice that fits your budget from one of the options provided by the agent.

Antalya Estate agents can guide you effectively in buying a property in Belek, help you to sell your house fast in Belek or obtaining residence in Belek through property investment. If you wish, just call Antalya Estate.

If you have definitely chosen the property, for the rest of the process, you must travel to Turkey in person and do the transfer of the document or give power of attorney to Antalya Estate for transfering title of deed in your name. after sale contract, advance payment of the property is paid to the owner and then transfer of the deed can be arranged. before transferring the document, you have to pay the remaining amount of the property to the owner's account.

The best Belek hotels in Antalya

A view of the famous Land of Legends shopping center

The process of registering a document in your name usually takes about a week, and after that you can apply for a one or two-year residence permit from the Turkish Immigration Office.

Important tips before you buy a property in Belek

If you intend to acquire Turkish citizenship or permanent residence by buying a property in Belek, you must buy the desired property from a Turkish citizen. Also, it must be minimum 400.000 us dollars.

Before buying a property in Belek Turkey, it is better to consult real estate, so as not to buy a property whose taxes have not been paid or is subject to a bank mortgage or whose document is problematic.

If for any reason there is a violation in the property contract or according to the Ministry's investigations, the properties and ownership of the property and its contract are not confirmed, the purchase contract will be declared void.

If you intend to buy a property in Belek Turkey to obtain a permanent residence in this country, the value of the purchased property must be 400,000 US dollars and you will not have the right to buy or sell it for three years. But after buying a property of this value, you can get Turkish citizenship .

The design of Belek villas is usually a fusion of classical Roman designs and Turkish architecture. The lowest approximate price for buying a property in Belek starts from 350,000 euros. Due to the beach and recreational nature of Belek, this city is one of the luxury areas of Antalya and villas and apartments are relatively expensive. But usually, villas and apartments have special facilities and even many of them are sold furnished with all facilities such as electrical appliances, gas stoves, etc.

Usually 35 to 40% increase in value of any property you buy in Belek every year. Because of the golf resort and facilities, Belek has a very good location for property investment. .

If you buy and rent a property, you will get an average of 9% of the sale of the house through rent. Real estate on or near golf courses has seen an average price increase of 50 percent each year.

The lowest price to buy an apartment in Belek starts at 150,000 euros for an apartment with a shared pool and children's playground. The prices of the collections that have penthouses start at a higher price. These penthouses have the same facilities as a 5-star hotel.
We have independent villas for sale in belek from 300.000 euros and twin villas from 200.000 euros.

Also, shared or private pool, large landscaped gardens, large rooms, etc. are some of the features of shared villas in Belek.
If you have decided to sell your house in Belek, don't worry about your investment. Due to the high demand in Belek, your property will be sold any time fast.

Apartments for sale in Belek have different prices according to the size, facilities, location of the property, etc. Most of the apartments have facilities such as shared swimming pool, large gardens in the area of ​​the apartments, playground for children, gyms for adults, etc. Luxury and expensive apartments, whose construction work has been completed and furnished with the premium equipment, are from 150,000 euros and up.

To know the daily price of apartments for sale in Turkey, refer to the following page:

The difference between buying an apartment in Belek and buying a villa in Belek

As mentioned, the main nature of Belek City is recreational and coastal. The existence of the largest water park in Europe, the existence of the best golf, tennis and football fields in this city, in addition to beach houses and regular beach water activities, has made the buying and selling of houses in Belek particularly prosperous.

Compared to many areas of Antalya city, Belek city has more expensive houses. On average, the growth of the price of each house in Belek is also high, and in the last few years we have seen a 50% growth in villas near golf courses. This issue has caused the construction of villas and villa settlements in Belek to be more prosperous than apartments.

Stay in the best hotels in Belek Antalya

Stay in the best hotels in Belek Antalya

Also, these reasons have made villas in Belek more prosperous and is done at a higher price than apartments.
Most of Belek's apartments are 3 or 4 stories high, and multi-story towers are not usually seen in this city. Apartments are sold as blocks or complexes of 3 or 4 floors and multiple units.
Villas in Belek City have special facilities.

It is rare to find a villa in Belek that does not have facilities such as swimming pool, green space, security camera, parking, air conditioning system, etc. In addition, the villas are built by integrating Roman style and Turkish architecture, using the best materials, etc. In most of these villas, full length windows have been used to see the natural scenery.

Belek properties have good facilities. Although some of these apartments have a low square footage, in general, most Belek apartments are built with a large square footage and several bedrooms. In the area of ​​these apartments, facilities such as swimming pool, green space, children's playground, guard or security cameras, etc. have been placed so that the residents of each apartment can use these spaces jointly..

In addition recreational facilities (game city and luxury water park) and sports facilities (tennis golf courses, football stadiums and football schools of Real Madrid and Chelsea, running tracks and horse riding are available in Belek Turkey.

Also, if you buy the Belek villas in advance, you can buy the villa with installments.
By buying a villa in Belek like the one mentioned above, worth 400,000 euros, you can get a Turkish passport and apply for permanent residence.

See the daily price of all types of villas for sale in Turkey along with full specifications on the following page:

Introducing some construction projects in Belek

Project of 30 villas in Belek

This villa project is considered a large villa project in Belek and a total of 30 villas have been built together. The land on which this project is built is about 12500 square meters. This project is built in such a way that every house has its own green space. The green space of each villa is about 420 square meters and each villa has its own pool. These villas have 4 bedrooms and the interior space of each is 160 meters.

These villas have a 24-hour security system. Private swimming pool, private green space, short distance from the golf course, central air conditioning system, electric shutter windows, television and satellite, terrace, etc. are among the facilities of these villas.

According to the predicted time, the construction of these villas will be completed in May 2022, and if you like the features of these villas, you can purchase a villa in Belek. Due to the fact that this project is not finished yet, the selling price is much lower than when its construction is finished.

Currently, there are installment purchase terms with 12 months of installments to buy these villas. These villas are located 400 meters from the park, 800 meters from the bus station and one kilometer from the hospital. The price of each villa is 420,000 euros.

16 villa project in Belek

Another big villa project for buying a villa in Belek is its 16-villa project. These villas have 4 bedrooms and the interior space of each is 208 meters. These villas are built in an area of ​​4000 square meters.

Each villa has a private pool. The price floor for buying these Belek villas is 750,000 euros. The distance between these villas and the center of Belek is about one kilometer. Proximity to the hospital, Antalya airport, common pool, restaurant, etc. are among the facilities of this villa complex. This villa complex was built by a reputable and famous construction company in Belek, and the work of this project was completed in 2021.

Granada belek villa project

Considering the price and condition of this villa, you can apply for residence and citizenship for you and your family members in Turkey immediately after buying it. This elegant and beautiful villa is built in a four-unit complex.

This villa is an excellent option to buy a property in Belek, Turkey. The architecture of these villas is special and very beautiful. The land on which each villa is built is 480 meters. The area of ​​each building is 400 meters. Each villa has a private pool of 40 meters and a private yard. There is also a gazebo in each yard.

Two separate entrances, parking, CCTV, 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, sauna, terrace, etc. are part of the facilities of this villa. One of the good features of this villa is that it is furnished.

But you can order furniture according to your taste. The electrical appliances of this villa are made from the best brands with a 5-year warranty. The construction of these villas will be completed in 2021. The distance of these villas from the city center is about 2 km, from the golf course 700 meters and from the beach about 600 meters. If you are interested in playing golf, these villas are a great option for you. The price of each villa is 930,000 euros.

For more information about buying this villa in Belek, contact the Antalya Estate to get more details of these villas and their facilities.

Cheap property for sale in Belek

As mentioned, you can buy a house in Belek according to your budget and check the houses for sale in Belek. If instead of buying a villa, you prefer to buy a small apartment, this apartment is the right option for you.

A one-bedroom apartment with a size of 50 square meters is sold for 150,000 euros, and a two-bedroom apartment with 100 square meters is sold for 180,000 euros. The land where this apartment is located is 380 meters and has 6 units for sale. Proximity to the golf course, supermarkets and Belek city center, having a 24-hour camera, shared pool, garden, indoor parking, etc. are part of the facilities of this apartment.

Apartment 7845

This apartment is located in a location that is only 20 minutes away from Antalya. This apartment is sold in two-bedroom and four-bedroom units. This apartment complex is the only apartment complex in Belek, and most of the buildings for buying a house in Belek are in the form of villas or villa complexes.

This complex has 4 blocks and there are four units in each block. This apartment is a good option for those who are looking for a newly built and stylish apartment and at the same time cheap to buy a property in Turkey. Two-bedroom apartments are 75 square meters and four-bedroom apartments are 175 square meters.

Two-bedroom units are on the ground floor, and four-bedroom units are designed as duplexes. One of the advantages of buying this apartment in Belek is that these apartments are sold furnished and you don't need to pay for the purchase of furniture.

This apartment is equipped with a smart system and you can control all the electrical appliances in the house through the control. Central antenna, central heating and cooling system, 24-hour security, CCTV, shared pool, one kilometer from the beach and three kilometers from the city center are some of the positive features of these apartments.

The price floor for buying this apartment in Belek starts from 150,000 euros and reaches up to 350,000 euros.

Two-block apartment

One of the good options for buying an apartment in Belek is to buy an apartment that has two blocks and 8 units. The interior space of these apartments is 100 meters.

There are two bedrooms and four bedrooms. You can pre-purchase this apartment block. Because this apartment is not yet completed and its construction date will end in 2023. In these blocks there is a common pool and beautiful gardens. This apartment has the following facilities:

• 24-hour security, shared pool and garden
• Children's play area
• Parking
• Power generator
• Ten minutes distance to the center of Belek
• 10 minutes to the beach
• 10 minutes to the golf course and...

Living in Black Antalya by buying a property

Antalya tourist attractions in Belek region

You can buy this apartment in installments. Put 50% of the amount at the time of the contract and we will pay the rest in installments. Two-bedroom units of 100 square meters are sold for 170,000 euros, and 4-bedroom apartments of 140 square meters are sold for 230,000 euros.

Investment on properties in Belek is growing every year. This villa city is considered one of the luxury and expensive areas of Antalya. The presence of the top 5 star hotels best golf courses, soccer fields, tennis and entertainment complexes such as Luna Park and Land of Legends Water Park has made Belek grow very well in terms of property prices every year.

So that some lands and villas near golf courses had an annual price increase of up to 50%. Never the sale price of a property in Belek Turkey comes down.

Most of the Belek villas are furnished and equipped with all living equipment. If you don't want to live in Belek, this tourist area, you can rent your villa for a few months to those who come to Belek to play golf. Usually, rent is worth 8-10% of the total price of your villa.

if the value of the house you bought reaches 75,000 dollars, you will get a temporary residence in Turkey, and if it reaches 400,000 dollars, you will get a permanent residence in Turkey.

If you are worried about the behavior of the people of Belek with immigrants in order to obtain residency in Turkey by buying a property in Belek, we must say that most of the people of Belek are European immigrants and for this reason the people of Belek treat immigrants well. The presence of Europeans in this region has made the people of this city have a higher culture than the native regions of Turkey.

For more information and to see more villa and apartment projects, please contact the Antalya Estate to invest, buy and sell properties in Belek, get accommodation, etc.

You can also refer to the real estate in Turkey to find out about the current price and the specifications and conditions of buying various types of real estate for sale in other cities.

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