The ultimate guide to golf courses in Belek

The ultimate guide to golf courses in Belek

The ultimate guide to golf courses in Belek

It is impossible to mention Belek while ignoring its golf courses that are growing their popularity since their first constructions in around 1994. These courses are all famous for their combining of this sport with the gorgeous places of Belek, creating the best experience for the players.

Considering the natural wanders Belek possess, one thing is sure: the city deserves the touristic attractions it receives. It is no surprise that Belek is one of the most popular tourism centers in Turkey.

Each year, thousands of tourists visit Belek for its natural beauties, luxurious all-inclusive hotels that provide a full service, reasonable prices, and many other reasons. They all leave the country satisfied and many of them comes back annually.

Why is Belek so famous

What attracts hundreds of them to Belek during the summer months are more than the gifts nature endows to this beautiful city. Belek is a great option to have a holiday and buy a villa as everything here is very reasonable priced. The weather is always great in Belek. There are many activities everyone can enjoy doing no matter how old they are. In Belek, everyone in your family will have a great holiday.

Belek has a Mediterranean climate, which creates the best conditions for a holiday. Over 300 days in a year, the sun keeps shining and during the short winter, the weather is rather mild. It is true that winters might be rainy. However, the weather in Belek never too cold to tolerate.

Belek and golf

Golf courses is Belek are another reason for the tourist influx of the city. It is safe to say that these courses offer their participants a world quality service along with international standards. The golf courses in Belek are the biggest and most advanced ones in Turkey.

If you visit Belek, it would be a mistake not to give them a try. You should not miss this opportunity to experience this fun activity. No matter if you are a huge golf fan or a beginner and even if you are not interested, you should try this great hobby at least one, especially in Belek.

The golf courses lead Belek to be a popular holiday destination not only in Turkey, but in the world as well. The lucky climate of Belek is a great reason behind this fact.

Lying on the Mediterranean Seacoast, Belek is a wonderful city where you can have the perfect holiday with your family. Belek is located 40 kilometers from the Antalya city center. Its 8 kilometers long coastline makes the city even more beautiful. On this coastline, there are numerous hotels that offer their guests golf packages.

These golf packages usually include accommodation and a couple of golf courses as well as other services. For more information, you can check the websites of these golf clubs and hotels and you can contact them as well.

There are many reasons for Belek to be one of the centers of sports tourism in Turkey. Its location and climate create a peaceful atmosphere. Golf requires a good weather, which is easily accessed in Belek.

Golf weather

Golf can be categorized as an outdoor sport, which means that weather conditions are crucial to enjoy this sport fully and properly. If it rains heavily and blows roughly, it gets impossible to play golf at all. Thus, the climate of the city you want to practice this hobby of playing golf is very important.

The weather should necessarily be appropriate so that you can put the concerns behind and enjoy playing golf to a great extent. After all, nobody would want to worry about the weather during a holiday.

For these reasons, golf weather is a thing, which a Mediterranean climate provides easily. Weather in Belek is perfect for playing golf with its sun shining over 300 days in a year. As you know, golf is best experienced when you feel the sun beams warming you.

It rains time to time in winter but this period lasts only up to 3 months. Thus, you can enjoy this activity in Belek almost all year long, which you should admit being very rare.

Important updates about golf in Turkey

Antalya is the center of touristic activities in Turkey. Each year, many tourists come to the city for various reasons. One of these reasons is the interest in sport tourism in Belek. After all, Belek is famous for its golf courses all around Turkey and world.

Since the first appearance of these famous golf courses in Belek, Antalya has hosted multiple famous players from various important organizations and big tournaments. These important players all love this city and enjoy playing golf here.

In 2013, Tiger Woods, a famous American golf player, has joined Turkish Airlines Open 2013 Golf Tournament in Belek. He has stated that his visit to Turkey was enjoyable and that he wanted to come again. That year, tourist statistics were higher than most years.

The same year, Charl Schwartzel, Hunter Mahan, Justin Rose, Lee Westwood, Matt Kuchar, Rory Mcllroy and Webb Simpson have visited Turkey and presented their admirations for the same tournament.

In 2008, IAGTO (International Association of Golf Tour Operators) has presented Belek with an award for being the golf destination of the year.

Is golf in Belek expensive?

Belek is famous all around the world with its professional golf courses. These courses are all world-class and they are the biggest ones in Turkey. So, we recommend you don’t look for an alternative to Belek as the golf courses here will give the best experience to you.

However, their popularity and high qualities don’t necessarily mean that they should be expensive. Just the opposite, most of these golf courses are highly affordable for Europeans. Their daily fees are around 100-120€ and the pricing gets even more reasonable if you choose a package.

In many other places in the world, golf courses are much more expensive. Golf in Belek is an experience you should try and you can be sure that every single penny you will pay will be worth it.

How much money you will spend will fully depend on you. In some cases, you might need to pay access fees but the play itself is not going to be expensive at all.

What is green fee?

Green fee is the amount of money you need to pay only to play golf in the club. It excludes all the other expenses that you might want to make such as private tutorship or additional equipment renting.

Dining services require an additional payment as well. Green fee only covers the play itself. It usually covers 9 to 18 holes in the play.

What is cart fee?

Cart fee is an additional payment that you pay voluntarily. Some courses in play may require you to use a golf cart. If you participate in those courses, you generally need to pay cart fee to use a cart in the play.

Golf Holiday Packages

If you are considering having a holiday in Turkey, Belek is going to be a great choice. In Belek, you whole family will have various options of enjoyable activities.

The hotels in Belek are all highly luxurious and all-inclusive. During your stay, you will get to try various delicious meals in the restaurants of your hotel. You can visit the spa of your hotel and get a relaxing therapeutic massage.

Many hotels offer various interesting animation shows, games, sports, and a Mini Club service for your child.

Outside of the hotel, you can visit malls, carpet stores, souvenir shops etc. and buy unique gifts for your friends and relatives back in your country. Belek is vey close to Antalya city center and you can travel and discover great spots.

Many hotels in Belek work with golf clubs or have their own golf clubs. These hotels offer its guests golf holiday packages that generally include a week of accommodation and a couple of free golf games. Some of these packages include a private tutorship, airport transfer service, welcoming champagne service, fruit etc.

The package’s prices begin around 600€ and usually cost around 1000€, which is very reasonable for an all-inclusive service.

Owning a golf property in Belek

A holiday in Belek has many advantages as we have mentioned. However, staying at a hotel is not the only way to benefit from these advantages. If you buy a property in Belek, you will get to experience this city fully, not only on specific seasons. Unlike the other option, you will be able to enjoy these golf courses more than a couple days a year.

If you wish to play golf property in Belek will give you the chance to turn this experience into a hobby which you can do any time you want.

Also, you can check our villas in Belek for property investment. Ownership of real estate in Turkey has been gaining value quickly and it has many advantages. If you buy a villa in Belek, you will get to enjoy this city in each season.

Most of the year, Belek is sunny and warm. Your house will be surrounded with beautiful views, forests, and beaches. You will be living so close to many touristic attractions and you will get to discover the city only through a short car drive.

Additionally, you can use your villa only in summer seasons. It is more reasonable to spend your holidays in your own villa rather than to pay money to a hotel. Plus, you get to rent your villa when you don’t stay in Belek and thusly you can refund the money you have spent on it.

If you are interested in golf, the biggest advantage of having a property in Belek will be the golf clubs. Most of our villas are located very closely to golf courses. This means that you can spend some good time so closely to your house.

Plus, most of our villas have huge gardens where you can organize your own golf tournaments with your family and friends. Buying a property in Belek come with more advantages than we can mention here. We recommend you check our villas in Belek for details.

Top 5 golf courses in Belek

Titanic Deluxe Golf Club Belek

Since 1997, Titanic Deluxe Golf Club offers the enthusiastic golf players the opportunity to play by a great view located near the Taurus Mountains. You will enjoy playing golf in the paths of Titanic Golf Club laying through the coastline areas. Titanic Golf Club has been designed specifically to increase your delight of playing golf.

Tons of awards Titanic Hotels have gained guarantee your satisfaction during your stay in the hotel.

Titanic Golf club offers a golf holiday package for a reasonable price which includes dining, airport transfer service, a golf game each day and many more.

In 110 hectares of area, Titanic Golf Club offers an enjoyable time with its 27 holes. You can choose to play by the river, buy the seacoast or in the forest.

If you want to improve your skills, Titanic Golf Club offers golf lessons for all levels with a reasonably priced additional fee. You can benefit from the coaching service as well.

Carya Golf Club Belek

Carya Golf Club is one of the most popular golf clubs in Turkey. Carya Golf Club is the first one in Turkey to follow the classic Heatland style. Carya Golf Club offers a beautiful setting on the Mediterranean shores with pine trees.

At some parts of its course, you might feel challenged, which will help you improve your skills even better. Carya Gold Club offers you an unforgettable experience of a memorable golf play.

There are 18 holes in the game and each one of these are around 720-meter courses.

If you are a newbie, Carya Golf Club also offers private golf lessons by experienced professionals. You may improve your golf skills in one the two teaching studios. Their coaches offer a tutoring in various languages.

Daily golf lessons are around 50-90€. There are options for package golf lessons and group lessons as well.

Club hiring for one day costs 30€. You can also rent a buggy or trolley. Buggies cost around 40€ and tollies, 10€.

Also, the golf club has its own clothing store where you can buy bags, balls, sunglasses etc. Plus, you can spend some time, have a meal, and relax in the club house.

Gloria Golf Club of Gloria Hotels & Resorts

Gloria Golf Club is another great option for golf in Belek. You can have a great time playing golf in Gloria Golf Belek with its 45-holes options.

Gloria Golf Club has world-qualities and follows international standards. They aim reaching every enthusiastic player regardless of their age, gender, and level.

Apart from playing, you can also improve your golf skills with the golf lessons they offer.

Additionally, the pricing is very reasonable especially if you take the golf holiday package they recommend. With Gloria Hotels, you can have an enjoyable and relaxing holiday, benefit from all-inclusive services and have great memories in this beautiful golf club with its bright green fields.

Cornelia Resort Golf Club

Owner of the reward of 2018 Turkey’s Best Golf Course, Cornelia Resort Hotel offers its guests a great golf club. You can spend a wonderful time with its 18-hole options and beautiful views of Taurus Mountains.

They also have options for you if you want to improve your golf skills. Their professional and experienced tutors will make sure you learn everything you need and they help you improve to a great extent.

Additionally, you can rent a buggy and trolley, use their locker rooms, visit the club house, and have a delicious meal.

Cornelia Resort Belek also offers golf holiday packages. For an advantageous experience, you can check their website for further information.

Montgomerie Maxx Royal Golf Club

Another golf club where you can spend a great time with your family or friends belongs to the Maxx Royal Belek Golf Resort, a 5-star hotel offering a wonderful holiday to your family. If you choose a package, your accommodation will also be covered by the fee you will pay.

This large hotel offers its guests many great services, all of which you will surely enjoy.

The golf club includes a very special club house where you can relax with a beautiful view and have a delicious meal.

Their golf academy offers you a professional and comprehensive golf tuition. You will surely improve your skills no matter how advanced you are.

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