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The villa in Silivri enters into a cozy living room with an open plan designed kitchen and a dining area. The modern property in Silivri includes fireplace, veranda, air conditioner, built-in items generator, beautiful private landscaped gardens with sitting and relaxing areas. The property is surrounded with the best and the liveliest areas of Istanbul; Buyukcekmece to the east, Catalca to the north, Corlu and Marmara both districts of Tekirdag Province to the west, Silivri, Cerkezkoy to the north-west and Istanbul.

Property Nr.
Completion year
273 - 389 m²
Price from 224,000 €
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Gorgeous villa for sale in Istanbul golden area


This European region, which is a subset of Istanbul Sariyer, is one of the most luxurious and special areas in Turkey. These special and luxury villas are located in the forest part of the area, where the residents enjoy a mild and suitable climate. It should be noted that this villa is designed as a triblex and has its own manicured garden.

Property Nr.
Completion year
380 m²
Price 1,104,000 €
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Spectacular deluxe villa for sale in Istanbul Turkey


Zakaria koy is located in the European part of Sariyer district in Istanbul, where you can find the best restaurants, bars, shops and cafes near you. The existence of a private garden and a pool of this luxury property makes the residents have their own privacy along with the use of the desired climate.

Property Nr.
Completion year
450 m²
Price 950,000 €
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Exclusive villa mansion in Istanbul Turkey for sale


These beautiful luxury villas in Belgrade Forest are the best options for those people that are looking for a special style of life and nobility. The most special and luxurious villas are very close to the city center but at the same time they are away from the hustle and bustle.

Property Nr.
Completion year
650 m²
Price 2,760,000 €
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12 Month

Yeşilyaka Koru, Buy Luxury Villas in Buyukcekmece, Istanbul


The complex features include: Outdoor swimming pool, Indoor pool, Children's pool

Property Nr.
Completion year
369 - 379 m²
Price from 505,500 €
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Koopera Zekeriyaköy, Villa Complex in the European Part of Istanbul - Zekeriyakoy


Koopera Zekeriyaköy is environmental project: 60 percent is green

Property Nr.
Completion year
204 - 285 m²
Price from 400,000 €
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36 Month

Mavera Villa, Brand New Luxury Villas for Sale in Beylikduzu Istanbul


Mavera Villa has social facilities such as a private pool, sauna, jacuzzi, barbecue and

Property Nr.
Completion year
730 m²
Price from 415,000 €
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24 Month

Yeşilyaka Su, Luxury Villas in Buyukcekmece Istanbul for Sale


The project has many privileges: from swimming pools to fitness rooms, from steam

Property Nr.
Completion year
148 - 400 m²
Price from 510,000 €
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12 Month

Sea side villas in Istanbul


 Sea side villas in Istanbul ,green, The privileged life surrounded by green is a sign of a wonderful life with its functional architecture,sheltered high walls and private areas. 16 km distance to airport and 30 km to istanbul city center

Property Nr.
Completion year
199 - 420 m²
Price from 550,000 €
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Modern Villas with unique facilities in Istanbul Turkey for Sale


Dominated by light, the villas utilize nature almost as an element of interior design, letting the splendor of nature into the living spaces. Touch panels installed in the villas allow easy control over all the details, such as heating and lighting. These features also offer remote online access through computers, smartphones and tablets

Property Nr.
Completion year
2+1, 3+1
183 - 277 m²
Price from 551,700 €
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Find out all about Villas for sale in Istanbul Turkey

Advantages of buying a villa in Istanbul

As mentioned above, in general, buying a villa in Istanbul will bring countless other benefits in addition to a safe and profitable investment. Among the countless advantages of buying a villa in Istanbul, the following can be mentioned:

- Obtaining Turkish residence by buying a villa in Istanbul
- European life with minimum cost (less than European countries)
- Living in today's luxury and modern villas with unique and interesting facilities
- Reasonable price compared to the quality of the property in a European country

For information about other properties for sale in this city, you can refer to the real estate for sale in Istanbul.

Obtain Turkish citizenship

It can be said that the most important advantage of buying a property in Turkey for Iranian citizens is receiving the right of citizenship from Turkey. It is worth noting that according to the current law, the purchase of your property in Turkey must be more than 400 thousand dollars in order to be allowed to apply for citizenship in this country.

Of course, you can do this by buying a few small and cheaper properties and live in one of them and rent out the other properties to generate income for you in this country and on the other hand, to achieve your goal of receiving Permanent residence in Turkey is also reached.

Fortunately, we promise you that with this method, you will be able to get Turkish citizenship for all your family members (wife and children under 18 years old), which makes this investment much more efficient and economical. Of course, you should note that if you want to use this right for yourself and your family, you must keep the purchased property for at least 3 years and sell it later if necessary.

The last and most important point is that you have to pay the entire cost of buying a property in Turkey in cash in order to receive residency, and it will not be possible to pay in installments or part by part.

Of course, you can buy the villa and property you want in installments according to the conditions or buy it in advance, but remember that after paying the full amount and registering the document, you can apply for residence and before that This will not be possible.

Today, Turkey pays applicants up to 80% of the price of the property with only 2% interest. Of course, the conditions for receiving this loan have their own processes, which are not discussed here, but you can also purchase a property in Turkey in this way. and it will not be released until the installments of the document are completed. Usually, the repayment period of such loans in Turkey is 5 years

Investing in a safe country with economic stability

As mentioned, one of the other benefits of buying a villa or property in Turkey is the assurance of a safe and secure investment in this country, which, in addition to its countless benefits, can be considered a great investment.

Staying and living in the beautiful and attractive city of Istanbul, Turkey

Staying and living in the beautiful and attractive city of Istanbul, Turkey

As you know, today Turkey has emerged as one of the economic poles of the world due to its extensive relations with European countries and other important and influential countries of the world.

Also, considering that the Turkish Lira is getting more valuable every year, this investment will certainly be in your favor as it will increase the value of your assets.

Obtaining Turkey residence permit for work and employment

By buying a villa in Istanbul and buying a property in Turkey, you will be able to legally create work for your family and start economic activities in different sectors after receiving the citizenship of this country. This advantage itself is very important for the individual and his family, which makes them able to grow their position in terms of economy and employment.

Obtaining Turkish residency by buying a villa in Istanbul

If you want to get residency in a European country, we can safely say that Turkey can be the best option for you in many ways. Also, the city of Istanbul of this country, which speaks of many beauties and peace and in a way it can be said that it is reminiscent of life in the middle of European cities, will be a very suitable destination for you.

Buying beach villas with sea view in Istanbul

Beach villas in Istanbul

It is interesting to know that by buying a villa in Istanbul, you will be able to first obtain a 5-year residence in this country and then take the necessary steps to obtain Turkish citizenship and permanent residence.

It is also worth mentioning that by buying a villa in Istanbul, you will be able to provide permanent residence in Turkey for all your family members so that they can benefit from all the opportunities in the field of education and employment.

Conditions for buying a villa in Istanbul

Today, real estate laws in Turkey are written in such a way that foreigners can easily buy property in this country and earn foreign currency as an investment for this country. According to the existing laws, all foreigners are allowed to buy and sell property in Turkey and can register their permanent residence there.

Of course, it should be noted that there are few restrictions for buying property in Turkey by foreigners, which will not be of much importance to you. Among these cases, we can mention the ban on buying more than 30 hectares or the ban on buying more than ten percent of the land of each region, which seems reasonable, and of course the figures will be very high and are not included in the scope of this article.

Steps to buy a villa in Istanbul

Fortunately, the way to buy a villa in Istanbul is very similar to buying a property in Iran, but if you are not in Turkey, you need to obtain the tax number and also the electricity, water, gas, and telephone bills in order to issue the necessary permits to issue the document. Go through this process through representation to reputable companies that operate in this field.

After completing these formalities, a villa or property deed will be issued in your name, and after that you can use the privileges mentioned above.
After choosing the villa or property you want, you can make a written contract with our company and pay a deposit according to the amount of the property to complete the work process.

Then, after going through the necessary processes and at the time of issuing the document, the remaining amount will be payable.
Note that after receiving the necessary permits from the company, the following documents will be required for the document issuance process in Turkey, which must be prepared by the buyer and delivered to the company.

• Two pieces of new color photos of the buyer
• Two sets of copies of all passport pages
• Residence address, name, surname and father's name of the buyer in Turkey
• Tax number in Turkey
• Expertise report and currency exchange certificate

Also, at the time of signing the document, the document will be read to you orally through a trusted translator in the notary office of Turkey, and if it complies with the provisions of the contract with the company, the document will be signed and delivered to you.
It is worth mentioning that at the time of selling these properties, in addition to the ownership document, it is necessary to verify the ownership and match it with the address, area, etc. Also, at the time of sale, a valid stamped passport, as well as settlement of municipal and tax duties along with an insurance policy must be presented by the seller to complete the documents.

How much it cost to buy a villa in Istanbul?

According to the laws of the Turkish Real Estate Registry Organization, the buyer must pay the transfer tax. Also, a working capital tax of up to 250 liras and an amount of around 400 liras will be charged as property inquiry fee.

Exceptional villas with sea view in Istanbul, Turkey

Exceptional villas with sea view in Istanbul, Turkey

It should be noted that the property transfer tax in Turkey is about 4% of the amount that is mentioned in the document as the amount of the transaction, in addition to the mentioned items, if the buyer is not able to visit in person and this work is done by a lawyer.

Safe investment in buying property in Istanbul

As mentioned before, the cost of buying a villa and property in Istanbul, Turkey is almost the same as the price of a property in a city like Tehran or even cheaper than that. Today, Turkey is considered as a developed and growing country in the world, for this reason, buying a villa or property in this country, especially in Istanbul, can be considered as a safe investment with countless benefits.

If you take a look at the growing statistics of real estate prices in Turkey, you will see that this trend is rapidly growing and increasing, and many foreigners from different countries have started to invest in this sector for the long term, in addition to preserving and increasing their capital. , to benefit from very suitable accommodation conditions.

Suitable areas for buying a villa in Istanbul

Despite the fact that Istanbul is not the capital of Turkey, it can be safely said that it is considered the most important city of this country, because in fact, this highway between Asia and Europe is the beating heart of Turkey from an economic point of view.

Therefore, the living and working conditions in this great city of Turkey are very prosperous and excellent. According to the mentioned cases, the transportation system of this city is also very advanced and worthy of attention, and despite its impressive population, there is not much traffic in the city.

It is interesting to know that the world's largest airport has recently been established in this city, which indicates the large presence of tourists and businessmen from all over the world, which can bode well for your future business in this city.

Istanbul, like many other cities in the world, has different areas, and in this section, we discuss some of the best areas where we suggest buying villas and properties.

Important points when buying a villa in Istanbul

Before you buy a villa or property in Istanbul or in Turkey as a whole, you should pay attention to various important legal and non-legal matters so that you do not face any particular problem.

Of course, if you do not have enough knowledge and information in this field, try to use an experienced lawyer in this matter so that you can do this process with peace of mind and confidence.
Properties on different sites may be scams. As a result, try to get help from reliable and experienced sites and companies.

We suggest you to use the consultants and lawyers of this group, because our consultants and lawyers with a lot of experience and extensive connections in Turkey will be able to make the process of buying a villa and property in Turkey easier for you and save time. Minimize this.

Remember that before buying a property in Turkey, you must pay special attention to the restrictions that the property may have, because like Iran, the property may be mortgaged by the bank or a loan has been received on it.

Note that before signing the contract, be aware of these issues in various ways, because after signing the contract, all the costs will be on your responsibility and you may suffer. So you can minimize this risk and problem by having professional consultants and great and expert lawyers in this field.

Also, note that in order to obtain citizenship, you must purchase the villa or property from a Turkish citizen so that you can follow the next steps regarding obtaining residency according to the law.

In which part of Istanbul should we buy a villa?

The city of Istanbul is known for having many beaches. For this reason, it is possible to buy a villa in many areas of the city of Istanbul, leaving your hands open for a lot of choices.

The areas of Zakaria Koi, Buyuk Chekmeje, Oskudar, Basakshahir, Shile, Bekoz, Sariyer, Bebek, etc. are among the most famous areas where you can buy the stylish and luxury villas you want in those areas and enjoy a luxurious life at a minimal cost. take.
Note that our advice and suggestion to you is that if you plan to have a good and safe investment and the value of your property will increase every day, you should preferably try to buy newly built villas to allow for more growth in the long term. in terms of investment for you.

Buy suitable villa in Istanbul

In order to buy a villa in Istanbul, you should first pay attention to whether you like the villa with a sea view or a forest view. But apart from this, it is better to check different villas and real estates in and around Istanbul so that you can make a better decision, because the prices may be very different.

Touring the original and beautiful streets of Istanbul

Touring the original and beautiful streets of Istanbul

It is worth noting that the price of villas in Istanbul is higher than apartments and those who intend to buy a villa should pay attention to the fact that usually every villa can be purchased according to the taste and opinion of the buyer. It needs changes, which will require spending money. So try to choose the villa you want according to your budget.

Buy cheap villas in Istanbul

Considering the small number of villas available in Istanbul and their higher prices than apartments in this city, you should note that buying a cheap villa is not an easy task.

But you can find this type of villas in cheaper areas such as Buik Chekmeje, Snivert, Bilic Duzo, Kuchuk Chekmeje, Snivert, etc. It is worth noting that the farther the villas are from the sea and the older they are, the cheaper they will be.

Please note that the price of the villa in Istanbul will be calculated according to the Turkish lira currency, and according to the currency fluctuations in our country, these figures are decreasing or increasing hourly. That's why the price will be calculated and until you have finalized your project, these prices may change more or less.

Buy luxury villas in Istanbul

If you intend to buy a stylish and luxurious villa at a high price in the best place in Istanbul, you should contact our experts and consultants and state all the characteristics you want so that according to your requested characteristics, similar items will be offered to you so that you can get a Make the right choice for this and choose your villa.

Villa for sale in Istanbul, Turkey

First-class villas in Istanbul with special facilities

Note that you will not find very luxurious and special villas on the Internet and in daily advertisements, but due to the close connections that our experts have in Turkey, they will provide these types of items in a special way to their special customers. It is interesting to know that these types of villas are mostly found in Sarir, Bebek, Bekoz and Baghdad Street areas of Istanbul.

Buy villa in Istanbul with Turkish lira

There is not a day that we do not face the question of how much is the purchase price of a villa in Istanbul in Tomans. Any real estate consultancy that gives you a price in Tomans will give you a price according to the daily price of Tomans and Lira and according to the fluctuation of Tomans and Lira on an hourly basis, until you choose a project and decide to buy a villa. Prices have changed.

The advantage of buying a villa in Istanbul

The biggest advantage of buying a villa over an apartment in Istanbul is the use of a private pool and yard, as well as complete and safe privacy, which is one of the advantages of owning a villa in a city like Istanbul.

Considering the different interests and tastes of people, the villa building companies in Istanbul have tried to choose materials and different interior parts in such villas according to the opinions of the customers and buyers of these types of villas, so that the buyer can have a Have a dream life according to his tastes. So, our advice to you is to set aside an amount for your interior decoration in order to buy a villa.

Villas for sale in Zakaria Koy Istanbul

Zakaria Koy is one of the most famous places in Istanbul. This place is located in the Sariyer area, located in the north of Istanbul. This place has recently drawn countless enthusiasts towards it, and we will mention the prominent and important points of this place in the following.

In total, many villas with a completely different design and at a reasonable price in this part have given a beautiful view to the area and have also created a suitable investment opportunity for this part of Istanbul.

Quick and easy access to the exceptional beach of Kilios makes this area special. Also, this area has a very good commercial position, which has increased the attraction of investors in this area.

In addition, due to its distance from the city of Istanbul, this area has been able to become a quiet area without the hustle and bustle of the city, and it will be very suitable for those who are looking for relaxation and enjoying nature.

Another important point is the concentration of educational centers and special schools in this part of Istanbul, which has made a very good and suitable educational system active in this part. This has made those who intend to send their children under 18 years of age to Turkish schools choose this region.

Due to the numerous reception of foreigners to buy villas in Zakaria Koy area, this area has received special attention from the Istanbul Municipality and the Turkish government. For this reason, special attention has been paid to modernize the access routes and facilities of this area.

The area of ​​Zakaria Koy is known as a special area from the point of view of geographical location and accessibility, because it is connected from the south to the Maslak area and from the north to the third bridge, which makes access and commuting easy for the residents of this area.

Also, the Haji Othman metro station near this area has facilitated public access to this area, while the presence of two main bus stations in this area has created a good coverage in public transportation.

Villas for sale in Buyukcekmece Istanbul

Buyuk-Cekmece area is considered one of the best areas of Istanbul and is a very good place to invest and live. This area is located in the European part of the city of Istanbul and a lake with the same name is located in the east. This area is located in the vicinity of other famous areas such as Bilicdozo, Arnavotkoy, Snivort and Siliori.

Due to its historical age, this area has historical attractions and its old caravansaries are among the tourist attractions of this area for the public to visit.

Buyuk Chekmeje region has 24 neighborhoods. Two main highways connect the European and Asian parts of Turkey to this area. This area is about an hour away from different areas of Istanbul such as Taksim, Kadikoy, Lunet, Sabiha Gokcen, Airport, Besiktas, Sisli and Sariyer.
If you intend to invest and do business, buying a villa in this European area of ​​Istanbul can have countless advantages. This area is one of the very good areas of Istanbul in terms of tourism, real estate, trade and commerce, which calls you for safe and secure investment.

Also, this area has a very wide green space that stands out between Buyuk Chekmece Lake and Marmara Sea. This area is one of the best areas of Estabol for those who are looking for peace and relaxation and who like to relax in a pleasant environment in the summer season.

Among the attractive centers of Buyuk cekmece, we can mention Aqua Marina, which includes water pools for swimming and the public can use all kinds of water activities. Also, Kultur Park, a park between the Sea of ​​Marmara and the lake of the same area, hosts big and happy parties. In the other part of this area, Tabajik Chamlik Park is located, which has an area of ​​45 hectares and includes a football field, a basketball field, etc.

Among the shopping centers in this area, we can mention Perla Vista, Atiros and Tuyap shopping centers. These commercial centers include stores with famous international brands, restaurants, coffee shops, cinemas, etc. Tuyap also hosts a large number of international exhibitions in the world, which attracts many tourists and businessmen every year.

Buyuk Cekmece and Kumburgaz beaches are very suitable for spending summer vacations. These beaches with many facilities and reasonable prices along with serving delicious food and unique and interesting amenities are only 45 km away from Istanbul and located 12 km from Buyuk Cekmece.

Regarding the restaurants and cafes of Buyuk Chekmeje area, it should be said that due to the great variety of food in these restaurants and cafes, it is easy to host any kind of taste with any kind of food.

Due to its proximity to the beach and the existence of scenic and touristic areas, this area also has countless hotels that host domestic and foreign tourists.

One of the most famous of these hotels is the 5-star Eser Premium Hotel and Spa. Also, Hilton Garden Inn Istanbul is considered as one of the most classic hotels in Turkey and has its own special and classic atmosphere.
It can be said that Buyuk-Cekmece area is the end point of Istanbul city and has sea transportation as well.

Also, this area is connected to the center of Istanbul through two highways, and there are other communication ways such as metro and tram within a few kilometers, of course, these lines are being expanded to have a station in the heart of this area. The bus routes are regular and best respond to the commuting of this area with the center of Istanbul and in this respect provide comfort and convenience to its residents.

It is worth mentioning that Buyuk Chekmeje has a photography and educational club, a public library, an art gallery and many other sports, cultural and artistic centers and activities.

Also, night life in this area also has its own mood and something called night is meaningless for it. For example, Mimaruba Street has a large number of bars and night clubs and hosts all foreign and domestic enthusiasts and tourists in this area.

Villas for sale in Uskudar Istanbul

Uskudar area is considered one of the best areas of Istanbul and has a very beautiful and attractive natural texture. That is why it has attracted many fans.

This area is located at the beginning of the Bosphorus Strait, and in terms of transportation, it is on the same road that connects the European and Asian regions of Turkey. Uskudar Istanbul leads from the north to Bekoz, from the northeast to Omraniye, from the east to Ataşehir, from the west to the Bosphorus, and from the south to Kadikoy.

This area is very prosperous in terms of railway lines, metro and urban transportation in general, and this issue has made life and access to all places in this area easier for its residents. Also, the residents of this area have a rich culture, and this will make life more enjoyable among the residents of this area.

The symbol of Oskudar region is a Castle, and other famous regions such as Kolli Military High School, Mehri Mah Sultan Mosque, Onbash Shehitler Koproso Bridge, Bilerbi Palace and Shamsi Pasha Mosque make this region special. It is worth mentioning that Uskudar used to be a larger region, but due to the country's divisions, other regions were separated from this region.

Istanbul Bosphorus Bridge

Istanbul Bosphorus Bridge

However, now Oscodar has 33 parishes and a population of around 500,000.
This area is one of the most important areas around the Sea of ​​Marmara and has an extraordinary view. This area has recently become very prosperous in the field of property buying and selling, and this promises economic prosperity and development in this Asian area of ​​Istanbul.

Through consultation with our experienced experts and also using experienced lawyers who are active in this field, you can choose and buy a villa in this luxurious area with ease.

Remember that our company, with years of experience and countless follow-ups, can get you to the villa you want in the shortest possible time and get your permanent residence in Turkey.

Among the attractive and spectacular centers of Uskudar, we can mention Chamlija Hill, which has a beautiful and interesting area, as well as modern and local restaurants. At the same time, Emar Aquarium, with diverse and rare animals, can be attractive and spectacular for all ages, from young and old to children.

Other entertainments of this area include walking along the beach. Due to its historical records, this area is also known as a historical area, one of the most famous of which is the Billerby Palace tunnel, which was built in 1832. Also, Yeni Walideh Mosque, which dates back to the 18th century, and Dokhtar Castle, which was built during the Byzantine era, are other historical attractions of this area.

Among the most prominent restaurants in this area, we can mention Garden Restaurant, Bridge Restaurant, Kuzgunchuk Steak House Restaurant, Lakolina Restaurant and Bar, and the Kitchenti chain restaurant, which offer you a cozy and quiet place with unique and delicious food.

Oskudar hotels include Bosphorus, which is built in an old mansion, and Somahan Hotel, which is considered one of the most famous hotels in Istanbul and has an attractive and modern design as well as countless amenities that welcome enthusiasts from all over the world.

In the educational sector, Uskudar has many prominent cultural and educational centers in Istanbul. This area houses one of the most famous high schools named Oscodar American Academy. Fatih Sultan Mehmet University, Shahir University of Istanbul, Uskudar University and Ozygin University are among other famous centers and universities of this region.

The existence of numerous and special cafes in this area, such as Kukis Zavadam Cafe, Lavonio Cafe, and Chinaralti Cafe, has doubled its charm. It can be said that Uskudar cafes are one of the most famous cafes in Istanbul and they welcome a large group of local people and domestic and foreign tourists every day.

Villas for sale in basaksehir Istanbul

The north of Başakşehir region in Istanbul is considered a forest region and has a unique vegetation. This area has very diverse vegetation and has a beautiful and attractive river for the residents of this area.
This region is one of the regions that has grown and developed very well and has a good growing trend, which makes investing in it in the medium and long term very affordable and profitable. It can be said that this region is one of the most successful regions that has been able to attract countless foreign and even domestic investors, so a great future in that region is not out of mind.

Our expert and skilled team has the ability to introduce you to all types of villas that can be purchased and provide you with the necessary advice so that you can make a smart decision to buy a villa in Istanbul. It is better if this choice is in the growing area of ​​Başakşehir so that you can be sure that your capital will increase significantly in the long term.

The water valley recreation and tourism area is actually a natural valley located in this area, which has 383 hectares of green space, 14 hectares of swimming pools and water areas, as well as 150 hectares of amenities for walking and cycling.

Also, 30 hectares have been allocated to other amenities such as restaurants, cafes, parking, etc. In addition, this area has the Samlar Natural Park, which is suitable for people who are looking for peace and distance from the hustle and bustle of the city.

This park also has a section for camping, which many people use every day to have a good time in this area. In fact, due to the beautiful nature and available amenities, this park will be a very suitable place for you to camp and relax.

This park has coniferous trees and contains about a hundred different types of plants. Also, in this park, you can find all kinds of wild animals such as red squirrel, wild boar, jackal, fox, otter, blind mouse, porcupine and rabbit.

Among the other tourist attractions of this area, we can mention the Başakşehir reservoir, which is known as the first and largest artificial reservoir in Istanbul. This large pond has an area of ​​26,000 square meters and receives many enthusiasts every year.

Also, Bahce Shahir Park in this area has been designed in such a way that it can cover every kind of taste and by creating all kinds of comfort places such as physical-cultural spaces, lawn spaces, cafeterias, playgrounds and restaurants in a path with The length of three and a half kilometers is an attractive and pleasant place for walking and spending free time.

Among the most famous hotels in this area, we can mention the five-star Holiday Inn Istanbul and the Hampton by Hilton Hotel, which are among the most popular and selected hotels for tourists due to their attractive surroundings and proximity to the airport. Also, among the most prominent restaurants in Basaksehir, we can mention Albatros restaurant with seafood and Supong Asian restaurant with Korean seafood.

Sightseeing places in Istanbul

Buying a villa in Istanbul, Turkey

This area has many educational centers from elementary to high school and technical and professional. One of the most famous educational centers in this area is Anadolu Fine Arts High School and Anadolu Health Vocational Technical High School. Also, two famous stadiums of Başakşehir Fatih Trim and Atatürk Olympics are located in this area.

Villas for sale in sile Istanbul

sile district is located in the city of Istanbul on the shores of the Black Sea and in the Asian part of Istanbul. This area is located 65 km northeast of Istanbul city, and access to this area is possible through metro and bus from Taksim square in Istanbul. This area is about 40 minutes away from Istanbul city center.

It is worth mentioning that Shileh is famous for having a sandy beach area in the Asian part of Istanbul, which welcomes tourists and special guests from all over the world every year.
In this area, there is an old lighthouse, which is known as the oldest and largest lighthouse in Istanbul, and it is about 700 years old, and it is a symbol of this area.

Among the tourist attractions of Shile, we can mention the Shile Castle, which was built on one of the islands of this region in the 14th century, as well as the holy tomb of Kom Baba, which is visible in the upper part of the hills of this region, and the Shile Cave, which is located in the village of Ki Zil Jakoi in this region. The area is located, as well as the Shile lighthouse, from which you can get a unique and relaxing view.

It is worth mentioning that a beautiful restaurant has been built in this old lighthouse so that you can enjoy the peace and pleasant view of this area and eat delicious and memorable food.
As mentioned, the attractive sandy beaches of Shileh are very interesting and amazing, and this attracts many travelers and tourists.

These beaches are known as the Aqua sandy beach, which will be very attractive and spectacular especially in the summer season, and sunbathing there will be a unique experience for you. This coastal area has many beaches with different prices that allow you to spend the night there. The most prominent of these beaches are Life Beach and Aqua Beach.

Other attractive amenities of this area include its modern and classic cafes and restaurants, which serve a variety of first-class seafood.
It can be said that this part of the beach is the same as Kilios Beach in the European part of Istanbul, with the difference that the nature of this area remains more pristine and untouched. With a little distance from the sandy beaches of this area, you can also see the pristine and beautiful forests of Shileh, whose route starts from the Omraniye area.

This area will be a great place to live and spend leisure time due to the presence of many stores in all fields and also the existence of very suitable entertainment and tourism facilities. It should be noted that one of the most prominent products of this region is special cotton fabrics that are used to make special clothes. This type of fabric is very popular among women and is widely used in the clothing industry of Turkey.

Also, this area has many prominent public and private schools, among which the most famous ones are the Information Theory Private School and the Shile Teachers Private School. In addition to the exemplary schools in this region, the presence of Ishik University has also increased the educational burden of this region.
As mentioned, Shileh area has become a very suitable place for investing and buying a villa in Shileh due to the presence of beautiful and attractive sandy beaches and its proximity to the main highway.

Many people and investors choose this region as their investment hub, because it receives a huge flood of foreign and domestic tourists every year. Another reason for choosing Shile area for investment is the active presence of large construction companies in this area, which are going to implement huge projects in this area and expand villa construction in this area.

A view of villas and residential buildings in the beautiful city of Istanbul

A view of villas and residential buildings in the beautiful city of Istanbul

As we mentioned, by buying a villa in Turkey, especially in the Şile area, you can get a permanent residence in Turkey in addition to creating a pleasant life with peace.

So seize the opportunity today and don't miss this great chance by buying a villa in Shile.
Remember that the increasing price of real estate in the center of Istanbul has caused investors to go to the surrounding areas of Istanbul and invest and build there at a reasonable price.

One of these areas that is of great interest is Shileh, which has made many people interested in buying a villa in this area due to its tourist attractions. This area has very good transportation and welfare conditions, however, it is rapidly developing and improving to meet the huge flood of enthusiasts and tourists.

It is worth noting that it is about 40 minutes from Istanbul city center to Şile area via the highway and buses support from Istanbul center to Şile. At the moment, metro and tram have not entered this area, but due to the many constructions that are going on in this area, soon this area will also have a metro and tram.

This area, like the other mentioned areas around the city of Istanbul, has all the comfort and health facilities. In this area, there is a large government hospital in Shile, which provides all medical and health services to the residents of this area.

Also, in terms of schools in this area, there is no need to worry because there are very good public and private schools in this area that can be used for your children's education. Among the most famous of these schools, we can mention the private school of information theory and the private school of Shile teachers. Regarding the universities of this region, we can mention FMV University.

It is interesting to know that the increase in the price of real estate and villas in the Şile section of Istanbul has grown more than other regions and is ranked second in the regional growth of Istanbul. That is why one of our suggestions is to buy Wilba in Shila because it has a lot of room for growth and property prices in it have increased more than in other areas.

Villas for sale in Beykoz Istanbul

Bekoz region is a coastal region located in the north of the Bosphorus Strait. This beach is located next to the Black Sea and in the Asian part of Istanbul. Because of the excellent view in this area, nowadays very attractive and luxurious villas can be found in this area, which is a dream for everyone.

It is interesting to know that the term "Bikoz" was created from the combination of two words "big" meaning lord or prince and "koz" meaning village.
Bekoz has a very spectacular green space and due to its proximity to the sea, it always has a very good weather. Due to the dense forest and thickets in this area, this area has been called one of the greenest and most pleasant areas of Istanbul.

The presence of numerous natural waterfalls and forested, green and fertile areas make this region look like a legendary and attractive city, and it is considered an important region due to its historical attractions.

One of the most famous of these historical buildings is the Khedive Palace, which was built in 1907 by an Italian architect. The approximate land area of ​​this beautiful palace is estimated to be around one thousand square meters.

Around this land, there are many trees, each of which has its own birth certificate and its own genealogy. This palace can be visited by the public and has a restaurant and cafe. We recommend that you definitely visit this unique palace if you plan to travel or stay in this area.

Among other historical buildings, we can mention the Anadolu Cavagi Castle, which dates back to the Eastern Roman period. From the past to the present, this castle is considered a good place for fishing, and its residents spend their free time in the cafe and the scenic areas of this area.

Among other historical buildings in this area, Kuçuk Su Istanbul Palace, which dates back to 1623, can be mentioned. The other name of this historical building was Silver Cedar Tree in the past, which was due to the great interest of its builder towards this building. It should be noted that this building was rebuilt later in the 17th and 18th centuries and changes were made in it.

In the past, this building was used for hunting and resting, and because of its interesting landscape, it was a favorite of the Ottoman kings. After the reconstruction in 1992 and then in 1996, this palace became a museum palace and today it is considered as one of the tourist places of this region.

Buying different types of villas in Istanbul

Well-built villas in Istanbul

Bekoz forest area is one of the greenest and best attractions of Istanbul, Turkey. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants in this forest park and it is a place for domestic and foreign tourists to spend their weekends here and be away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
In this area, there is a spectacular and historical village called Kanlija, whose beaches are famous.

In the past, this village was called Glavers, which means seagull, and was very popular during the Ottoman period. If you go for a walk in this village, you will feel as if you are traveling in time. Creamy yogurt is popular as a souvenir in this village, and all cafes and restaurants serve the traditional creamy yogurt of this village with powdered sugar.

Another interesting point of this village is its pink milk. This milk is made from cows that graze on the red fodder of the region, which is why their milk turns pink. Our suggestion is that if you buy a villa or property in this area, be sure to visit this attractive village and use its historical monuments and souvenirs.

It is worth noting that access to this area is possible through buses, private cars, taxis and the like, but metro and trams have not been considered for it so far.
It should be noted that this area is considered one of the noble areas around Istanbul. For this reason, it has a high level of prosperity and culture, and it can be a very ideal option for those who are looking for the prosperity and high culture of the region.

Bekoz region has numerous and prestigious colleges, among which the most famous ones include Nature Private College, Ted Istanbul Private College, Success Private School, and Bilfen Private College. Also, this region has two prominent universities, one of which is Bekoz University, and the second one is a German-Turkish university that welcomes domestic and foreign students every year.

Fortunately, the presence of important and large medical and health centers in this area will completely satisfy the needs of the residents of this area, and there will be no need to go to medical and health centers in Istanbul. Among the most famous of these centers, Bekoz State Hospital, Otatepe Medical Center, Bekoz Oral and Dental Specialized Center, Kavajik Medical Center and Bekoz Medical Center can be mentioned, which shows the richness of this region in terms of treatment and medicine.

Other amenities of this area include various sports halls and playgrounds. There are also many shops selling organic and modern products. One of the most famous shopping centers in this area is Water Garden Shopping Center and Istanbul Shopping Center.

If you are planning to buy a villa in the Beykoz area of ​​Istanbul, rest assured that you can easily do this process as soon as possible through our experienced consultants and lawyers, and continue to obtain permanent Turkish residence for you and your respected family.

As mentioned, the Bekoz area of ​​Istanbul will be a unique and exciting area for you due to its modern and unique villas, which will make you wish to have a stylish and modern villa in this area. It makes you a reality.

Due to the fact that the Bekoz area is considered a prosperous area, most of the rich residents of Istanbul have bought villas in this area so that they can enjoy the good weather, greenery and peace of the environment in the summer season. This is the reason why this area is considered one of the most expensive areas around Istanbul and has countless supporters, including Turkish celebrities and high-ranking politicians.

Villas for sale in Sariyer Istanbul

It can be said that the Sariyer area of ​​Istanbul is one of the most important areas of Istanbul in terms of natural, historical, cultural, tourism and sea. For this reason, buying villas and properties in this area is very popular. Geographically, Sariyer is located in the European part of Istanbul, and it leads to Besiktas from the west, the Bosphorus Bridge from the east, and the Black Sea from the north.

As mentioned, this area is considered a historical area and there are many palaces, tombs, forts, churches and mosques. Meanwhile, about two-thirds of this area has remained green and untouched, which has greatly contributed to the tourism of this area. Also, the famous Sariyer beach in Kilios welcomes a huge flood of tourists and nature and water sports enthusiasts in the summer.

These are the reasons that have made famous people and financiers buy villas and properties in this area to spend their free time in the summer.

This area has many famous hospitals and medical centers. For this reason, it covers all health and medical services in this section. Among the most important of these hospitals, Istiniye State Hospital, Research and Training Hospital for Bone Diseases, Ismail Akgun State Hospital, and the private hospitals of Abaddam Maslak and Abaddam Zekeriyakoy can be mentioned.

This area is one of the safest areas in Turkey in terms of earthquakes, which has increased the price of villas and properties. Due to its natural and attractive nature, as well as the presence of many pleasure boats on the shores of the Bosphorus, this area has attracted many enthusiasts from all over the world, so that they have given the nickname of the city's paradise to this area.

Always remember that to buy a villa or property in another city and country, the best way is to use experts and great lawyers in this field to help you choose the best area and the best villa with your requested specifications and consider other The facilities in that area will help you and put the right offers in front of you so that you can make the best possible choice among the best offers.

Among the tourist attractions of Sariyer, we can mention Sadberk Hanim Museum, which is known as the first private museum in Turkey. This museum has a valuable collection from the collection of Sadbarak Hanim, the wife of Vahbi Koch. There is also the Ural Ataman Old Car Museum in this area, which has old cars from the 1950s. Among the other historical buildings of this region, we can mention Rumli Hisari Museum, which was one of the fortresses of the Ottoman Empire in the past.
Next, the famous Atatürk Park in this area, which welcomes fans of hiking and nature tourism, which has many and diverse plants. Also, the Belgrade forest has many amenities so that tourists and enthusiasts can spend happy hours there.

The existence of the forest and the sea at the same time in the same region leaves your hand open for choice so that you can easily get a suitable villa with a forest or sea view according to your taste and view and enjoy it.

Sariyer region has always had famous cafes and restaurants and the food served there is of very high quality. You can order a variety of Turkish and Middle Eastern dishes in the Sariyer area. The seafood of these restaurants is also unique. If you like to eat delicious food, we suggest you to buy a villa in this area.

Some of the most famous restaurants in this area include Set Balik, Paella Balik, Kirch Borno Balikchi Si and Bosphorus Balik Therapy. Also, there are popular cafes such as Manazara Cafe and Wookie Point Cafe in Sariyer area, where you can enjoy dessert and great coffee.

In addition to primary education centers, Sariyer region also has many universities that can be chosen for your children's education at all levels of education. Among the universities of this region, we can mention Istanbul Technical University, Bogazici University, Isik University, Istanbul University Forestry Faculty, Marmara University, Koç University and Beykent University.

There are famous stadiums in this area, the most famous of which is Turk Telekom Arena, where the Turkish football team Galatasaray plays its friendly matches in this stadium, and it has a capacity of 53 thousand people, which is the second largest stadium after Atatürk Stadium in terms of population capacity. will be

Among other stadiums in this area, we can mention Kilios Stadium, Orhun Kechli Stadium, Yusuf Zia Onish Stadium, Saadi Golijak Sports Site, Jairibashi Stadium, Mirsinli Ahmet Camping Training Center, Sariyer Indoor Sports Hall, Enka Sports Club and Ayhan Shahnak Sports Hall.
This area also has numerous night clubs and bars, which has boosted the night life in this area. So rest assured that there are many forms of entertainment in this area and you are free to choose any of them.

Villas for sale in bebek Istanbul

Babek is a very fashionable and aristocratic area in Besiktas, and the price of villas there is higher than in many other areas. This area is located eight kilometers northeast of Taksim Square in Istanbul, whose relatively higher altitude has given this area a special attraction.

This area is located in the European part of Istanbul and has a proper and deep bay, which makes it show an attractive and special view.

Bebek is growing and developing like many other mentioned regions. Of course, it is worth noting that due to the proximity of this area to the city and the Bosphorus, this area is a bit noisy compared to other places that are quiet and pleasant.

Of course, the proximity to the city and the presence of many shops near it and numerous promenades have distinguished this area from other areas. Of course, on weekends, due to the limited access to this section, this area will be very crowded and traffic will be slow.

Among the lasting historical buildings from the Ottoman period in this area, we can mention Sefidnou mansion, which is related to the Egyptian consulate. Also, the existence of a mosque or brown stones is another attraction of this area. Of course, Babek has a lot of history, but its special and lasting historical buildings lead to these two buildings.

In this area, famous cafes such as Bebek Ghosi Cafe invite you to have a Turkish breakfast with tea or coffee. Luca's small cafe will also be ready to serve you unique cocktails that have won special awards.

Also, you can find the best almond paste sweets of this area, which is famous, because this type of sweets has been produced in this area since 1904.

At the same time, there are prominent stores such as Midnight Express, which was created by an architect and a fashion designer, and where many stores and stalls are available to the public.

To walk and enjoy the nature in this part of Istanbul, you can also start your movement from Bebek and walk to the European Castle.
It is interesting to know that babek means baby in Turkish. The reason for this name is the small but attractive location of this area in the Bosphorus, and in some aspects, this area is called the Pupil of the Bosphorus.

It is interesting to know that this area was highly regarded during the Ottoman period due to its charms.
In terms of educational centers, Bebek has Bogazici State University, which is one of the best universities in Turkey.

In terms of schools, there are a number of educational centers in that sector, but don't look for many centers for this.
As mentioned, due to the proximity of this section to the city of Istanbul and the limitation of its space, the mansions built in Bebek are very expensive.

That is why not everyone will be able to buy in this area. You are advised to get advice from our consultants and lawyers and ask them to choose and prepare a suitable villa in a suitable place for you according to your capital and comfort facilities.

To know the price, terms and information of purchasing all kinds of properties in other cities of Turkey, refer to the page of Turkey Real Estate for Sale.

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