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Residential house for sale in Bodrum Turkey


Each flat in Bodrum Turkey consists of wide features and comfortable living spaces, bathrooms and bedrooms with luxurious materials. Bodrum is a highly attractive and unique city that exhibits the uncommon beauty of Turkey. Bodrum has evolved from a vacation destination to a metropolis where these benefits may be utilized.

Property Nr.
Completion year
2+1, 3+1
75 - 150 m²
Price from 365,000 €
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Citizenship properties for sale in Bodrum villa town


If you have to rely on public transport to get around in Bodrum Turkey, there are bus stops that are also within walking distance, to reach various local beaches. Bodrum, which has become a life center that can be lived not only in summer but also in all seasons, with its unique architectural tradition, bays, bars, restaurants, natural riches, international cultural and artistic activities. The villas for sale in Bodrum have been inspired by the houses of the historical Mugla Bodrum region.

Property Nr.
Completion year
2+1, 3+1, 4+1
116 - 160 m²
Price from 320,000 €
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Gorgeous stone house for sale in Bodrum bay


Bodrum city is located in the western corner of Mugla province. The beaches of Bodrum have very good quality, both in terms of the cleanliness of the beach water and the quality of the accommodations near it, and has been able to receive a blue flag. Purchase this deluxe stone villa in Bodrum and have a Turkish citizenship.

Property Nr.
Completion year
280 m²
Price 1,450,000 €
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Deluxe Mugla best offer of villa for sale in Bodrum


Bodrum is located on a peninsula on the Aegean Sea. Bodrum beaches are among the best in Turkey. Fully detached villa in Bodrum Alt Konacik is a great holiday house if you are looking for properties to purchase in Bodrum Turkey. Bodrum is home to some of the most luxurious houses. Have an estate investment by buying this property in Turkey. This property is truly a golden opportunity if you wish to invest in property in Turkey.

Property Nr.
Completion year
170 - 220 m²
Price 630,000 €
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Yalikavak Beach 3 bedroom villa for sale in Mugla Bodrum


Enjoy a completely private life when you purchase this incredible villa for sale in the best area of Bodrum Yalikavak; with incredible sea and marina that stretches endlessly. Yalikavak is a prime and one of the most sought-after areas in Bodrum Turkey. Purchase this property in Bodrum Turkey now and have an estate investment. You can obtain a Turkish citizenship and receive a Turkish passport afterwards.

Property Nr.
Completion year
110 - 400 m²
Price 495,000 €
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Fully furnished exclusive villa for sale in Bodrum Mugla


This deluxe villa is located in one of Bodrum’s most privileged areas, built within luxurious villas and houses. Bodrum is one of the most vibrant and sophisticated towns in Turkey. This can be an ideal holiday house for you and your family or if you are looking to live in Bodrum permanently. You can make a great estate investment by purchasing this property in Bodrum Turkey.

Property Nr.
Completion year
220 m²
Price 960,000 €
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Central Bodrum special modern designed villa for sale in Turkey


This prime villa in Bodrum Turkey is located in a place where it is far away from the city hustle and is a suitable holiday house for those who are seeking for one. Bodrum is a sophisticated city where it is home to some of the most luxurious villas you could possibly find in Turkey. By purchasing this property in Turkey, you can obtain a Turkish citizenship.

Property Nr.
Completion year
210 m²
Price 1,175,000 €
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Villa for sale in the style of stone house in Yalikavak Bodrum


This villa has been located at Turkey’s most privileged and luxurious areas in Bodrum and it now furnished and ready for sale. Investing in this villa in Turkey is a golden opportunity since it is a very sought-after area by tourists who are looking for a holiday home in Bodrum Turkey. You can contact us at Antalya estate for further guidance.

Property Nr.
Completion year
120 m²
415,000 €Price 350,000 €- 15%
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Panoramic sea view mansion villa in Yalikavak Bodrum


This deluxe-styled mansion villa is located in one of the best spots in Yalikavak Bodrum in Turkey. This property in Turkey is a great investment opportunity for you since it is located at a highly demanded area in Bodrum so you can expect high rental returns. By buying this villa, you can get you, your spouse and children under the age of eighteen a Turkish citizenship.

Property Nr.
Completion year
Price 1,700,000 €
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Buy sea vista house modern design in Turkey Bodrum


This magnificent sea vista villa is located at the heart of Bodrum which is the home to some of the most luxurious villas you could possibly find in Turkey. This three bedroom villa is within close range to the beach, only 2 kilometers away from the sea and the Marina. you can enjoy a quiet and peaceful time during your stay in this sea vista villa.

Property Nr.
Completion year
180 m²
Price 816,000 €
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All you have to know about villas for sale in Bodrum

Bodrum is one of Turkey’s old cities, which has gone through many historical events over time. This city is located on a peninsula along with several other cities and has had a strategic position over time. Currently, the city of Bodrum is one of the tourist cities of Turkey, which is located on the coast of the Aegean Sea.

This beautiful coastal city has ports for sailing and boating. However, in 1940, it was known as a small fishing town.
With the progress of Turkey and the influx of a large number of European tourists to this country, tourists gradually discovered Bodrum and brought prosperity and prestige to this city. Since then, Bodrum has been developing day by day and is now home to many beautiful luxury villas.

Bodrum Video:

The urban style of Bodrum is close to the Egyptian architectural style, which is very wonderful and unique. Seeing the architecture of this city and its surrounding areas, is one of its special features for tourists who travel to Bodrum. In ancient times, this city was once called Halikarnas.

Most of Turkish citizens call this city by the same name. So, if you heard the name of the city of Halikarnas or Halicarnassus somewhere, you should know that these names are other names of the city of Bodrum.
This beautiful beach town is open for 24 hours a day and there are no shutdowns. The entertainment of this city is not limited only during the day and there are special tourist places for the night as well which has made Bodrum one of the special tourist cities in Turkey. You can reach the beach from almost anywhere in Bodrum city.
Because as we mentioned before, this city is located on a peninsula.
If you intend on buying a villa in Bodrum either for residence or investment, you should familiarize yourself with the different features of this city in advance and learn more about the market in Turkey.

In this article, we tried to collect information about the characteristics of Bodrum city and the marketing of buying and selling villas in it. We hope you will accompany us until the end of this article.

You can find out the prices and terms of buying villas for sale in other cities by referring to the page of Buy villas for sale in Turkey.

Life in the coastal city of Bodrum

Life in the coastal city of Bodrum

History of Bodrum Bodrum is one of the most historic cities in Turkey, dating back to 484 BC. At the time, Bodrum was one of the ancient cities of Greece. The most brilliant period in Bodrum's ancient history belongs to 355 BC. At that time, Halicarnassus was the capital of Caria. It was at this time that the Mausoleum of Mausolus, one of the most famous historical monuments of Bodrum, was built – which is mentioned as one of the seven wonders.

This mausoleum was built for him by the order of Mausolus’ sister and wife. Bodrum was once occupied by the Persians but it didn't last long. With the attack of Alexander the Great, this area was taken from the Persians.

In 1522, the Ottomans conquered this city because of its special geographical location. After the declaration of independence of the Republic of Turkey, this city changed to one of the cities of Turkey. The name Bodrum is derived from Petronium.

Buying a villa in Bodrum, Turkey

The texture of the beautiful city of Bodrum in Turkey

The knights who built the famous castle of St. Peter's were called Petronium. Until 1940, it was one of the least populated and peaceful cities in Turkey but with the change in the approach of Turkey's policies and the use of the tourism industry, it has become one of its most vibrant and touristic cities.

Geographical location and population of Bodrum city

Bodrum city is located in the western corner of Mugla province. Bodrum means bottom and this city is one of the southernmost cities in Turkey on a peninsula.

The fixed population of Bodrum city in 2012 was 36,000 people, and if we consider the surrounding villages and small towns in the peninsula where it’s located, its fixed population reached 100,000 people. But now, with the increasing development of Bodrum city, it has experienced a large increase in population and has increased several dozen times. According to the 2019 census, its population has reached 175 thousand people.

This city is located on the coast of the Aegean Sea and its area is 686 km. Bodrum is 250 km away from Izmir, which is the third largest city in Turkey. Also, this tourist town is facing Kos Island in Greece and Gökova Bay. Bodrum city is 11 km from the center of Mugla province, 165 km from Marmaris, and 234 km from Fethiye.

Bodrum’s weather

If the weather of this city is important to you in order to buy a villa in Bodrum, we must say that the weather is generally sunny most days of the year in Bodrum and it rarely rains in the Summer. Bodrum's summers are hot and dry and its winters are mild and relatively humid. Ever since 1970, It has only snowed once in the winter of 2004.

Villa for sale in Bodrum, Turkey

Excursion in the coastal city of Bodrum

The air temperature rarely drops below 15 degrees Celsius during winter days in this city. The lowest temperature recorded during winter nights is 8 degrees Celsius.
The highest temperature in summer during the day is 37°C and 23°C during the nights. The average annual temperature in Bodrum is 24 degrees Celsius.

January is the coolest month of the year and August is the hottest month of the year in Bodrum. Amongst the different tourist areas in the world, Bodrum ranks 54 out of 100 in terms of quality of weather conditions.
Sea water and outdoor pools in Bodrum also have a relatively balanced temperature in summer and winter. So that you can even swim during the winter in the beach or outdoor pools of this city.

The culture in Bodrum

Several cultures have been integrated in the city of Bodrum, which can be seen in the architecture of the houses and the architectural style of Bodrum's urban development. In this city, European, ancient-Greek culture and Turkish people are integrated together.

Many celebrations and ceremonies of Bodrum city are influenced by European culture. The people of Bodrum have been influenced by their culture due to the large number of European tourists and they treat immigrants and tourists very well.

Most people in Bodrum speak Turkish. But those who are young and have university education can also speak English. If you are thinking of buying a villa in Bodrum, it is better to learn the Turkish language completely. Most of the people of Bodrum are Muslims and the minority are Christians.

Transportation in Bodrum

One of the important issues that you should think about before moving to Bodrum is its public transportation system. Because usually the price per liter of gasoline is expensive in Turkey and most people use public transportations instead of private vehicles.

Villas surrounded by mountains in Bodrum, Turkey

Villas surrounded by mountains in Bodrum, Turkey

Fortunately, Bodrum has a very good transportation system for the convenience of tourists and those who live there.
Bodrum has an international airport, called Bodrum-Milas Airport, which is only 32 km away from Bodrum city. There are many international flights from this airport.

Havaş buses and taxis are used for going to Bodrum airport. There are also many other bus stations in Bodrum, but these buses do not operate 24 hours a day.

There are bus stops in most neighborhoods and parts of Bodrum. In addition to the bus, you can also go to other places or travel to other cities by boat.

Tourist sights of Bodrum

St. Peter's Castle One of the most attractive tourist sights in Bodrum is St. Peter's Castle which is very popular among the tourists. This castle was maintained by the knights of several countries, including the French and English knights, each of which had their own towers.

This historical place was built between 1402 and 1437. During the construction of this castle, there was a church there. When the Ottomans captured this fort, they turned this church into a mosque.

Bodrum Underwater Archaeological Museum One of the attractive places that you can visit by buying a villa in Bodrum is its underwater archeology museum. The Museum of Underwater Archeology is located in St. Peter's Castle. In this museum, all kinds of marine tools and equipment sunk during the past years, including the Uluburun ship, archaeological treasures, glass workshop, etc. are kept.

Mausoleum of Mausolus and Gate of Mindos At the time of its construction, this mausoleum was one of the most magnificent historical buildings in the world, so that its name was recorded in the seven ancient wonders of the world. Unfortunately, there are not many remains of this great tomb because throughout history and as a result of various wars, this building has been destroyed.

Buy a beach villa in Bodrum

Bodrum sea and beach

In addition to the mausoleum, the 7 km long Mindos Gate is one of the historical sites of Bodrum. This gate was built by the order of a king named Masul, who was one of the Achaemenid kings in Bodrum. In addition to these two valuable historical places, visiting the amphitheater and the old city of Bodrum is also worth a visit.

Bodrum Water Park In addition to the historical and valuable places that exist in Bodrum, due to its touristic nature and beach style, many recreational places have been built in this city.

Living in Bodrum, you can spend your weekends in one of these recreational places and enjoy life in this beautiful city. In Bodrum Water Park, a river has been built with a height of 350 meters. In addition to the river, there are twenty-three waterfalls, more than twenty-three water slides, wave pools and other pools in this water park.

This water park is designed for families and has separate sections for children's games. Beside this water park, there are several cafes and restaurants where you can try excellent Turkish and non-Turkish dishes.

Turkish bath One of the attractive parts of living in Bodrum is the existence of Turkish baths. One of the traditional baths in Bodrum is Bardakçı Bath, which was built in the 17th century and is still open.

Boats in Bodrum One of the most interesting and exciting activities in Bodrum is boating. You can rent a boat alone and as a family and spend a few days and nights on a yacht or rent a boat with other travelers and tourists. These boats will give you an exciting experience of watching all kinds of islands around Bodrum.

Luxury villas and residences in Bodrum, Turkey

Luxury villas and residences in Bodrum, Turkey

Rabbit Island One of the attractions in Bodrum is an island called Rabbit Island, because the appearance of this island resembles a rabbit from above. All kinds of recreational and tourism facilities are provided on this island.

The beaches of Bodrum

Yahsi Beach One of the unique places that you should not miss if you choose to live in Bodrum is Yahsi Beach. This beach has very good quality, both in terms of the cleanliness of the beach water and the quality of the accommodations near it, and has been able to receive a blue flag.

The Blue Flag is an international award given to beaches of high quality. Yahsi beach is sandy and its sand is soft powder.
Bitez Beach
Bodrum has many beaches, each of which has a special beauty and charm. One of these beautiful beaches with recreational facilities is Bitez Beach.

Bodrum shopping centers

Turgutreis Market Turgutreis market is one of the local markets of Bodrum city, which has many fans. In this market, various tools and accessories as well as various products are sold, and you can buy dairy products, fruits and vegetables, handicrafts, bags and shoes, clothes, etc. in this market.

See the daily price and complete specifications of villas for sale in Istanbul on the following page:

Buying a villa with sea and beach view in Bodrum city

A view of traveling yachts in Bodrum city

The stalls in this local market do not pay taxes and therefore have lower prices than the shops in Bodrum.

Palmarina Bodrum shopping center It is one of the famous shopping centers in Bodrum, which has 53 stores of various goods. This shopping center is very popular among tourists visiting Bodrum.

Milta Marina shopping center The third famous and favorite shopping center for tourists in Bodrum is Milta Marina Shopping Center. This shopping center is located near St. Peter's Castle in Bodrum and has many famous branded shops in the world.
Midtown Mall This indoor shopping center is one of the attractions of Bodrum city. This store is one of the favorite shopping centers of those who live in Bodrum. There are 110 different stores in it that offer a variety of products.
In addition to shopping centers, there are also the following shopping centers in Bodrum:
Oasis shopping centers Avenue Bodrum shopping center

Tips for buying a villa in Bodrum

The city of Bodrum is one of the most beautiful coastal areas in Turkey, which is in great demand from Europeans and wealthy Turkish citizens to buy villas in Bodrum.

This issue has caused the price of buying a villa in Bodrum to be high, and Bodrum villas are relatively expensive. Most villas in Bodrum have sea views because the beaches of Bodrum are very long and Bodrum is located by the sea on three sides.
In general, the price of buying a villa in Bodrum depends on the distance from the beach, the price of land and villas in the desired area, the ability to live in the area, proximity to the bus station, etc. Some luxury and expensive villas in Bodrum cost more than one million euros.
Most investors and tourists who buy villas in Bodrum are English, French and German. Many of these investors choose this city as their place of residence by buying and selling villas in Bodrum and seeing the natural beauty and low cost of living there.

Therefore, in Bodrum, English, French and German languages are widely spoken in addition to Turkish. Apart from these three countries, Russians are also interested in buying villas in Bodrum, Turkey.

Although there are many expensive villas in Bodrum, the price of buying a villa in Bodrum is lower than the price of buying a villa in Ankara and Istanbul, and in this city, you can find villas with a lower size and more reasonable price that have good conditions.

Buying beach villas with sea view in Bodrum city

Beach villas with sea view in Bodrum city

Most of the villas in Bodrum city are newly built and have a unique architecture, and the materials used in them are of very good quality.
Many construction companies operate in Bodrum city and many small to large villa settlements have been built in this city.

Buying and selling villas in Bodrum has a very good security thus fraud and deception in such cases rarely happen in this city. In addition, due to the increase in requests for investment in this city, the purchase of villas in Bodrum for investment is becoming more prosperous and the prices are increasing day by day.

In general, every year the price of buying a villa in Bodrum increases by 5 to 10 percent.
Foreigners and immigrants who intend to buy a villa in Bodrum are usually given a housing loan. This loan is usually 50% of the purchase price of the property.
The interest on these loans is usually 7 to 9 percent.

The price of buying an old villa in Bodrum is 10-20% cheaper than the price of a newly built villa. Usually, the villas of the second category are furnished and have household appliances. If a villa does not have household appliances, it will be sold at a cheaper price but there is not much difference in its price.

Usually, when buying a villa in Bodrum Turkey, the sellers give a 10-15% discount on the price of their villa, especially if it is the second category, and you can use this opportunity to buy a villa in Bodrum. Of course, second category villas are traded in cash.

By buying a villa worth 75,000 US dollars, you can apply for a temporary residence in Turkey. If the purchase price of a villa in Bodrum Mugla reaches 400,000 US dollars and you do not have any legal problems, you can easily apply for a permanent residence in Turkey.

It is possible to get a residence in Turkey by buying a villa there if you have no criminal record in your country or in Turkey and you are not known as a criminal or fraudster.

Villa for sale in Bodrum

You may think of selling a villa in Bodrum after some time has passed. Before selling a villa in Bodrum, you should keep in mind that if you have applied for permanent residence in Turkey, you do not have the right to sell the villa you have purchased for up to three years.

After three years, you can sell your villa. Usually, due to the increase in the purchase price of a villa in Bodrum and the increase in demand for buying, especially in the summer season, you can sell your villa at a higher price than when you bought it in a short period of time.

If you intend to sell a villa in Bodrum, it is better to do it at a time when the buying and selling of villas in Bodrum is more prosperous and the sale of villas is done more frequently. Usually, the summer season is the best season due to the arrival of tourists to this city.

Bodrum local market in Turkey

Bodrum local market in Turkey

One of the ways to invest in buying a villa is to pre-purchase a villa from one of the villa builders in Bodrum. In this case, you have become the owner of the villa at a lower price than when the villa was delivered. After the completion of construction, if the price you set for sale on your villa is lower than the final sale price of the villa by the construction company, your villa will be sold quickly.

Villas for sale in Bodrum Mugla

Villas for sale in Bodrum Mugla have very good facilities and most of them are newly built and of high quality.

Most of these villas have places to relax and to watch the sea view. Large terraces with beautiful gazebos give you a chance to drink your coffee and tea safely and look at the beautiful views of the seashore. In addition to the terrace, facilities such as swimming pool, garden and green space, barbecue, public places in villa settlements for talking with neighbors near you, electrical appliances (microwave, hood, cooler) and etc. can be found in Bodrum Mugla.

Villas for sale in Bodrum Mugla have different prices according to the year of construction, neighborhood, distance to the sea, technical conditions of the building, stage of construction, infrastructure, facilities and facilities of the property.

The price of buying a villa in Bodrum usually starts from 350,000 dollars and changes depending on the size, whether it is duplex or triplex, etc. For example, a 220-meter duplex villa costs $480,000. Approximately, the purchase price of each meter of villas for sale in Bodrum Mugla is 40.000 Turkish lira.
Some of the villas for sale in Bodrum Mugla are very luxurious and expensive, and the price of some of them is between one million and two million euros. These villas have unique facilities and are usually built with sea views.

Villas for sale in Torba

One of the attractive and beautiful areas for buying a villa in Bodrum is buying a villa in Torba. This beautiful area is a modern village that has a unique reputation. The distance between this village and Bodrum city center is about 6 kilometers, and by buying a villa in Torba and living in it, you will have easy access to city facilities in Bodrum.

Torba beaches are pebble and sandy and are very attractive for tourists who choose Torba beaches for sightseeing. Around this village there are very beautiful slopes that are covered with pine trees, olives and aromatic plants that create a dreamlike atmosphere.

In Torba, fishing is very popular and for this reason, it is not at all surprising to see a variety of restaurants that serve seafood. In addition to the beautiful beach and seafood restaurants of Torba, this village has other places to visit. You can visit Byzantine tombs and monasteries in Torba.

In addition, you can visit the famous Temple of Apollo and the ruins of the cities of Miletus using the ferries that go from Torba to Didim. You can experience a peaceful and glorious life in Torba. Torba is a great place to spend your summer vacation or post-retirement vacation.

Torba villas also follow Yalikavak and their exterior is mostly white. Also, these villas are sold with a view of the sea and its beach.

Villas for sale in Turkbuku

In this area, most of the rich Turkish people buy villas, and for that reason, it is a very good area to socialize with the rich. Also, due to its very good location, its villas have very good conditions for renting. This area is relatively small.

Many famous people choose this area to spend their holidays. Therefore, by choosing this area, you can easily access the facilities of Bodrum city.
Turkbuku has a very beautiful port. This port is surrounded by very high hills and luxury and beautiful hotels have been built in it.

You won't find long sandy beaches in Turkbuku but you can walk along the semi-circular sidewalks by the sea where all kinds of shops, stores and restaurants are located on its edge. There are many yachts in the port of this area and there are swimming pools for tourists and Turkbuko residents.

During the high tourist season, pop stars, models and professional Turkish athletes can be seen in upscale bars and restaurants or strolling along the beach, which is the famous justification of Turkbuku as Turkey's traditional trope.

If the distance from Bodrum city center is important to you for buying a villa in Turkbuko, you should know that this area is only 15 km away from Bodrum city center. It takes about 20 minutes to move between these two areas with the minibuses that go from Turkbuku to Bodrum and vice versa.

Buying a villa in the best part of Bodrum, Turkey

Baft villas by the sea in Bodrum city

Most of the villas in Turkbuku are luxurious and expensive, as this area is reserved for the rich Turks and international celebrities.

Villas for sale in Yalikavak

Yalikavak was a fishing village until a few years ago but now it has become one of the most elite cities of the peninsula. Yalikavak is located on the western side of Bodrum and it is about 20 minutes away from Bodrum by car.

In Yalikavak, you will see beautiful hills on which the houses and villas of Yalikavak are built, giving you a beautiful view of the Aegean Sea. There are many small islands around Yalikavak that you can visit and explore with yachts. Some of Yalikavak's beaches have been awarded the Blue Flag.

In Yalıkavak, Palmarina Bodrum Marina was built which is very modern and stylish and is considered as one of the best and most exciting beach resorts in Turkey. In this pier, you can enjoy a large number of shops, restaurants, cafes, etc.

In the last few years, Yalikavak has improved and made great progress in infrastructure, but Turkish city planners have tried to preserve the charm of a small town in Yalikavak. There is a weekly market in Yalikavak on Thursdays, and usually a large number of Yalikavak people shop at this market.

Buying a villa in Yalikavak is one of the best options for buying a villa in Turkey, especially for those who are interested in the special architecture of Yalikavak houses. It is not allowed to build high-rise apartments in Yalikavak. Most of the apartments also have villa style. Villas and apartments are usually built with two or three floors.

In the construction of villas in this area, only stone and wood can be used, and the color of the exterior of the buildings is only white and gray – in order to maintain the unity and procedure of urban architecture in Yalikavak. If you are planning on buying a villa in Yalikavak, you should know that the villas of Yalikavak are very stunning and beautiful, but in all of them, the same materials are used in the exterior.

If your goal is to invest and sell a villa in Bodrum quickly, it is better to think about buying a villa located in Yalikavak. This area has lots of attraction for foreigners to buy and sell real estate, and because of this, villas, houses and properties in it are bought and sold in a very short time. In this area, there are luxury villas where you can enjoy boating and water sports nearby.

Villas for sale in Ortakent

Another special and beautiful area of Bodrum, which you can consider for buying a villa in Bodrum, is the Ortakent area. This area is a town near Bodrum, halfway between Bodrum and Turgutreis.

This city has two coastal and commercial parts. The distance between the inner commercial area and the coastal area is several kilometers. You can easily go from Bodrum to Ortakent using public or private vehicles and you will not have any problems.

The waters of the beaches of this beautiful coastal city are very clear and have been able to receive the Blue Flag award. In this beautiful city, there are many untouched and pristine beaches, which is considered a very special environment for many lovers of pristine landscapes.

In addition to its pristine beaches, Ortakent is also famous for its beautiful citrus groves. Ortakent Yahşi and Yalı beaches are famous beaches of Ortakent and offer beautiful views of the Aegean Sea. These beaches are a dream place for many surfers. There is a weekly market in Ortakent which is held on Wednesdays. In this market, most of the farmers and ranchers bring their fresh and organic products. There are also very beautiful handicrafts.

These local markets are very attractive not only for the people of Ortakent but also for tourists since they can buy all kinds of products at a low price.

The beautiful and green atmosphere of Bodrum city

The beautiful and green atmosphere of Bodrum city

Most foreign and Turkish capitalists choose this city to invest in real estate. This city has very good conditions not only for vacations, but also for permanent residence, and almost all the necessary facilities are provided for living in it. Most of the residential buildings in this area are villas or houses with gardens. Of course, there are apartments with few floors and villa style.

Villas for sale in Gümüşlük

One of the places that you should visit when buying a villa in Bodrum, Turkey is the Gümüşlük area. By buying a villa in Gümüşlük, you will be only 37 kilometers away from Bodrum city center. This is a beautiful rural area on the western side of the Bodrum Peninsula.

Compared to many settlements on this peninsula, Gümüşlük is very old. Gümüşlük is located on the site of the city of Mindos, which was one of the ancient cities of Bodrum and one of the regions of Caria.

Many historical monuments related to the ancient times and the distant past can be seen on the beaches and many sights of Gümüşlük.

There are many ruins in Gümüşlük that have gone under the water and many tourists choose to dive to see these ruins under the sea. Rabbit Island is also located near Gümüşlük and you can visit the scenery of this island and the historical monuments left from this island.

Villas for sale in Turgutreis

The second largest city on the island of Bodrum is Turgutreis, which is about 20 kilometers from the center of Bodrum.

Turgutreis was named after the admiral of the Ottoman Empire who was born in this area 500 years ago. Until the last 10 years, this area was a small fishing village but in the last few years, it has experienced unprecedented growth and has turned from a village with a dirt road into a beautiful growing city.

At present, many facilities needed in a city are provided in Turgutreis. This city has a covered market, a unique street of bars, wide beaches, large supermarkets, etc.

On the hills near Turgutreis, you can see tombs from the ancient Greek era. This area is one of the popular areas for Europeans to stay permanently. Therefore, most people living in Turgutreis understand English. In the last few years, Turgutreis has grown so much that it can compete with Bodrum itself.

It is not only the urban facilities that are growing and increasing in this city, but also the construction of luxurious and luxurious villas has seen an unprecedented growth in this city in the last few years. By buying a villa in Turgutreis, you can have a panoramic view of the Aegean Sea.

Villas for sale in Bitez

One of the greenest and most beautiful areas of Bodrum is the Bitez area, which is located 8 km from Bodrum city center and 45 km from its airport.

One of the most beautiful and cleanest beaches in Bodrum belongs to Bitez Beach, which has a blue flag. Bitez Beach is popular with children and surfers. There are many restaurants and shops in this area for the convenience of tourists and residents of Bitez.

The Turkish government is making a lot of effort to keep the streets of Bodrum and especially Bitez area clean. The streets of Bitez are impeccably clean and beautiful. In addition to the natural scenery, in Bitez, the ancient cistern and the small church related to the 5th or 6th century AD are tourist and historical areas of Bitez.
If you are interested in nightlife, it is better to go out in Bodrum at night. Most of the houses built in Bitez are stone and two-story.

These beautiful two-story villas usually have a citrus garden as well. Bitez is a place to relax and spend holidays with a pure feeling. If a peaceful and safe place is important to you for buying a villa in Bodrum, consider buying a villa in Bitez as part of your plan.

How to buy a villa in Bodrum Turkey?

As mentioned, villas for sale in Bodrum Mugla have a higher price during the summer than other times of the year and buying and selling villas is more prosperous in this season.

If you are also planning to buy a villa in Bodrum Turkey and you want to travel to this city at the peak of villa buying and market selling in Bodrum, summer is the best time to travel in order to buy it in person. If you want to go to Bodrum when villa’s prices are lower and have decreased, choose other seasons of the year. In any case, you have to pay the expenses related to travel and stay in Bodrum.

Another way to know the best time to buy a villa in Bodrum is to get help from real estate consultants in your country and Bodrum. You can ask for help from real estate consultants active in the Turkish real estate and villa market to guide you in buying a villa in Bodrum.

Our consultants at Antalya Estate try to help you with buying villas offline and online. Antalya Estate Consultants Group will make sure that you are having a safe secure purchase at the lowest cost.
You can call the contact numbers of Antalya Estate Consultants Group and explain your conditions for buying a villa.

Do you intend to obtain permanent or temporary residence in Bodrum? Is your reason for buying a villa in Bodrum investment or not? Which of the Bodrum areas do you like? Are you planning to use the mortgage loan that is paid to you to buy a villa in Bodrum?

There are many things that our consultants will ask you in advance and guide you to make an accurate and safe choice. After the budget that you considered for the property is decided, according to your own opinion, the expert present in Bodrum will visit the villas that suit your conditions and prepare videos and photos for you online.

You can check different villas in terms of facilities, view, distance from the bus station, etc. If you are interested in villas for sale in Bodrum Mugla that are second class and furnished, the real estate agent in Bodrum will show you only these villas.

After your final selection, the consultant will carry out the relevant procedure to transfer the document and you must travel to Bodrum to transfer the document and sign. In this way, you can buy a villa in Bodrum Turkey without paying lots of money.
All our efforts at Antalya Estate Consultants Group are for you to have a safe purchase. Therefore, this group only introduces you to villas that are fully aware of the property's conditions and information. All our efforts are to buy your villa with the maximum discount from the owner.

Before introducing the villas to you, we check things such as paying taxes, not having a legal prohibition to sell a villa, etc., so that you can confidently check the price of buying a villa in Bodrum and make a purchase.
One of the cities that has attracted the attention of many Turkish and foreign tourists and investors in recent years is the beautiful city of Bodrum. This city is actually a peninsula and there are many small and big islands around it.

Some of these islands are habitable. Life in Bodrum is cheaper than big cities like Istanbul and Ankara. In recent years, this city has been a vacation and even permanent residence for many Europeans. British, French and Germans are one of the important fans of buying a villa in Bodrum.

There are private and public schools in Bodrum, but these schools are not international and they teach only in Turkish. Bodrum beaches are one of the best beaches in Turkey and many of them have received the Blue Flag.

There are many attractive activities along the beaches for tourists and people of Bodrum. Bodrum has very good infrastructure and its streets and alleys are clean. Some areas of Bodrum have preserved their traditional appearance and in order to comply with the architecture, the construction of buildings other than stone and plaster or white paint is prohibited and this has made these areas attractive.

Buying and selling villas in Bodrum is currently booming but in the summer season, with the arrival of tourists, its prosperity multiplies. Usually, in this season, the price of buying a villa in Bodrum also increases. If you buy a villa in Bodrum as an estate investment, in the next few years, the entire amount you paid for your villa will be returned to you through rent.

To guide and help you and check the villas for sale in Bodrum Mugla and to explain the conditions of each villa, our team of consultants at Antalya Estate is at your service both online and offline. If you are interested in buying a villa in Bodrum, call Antalya Estate.

Also, to get more information about the price, specifications and purchase conditions of other properties for sale, refer to the Real Estate for Sale in Turkey .

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