How many shopping mall at Antalya

How many shopping mall at Antalya

The most important thing is, enjoy your shopping, when you are on a vacation!!!
Antalya region could well be the most deserving choice for shopping in Turkey; because Antalya is one of the biggest and developed cities.
Antalya has a lot to offer to the shopping freaks. You can enjoy your vacation while picking up whatever catches your fancy. Shopping in Antalya can be an exhausting, but exhilarating experience. In Antalya textiles, cotton clothing, traditional pottery and wood carvings, ornate meerschaum pipes, carpets, prayer rugs, gold and copper work, leather goods and souvenirs, local jams and jellies made from a variety of fruits and vegetables are very popular.
In Antalya shops, excellent quality gold, silver and leather goods are to be had at prices considerably less than abroad. You can find local and imported textile, in local shops, and or special shops like Calvin Klein, Lacoste and more. Haggling is expected and bargains can be had. Roadside stalls, bazaars and also markets usually sell their goods until midnight.
Carpet is famous not just in Antalya it is well known also all around Turkey. The Yoruks live throughout the winter on the plains and they are semi nomadic. Their hand produce carpets using vegetable dyes and wool from their own sheep.
The patterns and design used in the carpets reflect their nomadic culture which is expressed in the harmonious use of blues, reds and dark greens. This traditional style of carpet and kilim making is concentrated in the villages around Antalya.
If you are looking for an old Turkish carpet or kilim, you need to know few things. If you buy carpets or antiques, know that by the Turkish law, it is forbidden to export them out of the country. The same goes for any historical items more than 100 years old. If you are buying an old carpet, ask the salesman to give you some certificates with the carpet/item's age. This way you will not have any problem with customs, leaving the country. In addition to this, it is possible to find certificate jewelry and gold shops. This certificate mostly hangs on the wall. All the jewelry stores in Antalya must have governmental certificate licenses. It is recommended to check the karat marks that drowned the gold jewelry.
If you are looking for leather coat and leather items, belts, shoes, hand bags and more, Antalya is a right place. You can even find art artifacts, wall clothing, handmade items and abundantly in town.
Shopping in Antalya is super from the small shops and kioks in the Kaleici to the big shopping malls like MMM Migros.
You will find shops selling sea equipment, international brands ,shoes, souvenir and cafe shops and restaurants, located in Kaleici Marina. It is one of the most interesting marinas in Turkey, since it combines old and new, with trees, flowers, shrubs and more. There are few shops for underwater equipment, though you should really come here not just for the shopping itself in Setur Marina which is located about 10km west of Antalya, in a quieter place then Antalya's center.
You can find loads of interesting items in the large market called Dogu garaj. For buying branded modern items and also for day-to-day requirements the Migros shopping malls are a perfect choice.
For more stylish boutiques Antalya shops can offer excellent quality fashion clothes and accessories for a fraction of the price in Europe. Look no further than Konyaalti street , Ataturk Street or Migros 5M (situated on the Konyaalti Beach side of town).
It's recommended to visit the Antalya covered food market. In here there is complex of about 760 shops and business in area of 480.000m2.
This mega complex including all kind of business places such as: offices, taxi services, police station, some bank branches, post office, gas station, sport facility and many kind of fruit and vegetable as well as other food shops.
You can also visit the main Antalya bazaar. The Antalya main bazaar has roof. The bazaar has wide verity of products, such originality handiworks, different kinds of Turkish foods, all kind of jewelry, Turkish delight such as Halva, Baklava, Apple tea, Locum, Pines honey, Spices and many shops of footwear and couture, as well as Turkish leather goods more. Local tailors make repairs, and or a high quality handmade shoes and suits.

Antalya main shopping malls and supermarkets:
Laura Shopping Center
Real - Shopping Mall
Covered wholesale food market
White World Center
Deepo Outlet Center

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