First Stage of Bogacay Project

First Stage of Bogacay Project

First Stage of Bogacay Project will be completed in 3,5 years

As Antalya metropolitian municipality describes the project, Bohacay is the Turkey’s second brilliant project after Canal Istanbul and will be built in Antalya. The project is known as one of the most important project in the world.

There will be built 40 km long coast with Bogacay project which will change the city history and it will avert the flood risk. Thousands of people will be having a job by the project which will also add richness to construction area crafts.

According to Yenisafak newspaper, investment value of the project will be over $1 billion and the project will provide added value to economy of Antalya with its brand equity. It is expected that 10.000 people will be having job after the project completed and it will contribute to employement.

Bogacay Project will contain wellness centers, recreation area in public and activity areas, marinas and restaurants. Tea landside will be center of attraction for people to have fun in various activities.

The project has operated with a company which has made many important projects in this type of constructions, Perkins Will. Project consultation has been made with academician from Istanbul Technical and Yildiz Technical Universities.

The project will involve 925 km basin and will be made infrastructural investment to prevent overflow and flood.

Bogacay project is formed as 3 stage. The first leg of the project will be preventing overflow, second leg will be sand and gravel coast method and the third leg of the project will be continuing with see water salting work. At the last step of the project will be superstructure of the buildings.

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