Questions about property investment in Antalya Turkey

Questions about property investment in Antalya Turkey

Antalya is one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey which is most favoured for tourism. Each year, countless tourists visit this city and many of them decide to settle here permanently.
There are many reasons behind the popularity of getting villas for sale in Antalya or apartments for sale in Antalya such as the natural beauties, availability of multiple malls, five star hotels, a lively night life and so on.
If you are considering getting a villa or apartment for sale in Antalya, you must have many questions. Thus, we will answer the most frequently asked questions about buying a property in Antalya, advantages of owning a villa in Antalya, can a foreigner buy and sell properties in Turkey, which is the best place to buy property in Antalya and so on.

1. Can foreigners buy property in Turkey?

Turkey allows foreigners from 183 countries to buy property. The only limit is that the property should not be located in a military area. Your property will provide you a residence permit until you sell it.
Thus, almost each person from all around the world is allowed to buy villas for sale or apartments for sale in Antalya and enjoy this beautiful city. You can find your dream house with Antalyaestate and settle in this city to find a beautiful life waiting for you.

2. Why should I buy a property in Turkey?

Properties in Turkey have been gradually gaining value over the last years. Two of the most common reasons for foreigners to tend to choose Turkey for an apartment for sale or villa for sale are the affordability of the properties and low coast of living compared to most European countries as well as the opportunities Turkey offers.
Due to the foreign currency rates, you can easily buy a luxurious villa in Antalya and won’t have to spend a fortune.
Plus, Turkey is quickly growing in all means thanks to its advanced health sector and tourism. Especially the touristic destinations are full of people who enjoy their lives in every bit.

3. Why should I buy a property in Antalya?

Antalya is a very beautiful city where every person can find something for their interests. You can enjoy this city fully with its gorgeous natural possessions, historical heritage, and varied activities for all. Especially if you like warm weathers and sunny days, Antalya will be like a treasure to you. Over 300 days of a year are sunny and warm. Even the winters are very mild and pleasing.
In Antalya, you can spend your days swimming, socializing, and relaxing. Also, if you are a fan of hiking and trekking, you are quite lucky as there are countless beautiful spots full of natural treasures.

4. Why Antalya Estate?

If you contact us to ask any types of questions that you might have, you will realise that our team cares about your needs. The decision you are making is possibly one of the biggest ever and thus, you deserve to be guided properly.
During this decision making process, you need to consider so many things at once such as the location, type, size, and any kinds of facilities it involves such as a swimming pool, security systems or balconies.
What you should look for in a villa or apartment depends on your needs. The perfect property is different for everyone and Antalyaestate will help you find the perfect one for you.
Antalyaestate has many options for properties for a big family or single person. No matter if you want a luxurious villa or a moderate apartment, Antalyaestate is the best for you with the various options it offers.

5. Are properties expensive in Antalya?

One of the main reasons behind the fact that countless foreigners choose to buy a villa for sale in Antalya or an apartment for sale in Antalya is the reasonable prices. Properties are not expensive in Turkey or in Antalya.
You will be surprised when you see what your money can buy you in Antalya. However, you need to keep in mind that these properties are quickly gaining value due to the increasing demand. Thus, the quicker you act, the more profit you make.
When you buy a property from Antalya Estate, you will not only safe a lot of money, but also buy a great amount of quality that will last a lifetime.
Property buying is a big issue, and you don’t want to spend a fortune on your dream house and find it loosing value or bringing up problems.

6. What about the cost of living?

Living in Antalya is so much easier than most of the European countries, especially when you consider the foreign currency rates. Even though the locals in Turkey have been poorly affected by the recent economic imbalances, the foreigners in the country are getting luckier and luckier.
In Antalya, you will find various supermarkets that offer cheap products. Additionally, you should definitely check out the bazaars in Antalya, which are even easier to afford to all parts of the society.
You will find that a dinner meal in a luxurious restaurant with a worth-seeing view won’t cost you as much as it would in many parts of the world. Plus, Antalya is so much cheaper compared to the other big cities in Turkey such as Istanbul.

7. Where is the cheapest area to buy a property in Antalya?

Antalya is a beautiful city lying in the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Antalya is the tourism centre in Turkey, and it is growing to be one of the most popular touristic destinations in the world. Considering how great of a city Antalya is, the tourism statistics shouldn’t come as a surprise.
If you want to start a new life in this city, chances are you want to have a luxurious life in a gorgeous villa. This ideal is not any hard to reach at all.
However, there are even cheaper alternatives than Belek, Lara or Konyaalti in Antalya. You can find apartments for sale in Antalya for a highly reasonable price as well.
The cheapest apartments for sale in Antalya are generally in Kepez. In Kepez, you can get a reasonably priced modern flat and also get involved with the native Turkish people and learn their culture better as well as improving your Turkish skills.
Altınova, Goksu and Varsak are other cheap neighbourhoods you can find a great apartment fulfilling all your needs.

8. Can I buy a property in Turkey with cryptocurrency?

Turkey allows foreigners to buy a property with cryptocurrency.

Property Investment in Antalya

Property Investment in Antalya

9. Do the properties include furniture?

Antalyaestate offers you a wide range of alternatives for your new property. Most villas for sale in Antalya and apartments for sale in Antalya include furniture, though not all.
With Antalyaestate, you can get the perfect property for you. While searching for your new house, you should just check the quick info and description parts of the house where you can get all the information. If you have any further questions, you can contact us, and we will help you find your perfect house.

10. Is Antalya a good city to live?

Antalya is one the best cities in Turkey to live, “a good place” is not enough of a definition. Considering the number of foreign visits Antalya receives each year, you can understand what we mean by “best”.
Antalya is the leading city in Turkey for tourism and here lives thousands of expats from all over the world.
One of the reasons behind this fact is that Antalya is a big city that keeps growing in all means. In Antalya, you will never find it hard to access anything you need and want, no matter how absurd they may seem. It is no use to mention the availability of the essential goods, which is a must in the modern world we are living in.
Apart from these, Antalya is a beautiful city. No further words will be needed if you have ever visited this city. In Antalya, you can easily colour your daily life only by maybe lifting your head up to the sky, where you will see another gorgeous view each day.
Over 300 days are sunny in the city and thusly you can spend your free times on the beach of the beautiful Mediterranean coast. In Antalya, you will see that people are chill and comfortable each moment. Considering all the peaceful spots and the high life standards, it is no surprise.

11. Are there good shopping alternatives in Antalya?

In Antalya, you will see that there are bunch of alternatives for shopping. There are over 12 malls where you can find many globally established brands. Plus, you can find quality goods for unbelievably low prices from the Turkish brands like LC Waikiki.
In each neighbourhood, there are multiple supermarkets that offer all the essential necessaries. These supermarkets are not only available everywhere, but also convenient for each budget.
Turkey is carrying out its bazaar culture strictly. In Antalya, you can find a bazaar each day in various neighbourhood. Most of these bazaars are open only once or twice a week. Here, you can find fresh and organic vegetables and fruits and fish as well as silver jewellery and small household goods. If you visit these bazaars, you will see that they are even cheaper than you could imagine. Plus, most of them are bargainable.

12. What is the weather like in Antalya?

Antalya is located on the coast of the Mediterranean sea and carries the qualities of a Mediterranean climate. In Antalya, the summers last as long as 6-7 months. During June, July, and August, the degrees go up till 35-40°C. People even swim in the open air till November.
As for the winter months, Antalya weather is still very mild, with an average of 15-20°C. It is true that there are rainy days, but they last quite short, and the weather is still mild.
The climate is the strongest reason for Antalya being a forerunner in tourism. Most of the locals spend most of their weekend swimming and sunbathing. Your life in Antalya won’t be any different than when you are on a holiday.

13. Is Antalya safe?

Most big cities bring concerns for safety. Considering the fact that you will possibly be living in a luxurious villa, it is quite normal that you might be sharing these concerns.
However, these concerns are not necessary as a scenario where you face a threat of burglary, pickpocketing, harassment etc is not very common in Antalya. The crime rates are low in the city.
Also, most of the touristic spots keep being busy during the late hours. Konyaalti beach, Oldtown, and Marina are some good examples. You will see that Antalya is not any more dangerous than London, for example.
Plus, most of our luxurious villas in Antalya and modern apartments in Antalya have advanced security systems with the latest technology.

14. Is Turkish language hard to learn?

One of the most common concerns of foreigners that plan to move to Turkey is the Turkish language. Yes, Turkish is very different than most of the European languages. Its grammar is not very similar to English. However, there are many common words.
If you talk to a person who speaks Turkish as a foreign language, he/she will tell you that Turkish is not as hard as it seems. Once you get the idea, the only thing you will need to do is as much practice as possible.
Plus, learning a foreign language is not hard at all especially when you are living in a country where that language is the mother tongue.
Antalya is the tourism centre of Turkey and thus almost all of the locals have at least once had an occupation involving language learning. Most of the people living in Antalya have foreign friends and they will gladly help you learn Turkish.
A cosmopolitan environment is the key to language learning. You will have no difficulties with Turkish in Antalya. You don’t have to learn Turkish to live in Antalya but if you decide to, it won’t take everything you have got.

15. Is Antalya a good city for a family?

Antalya is such a city that everyone can find something great to do. Your family will have a great life in Antalya. There are various job opportunities and various international schools for your child. Your family won’t miss anything that you have left behind.
There are entertainment centres and aquaparks for families. You can spend your weekends swimming, having a picnic in Tek Sarnıc City Park or Tunektepe.
You can spend a great time in Land of Legends Theme Park and Lend of Legends Kingdom Hotel as well.

16. Can I rent my property?

If you don’t want to live in the property you have bought or if you want to only spend your summers in Antalya, it is an option to rent your apartment or villa.

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