Buying a property for sale in Belek vs buying a property for sale in Lisbon

Buying a property for sale in Belek vs buying a property for sale in Lisbon

The dilemma of buying a property for sale Belek or in Lisbon might be a stressful one. Though there are countless other options as well, these are two of the cities that you can buy a property for sale and enjoy the treasures they offer.

Belek: a life of eternal holiday

Belek is on the Mediterranean coastline of Turkey. It is very close to the Antalya city. If you want to bring some colour into your life, buying a property for sale in Belek could be one of the wisest decisions you have ever made. With a sunshine over 300 days a year, the city offers you the perfect weather conditions to play golf in world quality golf courses in Belek.
Turkey has a unique culture – so does Belek. If you like nature, you will be granted with more than you can dream of. In Belek, you can take walks in nature any time you want. Plus, there are tons of animals on the street. Don’t be surprised when you see them. Just observe how calm and cute they are.

Lisbon: paradise on earth

Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal, lying on the coast of Atlantic Ocean. Lisbon has a long history and a rooted culture of its own. With an interesting culture and natural beauties, Lisbon receives 4.5 million tourists each year.
Apart from the touristic approach, Lisbon is a rival city for Belek in terms of its golf courses. Both of these cities are preferred world widely for a golf game and gold holiday Also, if you are a newbie, your golf instructors with a Mediterranean hospitality will gladly be in your assistance at all times.

Belek or Lisbon

It is true that both Belek and Lisbon offer you a good quality. This is one of the most essential reasons for their rivalry. If you want to buy a property for sale in one of these cities, it is best to compare them in every aspect and come up with a clear decision afterwards.
Lisbon offers a luxury life as well as Belek. You can spend a wonderful time in your villa in Lisbon, having meals in luxury restaurants, swimming in your private swimming pool.

Which one is more affordable?

Belek is obviously more affordable compared to Lisbon. In Belek, it is possible to find a luxury villa with a private swimming pool for half of the amount you need to pay for a similar property for sale in Lisbon. Belek offers the same luxury life standards with so much less of a money.
Plus, properties in Belek gain a quicker value compared to the ones in Lisbon. Demand for Turkey property has been increasing due to the affordable prices resulting from the foreign currency rates. Belek is more preferable in terms of investment. Your property in Belek will be more reasonable with higher advantages in terms of profit making. If you want to use your property for investment, feel free to contact us for free consultation.
In terms of investment, Lisbon won’t be as beneficial as Belek. Though the properties for sale in Lisbon are highly valuable, they offer less rise. If you may consider selling your property later, Belek will pay you much more.
At first glance, the economic stability of Europe might seem more appealing. However, Turkey offers bigger advantages in the long run. Don’t let the volatile economy in Turkey be a discouraging factor as it will gradually add up to the value of your property for sale in Belek.
Lisbon is less costly compared to the other European cities. You can find cheaper properties for sale here and your life costs will be relatively lower than the rest. However, Belek lowers the prices even more. Lisbon is cheaper than most European cities while Belek is even cheaper than Lisbon.
Financial matters won’t be any issue in Belek. Turkey is more affordable, especially for a foreigner. As is known, Turkish lira is worth much lesser than Euro, which is the currency of Lisbon, the city notorious for costliness. With the same amounts of money, you will have at least 10 times more quality life standards in your property for sale in Belek.

Is Belek or Lisbon more peaceful?

We can safely say that Belek wins this race of being more peaceful, even though Lisbon is another paradise like city.
Belek is such a city where you won’t need to be concerned about the stressful issues a big city life might bring. Crowded streets, heavy traffic, pollution, or rude people will be none of your problems. You will get to enjoy your seaside villa for sale in Belek without being concerned about any of the problems we have listed.
Lisbon, on the other hand, is another peaceful city. However, it is a capital city, which brings many stressful factors. Big cities have big crowds and problems.
Even though Belek is a relatively small city, you can access anything you need while living in your villa in Belek, which has multiple grocery stores, bazaars, souvenir stores, hospitals, schools, and anything else you might need.
Even though it is a peaceful and small city, Belek has everything you would expect it to. You will have easy access to any types of hospitals, schools, shopping centres, supermarkets, and any other facilities you might need. Similarly, Lisbon will also satisfy your daily needs but in Lisbon, you will unfortunately be at the centre of the stir of a big city life where it is not possible to relax as you can experience in your property for sale in Belek.
If you have children, you can be sure that they will get the best education in international schools from the most qualified and experienced teachers in Belek. Most of the residents of this small city are foreigners and none of them have problems with schooling. In Belek, you don’t have to worry about your children’s education.
Plus, you may register in many courses as well and improve your skills. Belek courses have many subjects to offer including language courses and golf courses.

Will I have to learn the local language in Belek and Lisbon?

Language will not be a barrier in Belek or Lisbon. Most of the residents in Belek are dealing with tourism related occupations, which allows them to speak English fluently. You don’t need to be an advanced Turkish speaker to live in Belek!
Plus, Turkish language is easier than you think. Though English, German, or Russian will be enough, you may want to learn the Turkish culture better. Turkish people are highly friendly, they will help you learn their language eagerly.
Language won’t be a stressful factor in Lisbon as well. If you speak fluent English or Portuguese, you won’t need to be concerned about this issue. The younger population in Lisbon speaks English fluently.

Belek FAQ

Can I get a citizenship by property investment in Belek and Lisbon?

One of the greatest advantages of Belek compared to Lisbon is the fact that Turkey allows you to get a free Turkish citizenship after buying a property for sale that is worth 250.000 US dollars. If you want a Turkish citizenship, Belek offers two birds with one stone: you will get luxury life standards and everything else Belek offers as well as a citizenship. You will get your passport and citizenship as quick as a couple of months afterwards.
Lisbon offers similar advantages as well. However, you need to buy a property worth over 500.000 Euros to get a Portuguese citizenship. You will still have to spend 5 years in the country, spending around at least 7-14 days within.
To get more information on the citizenship acquirement issue, feel free to contact us.

Can I make a profit out of my property for sale in Belek?

Belek is a valuable city, so are the properties inside. They are, before anything, luxurious and affordable at the same time. This leads the properties for sale in Belek to gain a quick value. The apartments and villas for sale in Belek are very affordable now. However, with the growing demand, they gain value and become more and more expensive. If you want to use your property as an investment, Belek is a great option if you act quickly enough. You can contact us to gain a better understanding on the topic using our free consultation service and live meeting service.
Belek properties are some of the best ones you can find in Turkey. You can choose a villa or apartment with a gorgeous opportunity of the sea being on a walking distance.

Lisbon city

Lisbon city

Are Belek properties costly?

If you want a budget-friendly luxurious lifestyle, Belek properties might be one of the best options for you. One of the greatest advantages of buying a property for sale in Belek is the fact that you will get to enjoy high quality life standards without spending a fortune on it. Turkey is a cheap and affordable country, especially for foreigners due to the foreign currency and low interest rates.
Belek offers a wide range of properties. If you want a luxurious seaside villa, modern complex with a shared swimming pool or if you are looking for a moderate cheap property in Turkey, Belek has something for you.
The life quality in Belek is higher compared to that of Lisbon. Plus, you get this quality with less then half of the amount you need to pay for in any of the European cities, including Lisbon. If you want budget friendly options, you should consider Belek before coming up with a decision.

Do I have to use my property all year long?

If you buy a property for sale in Belek, you won’t have any necessity of staying in your property all year long. You can spend you summer holidays in Belek and enjoy all the advantages it offers. This brings you a wonderful holiday in Turkey each year.
Plus, you can rent your property as well. You can only spend your holidays in Belek and get a passive income during the rest of the year.
Also, as we have mentioned, you will still get to benefit from a Turkish passport and citizenship. Thus, it is all win and win.

Can I have a good time in Belek?

Belek can never get boring as long as you look for a fun activity to do. You can enjoy yourself in seafront cafes, bars, and restaurants in Belek. You can spend your evenings here having a delicious dinner with your family or significant other. You can go hiking, swimming, or trying sea sports as well as visiting theme parks. Wine testing, fishing, and playing golf are other fun activities you must try in Belek.
Even though Belek is a small city, it is surrounded by beautiful cities. You can go Antalya, Manavgat, Side, Alanya, Kemer, and many other wonderful places on a weekend. The Land of Legends is a famous theme park located very close to Belek.
Everyone can find something to do in Belek no matter what gender they belong or what age they are. All your family will be nothing but glad to be living in this beautiful city. Our children will get the best education and get to join various cultural activities.

You can satisfy your enthusiasm with a golf property for sale in Belek!

If you are a golf enthusiast, Belek is great for you. Belek has proven itself in the world with wonderful golf courses.
Golf property Belek is another wise investment method that offers wide ranges for pricing. The world quality golf properties for sale in Belek are very famous all around the globe and Turkey. Each year, thousands of tourists visit Belek for a golf holiday.
Many 5 star hotels in Belek offer various reasonable golf packages that include private golf lessons, hotel stay, and dining as well as other facilities. Many of the tourists that choose Belek for a holiday gladly come back and buy a golf property in Belek of their own.
Even if you are a newbie, Belek won’t disappoint you. You can attend any golf course and get private or group lessons from the most skilled and experienced tutors.

Lisbon and Belek at a glance: pros & cons







Sunshine all year long

Rains time to time in winters

Warm climate

Rains time to time in winters

More affordable than Lisbon

Fewer schools compared to big cities

Bigger city

Less peaceful

More peaceful

Smaller city

Luxury life

Less affordable than Belek

Better golf courses

Small population

Entertaining activities for everyone

Worse golf courses

Safe city

Less popular

Less costly than other European cities

Harder to get a citizenship

Entertaining activities for everyone

Less job opportunities

Safe city

You will have to learn the local language to live easier

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