Festivals & Events

Festivals & Events

Throughout the year, Antalya is a province of festivals, film, football
and fun. Antalya with its boulevards, surrounded with palm trees, marina
with international awards, old city with its traditional architecture
and modern places officiates as host of the International Beach
Volleyball Tournament, International Opera and Ballet Festival,
triathlon, golf tournaments, skiing competitions, archery, tennis,
football tourism and many other sportive activities.

Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival
Turkey?s oldest and most appreciated film festival. It also offers
opportunity for the public to meet with celebrities and the festival
lasts in a mood of carnival.

Concerts and theatres performed in historical Aspendos Theatre in the
mid 1950?s form the basis of Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival.
Performances which the public pays huge attention and occurs in summer
time becomes traditional and lasts in a mood of fiesta till the
beginning of 60?s. Festival turns into ?Antalya Golden Orange Film
Festival? taking film under its constitution.

Keen interest is given to festival which is first performed in 1964. The
basic mission of the festival is ?to give material and moral support to
Turkish film sector, to form basis for Turkish cinema in foreign
platform by provoking Turkish film producers to produce qualified
masterpieces. Going in this motto between 1964 ? 1973, Golden Orange
Film Festival takes visual arts under its constitution in 1974.

Adding the International Music Competition Akdeniz, Festival attains a new dimension in 1985.

The festival which has initiated another film competition for
international films under the name of Euroasia International Film
is organized by Antalya Culture and Art Foundation. Institutor
committee of the foundation is composed of 109 people including
celebrities of business, politics, media and culture-art of Antalya.

Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival takes place in September and October.

Other Festivals & Tournaments:
Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival; June

Aspendos Jazz Festivals; June

Kale/Camel Wrestling Festival; In June - first week of January

Greasy Men's Wrestling Festival The last week of May

Abdal Musa Festival; June 5-6

Alanya International Beach Voleyball Tournament; June 7 - 15km

Finike Festival; June 29 ? July 01

Manavgat Tourism Festival - July

Ms. Kemer, Altinnar Beauty Festival; July 23 - 26

Alanya Triathlon Games; July 31 Second week of every Augusts International Folk and Song Contest.

Kemer Carnival: September

lbradi Grape Festival; September 3 - 4

Korkuteli Greasy Men's Wrestling Festival; First week of September

Altin Portakal (Golden Orange) Film Festival - October

Alanya international Triathlon Games; October 20-30

International St.Nicholas Syphosium in Demre; December 5 - 7

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