Why is buying a Villa in Belek more reasonable than buying a Villa in Dosemealti?

Why is buying a Villa in Belek more reasonable than buying a Villa in Dosemealti?

Let’s find out why buying a villa in Belek is more reasonable than buying Villa in Dosemealti. First, we will look at the features of these cities then compare the Villas prices of Belek and Dosemealti.

Highlights of Belek

Unbelievable Property Rates to Buy Villa

Belek's reputation as a hitting the fairway objective has outflanked even Spain's noticed Majorca. Hotels and resorts exploited the flooding interest in hitting the fairway of the movement business in this city at unmatched property costs. The real estate market stays engaging and ensures unfathomable benefits for people's endeavors.

Appreciate Sand and Sea with this kind of Golf!

Antalya Belek Golf Clubs

Antalya Belek Golf Clubs

The improvement of title fairways prepared to create private properties, houses, townhouses, and lofts close by. Golf remains conceivably the most charming selling center for property-buyers. Regardless, Belek's appeal connects past the game to its effortless going beach town vibes and staggering external living along the Mediterranean coast. This city is extraordinary To Buy villas in Turkey.

Rich Villas

With Belek emphatically settled as a middle purpose of hitting the movement business' fairway, property's advantage has taken off. Overall, various buyers are progressing here as fans or contenders and excess property buyers To Buy Villa in Turkey. This city is a property theory gem along the Turkish Riviera. Estates, lofts, and houses in this city are the exemplification of excess. We have some manager fairways and regard overall golf competitions in this city. These extravagance properties are sea facing or joined by broad viewpoints on the coastline. A couple of estates and houses similarly went with central pools and added points of interest of support to the nearest fairway.

Rich Villas in Belek

Rich Villas in Belek


As a strength for buyers and examiners around the world, flying into Belek is essential pleasantness. The murmuring Antalya International Airport is the correct way off of just 30 km away. All around, the Antalya locale has extraordinary and profitable vehicle benefits altogether. The expense of transportation is low, and you don't have to pay a ton to buy a Villa in Turkey.


Belek's center is a stimulating metropolitan community that offers a combination of experiences for everyone. Explore a couple of supermarkets and shops selling everything, from everyday necessities to decorations, souvenirs, and calfskin items. If you like your business areas energizing and comfortable, the town of Kadriye offers a more settled, more tweaked experience that one can find in humble networks.

Koprulu Canyon in Belek

Koprulu Canyon offers a ton of involvement with the exceptional Turkish outside. You can go for its most notable activity – wild drifting in the recreational area along Köprü River, passing famous greenery of the cypress-forested banks, and under the outdated Oluk Bridge.

Highlights of Dosemealti

Highlights of Dosemealti

Highlights of Dosemealti

Dosemealti is a region and area governorate in Greater Antalya, Turkey. Antalya is one of Turkey's 30 metropolitan communities, with more than one district inside city borders. Presently in Antalya, there are five second-level districts notwithstanding the Greater Antalya region. This city is actıually arranged 20 kilometers north of the downtown area on the Turkish public roadway D.650 at 37°01′N 30°37′E. As per 2012 figures, the metropolitan populace of Dosemealti is 32465. Together with the local zone, the whole crowd is 47497. The name alludes to the antiquated street around the town. This city is a new settlement. The most punctual occupants were from Korkuteli in 1934. Later, individuals from Cyprus and Yörüks were additionally gotten comfortable in this city.

Kocain Magarasi

Kocain Magarasi

Kocain Magarasi

Kocain Cave is a collapsed Antalya Province, southwestern Turkey. It is a standard enlisted landmark. The cavern is arranged in the Killik area of Ahırtaş town in the Dosemealti region of Antalya Province. It was found in 1919 and was studied by researchers from Ankara University a few times after 1946. The first investigation in quite a while of speleology was completed in participation with French speleologists in 1972. The cavern is 633 m long and has two huge chambers on the top display, which has freedom of 80 m at certain spots. The cavern entrance is around 75 m wide and 20 m high.

The cavern highlights fantastic cave rock formations and stalagmites. It is accepted that the cavern was utilized for strict purposes during early Christianity because of discernible engravings. The above information is taken from the cavern's data board, noticeable at the external connection.

Kirkgoz Han Kervansaray

The Kırkgöz Han is situated in the Dosemealti locale, around 25 kilometers northwest of the downtown area of the commonplace capital close to the town of Bıyıklı , one kilometer south of the present E 87 parkway from Antalya to Denizli . He is the second Han out and about to associate Antalya with Konya, the Sultanate's capital of the Rum Seljuks. The first is the Evdir Han, around 15 kilometers south, trailed by the Susuz Han, 30 kilometers north.

Belediyesi Kent Ormani

The Antalians appreciate making the most of their yards with their friends and family, joined by fabulous cityscapes. With its fake cascade, outing zones, and tea cultivates, the city timberland, a characteristic territory with its various spaces, guarantees unquenchable minutes.


The Evdir Han is found 18 km from Antalya in the Uzunkuyu locale, on the Antalya-Burdur street. It is arranged in the Yeşilbayir neighborhood of the Döşemealti area. It is two km off the primary road. The han is based on the relics of the old city of Termessos. The Termessos, Doyran, and the Çiğlik Mountains are arranged toward the west of the han. The advanced street follows the old procession course, which proceeds toward the west through the valley between the mountain ranges. Current structures presently encircle the han, yet it doesn't take many creative minds to break them away and consider how this solitary sentinel of a han more likely than not overwhelmed this great setting when it was constructed.

Cost of Villas in Belek and Dosemealti


Extravagance manor reasonable for Turkey citizenship

Turkish Passport

Turkish Passport

The occupants of this city generally from Europe who pick this part for lasting home or briefly for the excursion because of the wonderful climate and 5-star golf resorts. These offices incorporate the best greens in Europe, the Land of Legends Complex, which has the biggest and most prepared water park in Europe. This manor has five rooms, a banquet room, and an examination room. The territory of the estates is from 430 square meters to 500 square meters.

Every one of the manors has a private nursery and a private pool with 32 square meters. It should be noticed that air conditioners and electrical apparatuses, such as coolers, clothes washers, dishwashers, and complete kitchen sets, are in every one of the manors. Cost: 330000 euros.

Extravagance fabricated estate available to be purchased golf resorts

belek golf resorts

belek golf resorts

As per the referenced cases, all the offices are accessible to make life simpler. In short distances and under 5 minutes to this elegant manor, there are hypermarkets, week by week foods grown from the ground markets, drug stores, cafes, and eateries. Additionally, the Land of Legends complex in 1 km of this estate is another preferred position of this property's exceptional area. Cost: 540000 euros.

What are the upsides of this Villa close to golf resorts?
It has a private nursery.
It has a private pool.
Reasonable for acquiring Turkish citizenship.
It has free land and isn't imparted to some other manor.
It has an uncommon and exciting inside plan.

How far is the Villa to different spots?
Antalya Airport 10 km
Place where there is Legends 1 km
Antalya focus is 20 km
Golf focus 1 km

Occasion manor with private pool

Buy Villa in Belek with private pool

Buy Villa in Belek with private pool

It's near numerous spots, you will arrive at the city inside just 5 minutes strolling distance, and the air terminal is just 30 km away from this brilliant manor. The house is spread more than three stories, and when you go into the house, you will locate an open arrangement front room, present-day fitted kitchen, and a dining zone. The kitchen is good for family apparatuses and white merchandise. There is a room and a washroom that has a jacuzzi on a similar floor.

Steps lead you up where another open arrangement lounge is situated with a kitchen and a dining territory. The living territory is outfitted with truly nice couches. On this floor, there are two additional rooms with a washroom that is completely prepared. This living zone has an overhang taking off towards the private pool and the nursery. Likewise, the rooms have overhangs with great perspectives on nature. Cost: 230000 euros.


Selective Villas in a Marvelous Complex at Dosemealti

These estates are situated on the north side of the city. The district with a gentle Mediterranean environment is advanced with green zones. Avoiding the city surges makes a great tranquility air ideal for unwinding and spending a casual occasion the entire year. Dosemealti is a similar locale notable for the new private ventures' rich turns of events. If you are a nature sweetheart and looking for a near nature living climate and yet to appreciate various rich conveniences, these restrictive manors are your objective. Cost: 260000 euros.

Open seven-room Detached Villa available to be purchased in Dosemealti Antalya

Open separated estate available to be purchased is situated in the Antalya Dosemealti area. This quiet and serene area is great if you need a family or occasion home away from the city commotion yet at the same time near the downtown area.

The manor has incredible characteristics that will include solace and happiness while you settle and is ideal for a venture plan. If you wish to purchase an excellent house in Antalya, look no more. This withdrawn Antalya manor available to be purchased in Dosemealti is your ideal speculation bargain. Cost: 440000 euros.

Open Detached Houses Surrounded by Nature in Antalya Dosemealti

Open houses available to be purchased in Antalya are arranged in Dosemealti. Encircled by lovely nature and loosening up the environment, Dosemealti has grabbed the eye of numerous land purchasers looking for a peaceful spot in the city away from the hustle. Moreover, properties around there are of high incentive because it offers its home away from commotion yet near metropolitan necessities. If this sort of property is the thing that you are searching for.

The houses are situated in Dosemealti with a distance of 35 km to Antalya Airport, 7 km to the downtown area, and 10 km to the seashore. The lofts are likewise situated inside 200 m to the fundamental street. Cost: 296000 euros.


Antalya Belek

Antalya Belek

So, in general, Belek's properties are a little more expensive than Dosemealti, but because of the features and attractions that this area has, it’s worth it. And in the near future, you will be making more profit out of it.

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