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Marmaris can be referred to as the lost paradise of Turkey. By buying a property in Marmaris you will have an opportunity to rediscover nature. This coastal city is home to some of the most amazing beaches in Turkey. Due to the close proximity of this modern villa to the sea, you can visit these beaches on a daily basis and spend quality time with your friends and family. You can also obtain Turkish citizenship by buying this private villa in Marmaris central.

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Marmaris, a port city located in Muğla Province, has grown in popularity with its sandy beaches, lively nightlife and great facilities for families, couples and groups alike. There are plenty of activities in Marmaris, Turkey that it can be hard to choose which ones to do first. From restaurant hopping to exploring historical ruins and divine beaches.

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300 m²
Price 750,000 €
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Find out all about villas for sale in Marmaris

Marmaris is a port city located in Mugla province. Marmaris is one of the coastal cities of the Mediterranean Sea in Turkey. This beautiful city is located between the mountains and the sea, has become one of the most luxurious and touristic southern cities in Turkey.

Marmaris is famous for having beaches next to mountain ranges. The name of this city is derived from the word marble. Because there are many marble stones in this city, which made them choose this name for this city.

Marmaris is bordered by Ula from the north, Koycegiz region from the northeast, and Gokova Bay and Datca Peninsula from the west. This area leads to the Mediterranean Sea from the east and south.

The area of ​​Maris is 878 square kilometers and its population in 2021 is reported to be 96,000 people, of which 50,000 are men and 46,000 are women. During the tourist season and especially in the summer, the population of Marmaris increases to 500 thousand people.

Part of this number are foreign and domestic tourists who have chosen Marmaris for recreation and vacation, and many others are those who bought villas in Marmaris and are now coming to their villas for summer vacations. Due to the high attractiveness of Marmaris for life, many people who come to this city for sightseeing, buy a villa there.

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Marmaris recreational beach

Marmaris recreational beach

Especially in recent years, when the housing market in Marmaris has experienced an unprecedented growth; Many investors are interested in buying a villa in Marmaris.
If you are planning to buy a villa in Marmaris or one of its areas, this article can be a good guide for you. Follow us until the end of this article.

History of Marmaris

The exact date of the first settlements in the city of Marmaris is not known, however research shows that in the 6th century BC this city was known as Physkos. After that it took the name of Caria, at that time it was a magnificent city. In the 16th century a castle was built, which is currently considered one of the most important sightseeing and historical places in Marmaris.

This city was attacked by Alexander the Great and the castle was besieged. After that, it fell into the hands of the Ottomans and its name was changed to Marmaris. After 1923, with the collapse of the Ottoman government, Marmaris became one of the cities of Turkey. At that time, this city was a fishing village and was known as a port city. But after 1980, Marmaris gradually became known as beautiful and now it has become one of the most beautiful and modern cities in Turkey.

Marmaris distance from nearby cities

• Distance from Izmir to Marmaris: 264.2 km
• Distance to Aydin city is 117 km
• The distance to Didim city is 107 km
• Distance to Fethiye city is 79 km
• Distance to Bodrum city is 77 km
• Distance to Milas city is 67 km
• Distance to Dalaman city is 48 km
• The distance to Ortaca city is 44 km
• Distance to Mugla city is 41 km

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Marmaris city weather

One of the things you should pay attention to when buying a villa in Marmaris is its climate. Marmaris has a warm Mediterranean climate, which is characterized by hot and dry summers and mild and wet winters. Usually, it rarely rains in this city between May and October.

In the months of July and August, the weather is at its hottest. Marmaris winters are usually rainy, especially after November, the intensity of rain increases. The intensity of rainfall in some parts of Marmaris is so high that it causes flooding in some places prone to flooding.

The beaches of Marmaris

Marmaris beach

The most famous beach in Marmaris is Marmaris Beach, which is located nearby. This beach is also close to Uzunyali beach and the two are located along each other. This beach is considered the longest beach in Marmaris and water sports are very famous.

Buying a villa in Marmaris, Turkey

The beautiful city of Marmaris at night

Icmeler Beach

This beach, which is usually visited by tourists all year round, is located at a distance of 8 km from the city of Marmaris and in the area of ​​the same name. There are many hotels on the Icmeler beach strip. The public transportation of Ichmeler Beach is available 24 hours a day for the tourists of this beach.

Turunc beach

This beach is located at a distance of 21 km from Marmaris city and it is the beach of Turunc region. There is also a bay on this beach. The quality of the water and sand of this beach is very high, and for this reason, it was able to receive the Blue Flag Award. Turunc Beach is the second most popular beach for tourists after Icmeler Beach.

Sedir Island or Cleopatra Beach

Cleopatra Beach or Sedir Island Beach is one of the best beaches in Marmaris. The distance from this beach to Marmaris is 16 km. In this beach, you can enjoy its beach facilities and visit the historical places close to it. The sand of Cleopatra Beach is very soft and golden in color. Local people believe that Queen Cleopatra brought these sands from Egypt and Africa to this beach.

Kumluk Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches that has a special place among Marmaris tourists is Kumluk Beach. This beach is located 25 kilometers from the southwest of Marmaris. The cave located near this beach belongs to 5000 years ago and is one of the best places to see in Marmaris. The ancient city of Amos is also located near this beach.

In these beaches, you can enjoy all kinds of water sports such as water parks, parasailing, diving, swimming, jet skiing, boating, etc.

Marmaris shopping centers

The biggest shopping center in Marmaris is Marmaris Grand Bazaar. There are more than 1000 shops in this market, where you can find all kinds of spices, coffee, silver, jewelry, etc., to clothes, bags, shoes, household appliances, dishes, perfumes, watches, etc. The price of goods in this market is relatively low. There are many devices in this market that are not original. Keep this in mind when shopping in this market.

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Villa for sale in Marmaris, Turkey

Fun in Marmaris, Turkey

If you are interested in shopping in luxury shopping malls and reputable brands, Aikelmer shopping center and Netsel Marina shopping center are more suitable for you, where there are all kinds of modern brands.

Tips about Marmaris villas for sale

Marmaris is considered one of the best tourist cities in Turkey, and for this reason, villas for sale in Marmaris are on the list of the most expensive villas in Turkey.

Among the villas for sale in Marmaris in the past few years, especially with the corona epidemic and the need for people to stay at home, the villas in Hisaronu, Sogut, Bozburun, Selimiye and Orhaniye have had more demands among the different areas near it.

In recent years, the lack of land has greatly affected the price of villas for sale in Marmaris. Currently, villas for sale in Marmaris, which face the sea on one side and the forest on the other, are being bought and sold at higher prices.

The return on investment by buying a villa in Marmaris takes approximately 3-4 years. This means that if you buy a villa and rent it, after 3-4 years the amount you will get will be equal to the amount you bought the villa.

Due to the reception of foreigners and especially Europeans from the coastal areas of Mugla province, villas for sale in Marmaris have many fans. Many Aesopians prefer to live in a rented villa during the summer season. This is a good opportunity for those who intend to buy a villa in Marmaris to invest in real estate.

Whether you are planning to rent a villa in Marmaris or you want to sell your villa, it will be done without spending much time. The demand for buying and selling villas in Marmaris, as well as renting them, is very high, and you can rent or sell your villa in the shortest time and at the highest price.

If we rank the social conditions of living in a city in terms of social facilities, welfare, educational and medical centers, entertainment centers, access to city facilities such as subway, bus, shopping centers, etc. and this rating is from C- to A+ Consider, the social status score of living in Marmaris would be A+.

Villas for sale in Bozburun

Bozburun is a coastal city near Marmaris, which has its own municipality. The population of Bozburun is around 2000 people. This city is located on the coast of the peninsula of the same name, which runs parallel to the Datça peninsula in the south. It faces the sea, the city of Datça and the Greek island of Symi.

It has pristine and untouched nature. Because the road between Marmaris and Bozburun takes about 40 minutes and is winding. Bozburun thyme honey is famous throughout Turkey. This small port is one of the important ports for cruise ships to transfer tourists. In the past, there were many Marmari marble mines in Bezbron, and gradually Marmaris became famous for having these marbles.

An unforgettable experience in Marmaris, Turkey

An unforgettable experience in Marmaris, Turkey

Thyme is abundantly found in Bozburun so many rich Turkish people are interested in buying a villa in Bozburun to enjoy the aroma of thyme in this area and breathe fresh air. The air of this small coastal town is very clean due to its proximity to the sea and the presence of many pine trees. By buying a villa in Bozburun and living in it, you will enjoy the natural and pristine scenery and experience the peace and quiet of life.

Villas for sale in Turunc

Turunc is one of the coastal cities near Marmaris, which is located in Mugla province and is considered one of the most famous resorts in Marmaris.

This beautiful coastal area is located among the Taurus mountains and has a special attraction in terms of natural scenery. Most of the natural landscapes of this area are pristine and untouched. Toros has been a fishing village that has had a relatively high population since ancient times.

Despite the progress of Turunç in recent years and the growth of construction in it, the Turkish government has made great efforts to preserve the environment of this beautiful area. It takes about an hour to walk from one end of Torunech to the other. Its waterfront is a very beautiful area with many restaurants and bars.

The main nature of this area is a holiday resort and for that reason there are few establishments exclusively for adults. The climate of Turunc is relatively warm and the tourist season in this area is about 7 months from April to October. During the rest of the year, the permanent population of this area lives there and it rains more days.
Dalaman Airport is the closest airport to Turunc, which is 120 kilometers east of Turunc. If you decide to use Adnan Menderes Airport for foreign trips, this airport is located 270 kilometers from Turunc.

See the daily price of all types of villas for sale in Dalaman along with full specifications on the following page:

Beach villa for sale in Marmaris city

A view of the city of Marmaris, Turkey

This area is about 20 minutes drive from Marmaris. By buying a villa in Turunc and choosing this area as a holiday residence, you can spend great moments with your family.
If your intention is to buy a villa in Turunc as an investment, this area has the right infrastructure to buy a villa in Marmaris and rent it to tourists.

Villas for sale in Armutalan

Armutalan is bordered by Icmeler to the southwest, Beldibi to the east, and Marmaris to the east and southeast. Armutalan is located 49 km from Mugla, 92 km from Dalaman and 66 km from Datca. Armutalan is located on a plain and its area is 1421 hectares. Of this amount, 70% is covered by its forests and green areas.

Armutalan can be considered a part of Marmaris, and by buying a villa in Armut Alan, you can easily access the facilities of Marmaris, while being away from the hustle and bustle of Marmaris city center. In terms of water resources, Armutalan is very rich, so that 11 streams pass through it.

Armut Alan has a municipality and its population growth rate is 2.3 times the average population growth rate in Turkey. According to the surveys conducted in 2012, Armutalan was ranked 284 among the settlements in Turkey. In terms of population, it ranks seventh among urban settlements.

Armutalan has a literate population so that 91% of the people living there are literate. Armutalan does not have a beach, and to go to the beach, you have to use Marmaris beach. But it has very beautiful villas with views of pine trees and beautiful mountains, and a part of Armutalan is dedicated to recreational villas.

At this price, many villas have been built, which often have many green spaces and gardens. Armutalan is also close to the D400 highway. Armutalan is one of the best places to buy a villa in Marmaris.

Villas for sale in Beldibi, Marmaris

One of the cities attached to Marmaris, which is located at a very short distance from it, is the city of Beldibi. This beautiful city is located near the D400 highway. Beldibi does not have a sea beach and the closest beach is Marmaris beach. This city is located in the Marmaris National Park, which has a very beautiful green space. Beldibi became a city in 1999 and since then many facilities for the tourism industry have been placed in it.

Texture of beach villas in Marmaris, Turkey

Texture of beach villas in Marmaris, Turkey

Beldibi is approximately 8 minutes by car and you will reach the city center after spending 8 minutes. By buying a villa in Beldibi and living in it, thanks to the trees and shrubs that surround it, you will live in a peaceful and pleasant place, and whenever you need urban facilities, it will take a short time to access them. Be.
The closest beach to Beldibi is Marmaris beach, which is located 7 km from it. There are many different restaurants in this area that serve a variety of Turkish dishes. Marmaris to Beldibi is 4 km.

Beldibi is located in a steep area towards the mountainside, and for this reason, some of its streets are slightly steep. There is also a private hospital in this area. The stadium, pharmacy, school, the ancient city of Physkos, of which there are currently remains, Marmaris National Park, etc. are among the important places located in Beldibi.

Villas for sale in Hisaronu, Marmaris

Hisaronu is one of the holiday resorts near Marmaris. By living in Hisaraonu, you can live in an area covered with green forests and close to the sea. There are still untouched bays in its enclosure. Hisaraonu is located between Marmaris and Datca.

One of the attractive places of Hisar Ono is the road from Datca to Marmaris, which is full of twists and turns and is located at a height, because of which you can see beautiful views of Hisaronu and Gökova Bay.

To go to Hisaronu, you have to turn left from the 22nd kilometer of the Datca road and go on the Bozburun road for about one kilometer. Hisaronu is a little far from the main road.

With its crystal clear waters and unique sandy beaches, and its always breezy and humid climate, Hisaronu is a great location for those who want to live away from the hustle and bustle of Marmaris. Due to its geographical location and climate, this region has very good conditions for heart and lung patients.

Luxury villas for sale in Marmaris

Cruise ships in Marmaris beach

In a plain called Pazarlık on Mount Eren, between the village and the bay, the ruins of a temple town called Kastabos stand out. Its remains belong to the temple of Hemithea. These places are among the historical places of Hisaronu. Due to the fact that the wind blows in Hisaronu during the summer season, it has very good surfing conditions. Hisaronu Bay is bigger than other bays in the region.

If you are interested in horses or horse riding, you should know that by buying a villa in Hisaronu and living in it, you can visit the horse racing clubs in this area and go horse racing there.
In Hisaronu, you can also take boat tours to the nearby bays and beaches (Inbuko Bay, Kartal Bay, Tausan Island and Bencik Port).

Villas for sale in Icmeler

This beautiful city is located 8 kilometers from Marmaris and is one of the most luxurious and beautiful coastal areas in Mugla Province, Turkey. The city of Icmeler is surrounded by pine forests on three sides. Walking in the mountains of this area is one of the favorite activities of tourists and residents of this city.

In the last 15 years, Icmeler has made a lot of progress by building all kinds of residences and lodges for tourists. The conditions of Icmeler beach are suitable for water sports such as water skiing, surfing and diving.
Villas for sale in Icmeler gives you very good conditions for both living and investing. Icmeler is smaller and less crowded than Marmaris. Also, this area has seen a very good growth in construction in recent years. The price of buying a villa in Icmeler is cheaper than the average of the region. You can choose Icmeler area to buy a villa in Marmaris.

Villas for sale in Sogut

If you are looking for a clean and glassy sea to choose the area to buy a villa in Marmaris, the Sogut Sea can be a good option for you. The coast of Sogut Sea consists of small pebbles. The sea is not deep on the Sogut coast. Sogut is located at the intersection of the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea. In this village, green and blue are together and have created a unique nature.

Examples of natural life, small and large beaches, several Greek islands and unspoiled paradises are some of the things that you can achieve by buying a villa in Sogut. This beautiful holiday resort is a hidden paradise. The people of this village behave very well with foreigners, so they are known for their hospitality and good behavior with immigrants.

Relaxing experience in the pleasant city of Marmaris

Relaxing experience in the pleasant city of Marmaris

Living in Sogut, you can see the magnificent view of the bays, the Greek island of Symi, and you can also go boating, swimming, nature photography, visiting the Greek islands. The green and beautiful nature and swot forests delight every nature lover. In terms of population, Sogut has more population than other villages and areas close to Marmaris.

There are many ancient cities in this village that still have many remains that you can visit. The ancient city of Saranda, the ancient city of Lorima and Bozokale are the most important ancient cities near Sogut village.
To go to Sogut, you need to go from Marmaris towards Hisarono Bay using the İçmeler road.

Then you have to take the Datça road and after you reach an area called Bozburun, follow the road to the left and you will reach Söğüt village. This beautiful village is located near Orhaniye - Selimiye - Bezburun triangle.

The charms of living in Sogut are so many that if you see this area up close once, you will say to yourself, I have to live here!

The distance of Sogut beach from the sea is about two to three kilometers. Therefore, by buying one of the beautiful villas in this village, you can easily walk to the beach. There are two ways to get from Sogut to Marmaris. You can use a private car or use a minibus. Sogut village is 40 km from Marmaris city and Ichmeler region, 81 km from Marmaris to Akkia village, 7 km to Bezburun village, 12 km to Selimiye and 90 km to Datca.

Villas for sale in Cetibeli

Cetibeli bordered by Gokce region in the east, Camli region in the west, Gokova Bay in the north, Balan mountain in the south. This village is located in the neighborhood of Camli region. D400 highway passes through Cetibeli, and by buying a villa in Cetibeli, you can easily access other regions and cities of Mugla province through this highway.

Cetibeli is surrounded by lush forests and has created unique natural landscapes. Cetibeli does not have a beach and to go to the beach you have to go to Camli Beach or Cleopatra Beach.

Villas for sale in Camli

One of the areas you can choose to buy a villa in Marmaris is Camli. This area is located 50 km from Mugla and 20 km from Marmaris. Cleopatra Beach is located in Camli and the area is known for the ancient city of Kedrai on Sedir Island and Gökova Bay and the famous Cleopatra Beach.

Facing Camli and on Sedir Island, there are several ancient sites that you can visit. Cleopatra, Apollo temple, ancient city of Kedrai, ancient theater, Agora, etc. are some of the ancient places on this island. Due to the presence of the beach and a lot of space for building housing, Camli has very good conditions for buying a villa in Marmaris at a more reasonable price.

What is the price of buying a villa in Marmaris?

Until the last 5 years, the price of buying a villa in Marmaris increased with a gentle slope. But in the past few years, with the spread of the Corona virus, many wealthy Europeans and Turks decided to buy a villa in Marmaris to spend their quarantine period in a very beautiful independent and personal villa. Since then, the price of buying a villa in Marmaris has grown significantly, so that its price has increased by 230% in the last 5 years.

A view of yachts in the city of Marmaris, Turkey

A view of yachts in the city of Marmaris, Turkey

In the world-famous city of Barcelona, ​​Spain, independent villas are offered for sale around 9 million liras till up, and in Cannes, France, around 16 million liras till up. Independent 3+1 villas with 400 meters of garden are bought and sold in rural tourism areas of Marmaris with prices around 8 million liras till up.

This shows that the price of buying a villa in Marmaris competes with the price of buying a villa in famous European cities.
Of course, in the city of Marmaris there are many villas that are smaller in size and their prices start from 400,000 euros. These villas are usually below 300 meters.

How to buy a villa in Marmaris?

You have two solutions for buying a villa in Marmaris. The first solution is to travel to Marmaris yourself and spend a few days looking for villas for sale in Marmaris or the surrounding villages. If you do not have enough experience in this field, it is better to ask real estate consultants in Turkey and Marmaris for help. Because there is a possibility that you will buy a villa whose document has a legal problem.

The second way is to entrust the work to reliable real estate consultants in Turkey and Marmaris from the beginning and manage it yourself. The real estate consultant in Marmaris visits the villas for sale in Marmaris that match your budget, taste and expectations and sends you videos and photos online about the location, facilities and features of the villa. After checking the videos and photos of any villa you like, you can purchase it.

Our experts in Antalya Estate will be with you from the very beginning when you have decided to buy a villa in Marmaris to buying a villa there and transferring the document. You can call our contact numbers in Antalya Estate to guide you about the conditions of villas for sale in Marmaris.

One of the most luxurious and beautiful regions of Turkey, which is located in Mugla province and near other tourist cities such as Fethiye and Bodrum, is the city of Marmaris, which has gained a special place in the past few years. Some villas in this city are bought and sold at a very high price.

Most of the villas for sale in Marmaris are above 500,000 euros and have unique facilities. By buying a villa in Marmaris worth 400,000 US dollars, you can apply for permanent residence in Turkey.

For more information about current prices and conditions for buying other real estate for sale, visit the Turkey Real Estate for Sale.

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