Why Antalya is famous at Turkey

Why Antalya is famous at Turkey

Antalya has the fastest population growth in Turkey in recent years. Depending on regional development, there has been a significant increase in immigration to the area from other cities. Tourism, agriculture and all industry are the economic mainstays of the region. In terms of population and national income Antalya is 8th. Antalya is a metropolitan number one tourism city of Turkey. The economy of city is formed by tourism. Antalya hosts 35% of the tourists coming to Turkey; and nearly 6-7 million of tourists in a year so tourism is the backbone of Antalya?s economy; Antalya is regarded as the backbone of Turkish tourism sector. Antalya attracts visitors throughout the year and an increasing number of hotels remain open all year round. This trend is encouraged by the rapid diversification taking place in tourism sector to encompass such areas as hunting, winter sports, trekking, health and convention organizations. Specialization in these sub-sectors of tourism is increasing at the same parallel. Talia Convention Centre and The Glass Pyramid, which opened in 1997 and Antalya Expo Centre which opened in April 1999, are all important jump off points for the expansion of fair and also convention tourism. As tourism investment continues, the number of tourists visiting Antalya increases by bounds and leaps. In 2005, the number of tourists visiting Antalya increased from 204 thousand to 7 million. Antalya accounts for roughly 35 % of the total tourist arrivals when the latter is compared with the number of tourist arrivals in Turkey, which is 20 million. Antalya is also an important agricultural center with its ecological practicability. Agriculture is as important as tourism, in Antalya?s economy as 19.99% of Antalya?s total area is under plant cultivation whereas the remaining land is covered with meadows, heath land, pastures and forests. It is number in green-house. Because of this feature Antalya sends many kinds of fruit and vegetable to many corners of Turkey throughout year. Fruit-vegetable and flower are important sources of income in Antalya. Industry has grown parallel with tourism and agriculture. Today, there are 170 industry registered company. Apart from the industrial zone and free trade zone, there are 11 small industry areas, 3 of which are situated in the city center and 5.400 offices employ 20.000 people. In the recent years, Antalya has become one of the few yacht manufacturing places in the world. Free trade zone produces ultra luxury yachts that cost million dollars. Since it offers advantages in taxation, cheap and qualified employee Antalya has become a place where the yacht producers prefer. In the yacht firms in Antalya free trade zone approximately 500 employees is employed.
source :antalya.org

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