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Dalaman is a district situated on the southwestern coast of Turkey, in the Muğla Province. This property is within a very short distance to the sea and gives you the opportunity to visit the sandy beaches of Dalaman with friends and family on a daily basis. By purchasing this property, you can have a great estate investment

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Everything you want about villa for sale in Dalaman

Dalaman is a coastal city in the southwest of Mugla Province, Turkey. The city of Dalaman is located in the coastal area of ​​the Mediterranean Sea. This city is located in the coastal plain and is not very high compared to other areas around it. But the more we go from Dalaman towards Fethiye and the northern border of Denizli province, the height increases and some points will be very high above the sea level. The area of ​​this city is 621 square kilometers and its population is 24,000 people. The population of Dalaman and its surrounding areas reaches 34,000 people.

Dalaman Cayi River is the border of the western part of Dalaman city, and Ortaca and Koycegiz are Dalaman's neighbors. The city of Dalaman has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey with its attractive coastal scenery and close proximity to unique beaches such as Oludeniz. Especially since Dalaman International Airport is located near it and passengers enter Dalaman city after landing.

The presence of Dalaman airport in this city has played a prominent role in Dalaman becoming more and more popular. Many travelers who choose the beaches of Fethiye as their destination such as Oludeniz, Hisaronu, Dalyan, Koycegiz, etc., use this airport and have easy access to the beaches of Dalaman.
The location in the plain area and low altitude make this area warmer than other Mediterranean cities in Turkey.

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Dalaman region of Turkey

Dalaman region of Turkey

In general, it can be said that the climate of Dalaman follows the warm Mediterranean climate. Summers are long and dry and winters are cool and short. Dalaman has a record for having the highest air temperature in Turkey on some days of the year. In some hot days of the year, the temperature reaches 48 degrees.
In this article, we are going to introduce the city of Dalaman, places of interest and entertainment, and the conditions for buying a villa in Dalaman. If you are interested in buying a villa in Dalaman or you want to get to know the places and living conditions in Dalaman, don't miss this article.

Introduction of tourist and historical attractions of Dalaman

Dalyan River

Dalyan River is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Dalaman. This river, which is actually a part of those mud baths, is considered one of Dalaman's international recreational attractions. You can use the mud baths of this river or take advantage of the hot water springs in it.

Many people of this region believe that the hot springs in the Dalyan River have therapeutic and pain-relieving properties and are a very good remedy for those who suffer from all kinds of body pains such as arthritis, rheumatism, etc. They also believe that Dalyan river mud bath has a rejuvenating effect and bathing in this mud river will make you look ten years younger.

Kayakoy city

One of the attractive places near Dalaman that many tourists visit every year is the ghost town of Kayakoy. This city formerly belonged to the Greeks who lived in Turkey. After the independence of Turkey and during the World War, Greeks found themselves in enemy territory and were forced to leave their homes. Many Turkish people living in Greece were also returned to Turkey.

Live in Dalaman, Turkey

Live in Dalaman, Turkey

At first, these people tried to live in Kayakoy; But the living conditions in Kayakoy were not very suitable in terms of living facilities, and this has caused this city to become uninhabited. Currently, there are many stone houses in this city that have remained in the same old form. Near Kayakoy, several mountain villas have been built with stone design, which are modern and contemporary. But there are still not many social life facilities in it.

Of course, despite the lack of social facilities, there are buses going to and from Kayakoy, which can be used by both tourists and those who live around it.

Turtle Beach in Dalaman

Iztuzu Beach is one of the attractive beaches near Dalaman, which is not only attractive for humans but also for turtles. The coast of this area is home to rare turtles that are protected. The beach is sandy and is 5 km long.

Dalaman festivals

Different festivals are held in Dalaman every year. In these festivals, international local dance groups with colorful local costumes perform dancing, stomping and joy. There are many street foods and drinks in these celebrations and it is like a big party atmosphere that can provide you and your family with a good time.

Azmak River

One of Dalaman's attractions is the Azmak River, which is a unique habitat for animals. The area around the river is cool and calm, and you can relax in this area even in summer. Ducks, geese and herrings are among the most attractive sights of this river.

You can also ride a kite in this river. This river, along with restaurants and entertainment centers near it, is mostly for local Turks, and many tourists are not familiar with this river and its atmosphere.

Buying a villa in Dalaman, Turkey

Exceptional beach villas in Dalaman region of Turkey

Akyaka lake, Ortaca beaches, Sarigerme, Dalyan recreational places, Oludeniz beach, Paraglider, Marmaris beaches, Bodrum, Fethiye, etc. are also other Dalaman recreational places.

Tips for Villas for sale in Dalaman

Given that Dalaman is a small coastal city in the Aegean coastal region. It is more like a vacation home that includes the basic necessities of life. By buying a villa in Dalaman and living in it, you can access attractive recreational places.

Considering that Dalaman is far from Fethiye and is smaller compared to it, the price of buying a villa there is lower than the price of buying a villa in Fethiye. Despite the low price of buying a villa in Dalaman compared to Fethiye, this city has relatively good facilities. Access to touristic areas such as Fethiye and Gojek is easy.

If you want to buy a villa near Fethiye at a lower price, but use the unique facilities and beaches of Fethiye and the coastal cities of the Mediterranean Sea, buying a villa in Dalman can be a very good option. Due to the fact that Dalaman has a very large international airport, you will not have any problems traveling to and from Iran, and you can easily use this city as a summer resort or for leisure time.


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There is an important point about buying a villa in Dalaman, and that is that the weather is sunny and warm in this city on most days of the year. Even in winters the weather is mild and you can swim in the water. If you are interested in buying a villa in a city with warm sun, buying a villa in Dalaman and nearby is a very good option for you.

Buying a villa to stay in Dalaman area

Experience peace and beauty by staying in Dalaman

But if you are interested in buying a villa in a summer and cool area, it is better to buy a villa in the area around Dalaman, which is higher and has a cooler climate.

If we want the social status of Dalaman in terms of welfare status, cultural status, population density and density of buildings, access to facilities (including subway, bus, school, cultural centers, medical facilities, park, etc.), the level of crime and the level of satisfaction of the residents of the neighborhood. Life in it and measure it with
+ A A -A +B B -B +C C -C+
To show that the worst living conditions are c- and the best living conditions are A+, the social score of life in Dalaman will be B+.
The price of buying a villa in Dalaman has grown a lot in recent years, so that in November 2023, the price of each square meter in this city was calculated to be around 20.000 lira. This figure shows a growth of 270% compared to the last 5 years.

The return on investment by buying a villa in Dalaman is estimated to be around 8 years. If you buy a villa and rent it out. After 8 years of the rental period, the entire amount you paid for the villa will be returned to you.
To buy a villa in Dalaman, if you are interested in its coastal areas, you can choose beaches such as Iztuzu, Sarsala, Inlice and Sarigerme.
In addition to checking the villas for sale in Dalaman, you can also buy a villa in Sarigerme or buy a villa in Ortaca, both of which are close to Dalaman.

Most of the villas for sale in Dalaman are scattered in the outskirts of the city. These villas have private pools and gardens and usually have beautiful views. The nearest beach to check Dalaman villas for sale nearby is Sarigerme Beach, which has golden colored sands and is one of the best beaches in Turkey.

By buying a villa in Dalaman, in addition to the airport that you can use to go to other regions of Turkey and countries, you will have excellent access to the D400 highway by land. There is a bus station in Ortaca that you can use to go to other parts of Turkey by land with public transport.

It is also possible to travel by sea in Dalaman, and the closest port to Dalaman is Gocek Port, which is located at a very short distance from Dalaman.
Villas for sale in Dalaman have very favorable conditions in terms of facilities. In this area, most of the villas have the highest villa facilities such as swimming pool, parking, double-glazed doors and windows, green space, household items such as furniture, TV, curtains, electrical appliances such as oven, refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, etc. has

A view of well-built villas in Dalaman region of Turkey

A view of well-built villas in Dalaman region of Turkey

By buying a villa in Dalaman for 400 thousand US dollars, you can apply for permanent residence in Turkey. If the purchase price of a villa in Dalaman reaches 75,000 US dollars, you will be eligible for temporary residence in Turkey.

villas for sale in Akyaka

Another area where you can check out villas for sale in Dalaman is the Akyaka area. This area is one of the most beautiful and attractive areas to buy a villa in Turkey and has a very suitable space for nature lovers. The beautiful village of Akyaka is located 5 kilometers away from Dalaman, and by buying a villa in Akyaka, you will have easy access to the facilities in Dalaman.

Akyaka Lake is one of the beautiful tourist attractions of Dalaman, with beautiful villas built next to it with mountain and forest views. Akyaka is not so crowded compared to other tourist areas in Turkey and not many tourists know it yet. This can be good news for those who want to live by buying a villa in Akyaka. Because this area is full of peace and quiet and has very favorable conditions for a vacation life.

In the coming years, there is a possibility of an increase in the purchase price of property in Akyaka due to the fact that this area is becoming more and more known by tourists, and it is considered one of the suitable areas in Dalaman for investment in the buying and selling of Dalaman villas.

Villas for sale in Ortaca

It is one of the areas very close to Dalaman, which is located in Mugla province and is the smallest city in this province in terms of area. Ortaca area is a very beautiful coastal area, which is located among the important tourist areas of Mugla province. After cities such as Milas, Fethiye, Marmaris and Bodrum, it is the fifth city in terms of growth and trade and industry in Mugla province.

Buying a special beach villa in Dalaman, Turkey

A view of Dalaman beach located in Turkey

In the last 5 years, the growth of the purchase price of a villa in Ortaca has been upward and the price increase has been more than 230%. Approximately in 2023, each square meter of villas in Ortaja cost 20.000 lira. Ortaca is bordered by Dalaman from the east, Koycegiz from the west and north, and the Aegean Sea from the southwest and south.

Asi Koyu, Iztuzu, Sarigerme and Sarched are some of the best beaches near Ortaca for swimming. The population of Ortaca is 52,000 people, of which 26,000 are men and 26,000 are women. Social status in Ortaca is rated B. Due to the small area, the population density is higher than Dalaman and for this reason it is more crowded and crowded than Dalaman.

Until 1987, Ortaca itself was a part of Koycegiz County, but later it was separated from it and was chosen as an independent city. Currently, Dalyan city is affiliated to Ortaca municipality. Ortaca plain is fertile and various agricultural products are grown in it. Tomatoes, citrus fruits, cotton and pomegranate are prominent products of this city.

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In this city, a local market is held on Fridays, where farmers bring their products for sale, and by buying a villa in Ortaca and living in it, you can get fresh and organic products from farmers. There is a bus station in Ortaca that sends regular buses from Ortaca to Dalaman, Dalyan and other coastal areas.

Despite the small size of Ortaca, this city has no problems in terms of large supermarkets, stores, restaurants, cafes and bars, and it has relatively good conditions in terms of shopping centers. By buying a villa in Ortaca, you are only 15 minutes away from Dalaman International Airport, 10 minutes away from Dalyan, and 20 minutes away from Sarigerme beach.

In recent years, with the efforts of the Turkish government to attract tourists and turn this area into an international tourist area, the growth of the real estate market in Ortaca has experienced a great increase, and many foreigners are interested in buying villas in Ortaca.

Villas for sale in Sarigerme

Sarigerme is a very beautiful beach area near the city of Dalaman, which many tourists choose to visit in recent years. Until a few years ago, this area was a small village, but with the increase in the number of tourists and foreigners who chose this village by buying villas in Sarigerme, its population gradually increased and now it is considered one of the areas of Dalaman. .

Sarigerme is a peaceful place full of natural beauty. This area has very good conditions for those who love peace and nature and like to live in a stylish villa with a great view. Despite the small size of Sarigerme, this area is full of supermarkets, stores, pharmacies, restaurants, cafes, bars, etc.

Fun in the special and beautiful area of Dalaman

Fun in the special and beautiful area of Dalaman

If you choose to buy a villa in Sarigerme, you should know that there are all kinds of shops with different prices in Sarigerme. Some of the products in the market are fake. But along with these fake goods, goods with the best quality and the best brands in the world are also bought and sold. Therefore, by buying a villa in Sarigerme, you should be careful in your purchases.

Usually during the day in summers, Sarigerme is calm and quiet, and most tourists choose night and sunset to explore Sari Garme. For this reason, Sarigerme has lively nights. You can go to Ortaca market on Friday or choose Fethiye market on Tuesday to buy your necessities. There is also a local market in Sarigerme itself on Sundays.

Transportation of people in Sarigerme is done through shuttle buses. Sarigerme is 40 minutes from Gocek, 60 minutes from Fethiye, 30 minutes from Dalyan, about two hours from Marmaris. This means that by buying a villa in Sarigerme, you can not only enjoy the natural beauty of this area; You can also visit other tourist cities in Turkey that are a short distance from Sarigerme and spend a great vacation in this area.

What should we do to buy villa in Dalaman?

You can directly travel to Mugla and Dalaman province and visit Dalaman villas for sale. This will give you the opportunity to get to know different villas and buy with ease. But this work has several problems. That you have to pay for staying in Dalaman and visiting it.

Also, considering that you are not familiar with the villas for sale in Dalaman, you may buy a villa that is a fraud and has legal problems. There is another way that you can buy a villa in Dalaman from your home.
Just call the contact numbers of Antalya Estate to guide you about the conditions and availability of villas for sale in Dalaman. According to the budget you have considered for this, the distance from the sea, access to the transportation system and urban facilities, the facilities of the villa itself, its size and area, etc. will show you the villas you want.

For this purpose Antalya Estate will visit the villas for sale in Dalaman that are in accordance with your requirements and do not have any legal problems and will prepare videos and photos of the villas and their conditions online for you. . You can purchase a villa in Dalaman by viewing the pictures and videos.

Travel to Dalaman, Turkey

Travel to Dalaman, Turkey

After you are sure of your choice, the Antalya Estate will start to prepare, property transfer documents. In such a situation, it is enough for you to go to Turkey only for final work and document transfer and reciveing title od deed.

Villas for sale in Dalaman can mean a long-term and profitable investment. According to the policies of the Turkish government in the last few years and the arrival of many facilities in this area in the next few years, Dalaman and its recreational areas will be better known and this issue will significantly affect the price of buying a villa in Dalaman and its surrounding areas.

In addition to a profitable investment, Villas for sale in Dalaman can be a great option for those who are interested in having a unique vacation in pristine nature and away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Due to the purity of the climate and the presence of beautiful and luxurious villas in the Dalaman region and the proximity to the most famous tourist areas of Turkey, Dalaman has very good conditions for a recreational settlement.

To have a safe and secure investment, you can contact the contact number of Antalya Estate to guide you in choosing the villa of your choice in the beautiful city of Dalaman.

For more information about the daily price and conditions for buying other properties for sale, visit the page for Real Estate for Sale in Turkey.

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