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3 bedroom apartment for sale in Antalya Liman

Antalya / Konyaalti

This apartment has a short distance to the Tuesday Bazaar. Liman district is located in the west of Antalya city and is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The sale price of houses in Liman Konyaalti has improved by more than 760% in the last 4 years. Comparing the cost of living in Antalya compared to other European cities shows that the costs in Antalya are low.

Property Nr.
Completion year
3+1 Duplex
200 - 220 m²
Price 285,000 €
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Family apartment for sale in Hurma Antalya elite complex

Antalya / Konyaalti

The well-equipped residential complex in Hurma Konyaalti, which is called Mountain Palace, has all the recreational facilities for its residents. This complex is located next to the beautiful and green mountains of Konyaalti and is a short distance from the Mediterranean Sea. Konyaalti Beach is one of the most famous recreational beaches in southern Turkey. Contact us for more information about buying property in Antalya and to visit this 3 bedroom house in Hurma Konyaalti.

Property Nr.
Completion year
3+1 Duplex
180 - 200 m²
440,000 €Price 321,000 €- 27%
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12 Month

Installments apartments for sale in Antalya Gursu

Antalya / Konyaalti

These apartments in Konyaalti Gursu neighborhood, are very close to the main street and are within a few minutes driving distance to some of the best shopping malls. Konyaalti fascinates its visitors with its palm trees, historical pier, beautiful beaches, harbor and delicious food.

Property Nr.
Completion year
1+1, 2+1, 3+1
62 - 134 m²
Price from 290,000 €
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Liman Konyaalti Antalya 110 m2 two bedroom apartment for sale near sea

Antalya / Konyaalti

The nearest beach is 600 meters away for spending hot afternoons at the seaside with loved ones, while the popular Bazaar is 200 meters away from you. A well-liked vacation spot and rising region of Antalya is Konyaalti.

Property Nr.
Completion year
110 m²
Price 285,000 €
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Uncali Konyaalti 2 bedroom fully furnished apartment with gas for sale

Antalya / Konyaalti

Uncali is surrounded with some of the best Public and Private schools or educational centers; İstek Antalya Konyaalti schools, Yasin Ali Anatolian high school, Muhittin Mustafa Bocek Anatolian high school, Konyaalti Gunes collge, Ugur college Konyaalti and Doga colleges are some examples.

Property Nr.
Completion year
100 m²
Price 325,000 €
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Prestigious luxury new complex with resident permit for sale - Antalya, Konyaalti

Antalya / Konyaalti

Prestigious luxury new complex with resident permit for sale - Antalya, Konyaalti is located in Uncali area, one of the central districts of Antalya.This development is just a few minutes away from local amenities

Property Nr.
Completion year
100 m²
Price 280,000 €
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Molla Yusuf Konyaalti 3 bedroom apartment with citizenship for sale

Antalya / Konyaalti

Molla Yusuf Konyaalti 3-bedroom apartment with citizenship for sale is designed for a comfortable and quality life.This apartment is situated just a few minutes driveaway from the famous Konyaalti beach

Property Nr.
Completion year
160 m²
Price 235,000 €
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Gursu Konyaalti Antalya 2 bedroom apartment for sale near to sea

Antalya / Konyaalti

Gursu Konyaalti Antalya 2-bedroom apartment for sale near to sea is perfect for investment buyers as well as lifestyle buyers who are looking to move to the city with family members

Property Nr.
Completion year
100 m²
Price 450,000 €
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Konyaalti Liman Antalya citizenship eligible property for sale

Antalya / Konyaalti

Konyaalti liman Antalya citizenship eligible property for sale is located near the famous Koonyalti beaches and amenities including shops, supermarkets, coffee houses, restaurant, grocery stores, bars and night clubs.

Property Nr.
Completion year
160 m²
Price 440,000 €
  Turkish passport
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Renovated apartment for sale in konyaalti hurma

Antalya / Konyaalti

Many shopping centers like Antalya Migros Shopping Center, and Hospitals like Special Mediterranean Konyaalti Healing Medical Center, Antalya Travel Health Center, Medstar Hospital Group and Panaromalar dental polyclinic are located near this area.

Property Nr.
Completion year
160 m²
Price 186,000 €
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All you want to know about property for sale in Konyaalti

Discover your dream property in Konyaalti, Antalya, where the allure of Mediterranean beaches meets modern living. Our comprehensive guide to Konyaalti real estate showcases a wide range of properties, from luxurious beachfront apartments to affordable homes, perfect for investors and families alike.

Explore the benefits of living in one of Antalya's most sought-after neighborhoods with our expert insights and up-to-date listings. Whether you're buying your first home or seeking a profitable investment, find everything you need to know about Konyaalti's vibrant property market here.

Antalya is one of the biggest tourist cities in Turkey, which is visited by about 15 million tourists every year. Antalya province is the fifth most populated province in Turkey with 2.5 million people, of which about 1.5 million people live in Antalya city. According to the statistics published by the Turkish government, about 100,000 foreigners have shown interest in buying a house in Antalya and have bought a house in this city.

Antalya can be divided into three big parts: Lara, Kepez and Konyaalti. Konyaalti is the second most popular place to buy property in Antalya and has a lot of fans. This area is located in the west of Antalya and has 8 kilometers of coastline. Konyaalti Beach has received the Blue Flag International Award. The beaches in Konyaalti are well equipped and are available to the public for free.

Konyaalti is a greener and quieter area than the other two areas of Antalya. Also, this area is more comfortable to live in. In this area, you have everything you need to live. Konyaalti has a very beautiful environment, because it reaches the sea and the coast on one side and the beautiful Taurus mountains on the other side, which makes it have very special conditions from a natural point of view.

Konyaalti is considered a modernization area in Antalya, and the modern houses in it are Lara houses. Lara district is considered a residential commercial area, but Konyaalti is more residential than Lara. Antalya Municipality and Konyaalti District have made every effort to make the construction and urban planning in this area in such a way that it conforms to the principles of modern urban planning.

To find out about the price and purchase conditions of other properties for sale, refer to the Real Estate in Antalya.

Konyaalti Beach in Antalya

Konyaalti Beach in Antalya

In the vicinity of the hospital, there are entertainment places, large shopping centers, universities, schools, medical and health centers, etc. Suitable infrastructures are considered for recreation and its urban environment.

Buying property in Konyaalti has many fans from all over the world. The variety of prices, the variety of properties and the construction of various pre-sale projects with the right price and terms of handing over have caused many Europeans and Iranians to show interest in buying property in Konyaalti, Antalya.
If you are also planning to buy a property in Konyaalti, Antalya and want to get to know the different neighborhoods of Konyaalti, this article about the Konyaalti area and its neighborhoods can be a good guide for you. Follow us until the end of this article.

Features of Konyaalti district of Antalya

History of Konyaalti Today's Konyaalti region was known as Konyaalti in the past because it was located on the rocks, and later it was renamed from Konyaalti to Konyaalti. There was a historical city called Olbia in today's Konyaalti region. Although there are differences of opinion about the exact location and geography of this city, it can be roughly said that this historical area was located in the present-day Arapsuyu region.

Olbia was a coastal settlement and people used it to anchor ships at that time. The ancient region of Olbia was a part of the Lycian civilization in BC. This historical area is currently completely destroyed and Migros 5 shopping center has been built in the part where there were remains.

Geographical location, weather conditions and population As mentioned, Konyaalti district is the western part of Antalya city. The region has a population of 200,000 and consists of 39 different neighborhoods. Every year, 5.57% is added to the population of Konyaalti. Of this population, 57% are married and 29% are single.
The coastal waters of Konyaalti are cooler than the waters of other regions of Antalya. Because many underground streams flow into sea water.

Konyaalti is bordered by Kemer and kumluca from the south, Dosemealti from the north, and Korkuteli and Kepez from the northwest. Antalya port is located in Konyaalti district. Konyaalti is about 20 km away from Antalya Airport.

The climate of Konyaalti is a tropical Mediterranean climate and most of the days of the year are sunny in this region. Due to its location in the Taurus Mountains, the more mountainous areas of Konyaalti have a cooler climate and are more summery than its coastal and low-altitude areas.

Hot and dry summers and mild and wet winters are the general characteristics of the climate of Konyaalti. From April to October is the season of tourism and use of Konyaalti coastal waters.

Buying a villa in Konialiti, Antalya

public transportation in Konyaalti

One of the most important features of the area you choose to live in Turkey is access to the public transportation system. Due to the high price of gasoline, most people in Turkey prefer to use bus stations and other public transportation stations to get around. This issue is so important that it affects the purchase price of property in Turkey. Proximity to the bus station is considered a positive option for real estate.

Of course, considering this issue and the large number of Turkish tourists, the Turkish government has made a lot of efforts to make the public transportation system as good as possible in Antalya city and Konyaalti region. You can board the bus on the main streets after about 5-10 minutes of waiting. Bus stations cover almost the whole of Konyaalti.

The working hours of Konyaalti intercity buses are from 6 am to 11 pm.
A bus station specifically takes passengers from the airport to the eastern side of Konyaalti. From Liman area to Orman Park, from Sarisu to Orman Park, from Hurma to Terracity shopping center, from Hurma to Mark Antalya shopping center, from Sarisu to Guzeloba Lara, from Liman to Mark Antalya shopping center and from Konyaalti to Lara. They are one of the most important bus stations and bus routes in Konyaalti.

Health centers in Konyaalti

There are both public and private hospitals in Konyaalti. The free public hospital is located in a research center called Antalya Devlet Arastirma Hastanesi. If you have a residence permit in Turkey, this hospital will treat you free of charge.

In addition to this public hospital, two famous private hospitals in Antalya are also located in Konyaalti district. Olympus Hospital is one of the most equipped hospitals in Antalya. Olympus Hospital is located in Ogretmenevleri Street and Uncali area and is one of the private hospitals in Antalya. Treatment costs in private hospitals in Antalya are relatively expensive.

Akseniz Sifa Hospital, located on Ataturk Blvd., is another hospital in Konyaalti district of Antalya, which is private and has good equipment.

Life on the Konyaalti Beach

Living in Konyaalti Antalya

You can see other villas for sale in Antalya on the following page:

Educational Centers in Konyaalti

In addition to a variety of private and public educational centers for elementary to high school levels, we must say that the largest public university in Antalya, Akdeniz University, is located in Konyaalti district. This university is an international university and many foreign students study in it.

Akdeniz University is famous not only in Antalya, but also in Turkey, and many students of this university come from all over Turkey to study in this university.

This university has fields of law, science, engineering, agriculture, economics, etc. Of course, you should know that even though this university accepts many international students, the language of instruction in this university is Turkish. So, if you intend to buy a property in Konyaalti, study at Akdeniz University, you must have a Turkish language certificate.

Akdeniz University itself consists of several faculties, professional schools, conservatories and educational institutes and is considered the cultural hub of Antalya.

shopping centers in Konyaalti

Like many areas of Antalya, Konyaalti has a weekly market in its different neighborhoods. All kinds of goods are bought and sold in these weekly markets. From fruits and vegetables and all kinds of food products to clothes, household appliances, handicrafts, etc., there are in these markets at reasonable prices.

Monday markets in Uncali neighborhood of Konyaalti, Tuesday markets in Liman neighborhood of Konyaalti, Wednesday markets in Ortman Oy neighborhood of Konyaalti and Sunday markets in Pinarbahce neighborhood of Konyaalti are some of the weekly markets of Konyaalti.

Migros shopping center, which was built by destroying the ancient city of Olbia, is one of the largest shopping centers in Antalya, where there are all kinds of Turkish and foreign brands. This shopping center is a short distance from Konyaalti area. Migros shopping center is close to Antalya Park and Aquarium.

Entertainment centers and places of interest in Konyaalti

Aktur amusement park One of the best and biggest amusement parks in Antalya, which has 40 different devices to play, is located in Konyaalti district. In this game city, there are both exciting games and very attractive computer games.

Aktur amusement park has its own games for all ages and you can spend exciting family fun in it. This game city is located right in front of the Migros shopping center. Aktur amusement park is the biggest park in Antalya, which has the second largest carousel in Europe.

Buying a beach villa in Konyaalti area

The sea and Konyaalti beach in Antalya

Konyaalti Beach The most famous recreational place in Konyaalti is its beautiful beach. Konyaalti beach is known as the stone beach. This beach is the second most important beach in Konyaalti after Lara beach. Konyaalti beach is not far from Antalya city center and in this respect it is superior to Lara beach. The distance from Konyaalti beach to Antalya city center is only three kilometers.

See information about the price and specifications of properties for sale in Lara on the following page:

By buying a property in Konyaalti and living in this area, you can enjoy its beach water activities and have a good time. All kinds of water sports, including boating, fishing, diving, swimming, sunbathing, etc., are some of the water sports available on this beach.

The aquarium The aquarium in Konyaalti is the largest and most important aquarium in Antalya, which can introduce you to the underwater world. This aquarium is suitable for all family members.

This aquarium is famous not only in Turkey, but also in the whole of Asia and is considered one of the best aquariums in Asia. The aquarium is about 70 km from Konyaalti Beach and is located in the heart of Migros shopping center.

The length of this aquarium is 131 meters and its width is 3 meters. The long length of this aquarium has earned it the title of the longest water tunnel in the world. The water of this aquarium is filled directly from the sea itself and it contains 40 smaller aquariums.

Waterhill aqua park One of the biggest aqua parks in Antalya is Waterhill aqua Park, which is located on Konyaalti Beach. This aqua park is designed to be suitable for all ages and you can use this beautiful park as a family. There are a variety of water slides, swimming pools, restaurants, coffee shops, music, etc. in this park that can create fun moments for you.

In addition to these entertainment centers, we should mention the Antalya Archaeological Museum, stadium, sports complex, pristine and beautiful nature, pine forests, cozy tourist villages, rock climbing and world-famous rock climbing camps, anchorage, Konyaalti Free Trade Zone, famous restaurants and cafes. And... they are among other interesting entertainment and sightseeing centers in Konyaalti.

Real estate for sale in Konyaalti, Antalya

Many foreigners have shown interest in real estate for sale in Konyaalti Antalya in recent years and this area is full of expats from different countries who are living there. Konyaalti can be considered an international region due to the multitude of cultures and nations that live in it.

Proximity to the sea and the large number of houses available near the sea or with a sea view can be cited as the reasons why foreigners are interested in real estate for sale in Konyaalti Antalya.

Due to the new construction of this area, the best Turkish and foreign construction companies operate in the housing construction market in Kanyaalti. The quality of buildings built in Konyaalti is very high.
Almost all properties for sale in Konyaalti Antalya, which are apartment complexes, have swimming pools, saunas, fitness clubs, 24-hour security and CCTV.

By checking the real estate for sale in Konyaalti Antalya, you will realize that you have many choices ahead of you. There is a lot of variety in the properties of this area. You can see from small apartments to large and luxurious penthouses, from luxurious and expensive private villas to villas, high-rise towers or apartments with low floors, etc. in Konyaalti.

The residential complexes in Konyaalti, in addition to being very well built, special attention has been paid to the green space, and most of them have large plots of land for green spaces and gardens or for placing gazebos.
Some of the properties for sale in Konyaalti Antalya have such infrastructure and facilities that they are no less than a five-star hotel.

Real estate in Kanyalti can generate a steady income for its owners through monthly rentals.
Until the end of August 2022, the purchase price of property in Konialti increased by 279%. This shows the high jump of real estate for sale in Konyaalti Antalya in terms of prices in 2022. The average size of houses in Konyaalti is 140 meters.

The average selling price per square meter in Konyaalti until the end of August 2022 is approximately 28,000 lira. The payback period for real estate with an average value of 28,000 liras per square meter takes 17 years.

The most popular neighborhoods to buy property in Konyaalti Liman, Hurma, Altinkum, Gursu, Uncali, Molla Yusuf, Sarisu and Arapsuyu.
Until the end of August 2022, Sarisu, Hurma, neighborhoods were among the most expensive neighborhoods to buy property in Konyaalti.

Until the end of August 2022, the following neighborhoods have had the lowest price increase for buying property in Konyaalti:
Liman SB, Arapsuyu, Hisarçandır, Çağlarca, Bahtılı
In some of the growing neighborhoods of Konyaalti, such as Sarisu and Hurma, there are conditions for buying property in installments. You can pay 50% of the property amount in advance and pay the remaining amount in installments in 12 months. Pre-sale or installment houses will be interest-free.

Therefore, you don't need to worry about paying heavy amounts in addition to the principal amount of the property you have purchased.
In terms of comfort, social, recreational facilities, population density, etc., Konyaalti has an average rating of A+. This ranking shows that in most areas of Konyaalti there are very good conditions for those who live there.

Konyaalti Beaches

Life on the Konyaalti Beach

Property for sale in Hurma district

One of the neighborhoods you can choose to buy a property in Konyalti is Hurma neighborhood. This beautiful neighborhood is in contact with the mountains of Antalya. According to the census conducted in 2019, the population of Hurma region was around 30,000 people. 56% of the population of this region are married and in families, and 24% are single.

Property for sale in Hurma area is relatively expensive and the properties and houses in it are of average price. Due to the fact that Hurma has a higher altitude than the sea level, its air is cooler than in lower altitude areas and the air humidity is lower.

In the past, there were many palm trees in this area and most of the land in the area was palm groves. For this reason, the name of this area is Hurma, which is derived from the name of dates. Currently, with the growth of construction in Hourma area, palm trees have given way to newly built luxury apartments and villas.

Hurma area is one of the developing and growing areas of Antalya, and this is the reason why the price of property in Hurma area is lower than in developed areas. Hurma is not far from Antalya city center and it takes about 20 minutes without traffic and 45 minutes with traffic to go from Hurma to Antalya city center.

At the end of Hurma neighborhood is Cakirlar tourist area. By buying a property in Hurma area, you can easily access this tourist area. Also, Bogacay river passes through Hurma neighborhood, around which many cafes and restaurants have been built.

Due to the development of Hurma, luxury and renovated apartments have been built in it, which you can check for buying property in Konyaalti Antalya. Most of the immigrants living in Hurma are Russian. Hurma neighborhood borders Liman neighborhood. Considering that Hurma is not near the beach, it is more suitable for those who want to buy a property with a mountain view in Konyaalti.

Hurma is very close to Liman Tuesday market and you can use this weekly market for shopping. In this area, there are playgrounds for children and several shops to meet the daily needs of the people of Hurma. Most of the complexes built in Hurma area are built with swimming pools.

If we measure the social status in terms of welfare status, cultural status, population density and building density, access to facilities such as subway, bus, school, cultural centers, crime rate, satisfaction of the residents of that city, etc. and this rating Considering from C- to A+, Hurma's rating will be A-.

As the Hurma region became more popular in 2021 and 2022, real estate sales in this area have grown by 70%. For this reason, Hurma is considered a suitable area for investing in real estate.

Villa for sale in Konyaalti

A view of Konyaalti area in Antalya

Property for sale in Liman district

Liman is one of the most well-known areas of Konyaalti for buying property. This area has very luxurious apartments and villas. The price of buying property in Liman area is high and the property for sale is expensive. Liman area is a short distance from Konyaalti beach and the residents of this area can easily go to the beach.

Many Russian immigrants live in the Liman region and their population is more than the immigrants from other countries. If you can't see foreigners in other areas of Konyaalti, you will definitely see them in Liman.
Liman district extends from the beach and Atatürk street to Hurma district in the north and Gursu district in the east.

The houses that are built in Liman have different architectures and do not follow a specific style. For this reason, foreigners are more inclined to choose one of the houses that are close to the style of culture and architecture of their own country.

Property for sale in Sarisu district

Sarisu is also one of the most popular and luxurious neighborhoods to buy property in Konyaalti. Sarisu area continues from the end of Akdeniz Street to the beginning of Kemer Road. Sarisu Beach has the same facilities as a private beach, but is open to the public for free.

One of the attractions of Sarisu for tourists and for those who have chosen this area to live by buying a property in Sarisu is its cable car. The Police Shooting Center is another attraction in the Sariso area that is open to the public for free. Sarisu has very good conditions in terms of communication routes due to the presence of the D400 highway.

Also, a part of Akdeniz Boulevard passes through Sarisu area. The Metro store chain, which is known for having reasonably priced shops in Antalya, also has a branch in the Sarisu district of Antalya. Sarisu area is located in the neighborhood of Liman area and by living in Sarisu you will have easy access to Liman beach. In addition, you also have access to Kemer Road.

Buying apartments and houses in Konyaalti, Antalya

Fun at Konyaalti Beach

Most of the houses in Sarisu that you can choose any of them to buy a property in Konyaalti have a mountain and forest view. In general, it can be said that by choosing the Sarisu Konyaalti area, you have access to both the seashore, the mountains and the forest, and you can choose the conditions of the property you buy in Sarisu. Most of the apartment complexes in Sarisu also have swimming pools.

Sarisu's population is currently around 8,000 people. On average, 17% of Sarisu's population is added annually. 56% of the population living in Sarisu region are married and 25% are single. The index of social rank in Sarisu region is B+.
This neighborhood is relatively quiet and secluded, and it has very good conditions for those who are looking to live in a quiet and quiet place, yet close to city amenities.

Property for sale in Arapsuyu district

One of the main and most important regional areas of Antalya is the Arapsuyu area. This area, which houses the Migros 5 store, has excellent conditions. Antalya Aquarium and Aktur amuesment park are also located in the same area, and for this reason, many tourists visit the Arapsuyu area. In general, most of the available facilities in Konyaalti are located in the Arapsuyu area, and Antalya Municipality has paid special attention to this area.
Glass Pyramid, which is the venue for various celebrations, including film festivals, concerts, conferences, etc., in Konyaalti.

There is a football stadium in front of Glass Pyramid. If you are interested in watching football, you can choose to buy a property in Arapsuyu and enjoy watching various club and national football games in this football stadium.

By living in Arapsuyu, you have access to the most advanced social life facilities. Arapsuyu also has access to the sea, and in a part of it there are houses and beach beaches with a sea view. It is also in that hospital. There are also several beautiful parks on the Arapsuyu beach strip for those who like to have fun in beach parks.

Arapsuyu also has a population of about 7000 people. Annually, 1.16% is added to the population of the Arapsuyu region. 56% of the population of Arapsuyu region are families and 26% are singles. The index of living conditions and social ranking of the Arapsuyu region is B+.

Ataturk Street, which is one of the main streets of Konyaalti, also passes through Arapsuyu district.

Parallel to Atatürk Boulevard, there is a boulevard in Arapsuyu which is a coastal road with all kinds of entertainment facilities and full of restaurants, cafes, etc., and access to the D400 highway is provided for the residents of Arapsuyu through this road. There are also several international private schools in Arapsuyu, and in this sense, it is considered one of the richest neighborhoods in Konyaalti.

House for sale in Konyaalti

Villas and apartments in Konyaalti Beach, Antalya

Property for sale in Altinkum district

Altinkum is considered one of the central regions of Konyaalti, which has the conditions and facilities of living in a central region. Many people who look at properties for sale in Konyaalti Antalya are interested in buying a property in Altinkum.

The apartments in Altinkum are in good condition. Whether you want the apartment you buy to be small or large, suitable for small or large families, with a sea view, etc., you can choose in Altinkum.

Altinkum will have a population of around 8,600 people in 2022, which will increase by 1.41% annually. 55% of the population are families and 24% are single people. The social status index in Altinkum has been evaluated as B+.

Altinkum starts from the coastline and continues to Atatürk Boulevard from the north side and the neighborhood of Gursu and Kuskavai. Altinkum is vibrant and full of life. There are many stores on 447 Altinkum Street that you can visit this street for shopping.

Altinkum is close to Akdeniz University, and for students who want to buy a property in Konyaalti, buying a property in the Altinkum area is a good option in terms of being close to the university. Akdeniz University Hospital, Olympus Private Hospital, Antalya Research and Teaching Hospital are located in Altinkum Konyaalti district.

In addition to the hospital, several public and private specialized clinics are also located in the Altinkum area, and there are several veterinary centers for those interested in keeping pets. Altinkum is one of the growing regions of Konyaalti and there is a lot of demand to buy property in Altinkum.

If it is important for you to be close to the sea to buy a property in Konyaalti, we must say that by buying a property in Altinkum area, you are only 1.2 km away from Konyaalti beach and you can easily go to the beach and visit the beautiful Konyaalti beach.

There is enough public transport system in Altinkum that you can easily go to Antalya's biggest shopping malls, airport and bus station. Alitankum is 3 km from Akdeniz University, 6 km from Marmarli Beach, 7 km from Old Bazaar, 3 km from Konyaalti Open Air Theater, 3 km from Migros Shopping Center, 5 km from Antalya Archeology Museum and 7 km from Ataturk Street.

In Altinkum coastal strip, most of the properties are villas and the height of the buildings is low. In the far part from the beach there are apartments, mostly up to 5 floors. Most Altinkum houses also have a swimming pool. There are many playgrounds, sports equipment, restaurants, cafes, etc. in Altinkum for the convenience of those who live there.

Property for sale in Uncali district

Uncali is one of the non-coastal regions of Konyaalti through which Goksu Cay River passes. Because this neighborhood is very close to the D400 highway. Uncali area has a park, sports complex, veterinary clinic, school, sports club, pharmacy, etc.

Olympus Hospital is also located near Uncali. Approximately, the distance between Uncali and Kapez is 70 minutes by car. The population of Uncali neighborhood is around 20,000 people. Approximately 1.26% is added to the population of Uncali every year.

The socio-economic status of Uncali people is ranked A-, which shows that there is a good social status and welfare facilities in Uncali region. Among the people of Uncali, 67% are married and 22% are single. Uncali area is located in the neighborhood of Molla Yusuf area.

Property for sale in Molla Yusuf district

One of the good neighborhoods for buying real estate in Konyaalti is Molla Yusuf's neighborhood. The neighborhood had a population of around 10,000 people in 2019. Every year, 2.44% is added to the population of Molla Yusuf region. Of these, 65% are married and 24% are single. The social status index in Molla Yusuf region is B.

The increase in the purchase price of property for sale in Molla Yusuf region has grown significantly in recent years. So that in the last three years, the purchase price of the property has increased by more than 100%. In this neighborhood, there is a pharmacy, school, sports club, park, health center, bus station, etc.

Molla Yufuf neighborhood is divided into two north and south parts by the D400 highway. Goksu cay river also passes through this area. On the banks of this river, there are many beautiful recreation centers facing the forest, which you can use by buying a property in Molla Yusuf.

Molla Yusuf region is very close to Konyaalti hospitals and you can easily access these medical centers. Also, the presence of the highway in the middle of this neighborhood has made the people of this neighborhood easily accessible to other areas of Konyaalti and Antalya.

The southern part of Molla Yusuf is more populated and crowded, and the northern part, which is above the D400 highway, is more secluded and has very beautiful views due to its proximity to the mountains and the forest.

This neighborhood is very close to Akdeniz University and students of this university can choose Molla Youssef neighborhood to stay. Molla Yusuf is not a coastal area and properties built there are sold with mountain, forest and Goksu River views.

Villas and apartments for sale with sea view in Konyaalti

Beach resort in Konyaalti

Property for sale in Gursu district

Gursu is one of the most beautiful coastal areas of Konyaalti region, which has a very good location for buying a villa in Konyaalti. In this area, you have easy access to the beach, so you can walk to the beach in a few minutes.

Due to the fact that Gursu is a tourist, there are good facilities and infrastructure in it. Bus station, public library, city park, several schools, kindergarten, government office, post office, etc. are some of the facilities of Gursu.

In terms of medical centers, Gursu does not have a hospital, and for important treatments, you have to go to other areas of Konyaalti. The term is estimated at 23 years with annual payments. That is, after 23 years, the total amount you have paid to buy the property in Gursu area will be returned to us with rent and annual price increase.

In terms of quality of life and social ranking, Gursu region is ranked A-. In 2023, the population of Gursu was 14,000 people. Approximately 1.11% is added to the population of Gursu every year.

Property for sale in Kuskavagi district

One of the beautiful coastal areas in Konyaalti is Kuskavagi region. This area reaches from the beach side to Akdeniz Street and from you to Ataturk Street. Most of the existing buildings in Kuskavagi area are single-story villas or three- to five-story apartments. It is rare to see high-rise residential complexes in this area.

Konyaalti municipality is located in Kuskavagi region. A weekly market is held near Kuskavagi on Wednesday. Konyaalti Special Mediterranean Medical Center is also located in Kuskavagi. Kuskavagi is also close to the Arapsuyu area, and by buying a property in Kuskavagi and living in it, you have easy access to the facilities of life in Arapsuyu.

This area, especially near the beach, has several bus stations that transport people to the beach and other areas. The working hours of Kuskavagi buses are from 6 am to 11.5 pm.

The population of Kuskavagi in 2022 is estimated to be around 3000 people. An average of 2.97% is added to the Kuskavagi population annually. 56% of the population of Kuskavagi are married and 24% are single. The Social Index Life Rating in Kuskavagi is B+.

Property for sale in Pinarbasi district

One of the important neighborhoods for buying property in Konyaalti is Pinarbasi neighborhood. This neighborhood is especially suitable for students. Because Akdeniz University is located in this neighborhood. A large part of this neighborhood belongs to the buildings and educational centers of Akdeniz University, which is considered the cultural center of Antalya. Akdeniz University is famous not only in Antalya and Turkey, but also in the world.

In addition to Akdeniz University, Corendon Airlines Park Antalya stadium, soccer field, Akdeniz University Stadium, Heart amusement park, library, Akdeniz University Hospital, etc. are some of the important places of Pinarbashi neighborhood.

If proximity to the beach is important to you in order to buy a property in Pinarbasi area, we must say that the distance between Pinarbasi and Konyaalti Beach is very short, and this area is also very close to the aquarium, Aktur Park, Migros store, etc. D400 highway also passes through this neighborhood.

The population of Pinarbasi in 2022 was 17,000 people. The average annual population growth in Pinarbasi region is 16%. Out of this population in Pinarbasi, 68% are married and 26% are single. The social rating of the living conditions in Pinarbasi neighborhood is C+.

Conditions and rules for buying property in Konyaalti Antalya

One of the easy ways to get a residence in Turkey is to buy a property in Turkey. If the purchase price of the property in Konyaalti reaches 400,000 USD, you will receive a permanent residence permit. If the purchase price of a property in Konyaalti reaches 75,000 US dollars, you can apply for a one-month temporary stay.

By purchasing the property for the mentioned amount, you will acquire Turkish citizenship, but your property deed will be held by the Turkish government for three years, and you will not be able to rent or sell it until the end of this period.

As a foreigner, you cannot buy more than 30 hectares of land in Konyaalti.
If you have visited real estate for sale in Konyaalti Antalya and decided to buy a property in an area and build a house there, you have only two years to finish the construction of the house you want.
You can buy only 10% of the lands of each region or village of Konyaalti.

You can go to the institutions and banks in Konyaalti and apply for loans and purchase installments to buy property in Konyaalti.

property sale price in Konyaalti Antalya

The property sale price in Konyaalti depends on several conditions, some of which are as follows:
• The neighborhood and area you chose
• Being old or new in the area you are looking for
Distance from the sea (whether it is important for you to be close to the seashore or close to the city center)
Access to facilities such as schools, shopping centers, hospitals and medical centers, offices, etc.
• The property has access to the facilities of the public transportation system, including the bus station, metro, metrobus, etc.
• Type of desired property (whether the property you have chosen is a villa or an apartment, a duplex or a penthouse, etc.)
• Facilities and features of the desired property (CCTV, 24-hour security, swimming pool, children's play area, green space, air conditioning system, pavilion, parking, smart system, kitchen appliances such as hood, gas, oven, washing machine, refrigerator and... can change the purchase price of the property in Konyaalti Antalya)
• Your property being newly built or second category
• Being pre-sold or ready for delivery of your desired property
• Buying property in a person or company. Usually, some reputable companies in Antalya offer a different price for buying a property in Konyaalti than other companies, and the reputation of their name is effective in the price of buying a property.

Many of the Konyaalti areas are like holiday homes, there are many properties in these areas that you can buy and use only in the summer season and for your holidays. You can rent your property for the rest of the year and earn profit in this way.

After Lara, the most expensive areas to buy property in Antalya are the areas in Konyaalti. In this area, you will find cheap to very expensive and luxury properties. But on average, the price of buying a property in Konyaalti is higher than the price of buying a property in Kepez.

Compared to Lara, more expats live in Konyaalti and if you plan to move to Antalya, it is easier for you to live in Konyaalti. Because the large number of immigrants in this region has made the natives of this region behave well with immigrants and you will not feel so lonely because of living in another country.

An important thing that you should know when buying a property in Konyaalti Antalya or when you decide to build a property in this area is that there is a possibility of canceling the contract to buy the property. Although this rarely happens.

However, if for any reason the legal period of construction ends and you have not completed the building and have not taken the necessary measures, you have not followed Turkish laws, etc., the contract will be null and void.

For this reason, you should definitely consult experienced consultants in the field of real estate for sale in Antalya, so that you never face such a problem.

Ways to buy poperty in Konyaalti

One of the ways to buy property for sale in Konyaalti is to travel to Konyaalti and check the properties of this area yourself. Of course, such work is time-consuming and you may not be able to get accurate information about all the properties in Konyaalti due to the large number of areas and its size, or you may not be able to find out the right time to buy and sell property in Konyaalti.

A good way to buy real estate in Konyaalti and know the best time to buy a property in this city is to get help from real estate in IKonyaalti. You can ask for help from our real estate experts active in the Turkish real estate market to guide you in buying a property in Konyaalti.

Our consultants at Antalya Estate try to help you in offline and online purchase of property in Konyaalti. All the efforts of the Antalya Estate Consultants are a safe and secure purchase for you at the lowest cost.

You can call the contact number of Antalya Estate and explain your conditions for buying a property. Do you intend to obtain permanent or temporary residence in Konyaalti? Is your reason for buying a property in Konyaalti to invest or to live in it? Which of the Konyaalti areas do you like? Do you have detailed information about the real estate market in different areas of Konyaalti? Do you want to live in a peaceful and quiet area after retirement? How important are the internal facilities of each property to you? And...

There are many things that our consultants will ask you in advance and guide you to make an accurate and safe choice. After the budget that you considered for this work is decided and according to your opinion, the expert present in Konyaalti will visit the properties that suit your conditions and prepare videos and photos for you online.

You can check different properties in terms of facilities, view, proximity to the beach, etc. If you are interested in properties for sale in Konyaalti that are second class and furnished, the real estate agent in Konyaalti will show you only these properties. After your final selection, the consultant will do the relevant work to prepare transfer documents and you must travel to Konyaalti to transfer the Tapu and last sign.

In this way, you can buy a property in Konyaalti, Turkey without wasting time and money. Our consultants in Antalya Estate check all the properties they introduce to you beforehand. These properties are checked in terms of internal facilities, building strength, tax payment, non-encumbrance of the document, loan payment, etc., and then introduce them to you. Therefore, by choosing Antalya Estate, you will not have to worry about this.

Konyaalti is located in the west side of Antalya, but that doesn't mean that its central location conjures up a busy urban lifestyle. Despite the fact that Konyaalti is close to the center of Antalya, its population density and crowding are not as high as the centers of cities such as Tehran, Istanbul, Ankara, etc.

Recent renovation projects have made the real estate market the most active in the region. In recent years, many foreigners prefer buying property in Konyaalti Antalya to other parts of it, and this has caused a large concentration of immigrants in this area. Liman region has the most foreigners, especially Russians.

Residents living near the Old Town also have access to a wide variety of shops, bars, restaurants and banks, public transportation, and more. An efficient transportation system also connects Konyaalti to other areas of Antalya.
Offering a 7km long sandy beach and a stunning view of Beydağları, Konyaalti is the focal point of social life and has many beach parks with shops, restaurants and bars behind it. Buying property in Konyaalti is an ideal location and beach lifestyle, and a duplex apartment overlooking the Mediterranean Sea is the perfect view to wake up to.

As with any other region or city in Turkey, it is important to be aware of scammers. The price of buying a property in Konyaalti is not very cheap and if the price of the property offered to you is unreasonably cheap, you should not trust it.

In order to make a safe and secure purchase in Konyaalti, ask for help from the best real estate consultants in Konyaalti who have years of experience in property sales in Konyaalti. To get advice about the available properties in Konyaalti, call our contact numbers.

To find out about other properties for sale, visit theTurkey Real Estate for Sale.

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