Northern Cyprus or Turkey? Complete Comparison (2023)

Northern Cyprus or Turkey? Complete Comparison (2023)

If you are thinking of emigrating for education, work and especially investing in real estate, Northern Cyprus and Turkey are the two main and top options that have more priority than other countries. Currently, for many foreign investors who intend to buy property and immigrate, it is difficult to choose between these two countries. It is probably a question for you to know whether Northern Cyprus is more suitable for buying property and all types of immigration, or Turkey? In this article, we intend to fully compare Northern Cyprus and Turkey from different societies so that you can have a better understanding of the characteristics and conditions of each country, and at the end, we will tell you which of these two countries is a more suitable option for you. are counted

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Comparison of Northern Cyprus and Turkey in general

First of all, we must say that as you know, Northern Cyprus is one of the countries under Turkey's control, but it is considered an independent country from various dimensions. These two countries are influenced by each other and both of them are tourists and have forward-looking economies, which has provided a suitable platform for investment and immigration for foreigners. But if we look at the details, we will notice the cultural, legal and economic differences of these two countries, which we will discuss in more detail later.

Comparison of the population of Northern Cyprus and Turkey

Currently, Turkey has more than 80 million people, which is a very large number compared to Northern Cyprus; Because the population of Northern Cyprus is estimated to be only about 400 thousand people. Although North Cyprus is also a tourist country, more than 50 million foreign tourists travel to Turkey every year. Therefore, Turkey is a more crowded country. So, if you are looking for a quiet and less crowded country, North Cyprus is a better option for you.

Northern Cyprus or Türkiye?

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Comparing the education system of Turkey and Northern Cyprus

Currently, Northern Cyprus is one of the most requested countries for educational immigration; Because it has both prestigious universities and students' graduation certificates are internationally valid and can be presented. Also, Turkey has many prestigious universities, not a few of which are the universities of Northern Cyprus. It is interesting to know that the education system of North Cyprus is in line with the American education system, which attracts more applicants. In addition, Northern Cyprus offers scholarships of 50 to 100 percent based on the conditions to applicants for educational immigration, and considering this, the cost of studying in this country is usually lower and cheaper than in Turkey. It is also not necessary to present a language certificate or pass an entrance exam to enter the University of North Cyprus; But to enter most universities in Turkey, you will need an IELTS score of 5.5 to 6 or TOEFL.

Comparing the culture of Northern Cyprus with Turkey

In general, the people of Northern Cyprus and Turkey are culturally very close to each other. Also, most of the citizens of both countries are Muslims and their official language is Turkish.

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Employment situation in Turkey and Northern Cyprus

In general, before immigrating, you must have certain skills and expertise so that you can work and earn money in the destination country. Currently, Turkey offers a lot of job offers to expats and this is in a situation where Northern Cyprus usually does not offer such schemes. But Northern Cyprus considers the minimum wage higher than Turkey in order to attract more human resources. In general, the unemployment rate in Turkey is more than 17% and the unemployment rate in Northern Cyprus is about 7%.

Comparison of entry rules to Northern Cyprus and Turkey

In general, no visa is required for immigration and tourist travel to Northern Cyprus, and you will receive a visa as soon as you arrive in this country. But this is the case that you can go to Turkey without a visa just for tourism and travel, and you will need a visa for study purposes, work or obtaining permanent and temporary residence.

Conditions of residence and citizenship in Northern Cyprus and Turkey

Currently, it is possible to obtain Turkish citizenship and residence by purchasing a property worth $400,000. After this, you can get permanent residence and Turkish citizenship. But currently, by buying a property worth 75 thousand pounds, it is only possible to get a temporary residence and after a few years permanent residence in Northern Cyprus, and the government of this country does not grant citizenship to foreigners under any circumstances. But in general, in both countries, there are very suitable conditions and opportunities for investing in real estate and obtaining residency and citizenship, which you can take full advantage of.

Comparison of Türkiye and Northern Cyprus

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Conditions for buying property in Turkey and Northern Cyprus

Both Turkey and Northern Cyprus have a developing and growing real estate market. Because of this, they have been able to attract a lot of foreign investment in recent years. But in the last two years, the amount of demand for buying Real Estate for Sale in North Cyprus has been higher than in Turkey; Because the price of real estate in this country is lower than in Turkey, and the buying procedure and conditions are less complicated. In addition, Northern Cyprus is a more peaceful and sparsely populated country, which encourages many people who intend to emigrate. Also, the significant growth rate of the North Cyprus real estate market in the last few years is very important.

Finally, Turkey or Northern Cyprus?

In this article, we tried to fully compare Northern Cyprus and Turkey from different communities so that you can make an informed decision about immigration and investment by buying property in each of these countries. In general, we can say that both countries have provided suitable conditions for investment and immigration of foreigners, but in some cases, Northern Cyprus has more favorable conditions and is currently considered a more suitable option for buying property and staying.
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