What are the advantages of buying a property under construction in Antalya?

What are the advantages of buying a property under construction in Antalya?

Despite the high demand for the purchase of real estate under construction, many buyers still undeservedly deprive the attention of real estate under construction. In this article, we have prepared information for you about buying property under construction in Turkey to debunk myths and fears; after all, the purchase of real estate in a facility under construction is an expedient and far-sighted decision.

You can refer to property for sale in Antalya to get information about prices and properties under construction.

Advantages of pre-purchase property in Antalya, Turkey

Advantages of buying real estate under construction:

1. Benefit

It's no secret that buying real estate under construction is always more profitable than buying a completed project. The developer is always interested in a quick sale of real estate under construction and a return on investment, therefore it offers attractive prices at the construction stage. If the project is built in a new area, you also benefit from the future development and beautification of the area. Prices at the construction stage may differ by 30-40% from the price of the completed project.

2. Installment

Many construction companies offer a phased payment plan, that is, installments. This is suitable for those buyers who are not ready to pay the full cost of housing immediately. Often, developers offer, when concluding a contract for the sale of a property, a one-time payment in the amount of 40-60% of the total cost of the object and pay the rest without interest within 1 year or before the end of construction! You can learn more about the phased payment plan in our article “Real Estate in Turkey in installments. Advantages and disadvantages"

Conditions for buying a property under construction in Antalya

Buying a property under construction in Antalya

3. Design change

When renting an object, as a rule, you get an apartment with a fine finish, an equipped kitchen and a bathroom, which is already included in the price. When buying real estate, you can negotiate with developers to make changes to the design of your future home. Developers usually have discounts from suppliers of finishing materials, as well as a professional team for interior decoration, which allows you to get a finished apartment on time with your own design and at minimal cost (or without them at all)

4. Fast construction time

In Turkey, there is practically no "long-term construction". In view of the features of the relief and climate, construction projects are usually built in 1-2 years. Construction is carried out in stages with strict observance of all regulations and deadlines. We work only with proven and conscientious developers who are responsible for the timing and quality of their facilities. The contract for the sale of real estate, which you enter into with the developer, also indicates the deadlines for the completion of the object and penalties for non-compliance.

5. High quality objects

Construction companies rent out comfortable high-quality real estate objects made using the latest technologies in compliance with European standards. 3D visualizations of projects always coincide with the implemented project. You always know what to expect, and at any stage of construction you can visit the site and see how the construction process is going. A new concept of building residential complexes with additional amenities (swimming pool, parking, playground, closed guarded area, recreation areas, spa or fitness, etc.) is now relevant, which can only be seen in new projects.

6. Wide range of properties

When choosing a property at an early stage of construction, you will certainly have more choice than in a ready-made residential complex. This gives you the opportunity to choose apartments for sale in Antalya with the desired layout at a lower price and make your own adjustments if necessary. As a rule, a small number of apartments remain in finished objects, and you have to choose from what is left.

Reducing the pre-purchase risk of property in Turkey

Property under construction for sale in Antalya

At what stage of construction is it better to buy property?

When choosing any property, one of the decisive factors, of course, is the price.
At the start-up and excavation stages, real estate prices are always the lowest, but the wait for the project to be put into operation will be the longest. The closer the project deadline, the less time you have to wait for the readiness of your property, but the higher the price.
Prices rise as the project is ready, but at the same time, the expectation of putting the project into operation is reduced. Therefore, each real estate buyer finds for himself an acceptable balance between cost and time that he is willing to spend waiting for the project to be completed.

Alanya is one of the popular cities for buying real estate under construction and can be a good option for investment. For more information, go to the page of properties for sale in Alanya.

How to avoid risks when buying real estate under construction?

In order to minimize the risk of buying real estate under construction, we recommend that you:
1. When signing a contract for the sale of real estate, we recommend that you take your time and read all the clauses of the contract. The contract must be drawn up in 2 languages - Turkish and Russian / English.
2. You can request all the documents and licenses you are interested in from the developer.
3. Use the services of a real estate agency. A real estate agent is your representative who will provide you with professional support, find the best projects, ensure the reliability of the transaction and advise on legal issues.

Get property buying advice in Turkey

Our professional team of Antalya Estate real estate agents is ready to assist you in choosing and buying the best property for you and your family. Right now you can use the expert advice of our collection in the field of buying real estate under construction in Turkey and act with full knowledge in this field.

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