What kind of transportation is used in Antalya Turkiye?

What kind of transportation is used in Antalya Turkiye?

As elsewhere in the world in Turkey, local residents use public and private transport. Let's take a look at each of them. Also, for more information about prices and real estate for sale in Turkey, visit the Property for sale in Turkey page.

Public transport

Public transport is varied and easy to use. In Antalya, the public transport network is developed, and its operation is carried out approximately from 6:00 to 00:00 (it is necessary to specify the time for each route)
1. Buses. Antalya has a well-developed bus network. You can get to your destination from anywhere in the city. 1 trip will cost you 8.6 TL. Well, if you have a transfer planned, the second trip within an hour after paying for the first one will cost you 2.5 TL. Payment is made by bank or travel cards in big cities, in small ones they accept cash. Using Google maps, you can easily build your route and travel by bus.

Public transportation system in Antalya

2. Tram. The fare and method of payment for the journey on the tram will be the same as on the buses. There are 3 tram lines in Antalya:
• From the Airport via Kepez to Fatih in Konyaalti
• From the Citrus Garden in the Muratpasa area to the Antalya Museum (retro tram)
• From Dokumapark to Varsak railway station.
3. Taxi. The standard cost of landing in Antalya is 10TL, then it is calculated automatically according to the meter 1.25 TL per kilometer. You can order a taxi from anywhere in Antalya in 3 ways:
• Press the button to call a taxi on the street (they are installed on the streets every 300-500 meters). Payment will always be in cash.
• Call by phone (these buttons have a number, but for this you need to know Turkish). Payment will always be in cash.
• Install the Uber app (it will be installed in your native language) and order a taxi through the app. In this case, payment can be both by card and in cash.

Using public transport in Antalya

Personal transport

According to statistics, after buying a property in 60% of cases, those who plan to live in Antalya think about personal transport. Personal transport is always comfort, but also higher expenses (the average price of a liter of gasoline is 22.15 TL). Many are wondering what is more profitable: to bring your car to Turkey or how to buy or rent it here.

1. Buying a car

In order to buy a new car in Turkey, you will definitely need the following documents: passport and its copy, tax number, residence permit. Therefore, we recommend that you buy a car only after you receive the ikamet card in your hands. Car purchase and sale transactions are certified by a notary.
A foreigner can buy a car both from an authorized dealer and in ordinary car dealerships, new and used cars, but in the latter option, you need to be very careful and better trust a trusted seller.
On average, car prices in Turkey are higher than in Europe and Russia, the difference depends on the brand and equipment of the car. For example, prices at an authorized dealer for a Volkswagen Golf 8 start at 658,100 TL and up.

Using public transport in Antalya

2. Bring your car

Those who are not ready to part with their beloved car decide to bring it to Turkey. In accordance with the latest amendments to the law, according to which the stay of foreigners in cars with foreign numbers is allowed up to 730 days, that is, up to two years. There are a number of rules that must be followed:
• Stay in Turkey for at least 185 days
• Availability of an insurance policy
• Vehicle declaration
• Entry and use of the car for 2 years (only the owner and immediate family members can use it)
After two years, you will be able to use your car permanently. However, you will need to go through the customs clearance procedure. It should be noted that customs clearance of foreign cars in Turkey is not profitable, as it involves the payment of a tax in the amount of 100% of the market price of the vehicle.
Therefore, many foreigners who have moved to Turkey decide to buy it here.

Public transportation in Antalya

In terms of quality of life Along with Antalya, Alanya is one of the best cities in Turkey to buy apartments and houses, and the prices are still growing. For more information about cases and prices, you can refer to the page of property for sale in Alanya.

3. Car rental

Those who are not yet ready to purchase a personal car use an excellent alternative - a long-term car rental.
In order to use the car rental service, you must have the following documents:
• International driving license
• International passport
• Credit card

Car rental in Turkey

There are also a number of nuances that you need to know

1. Foreigners over the age of 21 can use the car rental service. As practice shows, if the client is not yet 25 years old, it will be necessary to make an additional payment - as a rule, this is a double deposit.
2. Additional service issuing an insurance policy is very important (although not necessary). It will keep you safe in the event of an accident. If you are not the culprit, then without insurance you will have to pay damages for the repair to the company.
3. It is necessary to familiarize yourself with the rules of traffic rules in advance. Of course, most of the rules on the road correspond to international ones, but there are differences, for example, the speed limit, stop signs and no stopping.
The cost of renting a car, in addition to the class of the car, depends on the season, the place of rent, the size and prestige of the company, the age of the driver and additional services and starts from 7,500 TL (excluding deposit and additional services).

If you want to buy a house, apartment or villa in Turkey, you can take the advice of Antalya Estate Group experts in this field. Contact us for a consultation and let the experts help you.

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