Turkish property and Gazipasa airport

 Turkish property and Gazipasa airport

Alanya has always been a popular
destination for those wanting to buy a property in Turkey. Nestled on
the south Mediterranean coast, enjoying over 320 sunshine days a year,
and as such, attracting visitors and buyers from all over the globe.

Currently served by Antalya International Airport, which at times, is
nearing capacity during the hectic summer months, a long needed airport
to serve this area has been talked about : Gazipasa.

This small town located approximately 25km to the east of Alanya, has
been the focus of interest for the last couple of years. Its small
regional airport was built in 2001, and saw little, if any use. Now it
is becoming one of the most talked about subjects. Both locally and

A secondary airport which has been talked about for years, has
recently been the subject of a large cash injection from Airport
operators TAV. This has included an extension to the runway, building
works and improvements to the infrastructure. International flights are
not yet scheduled, However the operators TAV are reported to be in
discussions with airline operators from many European countries, and
there is serious talk of these new routes happening in the not too
distant future, however, internal flights have now been taking place.

How will this affect the property market in the region?

Whilst Alanya has been a popular destination for those wishing to buy
Turkish property
, many people have given the area a miss, due to the
transfer from Antalya airport. With the oncoming arrival of Gazipasa the
situation is forecast to change. Not only will this help the current
and prospective Turkish property owners in Alanya, it will also open up a
further stretch of this coast for further development.

Many Turkish real estate agents in the area have indicated a good increase of interest in land for potential investment property in Turkey, and this is forecast to grow. This can only be a good sign for the area, and the Turkish property market as a whole.

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