Why buying a villa in Belek is more reasonable than buying a villa in Canary Islands?

Why buying a villa in Belek is more reasonable than buying a villa in Canary Islands?

Buying a villa in a foreign place is a big step to have a better life. Decision making period is always tough and you need to consider if the city and villa meets every single expectation of yours. However, buying a property in Belek makes all these concerns irrational with each quality it possesses.
With marvellous natural treasures, Belek offers its settlers a calm and peaceful daily life, which makes it the perfect choice to buy villa in Belek weather as a house to live in, or as an investment method.
The important thing is not only which villa you choose. The location and what it will offer to you are also very important.
We can safely say that Belek will be a great choice for everyone to invest in a villa. Buying a villa in Canary Islands is another option for a great life. But when it comes to choosing between these great places, it is only normal that you may be confused.
Thus, we will compare their qualifications in terms of the most important things in a person’s everyday life and will come up with a decision of which one of these locations are the best choice for a property investment.

Guaranteed sunshine all year long

If you are trying to decide between Belek and Canary Islands to buy a villa and settle permanently, you most probably expect a warm weather and a relaxing life. Weather in Belek and Canary Islands are guaranteed to be warm. The winters are milder than most of the European countries.
Summer is the best season for many people to find a peaceful environment. While living in Belek, you will feel like you are on a long-lasting holiday. Living in your villa in Belek, you can spend your spear times lying on the beautiful Mediterranean seacoast. Both Belek and Canary Islands offer you a guaranteed sunshine almost all year long. Both of these cities are famous for their hot weathers.
Over 300 days in a year are sunny in Belek and the summers last as long as 9 months. The average weather degree is around 28-36°C during the summers and this drops only to 10-20°C in winters. Thus, we can say that almost every day in the city will be like a holiday.
During the winter of Belek, it rains time to time. These rainy days last only a few days and they offer you a great view as well as a break from the sunny, hot days. Even though you’re not a fan of the rainy days, you can take a break from your life outside and enjoy a warm winter.
Belek is not only one of the warmest places in Turkey, but also a city in which you can experience four weathers in a single day.
Saklikent Ski Resort, located 85 kilometres from Belek city, is a beautiful place that you can visit and enjoy a snowy and cold weather while you could be swimming on the same day.

Budget friendly luxurious lifestyle

Belek is one of the most popular tourist attractions that you can find in Turkey. The reason behind this fact is more than the guaranteed sunshine, relaxing environment, or hospitable locals, though each one of these are definitely good enough to buy a villa in Belek.
The strongest and most common reason why people choose Belek to have a holiday or to buy a property is the fact that they can easily afford it.
The affordable thing is not only restaurants and hotels. You can find villas for sale in belek surprisingly for a low amount of money.
In many parts of the world, including the Canary Islands, buying a luxurious villa that has a huge swimming pool, security cameras and systems as well as water slides and multiple master bedrooms would cost a real fortune to you.
However, Belek saves you from trouble. Here, you can get everything we mentioned here and even more, for a reasonable price. It sounds crazy, right?
What your life living in a villa in Canary Islands will offer you may meet most of the standards of Belek. However, one thing is for sure: It won’t be as budget friendly as Belek. In Belek, you can get the perfect villa for you without spending a fortune on it.
This is not valid only for house prices, but also the life itself. You can buy a luxurious, high-class, well-decorated villa in Belek with far less than you will need for a similar one in Canary Islands, and you will still have money to lead a luxurious life.
Even though Canary Islands are cheaper and more affordable compared to many places in Europe, Turkey is far better for a higher standard life for only a couple of euros. Plus, a luxurious villa in Canary Islands would cost much more than the ones in Belek.
Belek has beautiful restaurants, cafes, bars, and many other social environments where you can enjoy your free time with your friends. These places offer its guests many kinds of delicious dishes as well. The best thing is, they charge only a few euros and most of them have beautiful views.

A friendly environment will welcome you in Belek

Another good thing about Turkey is the fact that the locals love to host. You mush have heard about the Turkish hospitality. Thanks to this, you will definitely have no obstacles to fit in. Turkish people love foreigners and expats.
Also, it is good to mention that many locals have at least once had a tourism-related occupations and thus they are familiar with both what you will ask for in the city and also most of them speak at least one foreign language other than English.
If you have ever been on a vacation in Antalya and Turkey, you most probably know what we talk about. The locals in the city love to get to know foreigners.
Also, you will never feel alone as the city is full of other foreigners with whom you can socialize with. The locals speak at least one foreign language other than English, but there is a big possibility that you will find people with whom you share the same mother tongue with.
Canary Islands are quite heavy on touristic activities. This results in over-crowded beaches during the summer months. Belek is another city that is subject to heavy touristic activities. However, the authenticity of the city doesn’t let Belek be suppressing and extremely disturbing.

Canary Island

Canary Island

Natural possessions

Another great thing about Belek is the natural possessions it has. Your days in Belek will never be boring and ordinary. You will see great views every day. Your home will be surrounded with beautiful forests and beaches.
Anytime you feel an urge to discover around, you can find various spots where you can take long walks. If you like hiking, buying a villa in Belek will create the best opportunities.
In Belek, there are a couple of hiking trails. You can choose and join one of them and get to spend your time more effectively and actively. Also, you will get to socialize with people you have common characteristics and interests with.
Anyone wants to live by the sea. Belek offers you this great advantage. The Mediterranean climate allows you to swim almost all year long. Plus, you can spend your time by the sea with your friends. Who can say no to the idea of reading a book or drinking some wine by the sea?
Canary Islands carry each of these qualities as well. However, contrary to Belek from where you can take a weekend away anytime you want, it is a little harder to get away since driving to another city is not going to be an option, you will need other transportation means.

Activities that will colour your life

Belek is more than a city where you can enjoy sunny days and relax 24/7. Your life won’t ever be monotonous. There are so many options to have an enjoyable day you can try various activities no matter what your tastes are like. In Belek, every person in your family can find something fun to do.
Firstly, Belek is famous for its world class golf courses. You can participate in a golf course in Belek, and you fill your spare time with this great activity and socialize while having fun and improving yourself in this sport.
You don’t have to be a professional to give the golf courses in Belek a try. Your time is guaranteed to be great.
Another great place that you can have fun with all your family is the Land of Legends Theme Park. This place is famous for the various activities that everyone enjoys. In Land of Legends Theme Park, you can watch a dolphin show, swim in any of the 8 huge swimming pools and use the water slides. The theme park is a great place that everyone of every age will surely enjoy.

A luxurious life shouldn’t necessarily cost your safety

Belek is a great city in which you can see many great places. In Belek, you can swim almost all year long. Our villas are highly luxurious and perfect for a great lifestyle.
Each year, hundreds of tourists visit and settle in Belek, and they don’t complain about any possible issues. There is a reason for their trust in Belek.
However, these advantages don’t have to threaten your safety. In Belek, the chances for you to run into any problematic event such as burglary, fraud, harassment, or terrorism is very low, if not impossible.
The same goes for Canary Islands. The crime rates are between low to moderate, but you will always need to be cautious.


Another thing that makes Belek better than Canary Islands to buy a villa is the authentic life you will get to experience in the city.
In Belek, you get to live inside of the nature. Canary Islands are more cosmopolite and dynamic. Belek on the other hand preserves its own character. The foreigners and locales all live coherently both with each other and nature.
Unlike Canary Islands, Belek preserves its genuine nature and unique qualities. Having property in Belek will satisfy you and make you feel closer to the nature.

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