Everything about Relocation and adaptation in Turkiye

Everything about Relocation and adaptation in Turkiye

Moving to another country is always stressful. Adaptation is the first and basic stage of changing the environment, at which a person gets used to new conditions and rules of life, culture in another country. In this article, we will offer you some tips to make the adaptation in Turkey easy for you, as well as useful services, applications and phone numbers.Also, for more information about buying an apartment in Antalya, visit the Apartment for Sale in Antalya page.

Adapting to the new environment after immigrating to Turkey

Adaptation tips

1. Try to communicate in Turkish

In order to make life easier for yourself and integrate into the local society, you need to know the Turkish language. The local population is quite conservative, many do not even know basic English, so at first we recommend that you learn basic words and phrases that will help you in the store, on the street and in the state. institutions. Turkish courses will be the most effective for you. In Antalya, you can find both public free courses and private ones.

2. Stay up to date

In order to join the local society it is worth reading or listening to the news. You will be aware of holidays, events, changes in laws that may affect you, and more. Subscribe to news channels on social networks in your native language, and news from local newspapers and publics will help you improve your Turkish.

How to adapt to the new environment after immigrating to Turkey

3. Explore the city and country

You should not be limited to studying the street where you live or the nearest tourist sites. Take a walk around the city, we assure you, you will find many interesting and even useful places that will be useful to you in the future. For example, it is better to know in advance where schools and kindergartens, shoe or sewing workshops are located in your city. Find your favorite park where you can spend active holidays, and the most comfortable cafe for you. Go for a weekend to explore the surroundings or a neighboring city - discover Turkey.

4. Make friends with Turkish neighbors and expats

If you make friends with the locals, you can not only improve your knowledge of the Turkish language, but also better understand the culture of Turkey. The locals are very friendly, they talk about everything - you will always know where to buy groceries, where there are discounts, what is happening in your area. And foreigners living in Turkey longer than you are always a source of useful information. They will be happy to help you with the translation or share life hacks that will make it much easier for you to adapt.

Adaptation after relocation in Turkey

relocation and adaptation in Turkiye

Useful contacts

In case of emergency, you need to know where to call. In Turkey, all services work around the clock, they also work with foreigners, many have translators. Therefore, be sure to save the Turkish emergency phone numbers:

112 is a single emergency number. Turning there, the employees will transfer you to the service you need (police, fire, ambulance, etc.)

155 - police

110 - fire service

187 - emergency gas service

186 - emergency power service

185 - emergency service

184 - assistance by foreigners in matters of medical care (conflict situations, poor quality medical services, etc.)

Useful apps and services in Turkey

We also recommend that you install and master several Turkish applications that will make your life much easier during the adaptation period.

1. Public services

e-Devlet is a unified electronic database of the population of Turkey, including foreigners who have a residence permit. An analogue of the Russian service "Gosuslugi". In the application, you can make an appointment with a government agency, order a certificate, etc.

E-nabiz is an application of the Turkish Ministry of Health, where you can find all the test results, the history of visiting doctors in public clinics.

Merkezi Hekim Randevu - an electronic record to the doctor (on duty at the site).

KADES - protection of women from violence (hot button). When installing the application, just press a button and a police squad will be called.

Important points of adapting to the new environment in Turkey

How is relocation and adaptation in Turkiye?

2. Marketplaces

Marketplaces in Turkey are no different from those foreigners are used to

trendyol; Hepsiburada and Çiçeksepeti are the most popular marketplaces in the country. You can order delivery both at home, at work and at the post office, post office.

3. Food delivery

These applications are arranged on the same principle as all the others.

Getir and Yemeksepeti are the most popular food delivery apps in Turkey. These applications work on the principle of location - you are offered restaurants and cafes that deliver to your address. In Turkey, delivery is well developed, so you will find catering places everywhere that are ready to bring your order to you. Applications often have promotions, which increases the interest in home delivery of food or groceries.

4. City transport

Antalyakart and Moovit - these applications will help you top up your travel card; track the arrival time of public transport and get directions.

5. Rest, travel around Turkey

These are applications of tour operators and hotel booking services (like Booking.com)

Tatilsepeti - the service is arranged according to the principle of Booking.com. You can book a hotel, flight, excursion, etc. in Turkey and abroad.

Etstur is a Turkish tour operator that organizes package tours.

Otelz - this service offers you a huge selection of hotels, private residences throughout Turkey.

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