All you need to know about property investment in Turkey

All you need to know about property investment in Turkey

Buying real estate has always been the most reliable way to save or increase capital, even during economic crises and the collapse of currencies. Real estate is safer than deposits, keeping money in foreign currency or buying shares. Today, real estate is the most valuable asset in the world, especially in resort areas, which are becoming more and more attractive to investors from all over the world.
How can you profitably invest in the real estate market in Antalya? In this article, we will tell you about several options for profitable investment in property in Antalya.

Purchase of real estate at the construction stage for the purpose of further resale

The most ideal time to purchase an apartment at the construction stage is the start of sales. After the start of sales, the price of a project under construction in Antalya grows by an average of 3–10% per month!
The area and infrastructure also affect the value of real estate. Let's look at the example of the promising district of Antalya - Altintash.
This area was opened for construction just a couple of years ago. At the moment, the area does not have much developed infrastructure, but the city development plan has already approved the construction of schools, hotels, parks, shopping centers and commercial areas. And this means that in a few years the Altintash district will have a full-fledged infrastructure for comfortable living, which will naturally increase the value of real estate.
Since the Altyntash district is new, new-type complexes with additional social facilities, as well as hotel-type complexes, are being built here. All apartments of this type are rented with a fine finish, equipped bathroom and kitchen.
A lot of proven developers have come to the site, which guarantees the quality of construction projects and the fulfillment of obligations to buyers on time. Today, the cost of such real estate at the construction stage in the Altintash area starts from 125,000 USD. Experts predict that the average passive income from this type of investment will be 50%!
Therefore, we can conclude that the purchase of real estate under construction for the purpose of resale in Antalya will be most profitable in the Altintas area. The most important thing is the choice of an object and a trusted developer, with which we are ready to help you!

Purchase of real estate and further leasing

Renting out real estate is a great passive income option. You can rent out both apartments and villas. Real estate in large or resort cities is always potentially profitable. Antalya is both a resort and a large city, so here the demand for rental property is always growing.
The amount for which you can rent out your property depends not only on the area, but also on the area, the availability of furniture and household appliances.
Consider the same example: you can safely rent 1 + 1 furnished apartments in Antalya for 15,000 lira per month, your annual income will be 7-8% of the value of your property. Given the annual inflation, you will quickly return the investment in the purchase of an apartment, moreover, the value of your property will only increase during this time.
If you are planning to buy a property with a view to further renting out, our team is ready to advise you on properties with the highest yield potential!

For information about Istanbul properties, visit apartments for sale in Istanbul page

Buying property in popular tourist areas

The cost of real estate in such popular areas of Antalya as Konyaalti and Lara is increasing every year. And that's why:
• Both areas are quite old and almost completely built up. There is not much free land left for construction, which is getting smaller every year. Therefore, the cost of buying real estate even at the construction stage in the Konyaalti and Lara regions is relatively higher than in other regions, and after the completion of the project it increases greatly. Predominantly prestigious complexes with additional amenities are being built.
• Both areas are popular with tourists as both Konyaalti with its 7 km pebbly beach and Lara with its rocky and sandy beaches have developed tourist infrastructure. There are many services in the districts that are provided to customers in different languages - Russian, English, German. This, in turn, increases the demand for tourists to rent or buy real estate.
Buying in popular tourist areas is always advantageous, as the cost of renting property in Konyaalti and Lara is above average, and the demand for buying property in such areas often exceeds supply, which allows sellers to raise prices. In these areas, both new buildings and secondary market real estate are in demand. You should also pay attention to these points for apartment for sale in Antalya and Istanbul.

Buying real estate to obtain Turkish citizenship

Buying real estate for the purpose of obtaining citizenship is a profitable investment in yourself! When buying real estate, the cadastral value of which is from 400,000 USD, you can obtain Turkish citizenship. Turkish citizenship offers you many benefits:
1. Tourism
• Ability to travel to 110 countries without a visa. The list of countries includes countries in Europe and Asia, North and South America, Africa, Australia and Oceania. 72 countries can be entered with a Turkish passport without a visa, 35 countries issue visas on arrival and 3 countries issue an electronic entry permit.
• A visa to the Schengen area C-2 for Turkish citizens is issued for 5 years.
• Tourist visa B-1 and B-2 in the US is issued for 10 years.
2. Ability to retain a second citizenship
When obtaining Turkish citizenship, you do not need to renounce the first one, if the country of which you are a citizen allows you to have a second citizenship.
3. Medicine
Turkey has a high level of medicine, so medical tourism is developed in the country. More than 500,000 foreigners come to the country every year for examination and operations, which testifies to the quality and reasonable prices. By becoming a Turkish citizen, you will get free access to public clinics. And with health insurance, we can get good discounts on services in private hospitals.
4. Education
Education at universities is paid, but the best students will be able to apply for grants and scholarships. And most importantly, the diplomas of Turkish universities are recognized in Europe, which allows students to study on an exchange or do an internship abroad.
5. Citizenship for the whole family
When obtaining citizenship by investment, you can apply for the citizenship of your next of kin: spouse and children under 18 years of age.
6. Any place of residence

Turkish citizenship by investing in property

You do not have to reside in Turkey to retain Turkish citizenship. You can also rent out your property and earn passive income.
As we have already said, investing in yourself is one of the most profitable investments. Our team is ready to provide you with up-to-date information on obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment in accordance with the changes in the law of 01/01/2023, as well as to select the best options for buying real estate for you.

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