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24 Month

Discover Affordable Properties in Belek Serik with Flexible Installment Plans


There are details a luxurious property development in Belek Serik, Turkey, covering 16,065 m² with 450 flats, a mall, and a hotel. Highlighting unique features like underfloor heating, smart home systems, and an array of amenities, the project offers flexible, interest-free 24-month installment plans. The location's investment potential was emphasized, and a comparison with Marbella demonstrated Belek's affordability and attractive return on investment.

Property Nr.
Completion year
1+1, 2+1
55 - 130 m²
Price from 78,000 €
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12 Month

Belek golf properties for sale with rental income


Belek is a tiny, affluent resort in Turkey, yet it is internationally famous, and its name is well known in the mainstream tourist and property markets. Despite its international popularity, buying real estate in other golfing locations like Spain and Portugal is far more expensive, which is a significant draw for golf enthusiasts. Additionally, as Belek has just gained popularity in the past ten years, the majority of homes for sale are brand-new constructions with Turkish-inspired architecture, and also in the last 4 years property prices for sale in Belek Antalya has increased %718.

Property Nr.
Completion year
1+1, 2+1
50 - 89 m²
Price from 77,000 €
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Belek Golf Center apartment for sale in Kadriye


Belek is a town on Turkey’s southern Mediterranean coast known for its beaches, 5-star hotels, and golf courses. Over 300 days are sunny in the city and you can spend your free times on the beach of the beautiful Mediterranean coast. This magnificent villa offers you a life of quality and will make your stay in Turkey pleasant. This property is an ideal opportunity if you intend on having an estate investment in Turkey.

Property Nr.
Completion year
65 m²
Price 125,000 €
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Urgent sale spacious loft style apartment in Belek Turkey


This magnificent apartment has been put for urgent sale in a lovely spot for residential living in Belek Turkey. Belek is known as Europe’s golf capital and offers fantastic beaches, theme parks and shopping malls. You can make an estate investment by purchasing this property in Turkey. You can rent this apartment out afterwards for high rental returns when the property is not being used by yourself.

Property Nr.
Completion year
130 m²
Price 190,000 €
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New property and real estate for sale in Belek


Belek Antalya is located in Serik region, this place has a very calm and pleasant atmosphere and is away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Belek Antalya is a luxury beach town in the eastern part of Antalya, The Land of Legends Antalya is located in Belek. Land of Legends is one of the most attractive tourist centers in Antalya. In the luxury town, this complex has only apartment units. Other properties in Belek are in the form of villas.

Property Nr.
Completion year
2+1, 4+1
70 - 175 m²
Price from 200,000 €
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new build property for sale in belek Turkey


new build property for sale in belek Turkey have prices that are really low for this region and are only 60,000 euros. If you want to see them firsthand or are interested in similar apartments in Belek, please contact our managers.

Property Nr.
Completion year
95 m²
Price 145,000 €
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Property for sale in Belek new 2 bedroom


Property for sale in Belek new 2 bedroom is a two-bedroom apartment with two bathrooms. The apartment is furnished and has all the necessary appliances: TV, refrigerator, water heater, air conditioning, washing machine, dishwasher, microwave, extractor hood, oven and hob.

Property Nr.
Completion year
98 m²
Price 155,000 €
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Property for sale in Belek cheap 3 bedroom


 Property for sale in Belek cheap 3 bedroom with an area of 120 m2 have a very attractive price, as the apartment is put up for immediate sale. The apartment has a view of the pool with a beautiful terrace-balcony. The complex has an outdoor pool and Parking for cars. The complex is guarded.

Property Nr.
Completion year
120 m²
Price 215,000 €
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Cheap Property for sale in Belek Turkey


Cheap Property for sale in Belek Turkey is in demand among both locals and tourists. Apartments are easy to rent out for a few summer months, or for a longer period.

Property Nr.
Completion year
3+1, duplex
168 m²
235,000 €Price 188,000 €- 20%
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Buy villa house with furniture in Antalya Belek


The territory of the complex is fenced and there is an outdoor swimming pool.The apartment is sold with all furniture and appliances. If you wish, you can rent it out, receiving a monthly income from the delivery of this apartment.

Property Nr.
Completion year
115 m²
Price 235,000 €
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Explore all about apartments for sale in Belek, Turkey

Belek is one of the cities of Antalya, Turkey. The sector of industry and agriculture and especially tourism is very developed in Belek. Belek, which is located in Serik, attracts foreign investors and tourists from all over the world with its unique nature and historical beauty.

In the meantime, investing in property in Belek and especially the surrounding cities such as Serik, Kadriye, Bogazkent has attracted the attention of a large number of foreign investors. Statistics show that foreigners prefer to buy in Belek Apartments. In this regard, statistics show that almost 20% of foreign tourists who come to Antalya choose Belek for summer vacations and buying apartments.

For more information, visit the Buy real estate for sale in Belek.

Apartment for sale in Belek

A view of the Land of Legends entertainment mall in Belek Antalya

Therefore, Belek, Serik and Kadriye regions are known as preferred options for real estate investment for foreign investors.
Belek is one of the most popular tourist cities in Turkey for foreign investors, the main reason for which is its beautiful beaches, luxury hotels and other tourist facilities.

Every year, foreign investors buy a large number of properties and apartments in Belek and its surrounding areas. In the meantime, the names of Russian, German and English tourists are more visible. In addition, as can be seen from the situation, foreign tourists decide to buy a house after spending a holiday in Belek.

Is the Mediterranean climate effective in buying an apartment in Belek?

Luxury tourist facilities have a great impact on the tourism potential of Belek. Foreign investors prefer to make residential or commercial investments in Antalya areas such as Lara, Belek, Kemer, Alanya and Kendu.

Belek has a mild Mediterranean climate, although average summer temperatures can exceed 30 degrees. Its summers are hot and dry and its winters are mild and rainy. Summers are long and hot in coastal areas. Siah hosts domestic and foreign tourists most of the year.

To know the daily price and conditions for buying all kinds of houses in Belek, refer to the following page:

How is the public transport in Belek?

Foreign investors who wish to buy apartments choose areas for investment that have convenient and accessible transportation, the closest airport to Belek is Antalya International Airport.

Buying an apartment in Black Antalya on the golf courses

Belek Antalya Golf Courses

The reason why traveling to Belek is affordable is the high number of weekly flights to Antalya. Antalya, Alanya airports provide good air transportation services in this area. Antalya Airport is one of the largest and most popular airports in Turkey. There are direct flights from this airport to most countries near and far.

Why invest in Belek Series?

The Belek population and property buyers in Belek are increasing every year. Therefore, real estate investment in this city is very booming. Unlike other cities in Turkey, the demand for buying an apartment in Belek is high all year round. For this reason, foreign investors prefer to invest in the city of Antalya and its popular surrounding areas such as Belek and Serik.

8 reasons to invest in an apartment in Belek

Do you want to enjoy a luxurious Mediterranean life in an environment surrounded by beautiful greenery, the sea and the beach? If your answer is yes, Belek will be an ideal choice for you. Belek, which is located in Antalya, is the main tourist hub of this region.

The city has many luxury apartments and villas for sale and is also famous for its beautiful golf courses. Belek is one of the best and most popular accommodation centers in Turkey due to its convenient location. Great diversity and stunning views are an important factor in attracting investors to buy villas and apartments in this city.
Finding an apartment for sale in Belek Turkey is not that difficult. Because this area is full of modern and luxurious houses and real estate with very reasonable prices. Not only local people, but even many foreigners prefer to invest in this beautiful region to obtain Turkish citizenship.

See the daily price and complete specifications of all types of villas for sale in Belek on the following page:

Why do we suggest buying an apartment in Belek?

Some important reasons for buying an apartment in Belek:

Belek golf courses

Golf is the first thing that comes to investors' minds when they hear Belek name. The city offers a premium golfing experience due to its numerous golf courses, so if you are a golf enthusiast, you will definitely love this place.

Playing golf in the famous golf courses of Black region

Playing golf in the famous golf courses of Belek region

Belek Golf Courses are a popular destination for lovers of this popular sport. The city also hosts golf tournaments in which many golfers from around the world participate.

Belek weather

The ideal and moderate climate of Belek is the most important factor that attracts many apartment owners in Belek. The city has 300 sunny days a year, so it's safe to say that you can easily visit it in any season. The warm and dry climate favors travelers who like to spend time exploring Belek.

Nature and sports

One of the reasons for the popularity of finding apartments for sale in Belek is its ideal topography. This city hosts colorful landscapes and magnificent beaches that can enchant every tourist. You can also find many entertainment centers and outdoor activities that can keep you busy throughout the day.

Apartments for sale in the best neighborhoods of Belek

Golf courses in Belek Antalya

The land of legends in Kadriye

In Belek, there is also the "Land of Legends" hotel, which is located on Kadrieh beach. Designed for children, this place is full of adventure and fun for the whole family. Visiting the land of legends will surely thrill you.

Easy shipping in Belek

If you don't have your own vehicle, transportation in Belek is very easy. You can easily find a bus at any time of the day. The bus service is cheap and runs around the neighborhood including the Antalya area. Belek is only 30 minutes away from Antalya Airport, so you won't have a problem getting there either.

Cost of living in Belek

Apart from the affordable price of buying an apartment in Belek Searic, living in this city has many financial benefits. Taxes, the cost of various financial transactions and most importantly the cost of living in Belek are significantly lower than other similar cities in Turkey or other countries, which allows many middle-class tourists to migrate for a better experience. More comfort to come to Belek. life style.

Belek position

Foreign tourists mostly prefer houses near the beaches. There are many apartments near the sea in Belek, which makes the apartment more attractive among buyers; For this reason, coastal towns such as Belek, Kadriye or Bogazkent are highly attractive for investment to buy apartments among tourists and foreign investors.

Near the coast, the areas are less populated and more in demand. If you are looking for a quiet place to spend your summer. This area can be suitable for you.

The daily price of all types of apartments for sale in Turkey:

Is it affordable to buy an apartment in Belek?

You can find any type of villa or apartment with different prices. From a decent apartment to a luxurious house facing the beach, you can buy it at bargain prices. It should be noted that you can also expect great returns through the rental income of your apartment. To be precise, you can get a short-term rental income of 10% per annum and a long-term rental income of between 5% and 7%.
The developed infrastructure, the fantastic view by the sea, the exciting parks and the overall stylish lifestyle make Belek a perfect place to relax and spend your free time.

Land of Legend Antalya Hotel in Belek

Land of legends water park in Belek Antalya

With the growing popularity of the city, you will make a wise decision to buy an apartment in Belek Kadriye. Investing in apartments for sale in Belek is also effective for obtaining citizenship. Therefore, it is better to refer to reputable real estate agencies to finally buy the best apartments for sale in Belek.

Features of buying an apartment in Belek and surrounding areas

Belek scenic area is one of the tourist centers of Antalya. A pleasant Mediterranean climate, a vibrant community and unparalleled natural beauty make Belek an ideal destination. The attractions of this city are so great that tourists do not want to leave it easily and many of them decide to stay in Belek for a long time.
The seaside town of Belek has emerged as a giant in real estate investment. Thanks to concerted efforts by several ministries to develop tourism, Belek is now on the world map as an important classic golf destination.

What was once a quiet town has now become an exciting hub of premium golf courses, luxury golf resorts, and luxury private condos along the coast.
However, Belek's facilities extend beyond its golf courses. Those who don't follow the sport can find alternative areas to find an apartment instead of buying an apartment near the golf course in Belek.

If you need help buying an apartment in Belek, a trusted real estate agency in Turkey can make your dream of buying apartments for sale in Belek a reality. In this regard, there is good news.

The Turkish government actively invites locals and foreigners to invest in real estate. Apartment buyers in Belek welcome this favorable investment climate in Turkey for several reasons:

The price and terms of buying a house in Turkey on the following page:

Reasonable prices for buying an apartment in Belek

Belek's popularity as a golf destination has surpassed even Portugal's Algarve. The high volume of visits to Belek hotels and resorts indicates the growing interest of tourists in buying apartments near golf courses.

In recent years, many tourists have made great profits in Belek with unique property prices. The real estate market in Belek is very attractive and guarantees a high return on investment for property buyers. Property owners can also make a good profit from their rentals during the summer.

Golf, sea with sandy beach

The development of golf courses in Belek has paved the way for the construction of residential properties, villas, townhouses and apartments. Areas near golf courses are one of the most attractive spots for Belek apartment buyers. However, Belek's appeal goes beyond sports to the laid-back vibes of the seaside town and the wonderful outdoor life along the Mediterranean coast.

Luxury apartments in Belek Serik

With the establishment of Belek as a hub of golf tourism, the demand for buying apartments in this city has increased rapidly. Golf enthusiasts around the world come to this area not only as fans or athletes, but also as buyers of luxury apartments.
With 5 major golf courses and hosting prestigious international golf tournaments, Belek is a real estate investment gem along the Turkish Riviera. Villas, apartments and houses in Belek are very luxurious.

Buying luxury apartments in Black Antalya

Luxury villas and apartments in Belek

Luxury apartments in Belek Serik are close to the sea and have a breathtaking view of the golf courses. Some villas and houses, in addition to having advantages such as central swimming pools, have easy and quick access to the nearest golf course.

Buying an apartment with any amount of budget in Kadriye Belek

While Belek is primarily a real estate hub for luxury and elite buyers, it also has some fantastic mid-range apartments and affordable real estate options.
Belek Kadriye was once a quiet and coastal city. Remnants of this laid-back history can be seen throughout the city's affordable apartments, not far from gorgeous golf and luxury seaside neighborhoods.

Buyers of affordable apartments in Belek are getting their money's worth at a fantastic deal. While it is predicted that the value of their properties will continue to increase. Real estate opportunities in Belek are great and now is the time to invest in an apartment in Belek.

Transportation in Kadriye and Belek

As a special golf center for players and fans around the world, flying to Belek is easy and enjoyable thanks to the bustling Antalya International Airport just 30 kilometers away. In general, the Antalya region has one of the best and most efficient transportation services in all of Turkey.

leisure time Are you not a golf fan? There is no reason to worry; Because Belek has many recreational facilities and activities for different tastes.
Long before Belek established itself as a world golf destination, it was primarily known for its stunning beaches in the Antalya region. The beauty of these pristine beaches still remains untouched.

Belek Beach has seen huge investment over the years. Tourists in Belek can have fun sailing, surfing, or water skiing. They can also enjoy delicious meals at restaurants and bars near the beach.

Belek also has a dolphin aquarium in the popular Land of Legends where visitors can watch sea lions and dolphins swim. Another popular destination in Belek is the Land of Legends aqua park, which is the largest water park in the region.

See the daily price of all types of villas for sale in Turkey on the following page:

Where is the best place to find an apartment for sale in Belek?

Belek Center is an exciting urban center that offers different experiences for different tastes of tourists. There are several large hypermarkets and shops in Belek where you can find everything from daily necessities to jewelry, souvenirs, and leather goods.
If you like charming local markets for shopping, Kadriye city offers a more relaxed and personal experience that you can only find in small towns.

There aren't many stores, but you'll find everything you're looking for in one great shopping experience. Tuesdays in Kadriye are very special and should not be missed.

Belek's natural beauty

Belek is a city beyond stunning beaches, a short drive from the center brings you closer to the majestic Taurus Mountains, beautiful pine forests, gentle hills and eucalyptus groves.
Belek's extraordinary green cover creates an interesting contrast to its urban surroundings and is a perfect location for those who prefer to connect with nature.
Whether you love golf or not, Belek is a beautiful beach town that promises an exciting and varied lifestyle. With some of the best real estate companies in Turkey located in the Belek area, buying an apartment in Belek and buying an apartment in Kadriye are some of the most sought after in the country. Take a tour and be one of the first to own a dream home near the golf course in Belek, or near the Land of Legends in Kadriye.

Why is it recommended to buy an apartment in Belek?

Belek area is only 15 minutes from the outskirts of Antalya and 30 minutes from the airport. What was a small village thirty years ago has now become the number one year-round golf destination.
Belek has 14 golf courses located along the southern coast of Antalya, representing the largest concentration of high-quality, high-value golf courses around the Mediterranean, although more developments are still planned.

Life in Black Antalya

Life in Belek Antalya

Belek has also gained popularity as an affordable alternative to more established golf destinations such as Portugal and Spain, although the town is primarily a holiday resort; But how does this affect the real estate market? Most foreigners who come to Belek now go on golfing holidays and stay in one of the apartments on the beach or near one of the golf clubs. But the main goal of the Turkish government is to increase the real estate capacity by attracting more golfers and tourists in general.

Why is the demand for buying apartments in Kadriye increasing rapidly?

Nowadays, everyone wants to own an apartment or even a villa in Turkey, which is not surprising. In recent years, we have seen a large number of people immigrating to Turkey and buying their own villas and properties.
The demand for apartments and properties in Turkey is increasing with residents of other countries buying units in Turkey. Iran, Iraq, Russia, Germany, America and even Kazakhstan are among the leading countries in buying property in Turkey. However, in recent years, other nationalities have also bought apartments and villas in Turkey.
Kadriye is a beautiful area known for its stunning beaches and hot springs. Kadriye is located in Belek City and near the Land of Legends. Kadriye has some of the best family facilities such as community centers and parks. You can buy properties such as residential and commercial apartments and villas in the beautiful areas of Kadriye.

The demand for buying apartments in Belek and Kadriye is still increasing

Many tourists have a very good motivation to invest and they do it by buying apartments and villas in Kadriye, Turkey. According to the latest statistics, more than 2,000 houses have been sold in the first six months of 2021. Even in the last two years, the property purchase rate in Turkey has been very high.
Keep in mind that many people are entering the real estate market in Turkey, and this is not limited to Turks. The main reason for this huge demand can be the cheap cost compared to other places. Another important reason is some government incentives such as the elimination of value added tax on the initial sale of the property.
In this way, it can be said that the future of the apartment, villa and property market in Turkey is very bright. Experts believe that if demand continues in different regions of Turkey, especially in Belek and Kadriye, it will have a positive impact on the country's economy.

Is it a good idea to invest in an apartment in Kadriye?

First of all, apartments have different privileges and are considered one of the best options for buying real estate in Kadriye. Most importantly, there is a safe zone that provides the entire family with ample privacy and independence.
These apartments look amazing and also have a unique and elegant design, often with fabulous views and beautiful views towards the sea. Due to the high number of tourists arriving in this area, apartments in Belek and Kadriye can be purchased to obtain monthly rent from tourists; In general, there are several ways to invest in real estate in Turkey, one of which is to buy an apartment in a beautiful and unspoiled area like Kadriye.

This year, the increase in property prices in Turkey has made it possible to invest in them by reselling properties to take advantage of the price difference.
Antalya Estate helps you realize your dream of owning a property in Turkey. Whether you need a beachfront apartment or a luxury villa.
If your intention is to enjoy an apartment in Belek right away and you don't want to wait for the construction of an off-plan property, you can count on our help.

Just let us know what features you're looking for, and we'll find it for you in the most desirable locations in the area. You can view our current and future projects. Turkey will bring you the lifestyle of 300 sunny days per year along with cultural and sports activities. Antalya is a very popular city.

More than ever, Europeans are opting for the region's laid-back atmosphere and laid-back lifestyle. Eye-catching nature, excellent infrastructure and mild climate will make your property in Antalya, especially in Belek and Kadriye, your semi-permanent or even permanent home. The variety and volume of real estate opportunities in Belek can be great news for visitors looking for the perfect dream home or investment.

Antalya Estate provides customers with excellent information on the best new developments in the Antalya area as well as quality property sales and can guide you through the entire buying process. It should be noted that the investment potential of your property largely depends on its location and quality of construction.

Antalya Estate wants you to feel safe and secure in your investment and will work with you to find your ideal property according to your specific needs and other requested specifications, as well as recommend the best projects that suit your purpose. . If you don't want to wait for an off-plan property, we have properties for sale in the best locations and at the best prices. Let us help you build your future in Belek and Kadriye-Turkey!

Apartment life in Kadriye

There are several apartments for sale in Kadriye that, thanks to their proximity to amenities, you can easily visit the area's attractions such as Lara Beach and the Old Bazaar. Most of the apartments available in Kadriye area of ​​Belek city, facilities such as free Wi-Fi, private balcony, separate living room. They have private parking and laundry facilities. Of course, some of them also have a local outdoor pool, which will naturally raise their prices a little higher.
An apartment is often more spacious than a traditional hotel room and includes a kitchen to cook your favorite meals comfortably at home. Apartments are ideal for families who want more comfort, or for couples who want to spend time in a quieter part of the city.

What is the weather like in Kadriye?

Although the weather is only one factor, it can really affect your travel and accommodation plans, especially if you are planning a longer stay in Kadriye. The hottest months are usually August and July with an average temperature of 79°F, while the coldest months are January and February with an average temperature of 52°F. The rainiest months of the year in Kadriye are December, January, February and November, with an average of 8 inches of rain each month.

A view of Antalya golf courses in Belek area

A view of Antalya golf courses in Belek area

Forecasting the belek real estate market in the future

Every year, the demand for buying real estate in Turkey, especially its Mediterranean coastal areas, among foreign investors is increasing. However, as a first-time buyer, you should consider how to make a viable investment for your future and your children's.

Despite some political tensions between Turkey and other countries, buying property in its cities is still a very safe and profitable investment option. For example, between Ankara and Tehran or Moscow, there have been differences in the past on the issue of Syria. However, these countries know how to take care of their economic interests in the first place, so the possibility of facing investment problems in Turkey is very small.

For example, last January, when Erdogan visited Moscow, they announced 2019 as an important year to promote tourism and cultural and commercial exchanges between the two countries. Therefore, if you are worried about the political impact on investing in Turkey, be sure that your investment will be safe and beneficial for you in the future.

A wide range of offers for profitable investments in Belek

The real estate market in Antalya offers a wide range of investment options in the following categories:
• Projects under construction
• Completed projects
• New projects available
• Rental and resale projects
You can easily buy almost any type of property in Belek; From a cozy studio to a first class penthouse. Every buyer will find a suitable option that meets all his needs and budget. Belek and Kadriye are considered important destinations for foreign buyers to buy property.

Buying an apartment in Belek and Kadriye is a golden opportunity for high quality investment in Belek close to all facilities. For more information about staying in Kadriye and conditions for buying an apartment in Belek Serik, contact us to talk and consult with our consultants who are willing to help you from zero to one hundred in buying an apartment.

To know the prices and specifications of properties for sale in other cities, refer to the Real Estate in Turkey.

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