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Pre sale Kalkan designer beachfront house in Turkey


Kalkan is a district of Antalya Province and is home to some of Turkey’s most attractive porperties. Kalkan is particularly strong with rentals so if you intend to have an estate investment in Turkey, this is a remarkable opportunity. This project in Kalkan will be completed in year 2023 and is up for pre-sale. By purchasing this property, you can also get a Turkish citizenship and have a Turkish passport.

Property Nr.
Completion year
300 - 500 m²
Price 950,000 €
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Fully furnished sea front apartment for sale in Kalkan Turkey


This deluxe apartment, located in Kalkan Turkey, has a tremendous view heading out towards the sea and is just a few minuets away from the sand beaches of the Mediterranean Sea. You can make a great estate investment by purchasing this property in Turkey now. We have a dedicated estate investment team who will be more than willing to go through the details of this opportunity with you.

Property Nr.
Completion year
120 m²
Price 350,000 €
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3 bedroom modern villa for sale in Kalkan Turkey close to sea


This modernly built villa in Kalkan has been constructed in a prime location near the sea and is a great opportunity for you to purchase the holiday home of your dreams in Turkey. Kalkan is an old fishing town, and the only safe harbor between Kaş and Fethiye. You can make a great estate investment by purchasing this villa. For further questions regarding this matter, contact us at Antalya estate.

Property Nr.
Completion year
200 m²
Price 850,000 €
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Sea view villa for sale with pool in Kalkan Turkey


This deluxe villa is located in Kalkan with the best view of the tranquil sea in Turkey. Kalkan is located in the southwest of Turkey. It is located in the borders of the city of Antalya. Kalkan, where was once known as a fishing village, is now home to some of the most luxurious and modern villas. You can start now and invest by purchasing this villa in Kalkan Turkey.

Property Nr.
Completion year
320 m²
Price 900,000 €
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Buy luxurious villa prime location in Turkey Kalkan


This luxurious villa located at Kalkan Ortaalan is now for sale for those who are of great taste and are looking forward to a peaceful and tranquil place to spend their time in. It is not only in the most superb part of town but also within great walking distance to the beach and local amenities such as markets and shops.

Property Nr.
Completion year
250 m²
Price 1,600,000 €
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Buy panoramic villa in Kalkan Turkey


This luxurious villa is located at one of Turkey’s highly desired locations, Kalkan. It has been designed and built to excellent standards. This property in Turkey is a great investment opportunity that you would not wan to miss. You can rent this panoramic villa out for very high rental returns.

Property Nr.
Completion year
300 m²
Price 1,500,000 €
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Stunning Villa for sale in Kalkan Turkey


Tucked away in a private spot in Kalkan, this magnificent villa is located away from the city noise and hustle. However, it would only take you a short drive to reach some of the best restaurants and local amenities. This villa is a great investment for those who want to rent it out or to easily get themselves a Turkish citizenship.

Property Nr.
Completion year
330 m²
Price 1,760,000 €
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Discover all about villas for sale in Kalkan

Kalkan is one of the most beautiful and touristic regions of Turkey, where many rich people and Europeans choose this city to buy a villa in Turkey. The city is known for its luxurious and expensive villas and is an excellent holiday destination.

Kalkan has seen a lot of growth in the real estate market over the past few years and many houses and villas have been built in this beautiful city. This issue has caused Kalkan to have no vacant land available and the price of villas in Kalkan increases day by day.

Kalkan is known as a peaceful city and a dream life. Most of the Kalkan’s villas are built on the hills, overlooking the sea and have very beautiful views. Despite being touristy, this city is quiet and secluded and is mostly known as a resort town for vacations.

In the past, most of the population of this area was Greeks, but gradually the population of Turks increased. Today, although several years have passed since this change, you can still see Greek architecture and culture in Kalkan.

When we look at Kalkan from a distance, it seems that Kalkan is floating on water. This beautiful city is located between a mountain and a valley. Swimming and having a variety of water activities on the beach, canoeing in the city's river, diving in the clear waters, visiting the ancient city of Lycia, visiting the Greek island, the weekly market of Kalkan, Kas Amphitheater, Saklikent Valley, visiting the historical island of Kekova, the district Ancient Telos, mountain climbing, nature tourism, etc. are only part of the types of entertainment that you can experience by buying a villa in Kalkan and living in it.

Due to the location of Kalkan, in a mountainous area, some of its streets have a steep slope, and it is better to use a taxi to get around the city. There are many stores and shops in the streets of Kalkan where you can buy all kinds of products at different prices and from different brands.

In this article, we are going to briefly learn about the beautiful city of Kalkan and buying a villa in it. If you are planning to buy a villa in Kalkan or are thinking of moving to this beautiful city, this article can be a good guide for you. Please follow us until the end of this article.

For more information about other villas for sale, visit the page of Buy villas for sale in Turkey.

A market in the city of Kalkan, Antalya

A market in the city of Kalkan, Antalya

History of of Kalkan

In the past years, Kalkan was the only port between Kas and Fethiye and in this sense it was important. In the 19th century, the importance of this port gradually increased. About 150 to 200 years ago, Greeks and Turkish people chose this city to live, and at that time Kalkan was known as Kalamaki.
The Greeks called this city by this name. At that time, when there were not so many means of transportation, they used camels to travel and bring goods. Camels brought goods to this city from the path of the Xanthos valley and the heights of the mountains near Elmali. The main communication route of Kalkan with other cities was through ship and sea. All kinds of agricultural products, including grain, cotton, timber, and wine, were sent to faraway places in the Ottoman country by ship.

Kalkan gradually became better known and by the beginning of the 20th century it had become a village with a few houses and a few important shops. In 1928, the first local elections were held in this city, and Kalkan gradually turned from a village to a city.

In these years, with the change of Turkey's policies and efforts to use the natural scenery and tourism capacities, this city became known little by little. The British were one of the first people who set foot in Kalkan as foreigners, and due to the great similarity of Kalkan to London in terms of scenery and nature, many of them chose Kalkan to buy a villa and stay in this city.

Currently, in the last few years, Kalkan has experienced an unprecedented growth in terms of population and real estate prices, and the fans of this luxury city are increasing day by day.

Buying a villa in Kalkan, Antalya

A beach in Kalkan, Antalya

Geographical location and climate of Kalkan

This beautiful city, which was founded more than 200 years ago by Greek sailors, is located 25 kilometers from Kas. Kalkan is one of the southern cities of Turkey and Antalya province. The distance of this city from Dalaman airport is about 1.5 hours.
If you want to go from Kalkan to the city center of Fethiye, you need about an hour and to go to Antalya you need to spend three hours. This city is about 410 km away from Izmir, which is the third largest city in Turkey. There are regular buses to travel from Kalkan to Dalaman and then to Izmir, and the people of Kalkan do not have a problem with public transportation to go to Izmir and Sari cities. This city is also close to the D400 highway.

In terms of climate, the city of Kalkan, like other southern cities of Turkey, has a Mediterranean climate. Hot and dry summers and mild winters are the characteristics of Kalkan climate. Most of the rainfall in this city occurs between the months of November and March. The minimum temperature in the winters of this city is 15 degrees. Some people and tourists swim in Kalkan’s sea even in winter.

Especially tourists who travel to this city from cold countries. But the people of Kalkan prefer only summers to swim in the sea. In summer, the temperature may reach 40 degrees Celsius. July and August are the hottest months of the year in this coastal city.

Kalkan's transportation system

Kalkan is about 120 km from Dalaman airport and about 220 km from Antalya airport. There are various bus stations in Kalkan that travel within the city. Due to its proximity to the D400 highway, the buses of this highway can also be used to go to other cities and regions of Kalkan.
Natural scenery and tourism of Kalkan

For information on the price and terms of buying villas for sale in Dalaman, refer to the following page:

A view of the villas of Kalkan, Antalya

A view of the villas of Kalkan, Antalya

Kalkan port

Kalkan Port is one of the attractive recreational spots that not only has a strategic value for the people of Kalkan, but also has a lot of attraction for tourists. You can use this port for your cruises.

Kaputaş Beach

One of the unique and very beautiful beaches in Turkey is Kaputaş Beach. The coastal waters of Kaputaş are so clear that they have been able to receive the Blue Flag award. This beach has a variety of recreational facilities and water sports and is considered one of the best recreational beaches in Turkey.

In addition to the recreational facilities of this beach, Kaputaş Beach is famous for 250 species of special plants that exist on its shore, and you can visit these plants, many of which are endangered.

The beautiful beach of Patara

Patara is a village near Kalkan that has a unique beach. Many people of Turkey choose this beach for their visit. There is a special thing about this beach, and that is that it is closed in some months of the year. Before you decide to go to this beautiful beach, make sure that it is open to the public.
Patara has the longest beaches in Turkey, which is 18 kilometers long. On the coast of Patara is the ancient city of Lycian. You can have fun at Patara Beach and then spend time visiting the temples, theaters, baths, etc. of this ancient city. In 2005, Patara beach was on the list of candidates for the best beaches in the world.

The ancient region of Xanthos

Some Turkish people also call Kalkan Xanthos. This beautiful ancient area contains a part of the Lycian civilization and there are many historical remains in it.

Kekova Island

One of the attractive islands that is only for tourists is Kekova Island. This beautiful island is located near the city of Damara and currently no fixed population lives there.

Mouse and Snake islands

One of the attractions of living in the city of Kalkan is visiting the nearby islands with yachts, which can be an exciting trip on your weekends.

Safety in Kalkan

You might imagine that due to the high number of tourists in Kalkan, this city might not be very safe. But such a notion is completely wrong. This small town is one of the safest towns. This security also exists in buying and selling villas in Kalkan and you can buy villas in Kalkan with peace of mind. This is why many Europeans choose Kalkan to buy villas and invest.

Buying a beach villa in Kalkan

Kalkan city market

Luxury villa for sale in Kalkan

The town of Kalkan is known for having luxury villas near the beach, which are white in color and usually made of stone. Some of these villas are sold with a panoramic view of Kalkan beaches. The best Turkish and foreign designers and architects work in Kalkan to build all kinds of recreational villas.

By buying a luxury villa in Kalkan, you can enjoy its large windows, sea views, or panoramic views of the beach. The doors and windows are sliding and connect the inside and outside of the villa. One of the fixed features of Kalkan villas is having very large swimming pools. If you are interested in buying a villa with a sea view in Kalkan, you will have many options.

Because Kalkan is a coastal city and many of its areas have a sea view. Also, due to the presence of hills overlooking the sea, there are many villas where the view of the beach can be seen from their large windows.

Villa for sale in the center of Kalkan

One of the most reliable and safe places to buy a villa in Kalkan is to buy a villa in the center of Kalkan. The villas in the center of Kalkan are more traditional than the beach villas and are built in the style of Greek-Ottoman stone wooden houses.
The streets of the city center and the traditional district of Kalkan are narrow and paved and walking in them gives a good feeling to a person. There are all kinds of restaurants, bars, and Kalkan port at a short distance from the city. Villas in the city center are cheaper than beach villas and are usually smaller in size.

For information on the price and conditions of buying villas for sale in Antalya, refer to the following page:

Villa for sale in Kalkan, Antalya with full facilities

Living in the city of Kalkan, Antalya

Villa for sale in Komurluk

The most popular and popular area to buy a stone villa in Kalkan or to buy a villa with a sea view in Kalkan is the Komurluk district. Usually, most people who buy a villa in Komurluk rent their villa if they are not interested in living in Kalkan. For this reason, in this area, the number of villas for rent is more than special villas for buying and selling.

The most expensive area to buy a villa in Kalkan belongs to Komurluk Villas. Komurluk is very close to the center of Kalkan and on the other hand, it is located near the sea coast and the port of Kalkan and has a very good location. In this area, you can enjoy both the benefits of living in the center of Kalkan and the silence and living in a beautiful and peaceful environment.

Some of the Komurluk villas offer sunrise and sunset views over Kalkan Bay. So, if you are interested in buying a sea view villa in Kalkan, don't miss Komurluk Villas.

Some of the Komurluk beach villas are built in such a way that they are very close to the sea and it is easy to go to the beach from these villas. These villas in Komurluk have a lot of fans and if the owner of these villas decides to sell, they will sell quickly.

Therefore, if your goal of buying a villa in Kalkan and this area is an investment, we must say that one of the safest investments in the Turkish real estate sector is related to the villas in this area of Kalkan.

There are many fans of buying luxury villas in Kalkan and its Komurluk area. For this reason, you can make a successful investment by buying a villa in Komurluk. Komurluk is the most traditional neighborhood of Kalkan and many stone villas have been built in this area, therefore it is one of the best places to buy a stone villa in Kalkan.

Beach villas in Kalkan, Antalya

Beach villas in Kalkan, Antalya

Villa for sale in Kışla

Kisla is located in the neighborhood of Komurluk and is on the left side of Kalkan Bay towards the sea. Kışla villas are more modern than Komurluk villas and have more modern architecture. Many of those who are fans of modern villas prefer to choose Kışla as an area to buy a villa in Kalkan.

If when buying a villa in Kışla, it is important for you to be close to the beach so that you can easily go to the beach, there are also beautiful villas in Kışla, like Komurluk, which are located right on the beach. Some of these villas are close to temporary boat docks and beach platforms. The distance from Kışla area to the center of Kalkan is not much, so it is possible to walk from Kışla to the city center.

However, there are taxis to go from Kışla to Kalkan that you can use if you wish. Kışla is also one of the excellent areas to buy sea view villas in Kalkan.

Villa for sale in Ortaalan

This beautiful area is relatively high and is located between the bay of Kalkan and Kalamar. Ortaalan is very close to the D400 highway and you won't have a problem going to other cities from Ortaalan. Because you can use the buses on this highway to go to other cities in Turkey.
One of Ortaalan's attractions is that it is located between two bays. Some Ortaalan villas have both bay and port views and offer a wonderful view.
Most of the villas built in Ortaalan are newly built and this area is one of the most newly built areas to buy a villa in Kalkan. This area did not develop significantly in Kalkan until 2005.

But from this year onwards, many luxurious and beautiful villas were built in it, and for this reason, the architecture of its villas is different from the architecture of Komurluk and Kışla villas. If you are interested in buying a luxury villa in Kalkan in a very modern area, be sure to check out the villas in Ortaalan area.

Ortaalan is not far from Kalkan city center and you can easily walk to the city center. In Ortaalan, you can find villas with a larger area, and you can buy villas with a view of the sea, the bay or the port. Many supermarkets and large food stores of Kalkan are located in Ortaalan neighborhood and this area is known as small Kalkan.
The central bus station in Kalkan city is also located in this area and the people of this area have very good access to the public transportation system of Kalkan.

Beach villas for sale in Kalkan, Turkey

Beach villas in Kalkan city located in Antalya

Villa for sale in Kalamar Bay

Buying a villa in Kalamar Bay is also one of the options before you in Kalkan. This bay is like a small and very beautiful village facing southwest. For this reason, the villas located in this bay usually have sunset views. Some of the most famous beach clubs of Kalkan, which are also suitable for families with children, are located in this area of Kalkan.

Compared to the three areas of Komurluk, Kisla and Ortaalan, the price of buying a villa in Kalamar Bay is lower, and this area is less popular than the three areas mentioned above. However, in recent years, many luxury villas have been built there.

For this reason, several luxury villas have already been built in this area, and the previous perception that Kalamar is less attractive to buy a luxury villa in Kalkan than other areas of Kalkan is changing. Villas in Kalamar Bay have a 10-20% discount and are sold at a cheaper price than the two areas of Komurluk and Kisla.

Villas for sale in Kızıltaş

Most of those who intend to buy a villa in Kalkan prefer to stay at the bottom of the D400 highway and choose one of the villas in the lower part of this highway. But we cannot ignore the fact that on top of this freeway in Kiziltaş, there are wonderful panoramic views of the sea.

The location of this area at a higher altitude has made it possible to offer villas with sea views from Kalkan Bay to Kalamar Bay and the horizon of the Mediterranean Sea.

Due to the special location of Kızıltaş, most of the villas that are built in this area have a larger area and their land is larger than the villas in Komurluk and Kisla areas.

In general, it can be said that the average area of the villas that are built in Komurlok and Kisla is 450 square meters. Meanwhile, if you choose Kızıltaş area to buy a villa in Kalkan, you can buy villas with an area of 600 to 700 square meters.

It should be noted that the average area of the villas built in Ortaalan reaches 500 square meters. This area further reflects your privacy and the lower density of villas compared to other areas of Kalkan in Kızıltaş.

Buying a villa in the best part of Kalkan, Antalya

The best villa parts of Kalkan city

Conditions of villas for sale in Kalkan Turkey

• Villas for sale in Kalkan Turkey, are mostly luxurious and large. Villas with a size of less than 400 square meters are rarely found in this city.

• There are not many villas for sale in Kalkan, Turkey. Because the amount of renting a villa in Kalkan is high and many villa owners prefer to rent it to tourists instead of selling it.

Orlaatan and Kiziltas regions are more modern than Kisla and Komurluk. However, the price of buying a villa in Komurluk and Kisla is higher than the price of buying a villa in Kızıltaş and Ortaalan.

• Most of the villas for sale in Kalkan, Turkey are stone villas. Especially the villas built in Komurluk are made of stone, and the villas are built uniformly and with almost the same architecture. If you are interested in buying a stone villa in Kalkan, check out the villas in the older areas of Kalkan.

• Currently, due to the lack of land for construction, there is not much construction in Kalkan and only buying and selling of villas or renting them is done, that is why the price of buying a villa in Kalkan is relatively expensive.

• Among the Europeans, the British are one of the fans of buying a villa in Kalkan, Turkey. Almost the foreign population of this city is English, so if you are fluent in English, you can easily live in Kalkan. The high number of English people in Kalkan has also influenced the culture of the people of this city and many cultures are influenced by England.

• Villas for sale in Kalkan Turkey are offered with different views. Due to the fact that Kalkan is both a bay area, a port and a mountain area, there are many choices for buying a villa. The areas that are further away from the sea have villas with panoramic views of the sea and the bay due to their height, and the sunrise and sunset in them are very attractive. You have many choices to buy a villa in Kalkan.

• Some villas for sale in Kalkan Turkey are very close to the sea shore and you can easily use the sea water by taking a few steps.

• Due to the high price of buying a villa in Kalkan, you can apply for permanent residence in Turkey by buying a villa in Kalkan, Turkey. Because the price of buying a villa in Kalkan probably reaches 400,000 US dollars, which is the minimum price for obtaining a residence in Turkey.

• Some villas for sale in Kalkan are sold in installments of several months.

• This city is one of the most expensive cities in Turkey to buy a villa and has a special popularity and reputation. So that some villas in this city are sold for several million euros.

• Typically, villas for sale in Turkey increase in price by 20-25% every year. But in the last few years, the price of buying a villa in Kalkan has doubled and Kalkan has experienced a lot of price growth.

• Most of the villas for sale in Kalkan, Turkey have facilities such as large swimming pools, parking, garden and private green space, terrace or balcony, air conditioning system such as split or cooler, fully equipped kitchens with various electrical appliances such as microwave oven, hood, washing machine. , dishwasher, refrigerator and freezer, etc., 24-hour security, smart cameras, fireplace, double-glazed windows, barbecue, furniture, water storage system and water pump, jacuzzi, wireless internet, pavilion, etc. They are also mostly built as duplexes, triplexes and with many bedrooms.

Buying a luxury villa in Kalkan, Antalya

Modern and luxury villas in Kalkan, Antalya

How to buy a villa in Kalkan?

You have two solutions for buying a villa in Kalkan, Turkey. You can visit Kalkan in person and check the conditions of each villa closely. But we have another suggestion for you. You can buy a villa with a sea view in Kalkan or buy a stone villa in Kalkan in a non-urban way without incurring the costs of traveling and staying in Kalkan.

If you call Antalya estate's contact number, our experts will guide you about the conditions you want and ask you questions about it.

Do you want to buy a villa in installments? What is the maximum budget that you considered for this work? Do you want your villa to have a panoramic view of the sea? Or is it important for you that the villa is newly built? What is the size of the villa you want? Is it important for you to be furnished and... these are questions that will help our consultants measure your conditions.

Then the consultant present in Kalkan will personally check villas that suit your conditions and tinform you about the villas.

It will send you the photos and videos in person. You can view the facilities available in the villa, the views, the size and the architecture of its construction online and then choose the villa you want.

With your choice, the consultant in Kalkan will prepare the process of transferring Tapu and check, the conditions of the villa in all aspects to make the safest investment for you. In the end, for document transfer, you must go to Turkey in person and sign the document. It should be noted that the villas that have document problems, their various expenses have not been paid, their buying and selling is prohibited and etc. will never be introduced to you.

Kalkan is 90 to 120 minutes away from Dalaman airport. This charming city experiences a double population during the tourism seasons. Kalkan villas have been designed in such a way that almost all of them benefit from the view of the sea and its natural scenery. Some of Kalkan's villas are made of stone and have preserved their old traditions. There are 6 different neighborhoods to buy villas in Kalkan, which have a wide variety of prices and architecture.

You can purchase any of these areas according to your favorite features. If you are looking for houses with a stone and traditional facade in the most luxurious and expensive neighborhood of Kalkan, buying a villa in Komurluk and Kisla can be suitable for you.

Orlaatan and Kalamar are its newer neighborhoods and are relatively modernized. Many luxury villas have been built in both of them in the last few years, but they have a more reasonable price. The lowest price for buying a villa in Kalkan comes to Kiziltas, which is located above the D400 highway.

There is not any international schools in Kalkan. Its public and private schools speak Turkish. If you want your child to study in English, the closest school to Kalkan is in Fethiye.

See the daily price of all types of villas for sale in Fethiye along with full specifications on the following page:

Kalkan’s weekly market is also open on Thursdays and you can buy all kinds of souvenirs at reasonable prices in this market. All kinds of fruits and vegetables, clothes, leather bags and shoes, handicrafts, jewelry and gifts are sold in Kalkan weekly markets.

There is also a weekly market on Fridays. If you didn't manage to shop at Kalkan's weekly market, you can go to Kas’ Friday market, which is located near Kalkan.
If you are planning to buy a stone villa in Kalkan or you want to buy a villa with a sea view in Kalkan, you can get help from our experts at Antalya Estate. Just call our numbers in Antalya estate.

Also, to get more information about the current price and conditions for buying other real estate for sale, visit the Turkey Real Estate for Sale

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