Buy apartments for sale in Alanya

Suitable for Turkish passport
24 Month

Affordable apartments with installment options in Alanya Avsallar

Alanya / Avsallar

In Alanya Avsallar, reasonably priced apartments blend luxury with accessibility. Close to both the vibrant town center and scenic Incekum beach, and well-connected to major airports, these residences are further sweetened by flexible payment installments, making them a prime choice for potential homeowners.

Property Nr.
Completion year
1+1, 2+1 Duplex
57 - 120 m²
Price from 105,000 €
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12 Month

Outstanding real estate in Alanya Cikcilli for sale

Alanya / Cikcilli

Apartments in Alanya Cikcilli have been laid out by a renowned architect. The Alanya beach is 1.8 kilometers away while the Gazipasa airport is 40 kilometers away from the project. Cikcilli district is well known for its cozy atmosphere and amazing green spaces with low rise buildings and fresh air.

Property Nr.
Completion year
1+1, 2+1, 2+1 Duplex
46 - 142 m²
Price from 170,000 €
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12 Month

VIP homes for sale in Alanya Turkey


It is located in Buyukhasbahce region, one of the most elite districts of Alanya, which is far from the city complex, with a magnificent sea view. Alanya is one of the best tourist cities in Turkey, which is a wonderful combination of the sea and the quiet and unique forests. There will be a 5% discount from the special price list for cash purchase, 35% down payment with 3 interim payments and 12 monthly installments.

Property Nr.
Completion year
1+1, 2+1, 3+1
174000 - 460000 m²
Price from 174,000 €
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Buy 2 bedroom property in Alanya for investment

Alanya / Oba

It is possible to pay in interest-free installments up until the facility's development is complete. The distance to the beach is 1.7 kilometers, while Gazipasa airport is 38 kilometers away. Oba is a very famous area; it is only 4 kilometers to the east from Alanya center and it offers some of the best bars and night clubs.

Property Nr.
Completion year
75 m²
Price 222,000 €
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Residential houses for sale in Oba Mahallesi Alanya

Alanya / Oba

The construction of this project in Oba Alanya with a wonderful design with 30 is ready for delivery in February 2023. In winter 2023, according to the Turkish data and statistics center, the price of houses for sale in Alanya Oba district in the last 4 years has increased % 932.

Property Nr.
Completion year
2+1, 3+1
100 - 200 m²
Price from 273,000 €
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12 Month

Apartments for sale delivery in 2023 in Alanya Oba

Alanya / Oba

Most importantly this project in Oba Alanya is suitable for Turkish passport and citizenship. The complex is located 3 kilometers from the center of Alanya. The construction will start in May 2022 and will end in August 2023. Oba district is very popular with foreign buyers of real estate, especially the Europeans.

Property Nr.
Completion year
2+1, 3+1
123 - 150 m²
Price from 377,000 €
  Turkish passport
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12 Month

Alanya Oba new brand properties for sale

Alanya / Oba

The complex in Oba Alanya includes many local amenities and necessities. This project is very suitable for Turkish passport and the construction will end by July 2023. Oba is a prestigious area of the city with its low European style buildings, located closest to the center of Alanya.

Property Nr.
Completion year
1+1, 2+1, 3+1
53 - 176 m²
Price from 168,000 €
  Turkish passport
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Seaside apartments for sale in Alanya Kestel

Alanya / Kestel

The project offers many social facilities and features. Since winter 2022, The price of properties for sale in Alanya Kestel has increased %457 in the last 4 years. The cost of living in Alanya is way cheaper than many other European cities like Oslo.

Property Nr.
Completion year
1+1, 2+1
45 - 120 m²
Price from 178,000 €
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12 Month

Alanya Demirtas apartments for sale by installments


The location of modern apartments in Alanya Demirtas is ideal for year-round living and raising children in Turkey. According to the Turkish data and statistics center in winter 2022, the price of the properties for sale in the last 2 years in Alanya Demirtas has increased %432. 

Property Nr.
Completion year
1+1, 2+1, 4+1
52 - 180 m²
Price from 94,500 €
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12 Month

Pre sale property in Mahmutlar Alanya by payment plan

Alanya / Mahmutlar

The big complex in Mahmutlar has been fully equipped with social areas and features including landscaped gardens and walking paths, a large swimming pool, sunbathing and relaxing areas, sitting spaces, fitness center and gym, indoor playground for children to play, basketball and volleyball courts. Nearby this area you can find Kestel and Kargicak. When comparing the cost of living of Alanya to other cities you can tell that living in Alanya will be much easier.

Property Nr.
Completion year
1+1, 2+1
50 - 70 m²
Price from 115,000 €
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Apartments for sale in Alanya

Buying a property and apartment in Alanya means taking advantage of emerging areas of Turkey on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The southern coast of Alanya is now known together with the city of Antalya as an important destination, not only for foreign real estate market, but also for tourism and lifestyle.

Compared to the last five years, the city has received many requests from foreign tourists and Turks to buy properties and apartments in Alanya.

Turkey's real estate market changed last year, and Alanya was one of the areas that benefited from it. Now we are going to take a look at how the market will perform in 2022 and find out the reasons why home buyers are flocking there and where they are buying.

For more information about the prices and types of properties for sale in this city, you can refer to the page of Real Estate for Sale in Alanya .

Cruise ships in Alanya

Cruise ships in Alanya

1) About real estate in Alanya

In 2021, three events affected the Turkish housing market. First, Turkey entered the year of quarantine; because the covid disease was still spreading all over the world; Hence, the boom in real estate markets waned and in some cases, life continued with virtual visits, but for the most part, foreign homebuyers put off buying until they could travel.

The southern and western coasts of Turkey attracted more attention from domestic buyers after the quarantine was lifted. More and more Turks, eager to leave the big cities, flocked to the towns and villages of the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts.

This increase in interest rate affected the supply and demand and along with the increase in the price of construction materials, it affected the value of the property up to 100% in some parts of Alanya.

There are three main reasons why buyers prefer Alanya to Antalya for access to shopping, tourism and nightlife in Turkey. Firstly, many houses have stunning sea views due to Alanya's elevated location and tall buildings. Whereas in Antalya city, living in a flat landscape means paying more to buy a house.

Second, prices in Alanya are historically lower than in downtown Antalya. Therefore, Alanya accommodates both budget and luxury buyers.

Alanya offers great potential for long-term investment. Finally, although the opening of Ghazi Pasha Airport boosted its prestige, local councils never stopped investing in tourism infrastructure and facilities; Therefore, they assure property buyers and property investors that their purchase is safe.

In general, Alanya has many attractions that keep home buyers away from buying properties and apartments in Antalya.

Buying an apartment in Alanya

Fun in the tourist city of Alanya

2) Benefits of Alanya

Transportation Network: Foreign property buyers can easily access Alanya via Antalya and Gazi Pasha airports. In addition, the local bus network is also connected with other parts of Turkey. Also, Alanya, as a Mediterranean coastal city, sees an increase in sea traffic during the summer.

Real Estate: Alanya attracts many foreigners and Turks with new apartments and villas as well as pre-sale projects. As mentioned earlier, Alanya apartments sell at attractive prices per square meter, especially when compared to other destinations in Turkey.

However, property buyers can also expect the best of Turkish architecture in off-plan and new projects in the city.

Social Amenities: When it comes to shopping, nightlife, entertainment, and attractions, Alanya property owners have very little to complain about; The variety of venues is huge, from restaurants with international cuisine to party clubs and family bars.

Beach lifestyle: Cleopatra beach is considered one of the best beaches in Turkey. Thousands of people enjoy this beach and other beautiful bays every year. For an enjoyable beach life, sailing on the Riviera is a great option.

Return on investment: thanks to Alanya's cross-border economy, the high liquidity of the real estate market ensures that buyers can easily sell their property or apartment later.

If you combine this advantage with Turkey future potential in the housing market, you will realize that Alanya is an excellent destination for real estate investment.

Combination of tradition and modernity: Although some other cities in Turkey have largely moved away from the traditional life and historical heritage of this country, in Alanya traditions and cultural heritage are still preserved alongside modern life today.

3) Popular areas of Alanya

Mahmutlar: Mahmutlar coastal area attracts property buyers well; Because despite its coastal location, the price per square meter of an apartment in this area is one of the most affordable prices in Alanya.

This area is located 8 km from the city center and is easily connected to other places through transport networks and local buses. In addition, Gazi Pasha Airport is only 25 km away from this area.

Avsallar: Located halfway between the outskirts and downtown Alanya, Avsalar offers a laid-back beach lifestyle. In addition, property owners can easily take advantage of more social facilities by taking a bus to the city center.

You can expect a typical Mediterranean vibe from this beach destination, which is one of the best beaches in the Antalya region.

Tosmur: 6 kilometers away from the city center and Mahmutlar, home buyers in Tosmur certainly have many choices. A decent range of bars, shops and restaurants will satisfy everyone. However, the crown jewel of the area is the Dim Chai River, which from spring to fall is teeming with travelers and nature-seekers.

Central Alanya: The heart of Alanya attracts buyers with higher budgets simply because of its location, but this higher cost of buying an apartment in Alanya means having all the amenities close to you.

Popular neighborhoods in the center of Alanya include (Guler pinari, Hisariji and Saray). The bus network also connects the center of Alanya to other areas and the city of Antalya.

Apartments for sale in Alanya, Turkey

Shopping in the markets and commercial centers of Alanya, Turkey

4) Alanya real estate Prediction of 2022

With Covid constantly mutating and showing no sign of a complete demise, buyers will continue to flock to Turkey's coastal areas for apartments and properties. Additionally, last year the Turkish lira experienced a staggering 40% drop.

Following that, the Turkish government introduced new policies to stabilize the lira. This action significantly affected the markets, but experts are not sure whether these economic policies will work in the long run and in 2022 or not. But in general, for Alanya, we can expect a significant growth in the housing market due to the increase in demand.

Why you must buy apartment for sale in Alanya?

An important question that arises for buyers in connection with the purchase of an apartment and Buy property for sale in Alanya is what makes Alanya more and more popular over time? There is actually more than one answer.

Rich history, great weather, sandy beaches, cheap living, one of Turkey's most popular tourist cities, friendly and hospitable locals, airport, historic castles, famous Cleopatra Beach, quality and cheap hotels, Dim chai, Sapadere Valley, organic food , bananas and avocados, international competitions, cable cars and many other things that attract every tourist.

Since Alanya is becoming popular, buying an apartment in Alanya is also a very good idea. Because not all tourists want to book a hotel even with all facilities.

Most of them prefer to rent an apartment or a villa to have a longer vacation in Alanya; Therefore, most tourists tend to rent properties and apartments in Alanya.

This fact naturally creates an excellent opportunity to invest in real estate in Alanya. There are two types of real estate investments in Alanya. buying brand new apartments for sale in Alanya and renovate and decorate it. Of course, this will bring you more income than rent. The second option is to buy a second-hand furnished apartment in Alanya and give it for rent.

Note that most construction companies when buying properties and apartments in Alanya guarantee an annual rental income of around 6-7%. In general, Alanya is a paradise of cheap apartments and villas for sale in Turkey.

You can easily find an apartment for sale in Alanya with a starting price of 100,000 euros. Remember that some construction companies are also offering installment plans for their projects.

Once you have decided which project you like best, be sure to contact us for advice; Because as you know, for example, when you choose higher floors to buy an apartment in Alanya, the price increases.

Also, the resale apartments in Alanya is also a good investment tool for investors looking for apartments for sale. If you are ready to move and rent long and short term, Antalya Estate site will give you free advice on how to get the most income from renting. Contact us for more information.

Note that buy villa in Alanya will bring you the most income. Yes, it's true, buying a villa costs you more than buying an apartment, but the rental income is much more than an apartment in future.

Tourist attractions of the main city of Alanya

Tourist attractions of the main city of Alanya

Apartments for sale in Mahmutlar

Mahmutlar is one of the largest tourist areas in the municipality of Alanya. Mahmutlar is located approximately 12 kilometers east of Alanya city center between Kestel and Kargicak.

In Mahmutlar, you can see all kinds of shops and there are several restaurants to choose from. You don't need to go to the center of Alanya for shopping. You can meet all your needs in Mahmutlar.

There are two local markets in Mahmutlar where you can buy fruits, vegetables and seasonal products. One of them and the main one is near the clock tower on Saturdays. The other one is on Tuesdays on the eastern side of Mahmutlar.

There are several beaches that you can easily reach from your property in Mahmutlar. Most of the apartments are a little far from Mahmutlar beach.

In 2020, the number of residents of this Mahmutlar exceeded 40 thousand people and most of them are immigrants. If you are thinking of buying an apartment in this suitable area for immigration, stay with us until the end of this article about the best real estate options in Mahmutlar for sale.

Perhaps the main difference between Mahmutlar and other coastal areas of Alanya is the nature of development. In Mahmutlar, there are mostly multi-storied buildings (8 to 12 stories), which reach 14 stories in the highest complexes.

The coastline in Mahmutlar stretches 4.5 km: from the low-lying area of ​​Kestel, which lies in a valley and is buried in gardens, to the low-lying area of ​​Kargicak, surrounded by pine forests and low mountains.

The Antalya-Mersin highway is located between the sea and the residential areas of Mahmutlar, behind which there is a new promenade, which was renovated and expanded in 2020 with wide and rocky beaches. Apartments of any price, located on the coastline in Mahmutlar, have year-round rental potential, high sales and an extremely fast payback period (7-10 years). Therefore, according to experts, apartments for sale in Mahmutlar is the best investment option in this area.

How much Budget you need to buy apartment in Alanya?

You can still buy a beachfront apartment in Mahmutlar at a relatively low price; Because about a third of the coastal housing in this area are old houses and luxury residential complexes over 10 years old.

Gradually, as new and ultra-modern development projects are progressing in the plaza level, the market of old projects is declining: the best construction companies of Anatolia region regularly contact the residents of the coastline to sell their houses.

The remarkable thing is that if all the apartment owners of a project agree to demolish their old building, they will get new apartments in first-class projects in return! Construction companies commit to paying residents rent for temporary housing for one and a half to two years (while new construction is underway) (in summer 2022 this amount is 10,000 lira per month).

One of the most common schemes to make quick money from real estate in Turkey is to buy an old furnished apartment, which is about to be demolished, by the sea in Mahmutlar. In the first few years, you can rent this apartment to tourists and then wait for the best offer from the building developers and exchange the old apartment for a new housing at the plaza level.

Advantages and disadvantages of buying an apartment on the Mediterranean coast
The main advantage of buying an apartment on the coastline is the stunning sea views.

Coastline housing options in Mahmutlar and other areas of Alanya offer a magnificent sea view from the balcony and from the windows (for residents of panoramic apartments) or from the complex environment (for residents of apartments facing the mountains, city neighborhoods or residential areas). Apartments with a sea view in Mahmutlar are among the most expensive apartments and of course they sell very quickly.

The second obvious advantage of beachfront apartments in Turkey is the proximity to beaches and resorts. This is a great vacation rental option that can also be considered as a source of vacation rental income.

The rainy season starts from November in the Anatolian region of Turkey and lasts until April. During the season, the Mediterranean Sea is almost always mild and calm; Because travelers in Mahmutlar mostly come to this area in spring, summer and autumn. However, from November to April, the sea state changes dramatically; A trough of low atmospheric pressure forms in the Mediterranean Sea, resulting in unstable weather with thunderstorms, rain and storms.

Apartment in Mahmutlar on the second or third line of the beach for sale

The great advantage of the Mahmutlar urban development is that almost all of it is located at a distance of 250 to 650 meters from the Mediterranean coast.

Far away, on the slopes of the beautiful Taurus Mountains, among green banana plantations and beautiful rural farmlands, there are rare luxury and premium multi-apartment projects, gated villa complexes and detached houses with gardens.

Another advantage of buying an apartment in Mahmutlar is the developed infrastructure of the city, which makes family life very comfortable. For the fourth consecutive year in Alanya, the mayor's office continues to implement the program "Create a park in every neighborhood".

As part of this program, new parks and green spaces with benches, picnic pavilions, exercise equipment and playgrounds will be opened in various parts of the city. In Mahmutlar, in recent years, more than a dozen such places have been opened; Green, beautiful, modern and extremely comfortable places to spend free time with children.

Living in Alanya; An ideal opportunity that cannot be easily missed!

Alanya is a great holiday destination for tourists from different countries who come to Turkey to enjoy the beautiful sea, subtropical climate and extraordinary nature.

In just a few years, the city has become a second home for many foreigners who visit it to buy property. But what exactly attracts buyers to the Mediterranean coast?

A pleasant experience with a trip to Alanya

A pleasant experience with a trip to Alanya

Gazi Pasa Airport is only 25 km away from the city. You can easily go sightseeing in Turkey or travel abroad.

Alanya also has beautiful beaches where you will find everything you need for a comfortable stay, from calm waters for swimming to umbrellas, fine sand and pebbles, cozy spots, lounge chairs and bars, all for the convenience of tourists and The residents of this city have been prepared.

You can also easily find entertainment for children and adults; There are many cafes, restaurants, shops, water parks, diving and entertainment in Alanya.

If you plan to stay in Alanya, the local market offers many suitable properties. If you have a small budget, you can choose a cozy apartment with proper facilities and layout. Also, there are turnkey luxury villas. If you have already decided on Alanya as a great destination to live, what is the next step? How to buy a house?

In fact, it is very important to choose a reliable partner who can help you choose the property and organize the purchase and sale transaction.

A trusted agency will show the buyer all the features of a property or apartment well, depending on the buyer's preferences; You get to know the pros and cons, get helpful advice, and then the agency prepares the documents and closes the deal. Also, many companies offer after sales services and finally you as a new owner will get all the help you need.

How to choose a place to buy an apartment in Alanya?

It is not easy to find properties and apartments among the multitude of available properties and websites. In fact, choosing an apartment is a big challenge; Every family and every person has preferences.

For some, peace and quiet are of utmost importance, while others need connections, good night clubs and restaurants within walking distance. We advise you to check the popular areas of Alanya well before buying a property. Below are some good and popular areas in Alanya to find apartments for sale:

Demirtas: You can find cheap apartments for sale here. In the future, the price per square meter will increase significantly. The main advantage of Demirtas is its proximity to Gazi Pasa Airport (10 km) and the city center (only 20 km).

Mahmutlar: A large number of Russian speakers live in new residential complexes on the coastline. Also, construction is developing in this area. Soon, real estate prices will rise.

Oba: A prestigious area preferred by European residents.

cikcilli: It has several educational institutions and a large and newly built hospital.

Kestel and Tosmur: Nature lovers will enjoy these places due to the Dim chay mountain river near Kestel and Tosmur.

Kargicak: In this area, you will find beautiful villas and residential buildings with common spaces. There are also properties on its coastline, although their prices are a little high.

You can buy a property or apartment in Alanya in different ways. For example, you can pay in cash. Also, construction companies and sellers can offer different types of payment (including mortgage and installments).

Many developers allow you to deposit funds in installments even at the beginning of the construction process when prices are much lower. If you have any questions about buying a property on the Mediterranean coast, please contact Antalya Estate. Our consultants will not hesitate to help.

Buying luxury apartments with facilities in Alanya

Living and staying in luxury apartments with facilities in Alanya

Apartments for sale in Oba

There is a wide range of apartments for sale in Oba, along the sea. On our website, you will find the best property deals from approved developers, estate agents and private sellers.

Real estate in Oba is a great combination of high quality and affordable prices. Our search filters help you find an apartment that perfectly matches your needs in terms of price, property type, living space, location and much more.

If you imagine Alanya as one big cake, Oba is definitely the icing on the cake! The best of Alanya can be found in Oba. Lovely parks, orange groves, beautiful squares and the best shopping centers in the area are located in Oba.

Oba is a prestigious district in the east of Alanya. That is why the prices are not different from those in the city center. There are both new and old buildings as well as small apartments and large villas.

Whatever you choose, you will receive top-notch service. Built-in furniture, swimming pool, sauna, garden, beach and the city center within two minutes are among the features of Oba area.

Oba is the closest suburb of Alanya. This charming place is close to the Taurus Mountains and is famous for its beautiful scenery, cozy atmosphere and parks where you can walk along the trees.

This area takes its name from the river that flows near it and is located 1 to 2 km from Alanya.

As mentioned above, Oba is close to the city center of Alanya. That is why this area is prestigious and prices are higher than other areas of Alanya.

There is no building that has more than 5 floors. There are fewer offices, no construction projects and no industrial zones, these are the reasons why many foreigners prefer to live there.

Why do people love Oba? More than 300 sunny days a year, wonderful pebbly beach, stunning mountain views, beautiful alleys and numerous parks and orange groves. Moreover, Oba is a paradise for shopaholics. There are also many cafes and restaurants in Oba.

Are you a person who has a habit of choosing the best? I must say that we are sure you will love Oba. You can come here for weekends or other holidays or you can move here to live. In addition, due to the location, apartments and villas in Uba can have great rental potential and become a good investment.

Apartments for sale in Tosmur

Being one of the most beautiful areas of Alanya, Tusmor offers great sandy beaches, stunning views and a mild climate for a beach holiday.

Tusmor is a beautiful and cozy area 7-10 minutes (by car) from Alanya, surrounded by orange and lemon groves. Tosmur is full of magical atmosphere of peace and tranquility and friendly and hospitable local people.

You will feel like you are living in the right place while walking along the white sand beaches, enjoying the beautiful mountain scenery and breathing the pure sea air.

Tosmur has one of the most beautiful promenades, a great place to walk with family, friends or alone. Equipped beaches with clean white sands and all facilities to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable rest that attracts tourists. All beaches have sunbeds, and you can also rent water sports equipment in Tosmur.

Tosmur is located about four kilometers from Alanya. You can get there by bus or by "Dolmush" which is a kind of local minibus. So even if you don't have a car, there will be no problem to reach Alanya.

Facilities in Tosmur Alanya

Some tourists hesitate to buy an apartment in Tosmur because of the lack of facilities. Needless to say, you can find almost any apartment for sale in Tosmur to make your stay more comfortable during the holidays or even the whole year.

Large supermarkets and small shops, ATMs and pharmacies, bakeries and small restaurants, traditional Turkish baths, massage parlors and spas abound in Tusmore. In addition, there is a large resort near Tosmur, so you can go there for shopping or walking or just having a nice weekend.

Unlike other regions of Turkey, the construction of multi-story buildings is allowed in Tosmur. This means that you can buy an apartment in the most expensive area and even on the upper floors with a unique beautiful view of the sea, the surrounding forests and the Taurus mountains.

Originality and beauty, a summary of the city of Alanya

Originality and beauty, a summary of the city of Alanya

Apartments for sale in Kargicak

Kargicak is located 14 km east of Alanya, a small Turkish village with more than three thousand inhabitants.

If you are interested in beautiful and quiet places where you can relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city, walk along the promenade and breathe in the clean air filled with the aroma of coniferous forests, you should definitely buy a property in Kargicak.

Kargicak nature and beaches

In the north, the village is surrounded by forests with coniferous trees and Taurus mountains with magnificent views.

The sandy beach of Kargicak stretches for more than five kilometers. The residential area and the beach are separated by the Antalya-Mersin highway and you have to cross the underpass to reach the sea.

Despite the fact that the village of Kargicak is relatively new, it has a lot of developed infrastructure. In this area you can find everything you need for a comfortable life in every season: from numerous shops and the weekly market to supermarkets and shopping centers, cafes and restaurants for all tastes, pharmacies and parks.

Also, Antalya International Airport is a few hours away from the village, and Gazi Pasha Airport, which has a direct flight to Istanbul, is about 30 minutes' drive from Kargicak.

Kargicak tourist attractions

The famous ancient ruins of Naola and Laertes are located near Kargicak. Dimjcai river with one of the biggest caves is located near the village.

Also, you can have a beautiful view from the walls of the ancient city of Sidra located in the mountains. In recent years, foreign tourists have shown an increasing interest in buying studios, apartments and villas in this village.

One of the reasons is the convenient location of Kargicak (close to Alanya) and its peaceful atmosphere. In addition, property and apartment prices are lower than in other major cities, although prices in Kargicak are also increasing year by year.

Apartments for sale in Avsallar

Avsalar is a great destination for those looking for a family vacation home. Avsalar boasts a mild climate, ideal sandy beaches lined with pine trees, and modern development projects from Turkey's largest developers.

On our website, you will find the best properties and apartments for sale in Avsallar and by the sea. Please contact Antalya Estate Consultants and check the offers.

If you like warm sea, clean beaches and beautiful mountain views, buying an apartment in Avsalar is definitely what you need.

This area is considered the warmest area on the coast of Antalya due to the protection of winds and storms by the bay.

Avsalar beaches are about 3 kilometers long and have a lot of variety. There are good places in Avsalar for families with children who need easy access to the sea and sandy beach, and for those who love diving in deep water.

The swimming season in this spectacular area lasts from April to November, and the water temperature in the sea warms up to 26 degrees in early autumn.

The city itself is very well maintained and full of greenery. Locals and tourists like to walk along the palm trees and enjoy the magnificent mountain scenery of Avsalar.

Alanya Avsallar facilities

Not only Russians, but also Europeans are willing to buy property and apartments in Avsalar, Turkey. This city has attracted people of different ages, different occupations and different mentalities.

There are all possible facilities to meet the needs of the residents. From diverse cuisines to recreational and entertainment facilities, medical services, shops and markets, cafes and restaurants, night clubs and bars, pharmacies and hot water salons, there are local people and tourists who rent apartments in Avsalar in the summer.

Alara River is considered as one of the other places of interest in Avsalar. The ancient caravanserai of the 13th century is located on the bank of this river.

The main Muslim shrine in Avsalar is the town's famous mosque, which allows you to learn more about the local people's religion. Children will be delighted to see a large water park and dolphinarium, and on weekends, family members can go horseback riding or sailing.

Apartments for sale in Kestel

Endless sandy beaches, stunning mountain views and warm seas make Kestel an ideal place for living and tourism. If you are looking for an apartment abroad for a family vacation, please contact the consultants of Antalya Estate and check the latest offers.

Alanya Kestel tourist attractions

The main attraction of the castle is the beautiful river Dim chai, which flows from the west side of the village and flows into the sea.

Climbing the beautiful mountain road, you will reach the second largest cave in Turkey. This village is developing rapidly. Housing construction is very active in this area. Many people buy an under construction property or apartment due to the good reputation of the developers.

The real estate market in Kestel mainly consists of low-rise buildings (less than 5 floors) and small residential units.

These units mostly consist of several blocks and offer a wide range of amenities, including swimming pools, barbecues and recreational areas, as well as parking and other facilities necessary for a comfortable life.

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