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Trabzon is one of the oldest cities in Turkey, which has had an important commercial and political position since the past. The presence of the Silk Road near Trabzon made this city a stopping point for many Iranian, Caucasian, European and especially Italian traders. Trabzon is 5000 years old and has been influenced by different tribes and cultures from the past to the present, which has influenced the culture and even the language of Trabzon people.

This issue has made the dialect, traditions, clothes, etc. of the people of Trabzon different from other Turkish cities. This city is located in the northeast of Turkey and on the coast of the Belek Sea. Trabzon is also close to the Georgian border in Turkey. To go to Trabzon, you can use the air border or land border.

Trabzon is one of the favorite tourist cities of Turkey. After Samsun, this city is the second largest city in Turkey on the Belek Sea coast. Although Trabzon is small in terms of size, it has a large population and many tourists visit this city. Considering that many people choose this city for recreation, the number of foriegners who buy villas in this city is also high.

This city, which is very rich in vegetation, has approximately 2,500 rare plant species, 440 of which are unique to the region. Trabzon has a humid climate and the humidity reaches 99% in summer. This amount of humidity and rainfall proves the density of vegetation in Trabzon. In Trabzon, unlike the coastal cities of the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea, there are four rainy seasons.

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A view of the coastal city of Trabzon, Turkey

A view of the coastal city of Trabzon, Turkey

If you are interested in investing in Turkish real estate by buying a villa in Trabzon or you want to live in a city with natural resources, good weather and great amenities, read this article until the end.

A history of the city of Trabzon

As mentioned, Trabzon is very rich in history and dates back thousands of years. Throughout history, this city has hosted various countries, cultures, ideas and civilizations. The oldest signs of life in Trabzon date back to the Paleolithic era and 7000 years before Christ. 550 years before Christ, this city was captured by the Persians. This city was under the control of the Persians until 334 AD, until Alexander the Great took it from the Persians in this year. After the death of Alexander the Great, the independent government of Pontus was established in this vacuum.


During this period, Trabzon developed as an important port and had good economic growth. With the separation of Rome into Eastern Rome and Western Rome, this city belonged to Eastern Rome. After that, in the 15th century, the Ottomans took this city from the Romans and changed the official religion of this city from Christianity to Islam. Many churches in Trabzon changed their use from church to mosque during this period. Until 1918 and the start of the First World War, this country belonged to the Ottoman government, and after this war, it joined the territory of present-day Turkey. Currently, this city has grown very well in terms of economy and is known as the princely city.

Geographical location, population and climate of Trabzon

Trabzon is the capital of Trabzon province. The area of ​​Trabzon city is 188 square kilometers. This city has both sea coast and mountain views. The Pentic mountains also pass through Trabzon province. Lakes Uzungol, Çakırgöl, Sera and Haldizen are four beautiful lakes in the city of Trabzon that have created unique natural scenery. In addition to lakes, there are several streams in this city, but no river passes through this city.

Buying a villa in Trabzon

Shopping centers in Trabzon

The climate of Trabzon is humid subtropical, so that there is a lot of rain in this city, and the area of ​​mountains and hills has an oceanic climate. Even though this area has become warmer than before due to the global warming, but still in terms of climate, it should be said that this city experiences relatively cool summers.

The average temperature in summer is 28°C and the average temperature in winter is 5°C. Snowfall is somewhat common in this city during the winter months of December and March. In the foothills, the amount of snowfall is higher.

The water temperature in Trabzon beach is almost mild and varies from 8°C to 20°C during the year. The population of Trabzon province in 2022 was 816 thousand people. This province and the city of Trabzon have a high population density due to their small area.

Trabzon shopping centers

If you want to buy a villa in Trabzon and live in this city, the presence of many shopping centers with a high variety is important to you, we must say that due to the touristic nature of this city and many commercial activities since long ago, it has many shopping centers, which are listed below We mention them:


Trabzon Forum shopping center

This shopping center is the oldest and most famous shopping center in Trabzon. Forum shopping center is located in the north of Trabzon city and has almost all the necessities for life. Of course, this shopping center hosts many celebrations, festivals and concerts throughout the year, which will create fun moments for you in addition to shopping.

Cevahir outlet shopping center

This modern shopping center was opened in 2011 in Yomra area. This shopping center has relatively cheap goods and for this reason it is one of the busiest shopping centers in Trabzon. This mall is located near the beach and is open from 10 am to 10 pm.

Varlibas Atapark shopping center

Compared to jewelry shopping centers and. Forum is smaller and fewer brands have branches in this store. But the prices are cheaper in this mall. This shopping center is located in the center of Trabzon.

In addition to these shopping centers, you can also visit and shop at the following shopping centers:
• Direction or property direction
• Azuk Trading Company
• Europa Pazari (Russian market)
• Central square of Trabzon
• Varlis Elishorish and Yesam shopping center
• Fatih store
• Sultan Hanim St
• Guntas AVM store
• Mirapark shopping center
• Saray Gumus shopping center
• Carrefour SA shopping center

Trabzon medical centers

In terms of health and medical centers, Trabzon has very good conditions compared to its small size. There are several public and specialized hospitals in this city, as well as public and private hospitals. Many pharmacies and clinics also operate in this city.

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Beautiful and lovely scenery in Trabzon, Turkey

Beautiful and lovely scenery in Trabzon, Turkey

Ahi Evren Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Teaching and Research Hospital, Fatih State Hospital, New Life Private Clinic, Karadeniz Medical Park Hospital, Trabzon Legal Teaching and Research Hospital, Belek Sea Special Hospital, etc. are some of Trabzon's medical and health centers. .

Trabzon transportation system

Trabzon has an airport that serves both domestic and international flights. But this airport is relatively small and does not have many international flights. Due to the small size of this city, most of its population use buses, taxis or taxis to get around. Because there is no subway or tram line in this city.

Of course, bus stations are also limited in Trabzon and there are bus stations and bus terminals only in some special tourist areas. Most of the transportation of people in this city is carried out by handcarts.


Educational centers in Trabzon

Despite its small size, Trabzon has a university. Karadeniz Technical University is located in Trabzon, which has both engineering and medical fields. Every year, this university welcomes students from the Belek Sea and Eastern Anatolia, as well as students from Turkic countries in Central Asia. In addition to this university, there are many public and private schools in Trabzon.

Sightseeing areas of Trabzon

Trabzon Hagia Sophia or History Museum

Trabzon Hagia Sophia Mosque is one of the most important sightseeing areas in Trabzon, which was built in the 13th century by the Roman Empire. This mosque was an orthodox church at the time of its construction, which was later converted into a mosque by the Ottoman government. This mosque is located near the beach and you can also visit this mosque, which has been turned into a museum, in addition to having fun on the beach.

Buying a villa in Trabzon, Turkey

The green and eye-catching atmosphere of Trabzon, Turkey

Trabzon Ataturk Mansion

Another historical and valuable place in Trabzon is Ataturk Mansion. This house is located in Ortahisar, Trabzon. This palace has become a symbol of the city of Trabzon. In this mansion, dining room, antique shop, crystal dishes and other important objects are shown to the visitors as a museum.

Uzungol village, Trabzon

This village is one of the beautiful and scenic places in Trabzon. If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of city life in Trabzon, you can experience happy moments by going to this luxury resort village. This village, which has a beautiful lake with the same name, is known as Switzerland of Turkey.
In addition to the mentioned recreational and historical places, there are also the following places of interest in Trabzon:
• Sumela Monastery
• Trabzon Castle
• Vazlon Monastery
• Baza Bostan
• Boztepe
• Golbahar Khatun Mosque
• Zagnos Valley Park
• Garcal

The beaches of Trabzon

Arsin Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in Trabzon is Arsin Beach, which many Iranians also know and choose villas close to this beach to buy a villa in Trabzon. Swimming is allowed on this beach and you can spend happy and fun moments with family members on this beach.

Trabzon Carsi beach

Carsi Basi beach is one of the beautiful beaches of Trabzon, which is located in Carsi Basi residential area. This area has now become a residential tourist area, although it is mostly residential. The villas on this beach are also a very good option for buying a villa in Trabzon.

Trabzon's Yalincak Beach

Yalincak beach is located in the east of Trabzon and is about 11 kilometers away from the center of Trabzon. In this beautiful beach, you can go on a nature tour and enjoy seeing the natural scenery of rocks and stones near the beach.

Buying a beach villa in Trabzon, Turkey

A view of the beach apartments in Trabzon, Turkey

In addition to these beaches, Beşiktaş Beach, Darika Beach, Akcakale Beach, Kalekoy Beach and Siuris Beach are also among the spectacular beaches of Trabzon. If you buy a villa in Trabzon, you can choose any of these beaches for fun.

Villas for sale in Trabzon Turkey

In recent years, Trabzon has been one of the most popular tourist destinations for the Middle East in Turkey. You can see green and blue next to each other almost everywhere in Trabzon. Because there are many beautiful lakes in Trabzon. Some of the villas for sale in Trabzon are located on the edge of these beautiful lakes, where you can experience a dream life next to the surrounding green nature.

Villa prices in Trabzon are lower than many tourist cities in Turkey. If you are planning to buy a villa in Turkey for the first time, buying a villa in Trabzon can be a very good choice for you due to its excellent location and lower prices.

Villas for sale in Trabzon can be a great option for investment, especially long-term investment. Because in the last few years, the growth of the real estate market in Trabzon has increased a lot. Until 2019, few people thought of buying a villa in Trabzon, but after this year, with the change in the construction market and the entry of reputable construction companies and a 47% increase in comprehensive housing projects, many of those who visit this city They show interest in buying a villa.

By buying a villa in Trabzon, you can acquire Turkish citizenship in addition to living in a coastal city with unique nature and excellent climate. If the price of a villa in Trabzon reaches 400,000 US dollars, you can apply for permanent residence in Turkey. If the price of a villa in Trabzon is 75,000 US dollars, you will qualify for temporary residence.

It is not only the price of a villa in Trabzon that is low, but the cost of living in Trabzon is also lower than many tourist cities in Turkey, and the prices are low even for Iranians. One of the reasons for the low cost of living in Trabzon is that most of the food is organically produced within Trabzon itself. Low cost of living in Trabzon does not mean low quality of life. Rather, you can live in a luxurious villa in Trabzon for a lower price.

One of the special conditions for those who visit villas for sale in Trabzon and intend to buy a villa in Trabzon is that Trabzon borders countries like Russia and Georgia. This issue has caused many Georgian and Russian tourists to visit Trabzon and many of them are interested in buying or renting a villa in Trabzon.

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The tourist city of Trabzon, Turkey

The tourist city of Trabzon, Turkey

If you check the villas for sale in Trabzon and buy a villa in this city and after some time you want to sell your villa, you don't need to wait a long time to sell a villa in Trabzon. Because the demand for buying a villa in Trabzon is very high and you can sell your villa at a higher price and in a short time.

Considering that there are many construction projects in Trabzon, many of them have very good conditions for paying installments and pre-sale conditions for villas in Trabzon. If you want to buy pre-sale villas, you can ask your real estate agent to show you only these villas for sale in Trabzon.

If you intend to buy a villa in Trabzon and live in it, you will have a very good situation. Because you don't need to worry about finding a job in this city. Trabzon port is one of the most important ports in Turkey. So that 70% of exports and imports to Turkey are done through this port, which shows that it has very good conditions for employment.

In addition to the existence of this port, this city also has very good conditions in terms of fishing, agriculture, animal husbandry and tourism. This has caused the employment rate in Trabzon to increase by 2.5 percent in 2021 compared to the previous year.

Villas for sale in Trabzon are in very favorable conditions in terms of facilities and construction type. Most of the villas are built privately and some of them are duplex and even triplex. Private swimming pool, private parking, central heating system, garden and green space, gazebo, smart system, private bathroom, satellite TV, terrace, etc. are among the internal facilities of villas for sale in Trabzon.

Buying luxury and beautiful villas in Trabzon, Turkey

Well-built and minimal villas in Trabzon, Turkey

If these villas are built in a villa town or villa complex, in addition to the internal facilities, there are facilities such as a club, sauna, shared pool, sports hall, playground, sauna, 24-hour security, shared parking, elevator in multi-story villas, etc. .. will have. Besides these unique facilities, the price of a villa in Trabzon is lower than the tourist cities of Turkey such as Istanbul and the tourist cities of Mughal province.

Considering that currently, large port and coastal cities of Turkey are saturated by foreign and domestic investors, investing in small cities like Trabzon can be a profitable investment in the future. Especially now that millions of people visit Trabzon every year, which creates a great opportunity to rent villas in Trabzon.

You can purchase a villa in Trabzon and then rent it yourself or leave it to a company. If you entrust the responsibility of renting your villa to a company, they will take responsibility for all the work, and you will not have to worry about late payment of rent, electricity, gas, water leakage, etc., and the company will pay you the rent every month. .

Considering that the price of a villa in Trabzon is relatively reasonable and this city is located near Middle Eastern countries, most of those who are interested in buying a villa in Trabzon are from the Persian Gulf countries. Citizens of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Sudan and Qatar have the highest number of villa purchases in Trabzon.

Villas for sale in Yomra

With its beautiful beach, Yomra has become one of the most popular areas to buy a villa in Trabzon. This coastal area is 8.5 km away from the sea coast. The natural beauty of this area has gained many fans. In the last few years, new real estate projects have been built in this area, which creates a lot of variety for buying a villa in Yomra.

A view of Lake Trabzon, Turkey

A view of Lake Trabzon, Turkey

In this beautiful coastal area, there are good facilities on the beach and in the area. This area has a large shopping center called Cevahir Outlet Mall. In addition to numerous Turkish and foreign brand stores, this shopping center has a food court and entertainment centers.
AtaPark, Çocuk Park, Muammer Pekşen Park, Tir Park, Kaşüstü Zulu Beach Park, Absolut Beach, Trabzon Teaching and Research Hospital, Kaşüstü Campus, School and... are the important places of Yomra.

By buying a villa in Yomra and living in it, you will not only live in a quiet and beautiful coastal area, but you can also use city facilities. Although Yomra is a relatively small area, there are many possibilities to live there.

There are very attractive natural landscapes in Yomra, which has made many European, American and Persian Gulf tourists interested in buying a villa in Yomra after spending their vacation. Despite being popular and increasing the price of buying a villa in Yumera, the price of buying a villa in Yomra is still reasonable.

Villas for sale in Ortahisar

One of the very good areas to buy a villa in Trabzon, which is located inside the city of Trabzon, is Ortahisar. This area has very good conditions for buying a villa, because it is a very fashionable villa area near the center of Trabzon and many new and beautiful villas have been built in it. By buying a villa in Ortahisar and living in it, you will be only one kilometer away from the beach and 50 kilometers from the airport.

The villas in Ortahisar cover all kinds of tastes. These villas are built with different architectural styles so that you can choose the villa you want, whatever your taste. These villas have sea, mountain, forest and even city views and you can choose any view you like.

By buying a villa in Ortahisar, you will have easy access to the facilities in Trabzon and you can use the social services and facilities in this city.

Buying villas for sale in Trabzon, Turkey

The touristic and beautiful city of Trabzon is located in Turkey

Trabzon Castle, Trabzon Aquarium, Zagnos Valley Park, Anna Orthodox Church, Kucukavaz Church, Trabzon Municipality, Russian Consulate, Ortahisar Grand Mosque, Georgian Consulate, Kanuni Park, Trabzon History Museum, Trabzon Literature Museum, Library, Şehzade Museum Ortahisar and. .. are among the important places located in Ortahisar.

Villas for sale in Akcaabat

Akcaabat is a region near Trabzon. This area is 13 kilometers away from Trabzon. In the past, Akcaabat was called Polathane. Polathane means plane tree. Because in the past, the people of this city worshiped the plantain tree. Of course, some consider the meaning of the name of this city to be an iron factory. Akcaabat neighbors Vakfıkebir and Çarşıbaşı from the east, Düzköy from the west, and Maçka from the north.

Among the villages and surrounding areas of Trabzon, Akcaabat is the largest area in terms of population. The population of this city is 113,000 people.
Its area is 385 square kilometers (149 sq mi) and its elevation varies. This city is 744 km by road, 1065 km from Istanbul, 636 km from Mersin, 580 km from Adana, 1102 km from Izmir, and 895 km from Antalya. By sea, the distance between Akcaabat and Istanbul is 555 miles.

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In Akcaabat, there is a height from flat lands at a height of 10 meters above sea level to the foothills that have a higher height. Akcaabat land is uneven and steep. The mountains of this region are stretched parallel to the coast. Between these mountains there are deep valleys through which small streams pass.

The moderate climate, the mountains that extend to the coast, especially the continental winds have caused the formation of lush vegetation in the region. The area of ​​Akcaabat forests is 14311 hectares. This amount constitutes 37% of the area of ​​the region. Common species of trees are spruce, beech and sometimes Scots pine. The Turks entered this area from the 12th century, and before that, the Romans lived in this city.

Several coastal and inner city parks, football stadium, hospital, several historical places of Trabzon, several shooting and archery sports clubs, etc. are important places located in Akcaabat.

Currently, Akcaabat has a great potential to buy a villa in Trabzon. There are many villas near Akcaabat beach that are bought and sold at reasonable prices. According to your taste and interests, you can choose from the villas available near the beach in Akcaabat or choose the villas in the more mountainous areas that are far from the beach.

Due to the location of Akcaabat in the mountainous and high areas near the sea coast, some of the villas in it have panoramic views. You will find everything you need in urban life in Akcaabat.

The price of buying a villa in Akcaabat is lower than other tourist areas in Turkey, and this has made many foreigners want to buy a villa in Akcaabat.

How to buy a villa in Trabzon?

To buy a villa in Trabzon, you have two solutions. The first solution is to travel to Trabzon yourself and spend a few days looking for villas for sale in Trabzon or the surrounding villages. If you do not have enough experience in this field, it is better to ask real estate expert in Turkey and Trabzon for help.

The second way is buying property online in trabzon. The real estate expert in Trabzon visits the villas for sale in Trabzon that are in accordance with your budget, taste and expectations and sends you live videos and photos of the villa, facilities and features online. After checking the videos and photos of any villa you like, you can purchase it.


Our expertss in Antalya Estate will be with you from the very beginning when you have decided to buy a villa in Trabzon to buying a villa there and transferring the title deed. You can call our contact numbers in Antalya Estate to guide you about the process of buying villas for sale in Trabzon.

Until the last few years, few people were interested in buying a villa in Trabzon, and most domestic and foreign investors in Turkey were interested in big cities such as Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir, etc. With the increase in construction and the approximate saturation of large cities in Turkey, small cities were chosen for investment and gradually the economy of these cities also experienced a very good growth.

In recent years, Trabzon has been visited by foreigners, especially Arab countries. The humid tropical climate and the long rainy season have made this city very green. In addition to the presence of the sea and having a beach, there are several beautiful lakes in this city, which gave Trabzon a different beauty.

Buying a villa in Trabzon can be a very successful long-term investment, as the price of a villa in Trabzon is currently lower than many tourist cities in Turkey and the cost of living there is also lower. But the growth of the real estate market in Trabzon shows that in the next few years, Trabzon will also become an expensive city to buy a villa in Turkey.

If you are planning to buy a villa in Trabzon and need more guidance about the city of Trabzon itself and its surrounding areas, please call our contact number in Antalya Estate to help you in the field of buying a villa in Trabzon, checking a villa for sale in Trabzon, price Villa in Tarbzon and... let us guide you.

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