Everything about buying land in Turkiye

Everything about buying land in Turkiye

To date, the purchase of land in Turkey is becoming increasingly popular. In this article, we will discuss the main questions of interest to those who want to buy land in Turkey, the benefits of buying land, and why it is worth buying this type of property only through a professional real estate agency.

The very first question that worries future buyers is whether foreigners can buy a land plot in Turkey?

To find out about the prices and available cases, refer to the land for sale in Antalya.

Sale of land for construction or development of agriculture in Turkey is allowed for foreigners. Types of land plots that are allowed for purchase by foreigners:

• Land plots for the construction of residential buildings

On such plots you can build a house, cottage or villa for your family. A foreign citizen, by law, can purchase a plot of up to 3 hectares.

• Land plots for the construction of commercial buildings

On these sites it is possible to build hotels, shops, salons and other premises for commercial purposes. A foreign citizen, by law, can purchase a plot of up to 3 hectares.

• Land plots for agriculture

Such plots are intended for pastures, animal husbandry or the cultivation of various crops. A foreign citizen, by law, can purchase a plot of up to 30 hectares. Their cost is significantly lower than land plots for construction.

Buying land in Antalya for construction

Land plots that are prohibited for foreigners to buy:

• Land plots related to state property

Most often, these are territories with minerals, forests, nature reserves, pastures, etc.

• Strategically important areas

Any foreigner is prohibited from buying any property on the territory bordering Syria (Mardin, Hatay, Kilis provinces), and citizens of Russia and Ukraine are prohibited from buying any type of property on the Black Sea coast (Trabzon, Samsun, Zonguldak and others provinces)

Alanya is one of the popular and popular areas for buying land. To find out about land for sale in this city, you can refer to the property in Alanya.

Advantages of buying a land plot in Turkey

Liquidity. Buying land in Turkey is a profitable investment. Demand for the purchase of land is steadily growing, and the land is becoming less and less. If construction companies after the pandemic are increasing the pace of construction and replenishing the housing stock, then the situation with land plots is completely different - there are less and less of them.

Your design. By purchasing a building plot of land, you can build your dream home by hiring professional architects and designers. With the help of a professional team of builders, you will be able to satisfy all your requests: from non-standard layout and a large number of rooms to a unique exterior and interior.

Obtaining a residence permit or citizenship by investment. You also have the opportunity to obtain a residence permit or Turkish citizenship by purchasing a land plot, the cadastral value of which will be from 75 thousand dollars or 400 thousand dollars, respectively.

Buying land in Antalya for agriculture

The cost of land in Antalya

Land prices have a very wide range. Factors that affect the price of land:

• Purpose of the land plot. Land plots with a building permit are always more expensive than land plots for agriculture

• Location. The price of a land plot depends on the region, whether it is located within the city or outside it, whether there is a large city nearby, proximity to the sea, etc.

• Liquidity. The liquidity of a land plot depends on the demand for a similar object, the characteristics and prospects for income from the plot.

Prices for land plots for construction vary from 200.000 Euro till 5M Euro

Land prices in Antalya

Why buy land through a real estate agent?

1. Save time. By contacting a professional real estate agent with given selection criteria, the agent will quickly find you suitable land options. You do not have to sort through a large number of unsuitable objects yourself, but simply choose from those already selected for you.

2. Transaction security. The real estate agency will check all the documents and help you quickly conclude a deal.

3. Bargain purchase. Many landowners inflate the price. To find out reliable information on land prices, you need to contact a professional real estate agency that knows the situation on the real estate market in Turkey.

4. Building security. The real estate agency will select for you a proven construction company with a good reputation to build your home.

5. After-sales service. After the transaction and obtaining documents of ownership, it is important to support in adapting to the news of the country of residence and assistance in landscaping.

Expert advice on buying land in Turkey

Our Antalya Estate team will select the best land plot according to your criteria and help you at all stages of buying a property. If you have any questions about buying a land plot or other types of real estate, please contact us at any time.

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