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Private houses for sale in Alanya with pool


Outside there are beautiful landscaped green gardens with barbecue areas built in and lots of space for sunbathing. The complex's rich infrastructure and friendly staff will help you enjoy life to the fullest. According to the Turkish data and statistics centers research in winter 2022, the price of the properties for sale in Alanya has increased %758 in the last 4 years.

Property Nr.
Completion year
200 m²
Price from 800,000 €
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Independent villa for sale in Alanya Konakli with pool

Alanya / Konakli

This independent triplex villa is set within a complex with aesthetic settings in Alanya, suitable for those who are looking to purchase a holiday house in Turkey. Nested in a hillside just a few kilometers from the sea, this fully furnished villa offers magnificent features and facilities that make it the ideal choice for a second home abroad. Make an estate investment by purchasing this property in Turkey.

Property Nr.
Completion year
200 - 500 m²
Price 400,000 €
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Modern mansion for sale with Mediterranean view in Alanya Turkey

Alanya / Kestel

The villa overlooks the Mediterranean Sea in the Alanya Kestel. The mansion is triplex and is located on the green hills of Kestel. Kestel area is located in the east of Alanya and is about 6 km from the Alanya city center. Turkish citizenship is granted to property buyers worth at least $ 250,000. Contact us if you need more information on how to obtain Turkish citizenship.

Property Nr.
Completion year
450 - 2250 m²
Price 1,750,000 €
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Buy and invest in a residential project with a hotel concept in Alanya

Alanya / Turkler

This project has different types of luxury houses and villas in Alanya. The complex is one of the largest residential and recreational projects in southern Turkey, located 300 meters from the Mediterranean Sea. This residential project is 15 km away from Alanya city center. You can pre-purchase apartments in Alanya before the end of the construction and you can buy the apartment in Alanya at a reasonable price.

Property Nr.
Completion year
Price from 220,000 €
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Panoramic luxury villa with private pool and garden in Alanya

Alanya / Bektash

The residents of this area are mostly Scandinavians who have chosen this area of ​​Alanya for their permanent residence or vacation due to the suitable climate. Short distance to weekly Bazzar (fruit and vegetable), hypermarkets, pharmacies has provided all the daily needs of residents.

Property Nr.
Completion year
240 m²
Price 350,000 €
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Private family villa in Alanya with infinity swimming pool for sale


Kargicak is found to the east of Alanya's historical centre and the popular Mahmutlar area, once a small seaside village popular for camping and peaceful beach holidays for Turkish citizens. This region offers a great life with its beautiful landscape, stunning beaches and social facilities.

Property Nr.
Completion year
450 m²
Price 520,000 €
  Turkish passport
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Alanya panorama sea view deluxe villa for sale

Alanya / Kargicak

laid out over 3 floors, the sea and Alanya views are available from every floor. The villa has a private pool you can enjoy in summer and parking is also available for vehicles. Upstairs there are 5 bedrooms all with perfect views, 4 bathrooms each finished to a very high standard. The villa also has sauna and  a perfect jacuzzi.

Property Nr.
Completion year
350 m²
Price 695,000 €
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Alanya fully furnished villa for sale

Alanya / Mahmutlar

The Mahmoutlar area has all the necessary facilities for its residents, considering that it hosts various tourists from all over Europe in the summer. The villa is designed as a duplex which includes 3 bedrooms and a big swimming pool.

Property Nr.
Completion year
210 m²
Price 585,000 €
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Beautiful Villa with Pool in Alanya

Alanya / Kargicak

Only the highest quality materials, meeting the most stringent international standards, were used in the construction for Beautiful Villa with Pool in Alanya.

Property Nr.
Completion year
450 m²
450,000 €Price 350,000 €- 23%
  Turkish passport
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Villa with Swimming Pool Near the Sea in Alanya Turkey

Alanya / Kargicak

 Villa with Swimming Pool Near the Sea in Alanya Turkey: The villa is located in a beautiful complex with a large green area. This villa belongs to a garden of 200 m2, where you can grow fruit trees, berries or plant the seedlings of the most beautiful southern flowers.

Property Nr.
Completion year
3+1, duplex
160 m²
Price 330,000 €
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Everything you need to know about Villas for sale in Alanya

Alanya is one of the famous cities in Turkey for tourism and property sales in Turkey. The city of Alanya has very long beaches, and in most of its areas, beautiful villas can be seen by the seashore. Alanya is one of the old cities of Turkey and its distance to Antalya city is about 135 km.

The city of Alanya is located on the southern coast of Turkey. It reaches the Taurus Mountains from the north and the Mediterranean Sea from the south. It also reaches Manugat from the west and Ghazi Pasha from the east. Alanya has undergone many events throughout history, it was once under the rule of the Romans and Greeks and once under the control of the Persians.

For more information about real estate for sale in this city, refer to theReal Estate for Sale in Alanya.

A view of cruise ships in Alanya

A view of cruise ships in Alanya

In the past, the city of Alanya was considered one of the important and strategic cities and was like a strong fortress against the enemy's influence. Like many cities in Turkey, Alanya's climate is mild and humid Mediterranean.

It is sunny for about 300 days of the year and we will see rain for the rest of the year. Usually, the average coastal waters of Alanya are around 20 degrees, and this makes it a suitable place for swimming and water sports on its beach almost at all times of the year.

At present, it is not only because of the 70 km beaches that Alanya has become famous among the majority of people in Turkey and even the world, but the very good growth of this city in the real estate market has made it extremely famous among European investors.

According to the obtained statistics, the city of Alanya has allocated 30% of the real estate market in Turkey for foreign investment, which in turn is a very high figure. Also, this city has a 9% share in attracting tourists.
In this article, we are going to discuss the terms of villas sale in Alanya .

Therefore, if you are also interested in investing on villas in Alanya, or you plan to buy a villa in Alanya and live in it, or even if you are interested in villas sale in Alanya, read this article until the end.

To know the daily price of various types of villas for sale in other cities, refer to the Buy villas for sale in Turkey.

Buying villa is a safe way to invest or live in Alanya

As you know, one of the ways to get citizenship in Turkey is to buy a house worth 400,000 US dollars. By purchasing a property of this value from a Turkish citizen, you can apply for Turkish citizenship by going through several steps.

The important thing about property sales or villa in Alanya or any Turkish city is that if you bought the property or villa with the intention of obtaining citizenship, you are not allowed to sell it for three years. But if simply buying a villa in Alanya is an investment method for you, you will not have any restrictions to sale villa in Alanya.

Buying a villa in Alanya

A green paradise in Alanya

According to the above, many European investors choose Alanya for investment. In this part, we are going to discuss why Alanya can be a suitable place for investment, especially for foreigners.

House for sale in Alanya with a low price and a variety of choices

One of the reasons why Alanya in Turkey has become a safe city for investment is the low purchase price compared to other cities in Turkey.

In Alanya, the variety of residential houses is high. You can buy a 50- or 60-meter one-bedroom apartment, or a 80-120-meter two-bedroom apartment, and a 100-220-meter three-bedroom apartment, or buy a small private villa.

You have many choices when buying a house or villa in Alanya. At the same time, property prices in this city are cheaper than cities like Istanbul.
Alanya is one of the cities with a long beach in Turkey, and this has made some of its areas inhabited by villas.

There are all kinds of villas from duplex to triplex with different sizes and prices in different parts of Alanya city and you can buy any one according to your budget and taste.

Alanya real estate market is active

One of the important issues that make Alanya a safe investment is the ease of selling a villa in Alanya. Due to the active market of real estate in Turkey Alanya, you will soon see the sale of the villa at a higher price than when you bought the property.

It is better to consult with agancies who have been active at property sales in Alanya for years and are fully familiar with the legal provisions of this work to guide you in a safe purchase or sale. Antalya Estate consultants with many years of experience in sproperty sales in Alanya are at your service to guide and answer your questions. Just call the numbers listed on this site.

Buying a beach villa in Alanya

A view of the great beach of Alanya in Turkey

An advanced city with all kinds of facilities

One of the reasons that made Alanya one of the most suitable cities to live or invest in is the prosperity and facilities available in this city.

Alanya is considered one of the big cities of Turkey and has unique facilities. Having unique beaches and a variety of beach recreational facilities, both private and public, are available to tourists and citizens of Alanya. Alanya city has one of the best transportation systems among Turkish cities.

Turkish intercity buses, which are called Dolmush, go to almost all parts of the city and transport people at a low cost. Usually, the maximum waiting time for a bus in any neighborhood of Alanya is around 10 minutes.

Cultural and linguistic diversity of Alanya city

It is true that most of the cities of Turkey are full of tourists from all over the world and even many Europeans, live in different cities.

But Alanya has different conditions compared to other Turkish cities. The number of foreigners living in this city is more than other cities. The cultural or linguistic diversity in this city has made it easy for you to communicate with other citizens and witness a variety of languages.

Even many sellers and ordinary people can easily speak English, German or Russian, and this may make it easier for you to adapt to the living conditions in your new city if you have chosen this city to live.

Low cost of living in Alanya

Cost of living is one of the issues that those who are planning to buy a villa in Alanya for residence should pay attention to.

Fortunately, with all kinds of urban facilities in Alanya, the cost of living there is lower than in many Turkish cities. The presence of suitable climate has smoothed the conditions for the cultivation and growth of plants, and this has caused the price of these items to be low in the city of Alanya.

Also, seafood such as fish and shrimp are available in abundance and at a low price for the people of the city.

Beautiful historical and recreational places in Alanya

Considering that Alanya is one of the very old cities of Turkey, there are amazing historical places in this city, which is one of the reasons for the attractiveness of this city.

The Red Castle of Alanya, which became famous because of the red color of the bricks used in this building, is one of the valuable historical buildings of Alanya. The natural caves of Alanya are also interesting places for your family fun.

Alanya Castle was built by one of the Seljuk kings after the conquest of Alanya in 1320. It is very beautiful and is located at a height of 250 meters. From this castle you can see the magnificent views of the sea and the city of Alanya.

Important points of buying villa in Alanya

If you are planning to buy a villa in Alanya, you should first know the different areas where there are villas. Some parts of Alanya, which are coastal, have an abundance of villas, but some parts are mostly apartment buildings and high-rise towers.

Beach villas with sea view in Alanya, Turkey

Beach villas with sea view in Alanya, Turkey

The price of each villa varies according to the distance from the sea, the materials used in the construction of the villa, the size and number of bedrooms, additional facilities such as swimming pool, jacuzzi, security systems, access to shopping centers, the location of the property, etc. In general, some beach areas of Alanya are more expensive than others.

Among the different areas of Alanya, Demirtaş, Kargıcak, Konakli and Avsallar are more coastal than the rest, and for this reason, villas are found in abundance in these areas.
The price of buying a villa in Bektash and Kargicak neighborhoods is medium and expensive, and there are less cheap villas in these two areas. Kargicak neighborhood can be considered one of the good villa neighborhoods of Alanya.

Villas for sale in Kargicak Alanya

As mentioned, Kargicak is one of Turkey's villa areas. This neighborhood is about 15 kilometers away from the city center. The population living in this neighborhood is approximately 4,000 people, and therefore it is considered a quiet and peaceful neighborhood.

The natural scenery in this neighborhood is very beautiful and amazing. You can buy a villa that faces the sea on one side and the Taurus mountains on the other.

This neighborhood has medium to expensive villas. This neighborhood is a little far from urban amenities such as large supermarkets, hospitals, etc., and you have to leave this neighborhood to access urban amenities.

However, there are intercity bus lines every ten minutes in Kargicak and you can use them to get to the places you want easily. This neighborhood is a great option for those who want to buy a villa in a quiet place or for summer vacations. Because most of the available facilities are related to water sports.

The number of villas in Kargicak is very large and approximately 50% of the villas for sale in Alanya are located in Kargicak neighborhood. This shows that if you plan to buy a villa for sale in Kargicak, you will have many options.
Kargicak has become one of the most beautiful and famous neighborhoods in Alanya since 1998. A nickname that is still well preserved with a variety of hotels, restaurants, beaches, avocado and banana plantations.
Kargicak neighborhood is not far from Alanya-Gazipasha airport and you don't have to travel far to go to the airport.

Kargicak is located almost after Mahmutlar and is 150 km from Antalya city. Kargicak's 4,500-meter coastline with an area of ​​1,800 hectares shows how much potential this neighborhood has for building all kinds of villa projects.
Buying a villa in Kargicak can be found from an average price with a small area to very high prices. You can buy older villas for €300,000 and there are luxury villas at different prices. The price of some of these villas reaches two million euros. On average, the price of a 160-meter, two-bedroom villa with a 200-meter garden is around 350,000 euros.

Villas for sale in Demirtas Alanya

One of the quiet, secluded and very sparsely populated neighborhoods in Alanya, which has a very beautiful coastal area, is Demirtas neighborhood.

This neighborhood with a population of about 1500 people is one of the least populated neighborhoods in Alanya. Demirtash neighborhood is a short distance from Ghazi Pasha Airport.

It is approximately 15 kilometers from this neighborhood to Ghazi Pasha Airport. The distance between Demirtash neighborhood and Alanya city center is about 25 km.

This neighborhood is like a small village in Alanya that can meet your daily needs. To go to Demirtaş, you need to move from Mahmutlar neighborhood to Kargicak and to Ghazi Pasha Airport to reach Demirtaş. Demirtash is considered one of the pristine areas of Alanya both in terms of beautiful nature and for investing in villas in Alanya.

The sandy beach of Demirtas has great charm. In some seasons of the year, you can see all kinds of reptiles that come to the beach. In this neighborhood, there is an ancient Roman city called Sider, which is considered the most important tourist attraction of this neighborhood.

Some of the cheap houses in Alanya are located in this neighborhood. However, most of the houses in this neighborhood are luxurious and newly built properties.

Also, the villas built in this neighborhood face the sandy beach and are built so that you can see the beautiful sandy beach and the sea from inside the villa.

Demirtash neighborhood is one of the safest neighborhoods in Alanya, and because most of the local people's jobs in this neighborhood are agriculture and animal husbandry, you can buy all kinds of meat, fruits, and vegetables at reasonable prices and with high quality.

If you are looking to buy a villa for sale in Alanya and you want the villa to have a good price, put this neighborhood of Alanya in your list of options. This neighborhood is progressing and the number of investors who are investing in villas in this area is increasing day by day.

Villa for sale in Alanya

Fun in the beautiful and popular city of Alanya

Villas for sale in Mahmutlar Alanya

One of the relatively busy coastal areas of Alanya is Mahmutlar neighborhood. This neighborhood is the most populated neighborhood among the neighborhoods of Alanya and is considered the beating heart of the city.

According to the latest statistics, the population of this neighborhood is around 45,000 people, which is much higher than other neighborhoods such as Kargicak and Demirtas.
Mahmutlar is located 12 kilometers from the east of Alanya city. The distance of Mahmutlar from the city center is about 15 kilometers, and this makes it easy to access all kinds of urban facilities, including shopping centers, hospitals, educational centers, etc.

One of the features that makes Mahmutlar more prominent than other coastal areas is the presence of numerous newly built villas and buildings in it.
This neighborhood is the newest neighborhood in Alanya. If this option is important to you in buying a villa for sale in Alanya, you can choose Mahmutlar neighborhood, where most of the villas are newly built.

The presence of all kinds of hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, entertainment centers, stylish and newly built villas, unique nature, sandy beach, etc. has made Mahmoudlar become one of the most prosperous tourist areas in Alanya.
The neighbors of Mahmutlar are Kargicak and Kestel, and this neighborhood is also close to Ghazi Pasha Airport. In this neighborhood, your needs for all kinds of purchases and use of medical services, etc. are easily met. There are several treatment centers in this neighborhood, which are not open 24/7 and are good options for outpatient treatments for the people of this neighborhood.

The nearest hospital to Mahmutlar neighborhood is located in Oba neighborhood, which is 9 kilometers away from Mahmutlar.
The services provided in the medical clinics are free for those who have a Turkish residence card. Clinics located in Mahmutlar accept patients until 5:00 PM. There are more than 10 pharmacies in this neighborhood, most of them operate around the clock, and you can go to the pharmacy any hour of the day and night and get the medicine you want.

Two days a week, a weekly fruit and vegetable market is held in Mahmutlar. In addition, there are various supermarkets and fruit shops.

Famous Turkish home appliance brands such as Karaca, Madame Coco and English Home are also have shops in neighborhood. There are many famous brands of clothing, sports equipment, etc. in this neighborhood.

There is no private school in Mahmutlar neighborhood. Public schools in this region do not charge students for registration and textbooks. All educational services in public schools are free.
If you are planning to buy a villa for sale in Mahmutlar, pay attention to the fact that you cannot ignore the crowding of this area.

If you are just looking to buy a villa in Alanya as an investment, this area could be perfect for you. Because of its large population, the presence of newly built houses, access to all kinds of urban facilities, etc., it is possible to buy and sell villas there easily and in large numbers.

Many foreign investors choose Mahmutlar district to buy house for sale in Alanya. But for those who like a calm and carefree environment and like to enjoy nature in a quiet environment in their house and are away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Mahmutlar beach is both pebble and sand. In some parts of the beach, there are also big stones, so if you have small children, you should watch your children on the beach so that they don't hit these stones while swimming. Dim chai River is one of the tourist and recreational attractions of Mahmutlar neighborhood. The sea water in this area is very clean. Almost the whole of Mahmutlar is located along the coastline of the sea.

Among the different neighborhoods of Alanya, the number of Scandinavians living in Mahmutlar is more than other neighborhoods in Alanya. In this neighborhood, you will be neighbors with many foreigners from Russia, Germany, Sweden, Norway and Ukraine. Among the main streets of Mahmutlar, we can mention Ata turk and Barbaros streets. vatan and Chaker streets are also famous among the streets of this neighborhood.

The price of a villa in Mahmutlar starts from 350,000 euros, and some stylish villas with excellent facilities reach up to two million euros. Also, there are three municipal government offices, the water department and the document registration office in this neighborhood, and you don't need to go outside of Mahmutlar to go to these offices.

Villas for sale in Konakli Alanya

Alanya has many neighborhoods, one of its famous neighborhoods is Konakli. This neighborhood is considered a coastal neighborhood and has good conditions for buying a villa in Alanya.

This residential area is located 12 kilometers west of Alanya. Konakli neighborhood is located on the Silk Road, and for this reason, the historical caravanserais in this neighborhood are considered one of its important historical places. It takes about 50 minutes to go to Ghazi Pasha Airport from Konakli.

Near Konakli there is the D-400 highway, where intercity buses usually run, and the residents of Konakli can easily go to other parts of Alanya through these buses. In this neighborhood, you can get most of the necessities for tourists, and to buy large items, go to medical and treatment centers, etc., you have to go to the city center or other neighborhoods. Most of the local people in this area are engaged in agriculture or providing services to tourists.

Approximately 13,000 people live in this beautiful neighborhood. Konakli has an amusement park, club, disco, golf club. Most of the houses in Konakli are villas with mountain and sea views. The construction of high-rise apartments and towers is prohibited in Konakli neighborhood, and this has made it a neighborhood with low-rise and beautiful villa buildings.

A gondola ride over the green valleys of Alanya

A gondola ride over the green valleys of Alanya

Konakli beach is pebble and in some places there are sandy beaches. Because you can easily see the sea and mountain views, only houses with large area and low height have been built in this neighborhood. The maximum number of floors built in this neighborhood is 5 floors. This has caused the price of buying a villa in Konakli to be higher than its surroundings. There are a large number of expensive and large villas in this neighborhood.

Villas for sale in Bektas Alanya

The name of this beautiful neighborhood has entered the Turkish language from the Persian language. This neighborhood is located in the north of Alanya city and very beautiful views of Taurus mountains are located in this area.

Due to the fact that the heights of the city of Alanya are located in this part, very beautiful views of the whole city of Alanya can be seen in its heights. The villas built in Bektash are located on the high side facing the beautiful Taurus mountains.

Bektash neighborhood is only 10 minutes away from Alanya city center. Therefore, you can easily use all the facilities in the city center of Alanya, shopping centers, hospitals, etc. Bektash is in the highest part of Alanya and can be called the roof of Alanya. Many of the beautiful villas in this city also offer views of the beach.

Although Bektash neighborhood is favored by tourists and foreign investors, many local people of Alanya have chosen to live in Bektash neighborhood. Most of the restaurants in this area are traditional and local and have special Turkish dishes in their menu. The restaurants of this neighborhood are one of the most famous places in Bektas.

The interesting thing about this beautiful neighborhood is that many politicians and government important men of Turkey and even foreign countries have chosen Bektash neighborhood to buy villas in Alanya. It is said that one of the most luxurious and beautiful villas in Bektash neighborhood belongs to the president of Denmark, who travels to this villa to spend winter time in Alanya.

By buying a villa for sale in Bektas, you will have easy access to public transportation such as buses, Delmush and intercity taxis. The population of Bektas is not large and it is about half an hour away from the airport. The climate of Bektash and its beautiful nature are popular among the people of Alanya.

Beside Bektash, there is another neighborhood called Tepe, which has the same conditions as Bektash. These two neighborhoods together have a population of about 2000 people. Most of the villas that are built in Bektash area are newly built, luxurious and with a large area.

Villas for sale in in Avsallar Alanya

Avsallar is one of the good neighborhoods of Alanya, 25 km from the center of Alanya. Avsallar is located in the western part of Alanya and is one of the beautiful areas of Alanya, which is located on its coastline. Avsallar neighborhood is located 110 km from the east of Antalya.

Avsallar beach is more beautiful than other beaches in Alanya and most of its parts are sandy. Approximately 10,000 people live in this neighborhood.
This area is one of the tourist areas of Alanya and has many fans. Among the beaches of Osalar region, Incekum beach is more famous than the rest and it is also called the golden sand beach. Incekum beach strip is about 5 km. Avsallar is one of the quiet and peaceful areas of Alanya and is relatively far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Avsallar is one of the new neighborhoods of Alanya.

In addition to villas, many newly built apartments have also been built in this neighborhood. Most of Avsallar 's houses are either villas or apartments with a sea view. There are very good recreational and water facilities in Avsallar beach. If you are planning to buy a villa for sale in Avsallar, you should know that this area is relatively quiet and full of family entertainment. All kinds of restaurants, bars, clubs, dolphin park, beaches, etc. are available for your family's weekend fun to spend fun moments in this area.

If your intention to buy a villa in Avsallar is an investment, you should know that this area has a lot of development space and every day a large number of Europeans invest and build villas in this neighborhood. Among European countries, German people are more inclined to buy villas in Avsallar , and therefore the number of German immigrants in this area is more than other Europeans.

Avsallar has a local market where you can get your weekly fruit and vegetable needs from this market. Also, this area has very easy access to all kinds of shopping centers. Alanya International Airport and Ghazi Pasha Airport are close to this neighborhood. If you drive from Avsallar to the airport, it will take about an hour to reach the airport.

Buying luxury villas in Alanya

The texture of villas in the green areas of Alanya in Turkey

Villas for sale in Kestel Alanya

Kastel neighborhood is also considered one of the coastal areas of Alanya and is one of the promising areas for selling villas in Alanya. You can choose this relatively pristine area to buy a villa in Alanya. Kastel has a population of about 10,000 people. It is about 10 kilometers away from the city center and is quieter and quieter than Mahmutlar neighborhood.

In this neighborhood, you have easy access to schools, doctors, shopping centers, etc., but compared to Mahmutlar neighborhood, this level of access is less.
Kastel neighborhood is a newly built neighborhood with stylish and modern houses. Of course, traditional villa houses for sale can also be seen in this neighborhood.

Tusmor neighborhood is also a little far from Kestel neighborhood, and in terms of living conditions, both have similar conditions, however, there are more Kestel fans and people who want to buy a villa in Kestel are more than people who want to buy a villa in a similar neighborhood, i.e. Tusmor. are interested

There are approximately a large number of foreigners in Kastel, and many europeans choose this quiet and peaceful area for investment or living. The silence and peace of the neighborhood along with access to the main points of the city of Alanya has caused this neighborhood to be included in the list of popular neighborhoods to buy a villa for sale in Alanya.

Alanya's largest private university named Alauddin Kay Qabad along with international schools are among the attractions of this beautiful neighborhood. Diem cave is also one of the famous tourist attractions of Kastel region, which was discovered in 1986.

This cave is located above the Dim chay river and is the second largest cave in Turkey in terms of size. Therefore, special attention has been paid to this cave and unique facilities have been placed for tourists and enthusiasts.

Agriculture is particularly prosperous in this neighborhood and you can see banana and citrus orchards everywhere in this neighborhood. Many real estate experts

Villa experts in Alanya believe that Kestel neighborhood is one of the promising neighborhoods and that the price of real estate there will multiply in the next few years. Kastel neighborhood is only 35 minutes away from Ghazi Pasha International Airport and you can easily go to the airport from this neighborhood.

The facilities of Kastel's modern villas and complexes are so great that they have nothing less than 5-star hotels. By buying a villa for sale in Kestel, you can experience peace and a dream life. This is despite the fact that if one day you decide to sell the villa, the value of the villa will multiply by that time and it is considered an excellent investment.

Due to the presence of international schools and universities, this neighborhood is a favorite neighborhood for many foreigners to live in, and for this reason, villas sale is booming there. The price of buying a villa in Kestel is different.

According to the location of the villa and its facilities, each villa has a different price. However, we can say that the price floor starts at EUR 350,000. By spending around 750,000 euros, you can buy a stylish villa with excellent facilities in this neighborhood.

If it is important for you to buy a villa in a neighborhood where there are more foreigners in that neighborhood, Kestel is also one of the right areas for you. As mentioned, the number of foreigners living in Kestel is large, like Mahmutlar neighborhood, and you will not feel strange if you move to this neighborhood.

Alanya city is one of the touristic and busy cities of Turkey. This city has a very beautiful nature. The blue beach of this city is very beautiful and clean, and in most parts of it, houses face the sea or the beautiful Taurus mountains.

Alanya is one of Turkey's growing cities in construction and real estate investment. Most of the villas that are built in Alanya have full facilities. The minimum facilities of a villa in Alanya is the presence of a swimming pool.

Most of the villas are built with facilities such as children's play area, jacuzzi, security guard, CCTV system, storage, parking, children's pool, Turkish bath, smart electronic system, etc. Some beach villas in Alanya have so many facilities that they can be said to be better than 5-star hotels.

The sale price of an average villa in most of the coastal areas of Alanya is around 350,000 euros. The conditions for buying a villa in Alanya are the same as in other cities in Turkey. If you intend to buy a villa in Alanya to obtain a residence in Turkey, you must follow the relevant rules. The rules for villas sales in Alanya for obtaining residence are no different from other cities in Turkey.

Most of Alanya's coastal neighborhoods are secluded and quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of the crowded and busy lives of big cities. Many of these neighborhoods are like small tourist villages that can meet your daily needs. In most parts of Alanya beach, there is sandy beach, but in some parts it is pebble beach and in some parts of the beach or sea there are big and small stones.

Due to the fact that the occupation of most of the local people in Alanya is agriculture, animal husbandry and fishing, all kinds of markets and fruit and vegetable shops can be found in abundance in this city. In addition, the prices of fruits and meats in Alanya are low, which makes the cost of living in Alanya much lower than in cities like Istanbul.

Citrus and banana orchards in the city of Alanya, some of its parts are so beautiful that it can be said that these areas have been turned into paintings.

Despite the many advantages of buying a villa in Alanya and the existence of various types of villas for sale in Alanya, you should also be careful of fraudsters and profiteers.

Despite the high security of Alanya and the efforts of the Turkish government to minimize fraud in the field of real estate, there are still people who try to sell villas without completion of work, or villas that are mortgaged to the bank due to financial debt or have problems with their documents. ... Are. Therefore, before buying a villa in Alanya, first consult with an expert or legal agency who have been active in this field for years.

Antalya Estate Consultants, with 12 years of experience in villas sales in Alanya, is at your service to guide you with all types of properties at reasonable prices and excellent conditions. To get guidance on obtaining a Turkish residence by buying a villa in Alanya or investing in the Alanya real estate market, just call Antalya Estate.

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