Lara or Konyaalti, which area is better to buy a property in Antalya?

Lara or Konyaalti, which area is better to buy a property in Antalya?

Lara and Konyaalti are the two most popular areas among immigrants. In this article, we will compare these areas in several categories and find out in which area it is better to buy a property to live in Antalya.

Language barrier and adaptation

The most densely populated region of Antalya with immigrants is Konyaalti. Even if you do not know Turkish, it will be easy for you to adapt, as at almost every step you can hear English, German or Russian speech. In many hospitals and even catering establishments and shops, the staff speaks foreign languages. Konyaalti is more of a tourist area, in the summer season many tourists stop here.

In Lara, the percentage of immigrants is lower, it is a more residential area. To make it easier to adapt and use local services, you need to learn Turkish at a basic level. But the number of foreigners in the Lara region is steadily growing, so every year there are more and more services adapted for foreigners.

Location Features

The Lara area is partially located on a hill about 30 meters above sea level, so the windows of the coastal luxury real estate in the Lara area offer a gorgeous view of the sea. This is the closest area to the airport, 5-10 minutes drive. Therefore, Lara is convenient for those who are forced to travel frequently. Also golf courses in Belek are just 30 minutes drive from the Lara area, you can enjoy world-class golf courses, as well as visit the famous Land of Legends amusement park.

The Konyaalti region is the furthest region of Antalya from the airport. The airport can be reached by car in 25 minutes. From the western side, the area is surrounded by the Tauride Mountains, so buying a property in the Konyaalti area you will get a beautiful view of the mountains. Konyaalti is home to one of the largest Aquariums in the world, 131 meters long, where you can have fun with your family. You can also easily go to the nearest city of Kemer for the weekend and arrange an active outdoor recreation.

konyaalti beach

konyaalti beach


A very important criterion for choosing a place to buy an apartment or villa in Antalya is the beach.

The beach in the Lara area is sandy and rocky in places. The sandy beach in Lara is the most popular Antalya beach. Many tourists and locals, and especially families with children, are very fond of relaxing on this beach, as the descent into the sea is gentle, and the water is clean and warm. For this reason, the beach has been awarded the world famous Blue Flag award. Private areas on the beach are equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas, have beach bars with soft drinks and lounge music. As for the rocky beaches, this is just a paradise for lovers of the purest turquoise water, the descent into the water is steep, so it is suitable only for confident swimmers. Along the rocky shore, there is a multi-kilometer park area for walking with the famous Duden waterfall. Near the Duden waterfall, there are many cafes and restaurants with quality service.

The beach in the Konyaalti area is no less popular than Lara beach, but has some differences. It is pebbly and stretches for 8 kilometers. This beach has also been awarded the Blue Flag, which indicates its clean waters and developed infrastructure. On the beach you can see equipped volleyball courts, as well as other entertainment. A promenade stretches along the beach - a favorite place for tourists and residents of Antalya for evening walks. On Konyaalti beach you can also see a huge number of cafes with live music, bars and restaurants with local, European and Asian cuisines.

Urban development

In both areas, urban development is quite dense, as these are very popular areas for buying property.

Antalya, Lara beach

Antalya, Lara beach

Buildings in Konyaalti are quite dense, but mostly low-rise. There is no land left for construction in the coastal areas, so now the Khurma area is being actively built up with residential complexes with numerous amenities. Also in Konyaalti you can buy a new luxury villa in the villa complex and stay in the center of city life. The area has a developed infrastructure, here you will find everything you need for everyday life: from food markets, shops and shopping centers to hospitals, pharmacies and schools.

The Lara district is also densely built up, there are both high-rise and low-rise apartment complexes. In the Lara area there is a large selection of quality resale properties with a good repair. And for those who prefer new buildings, it will be nice to know that at the moment the Altintash microdistrict offers a large selection of quality apartments for sale in construction projects with a hotel concept, where you can improve your quality of life. The urban infrastructure of the Lara region is also well developed and is not inferior to the Konyaalti region.


Konyaalti and Lara districts are the most popular immigration areas for foreigners. When choosing an area for buying property in Antalya, you need to decide on the selection criteria. If you want to assimilate into the local society and get to know the real Turkish way of life and culture, if proximity to the airport is important to you, then Lara is the best area for you. But if you want to live in a new luxury villa, next to the mountains, surrounded by compatriots, choosing the Konyaalti area, you will not be mistaken.

Our specialists at Antalya Estate are ready to help you with the choice of area, as well as the choice of property.

Properties in Lara, Antalya

Properties in Lara, Antalya

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