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One of the most touristic and beautiful cities of Mugla province, which is located near Dalaman, Fethiye and Marmaris, is the tourist city of Dalyan. Dalyan is located in the southwest of Turkey and on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Many of those who travel to any of these cities include visiting the historical sites of this city in their list of plans.

Currently, Dalyan has an independent municipality and is located in Ortaca administrative district. This area was introduced to the world in 1987. At that time, it was decided to build a luxury hotel near Iztuzu Beach. This hotel was built in a place where endangered species of sea turtles can be bred. Since then, this area has become known and gained international fame.

Currently, Iztuzu beach is considered as one of the protected areas for the environment and construction is not carried out in this area. Life in Dalyan revolves around the Dalyan Çay River. There are many boats on this river that can be used to move between different parts of Dalyan and as a means of transportation.

Dalyan, with its beautiful and unique nature, great weather and great city location, lower price than the cities of Fethiye, Marmaris and Bodrum, is an amazing place to visit and live.

This city currently receives thousands of tourists every year, and buying a villa in Dalyan is the dream of many tourists who have chosen this city as their destination.

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Living in the pleasant climate area of Dalyan, Turkey

Living in the pleasant climate area of Dalyan, Turkey

The demand for buying a villa in Dalyan increases as it becomes more and more popular, and in recent years, investing in real estate through buying a villa in Dalyan has become a profitable business.

In this article, we are going to review the city of Dalyan, its natural attractions, living conditions and villas for sale in it. If you are interested in this topic, stay with us until the end of this article.


History of Dalyan

The first settlement in Dalyan dates back to the time of the Lycians around 400 BC. Since then, carved stone tombs have remained on the slopes of the mountains. Many of these stone tombs can be seen from inside the city. Of course, it is said that the commercial port of Kaunos existed in this area in the 6th century BC and before the time of the Lycians, but at that time Dalian was open to the sea and formed many reed fields.

Until 625 AD, this city belonged to the Romans. After that, the city was regularly attacked by pirates until the Arab Muslim army occupied it. Until the 14th century, the Ottoman Turks conquered this region.

Then, with the collapse of the Ottoman government and the First World War, this city belonged to the Republic of Turkey. As mentioned, it was little known after 1987. Today, the Turtle Rescue Center on Iztuzu Beach, river boat trips and mud baths are some of the most popular places in Dalyan.

Buying a villa in Dalyan, Turkey

The beautiful city of Dalyan is located in Turkey

Geographical location and climate of Dalyan

Dalyan is located in the middle region of Mugla province and is located on a channel that connects the village lake and the Mediterranean Sea. Although Dalyan is known as a region on the coast of the Aegean Sea, its actual location on the map is in the Mediterranean Sea.

This beautiful city, which is located between Fethiye and Marmaris, is bordered by Koycegiz from the north, Marmaris from the west, and Ortaca from the east. has it. The distance of this city is 78 km from Dalaman, 295 km from Izmir and 825 km from Istanbul. The distance between Dalyan and Maramaris is 90 km and Ortaca is 12 km.

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The population of this city is 5000 people in winters and during the days when there are less tourists in this area, but its population multiplies in summers. In terms of climate, Dalyan has a typical Mediterranean climate.

Summers are hot and dry and winters are hot and rainy. Dalyan sea water is also warm and it is possible to swim in it from April to November.


Sightseeing and historical places of Dalyan

Dalyan River

One of the most important tourist and recreational places in Dalyan is its river. You can use the many boats in this river, cross its winding path and reach Iztuzu beach. Some of these boats also go to the Mediterranean Sea and you can visit the bays, islands and caves on the shores of this sea.

Buying luxury villas in Dalyan, Turkey

An unforgettable experience staying in Dalyan, Turkey

Iztuzu Beach

This beach is on the list of the best beaches in Turkey and has become very famous because of the protection of the loggerhead sea turtle.

This beach is protected from May to October, which is the turtle spawning season. You can watch the little turtles struggling to reach the water while you enjoy swimming in the clean and clear sea of ​​Iztuzu.

Dalyan flower bath and hot springs

One of the most famous tourist attractions of Dalyan, which travel to this city from far and near, is the flower bath and its hot springs. Local people believe that these mud baths have healing properties such as helping with rheumatism, sciatica and anti-wrinkle. These baths are similar to Pamukkale hot springs in terms of quality.

Currently, these mud baths welcome many famous people from all over the world and it is said that Cleopatra used to spend a lot of time to reach these mud baths. Hot water springs are also located near this flower bath, and after the bath, you can move towards Koycegiz Lake to reach these springs.

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Other important tourist and recreational places in Dalyan include the following:

• Dalyan market: This market is open on Saturdays and there are all kinds of natural and organic products.
• Dalyan and Kaunos rock tombs: these tombs are registered in the UNESCO world heritage. Kaunas has many historical archaeological sites, including the amphitheatre, acropolis, basilica, temples, churches and Roman baths, accessible by boat or car.
• Decamer Sea Turtle Research and Rehabilitation Center
• Radar hill
• Solongure Lake

Eye-catching scenery in Dalyan city

Eye-catching scenery in Dalyan city

Public transportation in Dalyan

Dalyan is near the D400 highway crossing, and if you take a minibus from Dalyan to Orta, you can go to other cities such as Fethiye, Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir, Marmaris, etc. with the buses in Ortaca.

The distance from Dalyan to Ortaca is approximately 12 km, which takes 15 minutes by minibus. To go to Marmaris, you can also use Koycegiz buses.

The most common public transport used in Dalyan is Dolmus minibuses. After that, the Dalyan boats that are available on its river are used for public transportation within Dalyan. In addition to minibuses, there are also taxis. Dalaman International Airport is approximately half an hour by car.

Villas for sale in Dalyan

Currently, the demand for villas for sale in Dalyan has increased greatly. Because a large number of tourists and foreign investors are interested in investing in the properties of tourist villages on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea.

This issue increased with the corona virus epidemic and the need for people to stay at home, and for this reason, the price of villas in Dalyan has experienced a significant growth in the last few years.


Villas for sale in Dalyan are perfect for people who want to live their retirement or vacation in a quiet and safe city with both unique natural scenery and a favorable climate.

Considering that currently, Dalyan is considered a protected area and construction is limited, the price of villas for sale in Dalyan is increasing day by day, and this issue can be a great opportunity for real estate investors. Dalyan to create.

If you visit the villas for sale in Dalyan and buy a villa in this city, if the purchase price of a villa in Dalyan reaches 400,000 US dollars, you will get a permanent residence permit in Turkey.

Buying a beach villa in Dalyan

Beach and mountain villas in the beautiful city of Dalyan

But if the price of buying a villa in Dalyan reaches 75,000 US dollars, you can apply for a temporary resident permit in Dalyan for about two years and enjoy the benefits of living and staying in Turkey.

By choosing villas for sale in Dalyan, you will be near the big and important tourist cities of Turkey, such as Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Cheshme, Dalaman, etc., and you can spend a lot of your vacation or free time in one of these recreational areas. pass cities.

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Villas sale price in Dalyan

The price of a villa in Dalyan depends on various factors. Proximity to the beach or river, view, internal and external facilities, year of construction, etc. are factors influencing the price of villas for sale in Dalyan.

Despite the significant increase in the price of villas in Dalyan, this city has reasonable and very reasonable prices compared to London or Lisbon. For example, some family villas with gardens and pools can still be found for under £200,000. Of course, a simple apartment may cost less.

If you check the villas for sale in Dalyan, you will find that the minimum price to buy a modern, luxury, four-bedroom villa with a pool will be 300,000 euros. Especially if you consider the city's lucrative buy-to-let market, which is currently offering decent returns to investors.

In addition to the price of a villa in Dalyan, the price of all kinds of food is also cheaper. Especially if you buy from the Dalyan market on Saturday or the weekly markets of other cities near Dalyan, the cost of living will be lower for you than in big cities.

Villas for sale in Koycegiz

One of the areas very close to Dalyan is Koycegiz area. This area is located 75 km southwest of Marmaris. Koycegiz is not close to the seashore, but it has a large and beautiful lake of the same name, which is connected to the Mediterranean Sea through a natural channel called the Dalyan Delta. Koycegiz has a very special wildlife and environment and is one of the protected areas in Turkey.

Villa for sale in Dalyan, Turkey

Stylish villas in the lush area of Dalyan, Turkey

This area is not as well known as Dalyan, Marmaris and other tourist cities in Turkey and has a very peaceful environment. Most of the tourists of this region travel to this region because of Koycegiz Lake. Hot springs and mud baths are located 30 kilometers southwest of this area. Of course, if you want to go to the hot springs from Koycegiz by sea, you only need to cross the lake by boat.

In addition to the hot springs, you can also use these boats to go to Iztuzu, Dalyan and Kaunos beach. To commute between different cities, buses often run between Koycegiz and Marmaris and Fethiye, and Dolmus minibuses often go to Marmaris, Ortaca, Dalyan, Dalaman, Dalaman Airport and Mugla City.

By buying a villa in Koycegiz and living in it, you will be 173 km from Bodrum, 34 km from Dalaman, 24 km from Dalyan, 95 km from Fethiye, 205 km from Kas, 75 km from Marmaris and 65 km from Mugla.

There are many beautiful villas near Koycegiz Lake in this area, most of which are for sale at reasonable prices. These villas are private with large size and unique facilities such as bedrooms with bathrooms, private parking, air conditioning, balcony, dining area, etc.

Some of the villas for sale in Koycegiz are furnished, and all the living things are included in them, including washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, kettles, toasters, gas stoves, and even utensils such as dishes, spoons, forks, and glasses.

There is a combination of traditional and modern villas in Koycegiz, and this is the case throughout Koycegiz, depending on your taste, you can choose any villa model you like to buy a villa in Koycegiz.

What should ı do to buy villa in Dalyan?

You can directly travel to Mugla province and Dalyan and visit Dalyan villas for sale. This will give you the opportunity to get to know different villas and buy with ease.

Or buying remotely through Antalya Estate experts in Dalyan, just call the contact numbers of Antalya Estate Consultants Group to guide you about the conditions of villas for sale in Dalyan.

According to the budget you have considered for this, the distance from the sea, access to the transportation system and urban facilities, the facilities of the villa itself, its size and area, etc. will show you the villas you want.

Historical places of Dalyan in Turkey

Historical places of Dalyan in Turkey

For this purpose, the expert of Antalya Estate visits the villas for sale in Dalyan that are in accordance with your conditions and wishes and does not have any legal problems and prepares online videos and photos of the villas and their conditions for you. You can purchase a villa in Dalyan by viewing the pictures and videos.

After you are sure of your choice, Antalya State will start the document transfer process. In such a situation, it is enough for you to go to Turkey only for final work and document transfer.

Buying a villa in Dalyan is a great opportunity for those who like to live in pristine and untouched nature and be near the biggest tourist centers of Turkey. This area has become very famous in recent years due to its mud baths and stone tombs.


Buying a villa in Dalyan at an affordable price now is a great long-term investment. Because the market of buying and selling villas in Dalyan is increasing day by day and the prices are increasing.

Apart from Dalyan, Koycegiz region also has very good conditions for those who want to buy a villa in Turkey at a lower price. Although Koycegiz does not have a sea, its large lake has a very attractive environment that you can choose villas near.

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