A comparison of property for sale in Pebble Beach with Belek

A comparison of property for sale in Pebble Beach with Belek

Buying a property for sale can be a difficult procedure, especially if all world is an option you are considering. If you are a golf enthusiast, you might also be looking for a golf property for sale. Both Belek and Pebble Beach are famous options for a golf property. To come up with the best solution, we recommend you decide on your expectations from your property as well as the zone you will get it from. Belek is a small city located on the southern part of Turkey. Lying on the coast of the Mediterranean sea, Belek offers wonderful weather conditions for a perfect golf game. Mediterranean hospitality is another advantage of the zone. Pebble Beach, on the other hand, is the top zone in California for a golf game. Just like Belek, Pebble Beach offers a wide range of alternatives for golf courses as well as golf properties.

Which one is more affordable?

If you want to keep your budget low, you can find multiple cheap golf properties for sale in Belek. However, that doesn’t mean that your property loses any of its appealing qualities just because it doesn’t cost you a fortune. Belek offers the same qualities Pebble Beach does, it is only cheaper. No matter how unbelievable this may sound, it has a reasonable explanation. Turkey uses Turkish Lira as the official currency, which is worthy far less compared to Euro and Dollar. A property you will buy in Belek will be highly luxurious and hard to afford in Turkey standards while it is very cheap in world standards. Thusly, Belek is much better of an option compared to Pebble Beach. Even if the financial matters won’t be an issue, you may still want to keep your expenses as low as possible only to save more money for your other expenses.

Which one is more profitable?

When comparing a golf property for sale in Belek with a golf property for sale in Pebble Beach, comparing their values and probability might seem unnecessary. Let us take a closer look anyway as the results may surprise you. It is true that Pebble Beach seem more of a high quality at first. However, Belek has nothing less to offer. Plus, it is far cheaper to buy a property for sale in Belek. This leads the demand for Turkish property to increase. This increase of demand has been gradually showing its impact on the prices during the recent years. If you search the Turkey property prices of 5 years back, you will see unbelievable numbers. With the increasing demand, Turkey property has been gaining a surprising value. This only means that if you act quickly, you will make more profit out of your property for sale in Belek compared to your property for sale in Pebble Beach. Property prices in Pebble Beach are far more expensive and they offer far less profit compared to the ones in Belek. Thusly, selling your property in the future will make much more sense if it is in Belek. On the other hand, as we have mentioned, the span of value gain has been shortening, which requires you to act as quick as possible if you want a real profit out of your property.

Golf property for sale in Belek vs golf property for sale in Pebble Beach

Belek has already proven itself in the world with its world quality golf properties for sale. These properties are all tastefully decorated and fully equipped. In Belek, it is not very possible to find a sea view villa for sale. However, your property will be in a walking distance from the coastline and from the best golf courses in Belek. Pebble Beach might be the most famous area in California that offers many alternatives for golf properties for sale. These properties are also very luxurious. If you want a seaside villa, you will have to be willing to pay extra a few hundred dollars.

Do Belek or Pebble Beach offer a golf weather?

Golf weather is a term that is used to define the perfect weather conditions for a golf play. In daily life, it has evolved as a sunny, perfect weather. We can safely say that Belek offers all the perfect weather conditions for a golf play almost all year long. The Mediterranean climate of Belek presents a guaranteed sunshine over 300 days a year. The summers in Belek last exceptionally long, over 6-7 months. The hottest period lasts around three months. The winters last unbelievably short. The weather during the winter months in Belek is very mild. Even though it rains time to time, you should admit that it’s worth it. All and all, it is a Mediterranean zone. Pebble Beach weather allows a golf play as well. However, we cannot say it offers all the perfect conditions like Belek does. Pebble Beach is often foggy during the early hours of a day. The winters are also very mild in Pebble Beach. However, it heavily rains time to time.

compare belek and pebble island

Compare Belek And Pebble Island

Living in Belek as an expat

Belek is a small city that offers a calm and peaceful life all year long. The summers are far busier compared to the winters when the tourism slows down. You may decide to spend all your months in Belek or use your gold property for sale in Belek as a holiday home in Belek.

Belek Population

Belek has around 6.640 residents, making it a small city. With the effect of the Mediterranean climate, these residents are quite friendly. They love foreigners and helping them. During the summer months, the population increases drastically with holiday makers in Belek. You may choose to use your holiday home in Belek only during the busy summer months or all year long. The winters are far calmer but never boring. The expat population of Belek is not few. Many people from Britain, America, Russia, and Germany have chosen to buy a property for sale in Belek after a memorious holiday in the city.

Activities to do in Belek

Belek is a perfect city for you if you want a peaceful life where you will still get to join a lively night life. There are many clubs, bars, restaurants, and cafes near Belek. Plus, the 5 star hotels in Belek accept guests to their clubs. Belek is only around 30 kms from the Antalya Airport. If you like travelling around, you can get on your car and discover the Antalya city as well. If you don’t own a car, you can use the busses that you can find anywhere in Belek. These busses have over 10 routes a day and are very cheap. On a weekend, you can go to Lend of Legends Theme Park, only 6-7kms from Belek. All your family will have a great day in the theme park, watching a wonderful dolphin show, swimming, using water slides, having a delicious meal, and shopping.

Natural wonders in Belek

If you like being close to nature, Belek offers you all you want. In Belek, you can take long walks in nature. If you like hiking, you will be only lucky to choose buying a golf property for sale in Belek. You can also swim in the wonderful beaches in Belek and try other water sports as well. Belek is also a popular destination for campers. If you are interested, there are wonderful spots to discover in Belek.

Schooling in Belek

If you have children, there still needs no worry. You can be sure that they will get the best education in international schools in Belek. These schools follow British and American curriculums. The lessons are taught by the most experienced and qualified teachers. Your children will not only get a comprehensive education but will also be in a multicultural and multilanguage environment. If you have any questions about these schools in Belek, feel free to consult us.

Language barrier in Belek

Apart from these, you won’t have any difficulties for communication. Most of the residents in Belek have at least had one occupation where they had to use English effectively. Thus, most of the locals in Belek speak English, German, Russian, and French fluently. Even though the older population might not speak any foreign languages, you won’t have to learn Turkish to live in Belek. On the other hand, learning Turkish won’t be a difficult task as it is an easy language to learn. Plus, the friendly locals will be more than glad to help you improve your Turkish skills. If you want to learn Turkish comprehensively, there are multiple language courses you can register to.

Living in Pebble Beach as an expat

Pebble Beach also offers great life standards. However, these standards are much pricier compared to Belek. Not only your golf property for sale in Pebble Beach cost much more, but also your life.

Pebble Beach Population

Most of the residents in Pebble Beach are of older population and retired. Thusly, your children won’t get as much of an energetic environment as the one in Belek. However, California is livelier. With a ride, you can get to a lively environment easily even if your neighbours prefer living more calmly. Still, Belek offers better friendships for your children.

Activities to do in Pebble Beach

Apart form the golf courses, Pebble Beach offers many spas four your relaxation. You will live in Pebble Beach as peaceful as Belek. Pebble Beach offers a variety of outdoor and indoor activities. You can try many sea sports in Pebble Beach. You can also travel around to appreciate the natural wonders. Pebble Beach has many cliffs to climb as well.

Natural wonders in Pebble Beach

We can safely say that you will definitely adore every bit of Pebble Beach if you are a nature enthusiast. In Pebble Beach, you can take long walks around nature. You can try rock climbing. You can wonder around the beautiful cliffs in Pebble Beach. You can also swim and try other water sports as well.

Is Belek or Pebble Beach safer to live?

Safety is another crucial factor while buying a property for sale, considering you will get a luxurious seaside villa. If you have children, safety becomes even bigger of an issue. We can safely say that this is not going to be problem in Belek. The crime rates are very low. You won’t face any threatening situations life harassment, pickpocketing, break in, or terrorism in Belek. Any city on earth has its own safety issues. However, Belek offers much more a safe environment compared to almost all cities in Europe. Plus, Belek is full of friendly people who would love to help you with every issue during your adaptation period, leave threats apart. Pebble Beach, on the other hand, shows slightly higher crime rates compared to an average city in the US. Even though safety is no big issue in Pebble Beach, you may need to reconsider it if you want perfect living conditions for your family.

Buying a property for sale in Belek vs buying a property for sale in Pebble Beach at a glance

To sum up all the topics we have mentioned up till now, we can categorize this comparison. Financially, Belek will be much better of an option for you. Pebble Beach offers wonderful living conditions. However, these conditions come with prices that are hard to afford. If you want to buy a golf property for sale on a budget, we recommend you reconsider your decision of buying a property for sale in Pebble Beach. Belek not only offers affordable property prices, but cheaper live costs. You can go on a diner date in Belek on a seaside luxurious restaurant without the obligation of paying a fortune on it. Another advantage of Belek over Pebble Beach is the fact that you will get more of a profit if you ever plan to sell your property. Your villa or apartment in Belek will gain an incredible amount of value each year. Living in Belek offers more of a colourful life as well. Belek is a city for everyone of every age. All your family will always have so many fun activities to do. On the other hand, if you are retired and prefer a calmer life, both Belek and Pebble Beach will surely meet all your expectations. You can give us feedback if this article has been helpful to you. If you have any further questions on the topic, feel free to use our free consultation service. We will be more than glad to help you find the perfect property for you.

Pros & cons of buying a property for sale in Belek



Sunshine all year long

Might rain in winters

Perfect golf weather

Small city with small population

High profit

Less popular

Affordable prices

Less lively during winters

World quality golf courses

Less famous than Pebble Beach

Pros & cons of buying a property for sale in Pebble Beach



Perfect golf weather

Not budget friendly

World quality golf courses

Older population

More popular

Small city with small population

More elite and prestigious

Less profit

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