Buy villas for sale in Kusadasi

Suitable for Turkish passport
10 Month

Sea view villa for sale in Kusadasi Turkey


Public transport stations are all located nearby the villa in Kusadasi while the closest highway station is 5 minutes away. Kusadasi, hosts historical and natural beauties all together. Kusadasi is one of the safest large resort towns in Turkey and is the second Turkish city, after Istanbul, where cruise ships come.

Property Nr.
Completion year
200 m²
Price 300,000 €
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12 Month

Luxury villa in Kusadasi Turkey for sale


These properties have a spacious living space intertwined with the nature. Kusadasi is one of the fastest growing towns in Turkey. The price of properties for sale in winter 2023, in Aydin Kusadasi has increased %345 in the last 2 years.

Property Nr.
Completion year
155 - 185 m²
Price from 290,000 €
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12 Month

Residential villa for sale in Kusadasi Turkey


Villas in Kusadasi are equipped with large terraces, screening system for balconies and windows, and suitable landscaped designs. Kusadasi is a shopper's paradise with a never-ending selection of stores and bazaars. The Kusadasi real estate market can be called international, due to the fact that more than 50% of purchasers are from outside the country.

Property Nr.
Completion year
3+1, 4+1
170 - 220 m²
Price from 255,000 €
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12 Month

Private villas for sale in Kusadasi Turkey


The modern villas in Kusadasi were built with the express intention of enabling residents. The bustling center of Kusadasi where you will find an array of restaurants, bars, night clubs, shopping outlets, and a world-class Marina and cruise ship port is just a few minutes’ drive away. Kusadasi is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Turkey.

Property Nr.
Completion year
110 m²
Price 187,000 €
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10 Month

Luxury apartments for sale in Kusadasi Turkey


The project in Kusadasi Turkey has many social facilities and features, with sea views in a great central location. This property for sale in Kusadasi Izmir is very suitable for citizenship. The surrounding villages are a great place to visit for a Turkish Breakfast and buy locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Property Nr.
Completion year
168 m²
Price from 185,000 €
  Turkish passport
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Prime location 4 bedroom villa for sale in Kusadasi Turkey


Kusadasi has a typical Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters, providing a long tourism season. This deluxe villa has been constructed by renowned architects and have been built to meet excellent standards. Purchase this villa in Kusadasi Turkey now and obtain a Turkish citizenship. If you have any questions regarding this matter, we have a professional team at Antalya Estate who will gladly answer.

Property Nr.
Completion year
200 m²
Price 425,000 €
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Villa for sale with swimming pool in Kusadasi Turkey


Kusadasi has a typical Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters, providing a long tourism season. The city is bathed in sunshine for 300 days of the year. This villa is located at a prime location near the sea in Kusadasi. Buying a property in Turkey that is worth at least $400 000, you can get a Turkish citizenship. After purchasing you can rent this deluxe villa out for very high rental returns when in not in use.

Property Nr.
Completion year
180 - 500 m²
Price 335,000 €
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Buy independent villa in Kusadasi Turkey


Kusadasi, which means "bird island" in Turkish, is set in a superb gulf in the Aegean region of Turkey. There are many places to see, ways to wander, and signature experiences to gain here in Kusadasi. Turkey offers the right to citizenship by buying real estate in anywhere in Turkey for over $400 000 to foreigners, which has raised the sales of real estate and housing in the country.

Property Nr.
Completion year
4+1 Duplex
500 m²
Price 450,000 €
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Find out all about villas for sale in Kusadasi

Kusadasi is one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey, which means "flying island" in Turkish. This beautiful city is located on the coast of the Aegean Sea and is 71 km from the center of Aydin province in Turkey.
Kuşadası is located 90 km from Izmir city and borders with the cities of Seljuk, Pamucak and Dilek Peninsula. This city dates back to 3000 BC and is one of the oldest cities in Turkey.

The port of this city is one of its most attractive tourist areas and the reason is the proximity of the Kusadasi port to the Greek island of Samos.This beautiful city is close not only to the Greek island of Samos but also to tourist centers such as Izmir, Ephesus, Maryam Anna, Milt, Didim, Pamukkale and Marmaris. In addition to visiting Kusadasi recreational spots, you can choose the recreational spots of these tourist centers for your weekend.
During spring and summer, it is possible to commute from Kusadasi port to Samos Island by motor boats. In this port, there are modern yachts that offer beautiful water tours and you can use these yachts for your voyages. In addition, Kusadasi port is considered as one of the most important ports in Turkey.

According to the census conducted in 2012, the population of this city was 70,000 people, which has increased in recent years. Izmir Airport, which is 90 kilometers away from Kuşadası, is the closest way to reach Kuşadası by air. Due to the small size of Kusadasi, this beautiful city has a lower price for purchasing a villa than big cities like Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara and Antalya.

You can find out the prices and terms of buying villas for sale in other cities by referring to the page of villas for sale in Turkey.

Yachts in Kusadasi

Yachts in Kusadasi

For this reason, in recent years, Kusadasi villas have gained many fans. Many tourists who choose Kusadasi as a tourist destination prefer to buy villas in Kusadasi and one of its areas. If you also intend to buy a villa in Kuşadası, read this article about villas for sale in Kuşadası until the end.

Features of Kusadasi

History of Kusadasi

The city of Ephesus, located near today's Kusadasi, was founded in 3000 BC, which is said to be the ancient city of today's Kusadasi. The Ionians found this city. 546 years after Christ, this city fell into the hands of the Persians, but about 300 years later, the Roman emperor took this city from the Persians.
An earthquake changed the course of the river and flooded the city of Ephesus and destroyed it. There is an interesting point about the city of Ephesus. This city is the same city where the companions of the cave lived at that time and fell asleep in one of its caves.

After that, a new port called Neva Port was built, which was located in the present day Kusadasi. In 1413, the Ottomans took this land from the Romans.
During this period, Nova Quay gained a special reputation and many famous buildings were built in it. In 1922, after a long struggle, this city became part of the Republic of Turkey.

After Atatürk came to Neva quay from the battle of Çanakkale and realized the Greek name of this city. He decided to change the name of this port and named Kusadasi, which means bird island.

Geographical location and climate of Kusadasi

This beautiful city is adjacent to Seljuk city from the north, Germencik from the northeast, and Söke from the southeast, and is located in the southwest of Turkey. Like other cities in the south and southwest of Turkey, Kusadasi has a moderate climate.

This city experiences hot and dry summers and mild and wet winters. From the beginning of May to the beginning of November, many tourists travel to this city and it can be said that the weather in Kusadasi is warm in these months.

The city experiences high temperatures in the hottest month of the year, reaching 53 degrees Celsius in July. In winter, the coldest month of the year, the temperature reaches 9 degrees Celsius. Approximately 300 days a year are sunny in this city. This city is known for having a mild climate and fertile soil, and many products are produced in this city. Kusadasi olives, grapes and figs are famous among Turkish people.

Kusadasi transportation system

One of the things that you should know about if you plan to live in Kusadasi is its transportation system. Due to the high cost of gasoline in Turkey, many people prefer to use public transportation rather than private vehicles.

One of the most common means of public transportation that has a relatively reasonable price is the trams, which are almost everywhere in the city and you can use them to get around the city.
Taxis in this city are quite expensive and their entrance fee starts from two dollars and reaches 20 to 30 dollars.

Also, taxi rates double from 12:00 noon to 6:00 p.m. As mentioned, the closest airport to this city is Izmir Airport, which is about 60 kilometers away from Kuşadası.

Buying a villa in Kusadasi, Turkey

A view of Kusadasi beach in Turkey

Apart from taxis and dolmuş, there are also city buses in Kusadasi that you can use to get around the city. In addition to domestic trips, you can use the Kuşadası terminal to go to other cities in Turkey. Usually, the schedule of the terminal of this city is regular and you can easily arrive at the appointed time and move towards your destination.

Kusadasi recreation centers

Among various centers and recreational places in Kuşadası, its beautiful beaches are more attractive and have attracted a large number of tourists. Ladies Beach is one of the most famous recreational beaches of this city. In the past, only women used to have fun on this beach. But nowadays men can also use this beautiful beach.
In addition to the beaches, Artemis Temple, Adaland Dolphin Park, Water Park, Pigeon Island, the ancient city of Perin, the ancient city of Miletos, yachts, Kirazlı village, Dilek Peninsula are some of the tourist places in Kusadasi.

Kusadasi shopping centers

The city of Kuşadası does not have many shopping centers compared to the big cities of Turkey, but it can still be said that there are relatively good shopping centers in this city that you can use for your shopping. One of the streets of this city called ‘’Kusadasi Market’’ is full of shops and stores where you can have a great shopping experience on this street.

Orient Bazaar Kusadasi

It is one of the biggest and traditional markets of Kusadasi where you can find all sorts of your favorite items. This traditional market offers good discounts to visitors and you can buy traditional items from the locals with good discounts.

AVM Kusadasi shopping center

This shopping center is one of the relatively good shopping centers in Kusadasi, which is open and has a good friendly atmosphere. This shopping center has all kinds of popular brands that you can buy with reasonable prices.

Grand Bazaar (Kuşadası)

Kusadasi Grand Bazaar, as its name suggests, is one of the biggest markets in Kusadasi, where you can find everything from household appliances and kitchenware to clothes and jewelry.

Scala Nuova Shopping Center

Scala Nuova shopping center is one of the most stylish and luxury shopping centers in Kuşadası, which is located near the beach and has most of the tourist shops. High quality leather bags and shoes are offered in this shopping center.

For information on the price and terms of buying villas for sale in Marmaris, refer to the following page:

Villas for sale in Aydın province

Aydın is one of the southwestern provinces of Turkey, which has unique beaches, and the capital of this province is the city of Aydin, and this province is the center of fig production in Turkey. The bays of Aydin province are very beautiful and popular.

The two cities of Didim and Kusadasi in Aydın province are considered touristic and popular cities to buy villas in Aydin province. Aydin province has 17 cities and a total population of about one million people.
In recent years, this province has become one of the most important tourist centers in Turkey, and good infrastructure has been considered for it.

Villa for sale in Kusadasi

A view of the beautiful Kusadasi region of Turkey

By buying a villa in Aydin province, you can not only take advantage of the tourist attractions of this province, but you can also use the facilities in the cities of this province and have a good and comfortable life.
If you are interested in estate investments in Aydin province of Turkey, this province has very good capacities for investment in the real estate and construction sector, and due to the increase in its tourist population in recent years, the demand for purchasing villas has increased significantly.

Having Turkey's first railway and Turkey's third longest tunnel, Aydin province shows that it has great and advanced transportation system, and you will not have any problems with transporting in this province.
In terms of education and educational centers, as well as medical and hospital centers, this province has provided the necessary facilities for its residents, and you will not have any problems living in Aydin province. In addition to villas for sale in Kusadasi, you can also buy a villa in other cities of the Aydin province.

Villas with sea view in Kusadasi Turkey for sale

One of the most beautiful attractions of Kusadasi is its unique beaches and port. Some of the villas that are built in Kusadasi have a view of the Aegean Sea. Despite having several coastlines in Kusadasi, it has become possible to build villas close to the sea, and you can purchase a villa with sea view in Kusadasi.

By buying a villa with sea view in Kuşadası, in addition to enjoying the natural scenery and recreational facilities of your villa and the nearby beaches, you can also take advantage of other benefits such as obtaining a residence for you and your family in Turkey. Some of the villas near the beach have a panoramic view of the sea and you can see the Aegean Sea and its beauty from even inside the villa.

You can make a safe investment by purchasing a villa with sea view in Kusadasi. Because these villas have many fans and many European tourists prefer to spend their holidays in a villa during the tourist season. You can earn a good profit by renting out the villa you bought.
Also, many European tourists are interested in buying villas with sea view for sale in Kusadasi Turkey, and if you decide to sell your villa, you can sell it with a high profit and in a short time.

Villas for sale in Karaova Kusadasi

Karaova is located 8 km from the center of Kusadasi and is in the location of Long Beach. The famous Long Beach, located in Karaova, is very famous and stretches for kilometers. The area is located on the coastline and all the expectations you would have from a coastal lifestyle will be fulfilled in Karaova. Beautiful and magnificent luxurious houses and villas can be seen in Karaova.

By purchasing villas for sale in Karaova Kusadasi, you will have access to the famous Long Beach, big hotels, shopping centers, walking and cycling paths and all kinds of free water activities on the beach.
On average, a car departs from Karaova to Kusadasi city center every ten minutes, so that the residents of Karaova do not have any problems to access the city center of Kusadasi. The distance from Kara Eva to Long Beach is about 3 minutes by foot. Areas such as Yavansu, Soğucak and Kadıkalesi are close to Karaova.

Villas for sale in Yavansu Kusadasi

Yavansu is one of the neighborhoods close to Kusadasi, which is only 12 minutes away by car. The distance between Yavansu and Kusadasi is 7 km. Minibuses depart every 5 minutes from Kuş adasi to Yavansu and vice versa, which you can use to travel to and from Kuşadasi from Yavansu.

The apartments and villas in Yavansu are a kind of holiday accommodation. Kipa shopping center and Kusadasi shopping center are located in Yavansu. There is a beach on the west side of this area, along which are all kinds of beach villas.

There are many beach facilities in Yavansu, some of which are free, and you can take advantage of these facilities and the beautiful beach of Yavansu by buying villas for sale in Yavansu Kusadasi. There is also a very beautiful water park in Yavansu, which can provide you with a good summer vacation and weekend.
Yavansu is home to many villas for sale and every year new projects are built and available to those who demand villas.

Many of the old Yavansu villas have been well renovated and are available at reasonable prices to those who are interested in villas for sale in Yavansu Kusadasi and want to buy a villa at a more economical price.
Summer residences are more suitable for those who are planning to invest by buying villas for sale in Yavansu. Compared to Yavansu’s villas, its apartments are cheaper.

See the daily price of all types of villas for sale in Belek along with full specifications on the following page:

Villas for sale in Soğucak Kusadasi

Soğucak is a tourist village near Kusadasi, which has very good conditions for buying a villa. The price of buying a villa in Soğucak Kusadasi is reasonable and this village is stylish and very beautiful. Most of the local people of Soğucak make their living through livestock and agriculture.

Therefore, you will have access to fresh and organic vegetables, fruits and dairy products by purchasing a villa in Soğucak Kusadasi and living in it. If we want to drive from Soğucak to Kusadasi city center, it will take approximately 15 minutes. It will take us an average of 8 minutes to go to the Long Beach.

It will take 6 minutes to go to Davutlar Sevgi beach. This area is higher than the other areas of Kusadasi, and for this reason, the south of Kusadasi, Davutlar and Güzelçamlı are under your feet, and the peninsula of Dilek and Samos is right in front of you. Sogucak has olive groves and pine, fig, wheat and grape forests that you can visit and enjoy these beautiful natural landscapes.

Soğucak has a pleasant and clean climate, and due to the presence of pine trees, it has a pleasant and very beautiful environment. You can walk in the pine forests of this village and enjoy breathing fresh oxygen and hearing the sound of birds singing.

Fun in Kusadasi Water Park, Turkey

Fun in Kusadasi Water Park, Turkey

You will not have any problem in terms of buying daily necessities in Soğucak. There are many shops and supermarkets in Soğucak where you can buy your necessities. Also, local markets are opened in this area, where organic and fresh products are sold at reasonable prices.

This area is not only attractive for summer stay, but also has very good conditions for stay in winter. Soğucak is located right in front of the island of Samos in Greece. You can buy a villa in Soğucak Kusadasi and enjoy the view of the beach and the island of Samos while enjoying a coffee in your garden.

Many villas have been built in Soğucak, which are on the seashore and have a sea view. Soğucak includes a large area, and for this reason, compared to other areas of Kusadasi, the distance between houses and villas is large, and the villas are scattered throughout the coast.
The demand for luxury villas with sea view, garden and private pool in Soğucak area is increasing day by day. Although the price of the house in this area varies according to the buyer's desire.

The sea view from the house, living area in square meters and the year of construction play an important role in determining the purchase price of a villa with sea view in Soğucak Kuşadası. By buying a villa in Soğucak Kusadasi, you can have a safe and ideal investment by renting your villa during the tourist seasons.

Villas for sale in Değirmendere Kusadasi

One of the beautiful coastal areas to buy a villa in Kusadasi is the Değirmendere area, which has seen a huge increase in the price of purchasing villas in recent years to the point that the price of villas for sale in Değirmendere has increased by 68% within a year.

This issue shows that Değirmendere has become more popular in recent years and the demand for purchasing a villa in Değirmendere in Kusadasi has increased.
In 2022, the purchase price of a villa in Değirmendere, is higher than the purchase price of villas in other areas of Kusadasi. The proximity to the city center of Kusadasi and its coastal area is one of the characteristics of this area. By living in Değirmendere, you can use the facilities inside the city of Kusadasi and you can also enjoy its beautiful beaches.

On average, you will need 5 minutes to get to Ladies Beach and 7 minutes to go to Kusadasi city center. Yavansu and İkiçeşmelik are areas close to Değirmendere. This area is built at a height where you can see all of Kusadasi under your feet.

Değirmendere has very good social facilities, including sports clubs, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, etc., and it is suitable for families who want to live in this area with their children.

This area is very safe and more modern than other areas of Kusadasi. When you walk down the streets of Değirmendere, it is not surprising to see families drinking tea or coffee on their balconies and enjoying the view. The sea view, the area of the garden, the social facilities of the site and the year of construction are the most important factors that determine the price of villas for sale in Değirmendere Turkey.

Villas for sale in Kadınlar Denizi Kusadasi

Kadınlar Denizi is actually one of the neighborhoods of Kusadasi named after its famous beach. According to many tourists and those who live in Kusadasi, it is the best beach. Another name is Kadınlar Denizi or Ladies Beach. This beach used to be only for women and men were not allowed to use it.

But in recent years, it has become a public beach with very good free recreational facilities. The clean climate and the beauty of this beach have made the construction of villas near or overlooking it.
Beautiful and luxurious buildings have been built near this beach with panoramic views or overlooking this beach, and you can choose one of them to buy a villa in Kusadasi.

By buying a villa in Kadınlar Denizi Kusadasi, you can not only enjoy the natural beauty of the Aegean coast, which is famous for its clear and clean coastal waters, but you can also use the shops, restaurants and all kinds of services that exist on this beach.

Purchasing villas for sale in Kadınlar Denizi Kusadasi is an excellent option for those who are looking to buy a villa in a beautiful and relatively inexpensive coastal area to spend their holidays or rest. It is about 5 minutes by car from the neighborhood of Kadınlar Denizi to the center of Kusadasi city. It takes 10 minutes to walk to the public beach.

Kadınlar Denizi is close to Kusadasi city center and Yavansu neighborhood. Ladies Beach villas and houses are a mix of old and new, modern and classic residential complexes, as well as a number of beautiful resorts and hotels. Villas on Ladies Beach are among the most popular villas in Kusadasi, many investors and tourists prefer villas on this beach to buy villas in Kusadasi.

A variety of free water activities, wonderful sandy beach, clean water, various social facilities, restaurants and shops, proximity to the city center, etc. are among the reasons for choosing Kadınlar Denizi to buy properties in.
In this area, you can see all kinds of villas and properties with different prices. Villas not only have a good variety of prices, but also create a lot of choice for different tastes.

There are modern and newly built apartments, complexes with guards and swimming pools, luxury villas with private pools and single houses in this area. The price of villas for sale in Kadınlar Denizi Kusadasi is higher for the villas that have the shortest distance to Ladies Beach than the other villas. Proximity to this beach and sea views is the most important reason for valuing the purchase price of a villa in Kadınlar Denizi.

Villas for sale in Türkmen Kusadasi

The Türkmen area of Kusadasi is located right on the seashore and is close to the Kusadasi State Hospital and its medical centers. Also, you can use all kinds of shops, restaurants and entertainment facilities that exist on the beach. The Turkmen area of Kusadasi has many beautiful parks and is known as one of its green areas.

Kusadasi-Izmir transfer center is also located in this area. It is only a 4-minute drive from Turkmen neighborhood to the center of Kusadasi city, and you need to walk for 10 minutes to go to the beach.
Türkmen neighborhood is one of the very old areas of Kusadasi.

For this reason, many historical buildings have been built in this place, and traces of them can still be seen. The construction of modern houses in Kusadasi started from Turkman neighborhood. At first, the houses were one and two stories, and gradually three and four stories were also built.

This area is the closest neighborhood to Kusadasi market, Kusadasi public beach, marina and port. Kusadasi public beach and Kusadasi harbor are very close to the Turkmen quarter. Türkmen is one of the most central neighborhoods of Kusadasi. You can reach all public and private institutions by foot.

Compared to other neighborhoods in Kusadasi, the price of villas for sale in Türkmen Kusadasi is more expensive than other neighborhoods. For those who plan to buy a villa in Kusadasi, they first choose the villas in the Turkmen neighborhood. Turkmen neighborhood is very popular with its location, visibility and transportation facilities.
The maritime borders of the Türkmen neighborhood start from Gazi Beğendi Hill in Kusadasi and continue to the Marina of Kusadasi.

This area has very good conditions in terms of social facilities such as hospitals, health institutions, restaurants, cafes, pet veterinarians and many other social facilities. If you walk close to the sea line, you will definitely encounter the wonderful view of Kusadasi sea.

Villas for sale in Turkmen, especially the villas that are near the beach, are very popular. Although there are many old villas in this area, many modern villas have also been built in recent years.

Villa for sale in Kusadasi, Turkey with sea view

Eye-catching scenery in Kusadasi, Turkey

Although some of the villas in the Turkmen area are not newly built, it is still the preference of foreigners to choose this area to buy a villa in Kusadasi compared to other areas in Kusadasi.

Villas for sale in Bayraklıdede Kusadasi

Bayraklıdede is located near the famous Kustur beach. This neighborhood is 5 minutes away from the center of Kusadasi city. To go to Kusadasi Marina, you need to walk for 20 minutes, and to go to Kustur Beach, you need an average of three minutes by car. Turkman neighborhood and the center of Kuşadasi city are the neighborhoods close to Bayraklıdede.

By buying a villa for sale in Bayraklıdede, when you enter the borders of Kuşadasi, you can see the Bayraklıdede area, which has palm and pine trees on the slopes, and enjoy these views.

After the wonderful aromas of pine, to face the view of the unique sea of Kusadasi and the view of the beaches under the slopes can be another of your leisure activities and pleasures. By buying a villa in Bayraklıdede, you are away from the stress of the city and its noise, and you will not have the problems of staying in heavy traffic.

There are good social facilities for tourists and residents of Bayraklıdede in Kustur Beach that you can take advantage of these social facilities. This area is famous for its sports facilities and is one of the best areas in Kusadasi for sports. There are also many beautiful golf courses in this area where you can have fun.

The number of apartments in Bayraklıdede is not high, instead the number of villas under construction in this area is increasing day by day. Most of the villas that are built in Bayraklıdede have a private pool and private garden, and the houses are located independently of each other.

Conditions of villas for sale in Kusadasi

• If you are looking for villas for sale in Kuşadası, you can choose a villa from the areas outside the city, which are located a short distance from Kuşadası, in addition to the areas inside the city of Kuşadası.

• The price of villas for sale in Kuşadası is lower than in the big cities of Turkey, and due to the natural and pristine beauty of this area the construction is increasing day by day.

• Most of the villas for sale in Kusadasi are independent and are usually built at a distance from each other. The large amount of land and the low price of land in Kuşadası are the reasons for these distances.

• The price of villas for sale in Kusadasi largely depends on the distance from the beach. Apart from that, the year of construction, the materials used, and the geographical location also affect the purchase price of a villa in Kusadasi.

• Villas for sale in Kusadasi are built in both modern and traditional styles. There are also many old villas for sale that have been renovated and are sold at a more affordable price. You can buy a villa in Kusadasi depending on your taste and budget.

• If the villa you bought in Kuşadası reaches 400,000 US dollars, you will qualify for permanent residence in Turkey, and if the price of the villa in Kuşadası reaches 75,000 US dollars, you will qualify for temporary residence in Turkey.

• In Kusadasi, you will face a ban on buying land of more than 30 hectares, a restriction on properties for sale near military and security facilities, and a restriction on buying more than ten percent of real estate by foreigners.

Ways to buy a villa in Kusadasi

One of the ways to buy a villa in Kusadasi is to travel to Kusadasi yourself and check the villas in this area. Of course, this kind of work is time-consuming and you may not be able to get detailed information about all the villas in the city, and you may have to buy a villa that has a higher price than usual or etc. There is a better way to buy a villa in Kusadasi.

A good way to purchase a villa in Kusadasi and to know the best time to buy a villa in this city is to get help from real estate consultants. You can ask real estate consultants active in the Turkish real estate and villa market to guide you through the purchase.

Our consultants at Antalya Estate try to help you in offline and online buying of a villa in Kuşadası. All the efforts of the Antalya Estate Consultants Group are a safe and secure purchase for you at the lowest cost.
You can call the contact numbers of Antalya Estate Consultants Group and explain your conditions for buying a villa. Do you intend to obtain permanent or temporary residence in Kuşadası?

Is your reason for purchasing a villa in Kusadasi an investment or not? Which of the areas of Kuşadası do you like? Do you want to live in a peaceful and quiet area of Kuşadası after retirement? How important are the interior facilities of each villa to you? There are many questions that our consultants will ask you in advance and guide you to make an accurate and safe choice.

After the budget that you considered for this work is determined, the expert in Kuşadası will visit the villas that suit your conditions and prepare videos and photos for you online.
You can check different villas in terms of facilities, view, proximity to the beach, etc. If you are interested in villas for sale in Kuşadası that are second class and furnished, the real estate agent in Kuşadası will show you only these villas.

The beautiful area of Kusadasi at night

The beautiful area of Kusadasi at night

After your final selection, the consultant will carry out the relevant work to transfer the document and you must travel to Kusadasi to transfer the document and sign.
In this way, you can buy a villa in Kusadasi, Turkey, without paying a lot of money. Our consultants in Antalya Estate check all the villas they introduce to you in advance.

These villas will be checked in terms of internal facilities, building strength, tax payment, loan payment, etc. and then introduce them to you. Therefore, by choosing Antalya State Consultants Group, you will not have to worry about this problem.
In recent years, Kusadasi has attracted the attention of many tourists who travel to Turkey. Proximity to other touristic places in Turkey, including Izmir, Bodrum, Didim, etc., has made Kuşadası more popular day by day.
Due to the large amount of land, the price of villas for sale in Kuşadası are more affordable than in many big cities in Turkey and very suitable for a holiday residence.

The beaches of Kuşadası are kilometers wide, and for this reason, many villas have been built on the edge of these beaches, which have both a very good view and excellent construction facilities. At Antalya Estate, we do our best to help you find the perfect villa in Kuşadası.

Also, for more information about the price, specifications and purchase conditions of other properties for sale, refer to the Turkey Real Estate for Sale.

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