What are the types of properties in Turkey? Which type of property should I choose?

What are the types of properties in Turkey? Which type of property should I choose?

In addition to the different layouts of apartments and villas, the architectural style is very important when choosing housing is the type of property. Residential property may differ in amenities in the complex, of course, the price of property will depend on this, but the most important thing is your comfort!
In this article, we will analyze what types of housing are on the property market in Turkey.

Types of real estate in Turkey

Apartment types:

Types of apartments are:

1. Apartments in a detached building

These types of residential buildings are often located in the city center, where there are dense buildings. Previously, the construction of such residential buildings was very popular due to its low price and compactness. To date, residential buildings of this type are being built less and less. There are no additional social amenities in such residential buildings. Apartments in a separate building are suitable for people who want to constantly be in the thick of things and within walking distance to the city center.

Independent apartments in Turkey

2. Flats in a sieve

Site is a complex that offers additional amenities. In addition to the fact that such complexes have a closed territory, they offer their residents additional amenities: open or covered parking, a swimming pool and a playground, security and video surveillance.
In more elite complexes, there may be services such as a fitness room and spa, relaxation areas and barbecues. Such complexes are located in residential areas and are suitable for people who prefer to spend their holidays in peace and quiet, as well as families with children.

Turkish complexes

3. Apartments in hotel-type complexes

Hotel-type complexes resemble luxury hotels. Such complexes offer their residents a full range of hotel services. In such complexes, in addition to large swimming pools, spa and fitness rooms, reception services, transfer to a private beach, tennis and basketball courts, playgrounds and games rooms, cinemas and bowling alleys, as well as commercial areas: shops, cafes and restaurants and much more. These complexes will suit those who have always dreamed of their own apartments in a hotel and are accustomed to the best service. Life in hotel-type complexes is a holiday every day.

Villa types:

In the following, we will also check the types of villas.

Villas in Turkey

1. Detached villas

Detached private villas are located on an independent territory, they have their own architectural style. Often such villas have non-standard dimensions, they can be built to order or by eminent architects. In such villas there are no additional social facilities, amenities are located only on the territory of the villa. Such villas are suitable for introverts who like to relax in a quiet place away from prying eyes, as well as for large families with children who need a lot of space.

2. Twin Villas

Twin villas are two villas with one common wall, and the yard is divided into 2 private areas. Each of these villas has a separate entrance, its own private area, where the amenities for each villa are located (pool, parking, seating areas and terraces). Such villas are usually less expensive, often built in complexes. These villas are suitable for people who want to buy a quality villa and save money, as well as for large families with several generations and friends who want to live close to each other.

Types of villas in Turkey

3. Villas in complexes

Villas in complexes are always built in the same architectural style, in one closed area. Each villa has its own private area with amenities (swimming pool, parking, places to relax). The owners of the villas also have access to the social amenities of the complex. Depending on the status of the complex, the following common social facilities and amenities may be offered to residents:
- Shared large swimming pools (outdoor and indoor) and water park
- Fitness center, spa
- Sauna and Hammam
- Playgrounds
- Cafeterias and restaurants, bars
- The shops
- Transfers to the beach or your own private beach
- Basketball courts, tennis courts
- Security system and video surveillance
Some villa complexes resemble a mini-city within a city, where within walking distance you will have everything you need for a comfortable life. Such villas are suitable for people who value time and comfort first of all, as well as for families with children.

Living in Turkish apartments

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It is very important before buying a property to determine what type of property you will be comfortable living in. Of course, the choice will depend on your lifestyle, habits and purpose of buying.
Our Antalya Estate company will select the best options for you so that your expectations match reality!

To get more information about real estate and prices, as well as to receive expert advice, you can contact Antalya Estate Group so that the experts can fully guide you in this field and you can make the best choice with sufficient knowledge.

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