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All about Turkey Citizenship by Investment

Procedures for obtaining a Turkish passport by buying a property:

1) Finding the right property

  • The official value of the property must be 400.000 US dollars and it must be purchased from a Turkish citizen.

2) Getting a tax number

3) Opening a bank account in the name of the buyer

  • The transfer of the purchased property must be done from this account.
  • To open a bank-account you need a tax number, original passport, and a water, electricity, or gas bill in your own name in the country where you live in to verify your address.

4) Official valuation of the property by SPK experts

5) Buying the property at tapu office

  • The purchased property will be mortgaged by the government for three years.

6) Obtaining Turkish residency in 7 to 10 days

7) Obtaining Turkish citizenship between 1 and 3 months

obtaining a Turkish passport by buying a property

Facts about Obtaining a Turkish passport by buying a property

Facts about Obtaining a Turkish passport by buying a property:

1) After buying a property worth at least $ 400.000, you are not allowed to sell the property for three years, but it is possible to rent the property.

2) You can sell your property after three years.

3) Applicants spouse and children who are under the age of eighteen will also be granted Turkish Citizenship.

4) You do not have to live in Turkey and there is no time limit.

5) Turkish citizenship for your spouse and children under the age of eighteen will be remained throughout your life.

6) Property or real estate must be purchased from a Turkish citizen.

Advantages of Turkish passport and Turkish citizenship:

  • Get a passport quickly between one and three months
  • No need for a permanent presence in Turkey
  • Visa-free travel to 116 countries
  • Easy to obtain US E1 and E2 visas
  • Easy to obtain a UK work visa for Turkish citizens
  • No need to show the source of capital or financial ability of the buyer
  • Exemption of a child under the age of eighteen from military service
  • Free education at school and university
  • Free health care for all family members throughout your lifetime
  • Easy to obtain a long-term visa or multi-Canada and Australia
  • Ability to change the name and surname in the passport and ID card
  • Exemption to collect taxes from the government for your income abroad
  • Ability to do any business as an employee or employer without restrictions
Advantages of Turkish passport and Turkish citizenship

Visa status of different countries with Turkish passport

72 countries without visa requirements
44 countries Visa issuance at the airport

Visa status of different countries with Turkish passport
Source: wikipedia

Turkey has attracted many investors from all over the world by enacting various laws and facilities for obtaining citizenship of foreign nationals in the last three years. In the following, we will examine the growth of Turkish citizenship applicants.

Review of Turkish citizenship application in the last three years

Turkey has approved various immigration programs since 2017 in order to attract foreign investment. One of the ways to obtain Turkish residency and citizenship is through investment. According to reports, over the past three years, 70,312 foreign nationals have been able to obtain residency in Turkey by investing and buying property. One of the investment conditions that was implemented in 2017 was the investment of one million dollars in Turkey. Foreigners who invested this amount in Turkey could take the necessary steps to obtain Turkish citizenship.

Turkish citizenship

In order to facilitate the process of obtaining residency and citizenship in September 2018, the Turkish government reduced the amount of investment required to obtain residency to Four hundred thousand dollars. According to the Ministry of Interior and the Turkish Immigration Service, between 2017 and September 2018, a large number of foreign nationals were welcomed by foreign investment and succeeded in obtaining Turkish citizenship.

How to buy a property in Turkey leads to obtaining a Turkish passport?

In September 2018, the Turkish government facilitated investment conditions for obtaining Turkish passport and Turkish Citizenship. Thus, the amount of investment was reduced from one million dollars to Four hundred thousand dollars. Investors can acquire Turkish citizenship by buying property, apartments, land and various residential and commercial units, in addition to the possibility of living and residing in Turkey. To buy a property in Turkey for Turkish Citizenship, you must go through the following steps:
- Visiting the desired property, reviewing the documents, including the Iskan and the official document, concluding contract and paying an amount as a deposit to the seller.
- Receive a tax number from the Turkish Tax Office in the name of the buyer.
- Submitting a request to sell the property to the Turkish Registry, determining the time of attendance at the Registry, the presence of the parties to the contract, including the buyer and seller with an official translator for people who do not speak Turkish.
- Opening a bank account in the name of the buyer in one of the Turkish banks: This is required to transfer money and settle the account of the purchased property to the seller. In fact, the buyer buys the property by depositing the purchase amount of the property in the seller's bank account.
- Delivery of the purchased property document to the buyer on the same day Residence in Turkey takes place within a week to ten days after the delivery of the property document.
- Applicants for Turkish citizenship can apply for a Turkish passport after purchasing a property and obtaining a residence permit.

Turkish passport after purchasing a property

It is important to know that property will be valued by an official expert and the property purchased by foreign nationals remains in government mortgage for three years. not every property seller or construction companies in Turkey is willing to show the true value of their property, so not every property worth more than Four hundred thousand dollars can be selected for purchase. The criterion for determining the value at this time is the amount determined by the official pricing expert.

To open a bank account in the name of the buyer, you need documents including a tax number, the original passport and a document proving the residence of a foreigner in the country of residence, such as water, electricity or gas bills.

Important points for obtaining Turkish Citizenship and passport through the purchase of property is that the purchased property, in addition to the minimum value of Four hundred thousand US dollars, must be purchased from a Turkish citizen and has no legal problems. In this case, after performing the above steps and in a short period of time, first temporary residence in Turkey and then obtaining a passport and Turkish citizenship will be possible.

Another point is that some residential and commercial projects that are ready to sign a contract in advance, allow the buyer to obtain a residence permit in Turkey. On the other hand, some real estate and installment projects also have this advantage. You should consult a legal Real Estate to ensure that the pre-purchase of residential and commercial units leads to the acquisition of Turkish citizenship and a passport. Some pre-sold construction projects are not eligible for citizenship for the buyer.

Learn more about the benefits of obtaining Turkish citizenship

Turkey is a country with a great geographical location and many interesting and scenic places, because of this, many travelers from all over the world travel to this country every year, and obtaining a Turkish passport and citizenship has various advantages for foreign investors. In addition to buying a property in a short period of time, the possibility of transferring the document and naming it in one day can be obtained for a period of one week of temporary residence in Turkey. Applicants will then be able to obtain Turkish citizenship within five months. Buyers will not be able to sell the property for up to three years after purchase. In fact, the property will be mortgaged by the Turkish government. Of course, the property can be rented during this period. After three years, the property can be sold if desired. In addition to the applicant, Turkish citizenship includes his / her spouse and children under the age of eighteen. Of course, it must be said that the applicant's parents are not covered by this law. Also, the applicant will not be forced to live and stay in Turkey. Applicants can continue living in their home country after obtaining a passport. This feature is suitable for people who have a business in another country and at the same time want to obtain Turkish citizenship. Other benefits of receiving Turkish citizenship privileges include the following:
- Ease of obtaining a British work visa, US E1 and E2 visas and Australian and Canadian multi-visa for Turkish citizens
- The possibility of using facilities such as education for children, free medical services and the possibility of business activities without restrictions
- Possibility to change the identity of individuals in Turkish passports and identity cards
- Have long-term and low interest loans in Turkey like other Turkish citizens

In addition, obtaining a valid Turkish passport will lead to visa-free travel to 116 countries. Those who succeed in obtaining Turkish citizenship, like a Turkish citizen, will enjoy the benefits and privileges of Turkish citizens inside and outside Turkey. You do not need to know Turkish to get a passport. This is very important for people who are not fluent in Turkish.

obtaining Turkish citizenship

Buying a property is the best way to get a residence permit in Turkey

In recent years, the Turkish government has approved a number of facilities for foreign applicants to obtain Turkish residency, and a variety of methods of investing, studying, working and buying property in Turkey lead to residency in Turkey. Investment methods such as company registration, entrepreneurship, deposit, stock purchase and property purchase are among the methods of obtaining residency. Buying property is one of the most popular ways of life and business in Turkey. You can buy all kinds of residential, commercial and even shop units. One of the important conditions for obtaining a residence permit through the purchase of property is the purchase of property worth at least Four hundred thousand dollars and from Turkish citizens. The buyer can buy a villa or an apartment or choose shops and commercial units. To set up a restaurant, coffee shop or supermarket, you first need to register a company. In the next step, you will buy a suitable place. Obviously, the price of shops and commercial units in a big city like Istanbul is higher than other smaller cities like Antalya and Alanya. To do this, after selecting the desired location, he obtains a permit from the Ministry of Labor, obtains a tax number, registers a company and then to the relevant city municipality to deliver business documents. In addition to enjoying the benefits of staying in Turkey, you can do so Do business as well.

Turkish tourist cities include Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Alanya, Izmir, Kusadasi, Marmaris and Bodrum. The purchase price of a property is different in each of these cities. Big cities like Istanbul and Ankara are more suitable for business and life, but small cities also have a special tranquility and beauty. Property prices in Istanbul and Ankara are higher than in other cities, but real estate growth in these cities is higher than others. Therefore, many applicants tend to buy property in Istanbul.

In the last three years, many foreigners have bought property in Turkey and settled in Turkey. The largest number of property purchases in Turkey is in the city of Istanbul, with more than half of the properties purchased by foreigners in Istanbul. After that, coastal cities such as Antalya, Izmir and Alanya are among the most popular cities for foreigners. The important point is that to enjoy the benefits of obtaining Turkish residency by buying a property, you can buy a variety of residential and commercial properties. You can buy several properties with a total value of more than Four hundred thousand US dollars. Of course, if you have a partner, the share of each partner must be at least Four hundred thousand dollars. For example, if two people buy property in Turkey jointly, in order to obtain a residence permit in Turkey, the share of each of them must be more than the minimum amount of the above investment. In case of purchasing several properties, the exchange rate of Turkish Lira to US Dollar is calculated and calculated based on the conversion rate of the Central Bank of Turkey at the time of purchase. There is also no need to buy multiple properties at the same time. You can buy and trade your desired property at different times. Once your investment has reached the set quorum, it is possible to apply for Turkish citizenship. Applicants for Turkish residency in the event of celibacy can also apply for a Turkish passport after receiving citizenship and marriage concessions for their spouse. Turkish citizenship is also transferred to the baby after the birth of the child. It should be noted that there are different ways to obtain Turkish citizenship. In all available methods, such as buying a property or registering a company, it is necessary for applicants to comply with all items and requirements. Therefore, people who do not comply with any of the relevant clauses will not be eligible for residency. To obtain Turkish residency and citizenship without any problems and in the shortest possible time, it is recommended to consult a reputable real estate. This will shorten the process of obtaining a Turkish passport while preventing financial losses.

Obtain Turkish citizenship by registering a company

One of the ways to obtain Turkish citizenship is through company registration, and businessmen and businessmen who want to start a business and business activity in Turkey can apply for Turkish citizenship in addition to registering a company and doing business activities. The types of companies available in Turkey include limited liability companies, public and private joint stock companies, partnerships, joint ventures and financial institutions such as exchange offices. In a limited liability company, it is possible to register and set up a company with at least two partners. Of course, the Turkish government has recently enacted a law that makes it possible to register a limited liability company, even with one person. You need at least 10,000 Turkish lira to register a limited liability company. Any signature rights and changes in the company are registered in the official office. Most reputable brands and international companies have branches and offices in Istanbul. Having an office or representative office and branch in Istanbul allows you to communicate with large countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom. The great advantage of registering a company in Turkey, in addition to growing and progressing in business, is the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship in a short period of time. To do this, the minimum capital of the company is ten thousand Turkish lira and at least 25% of the capital must be in the company's account. This inventory can be withdrawn after completing the work related to registering the company and obtaining residency.

It is easy to export to all countries of the world through Turkey. It will also be possible for traders to enter the Turkish Grand Bazaar by registering a company in Turkey. To register a company in Turkey, you must first specify your place of business. If you rent an office, you must have a valid official lease. After completing the company start-up forms, preparing the articles of association, obtaining the tax number, registering the company in the Chamber of Commerce, printing the official newspaper, signing the certificate and opening a bank account, the applicant can obtain an active license.

ways to obtain Turkish citizenship

Which countries will you be allowed to enter with a Turkish passport?

One of the advantages of having a Turkish passport is visa-free travel to many countries around the world. It is interesting to know that with a Turkish passport you can travel to 72 countries without a visa. Most countries in South America, Cuba, Panama, Iran, South Africa, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan and South Korea are among the countries that Turkish passport holders can travel to without a visa. In addition, Turkish citizens can travel to 44 countries with airport visas. After receiving the passport, applicants can change their name and receive their Turkish passport and identification documents under a new name. On the other hand, Turkish citizens will have other benefits such as ease of obtaining a UK work visa, obtaining a US E1 and E2 visa and a five-year Canadian visa.

To obtain a Turkish passport by purchasing a property, the applicant must be present at all stages from the selection of the property to the transfer of the document. After submitting the real estate document, you can apply for a passport by choosing a lawyer and legal team and preparing a power of attorney.

One of the questions regarding obtaining a Turkish passport is whether the birth of a child in Turkey leads to the acquisition of Turkish citizenship. Turkey is subject to the law of blood, so only babies born to the parents of a Turkish citizen are considered Turkish citizens. Therefore, those who succeed in obtaining a Turkish passport, if a child is born in Turkey, their child will be considered a Turkish citizen. Another point is the possibility of having dual citizenship for applicants. Unlike some of Turkey's neighbors, such as Azerbaijan, which does not recognize dual citizenship, having a second citizenship is not prohibited in Turkey.

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