What are the popular places in Turkey to buy a villa in 2024?

What are the popular places in Turkey to buy a villa in 2024?

Deciding to buy a villa in Turkey usually poses many challenges for investors and buyers because it's likely difficult for you to choose between the main cities and provinces of Turkey to purchase a villa. You want to know which of these are among the most popular and growing areas in Turkey that you can consider for buying a villa. In this article, we will introduce you to the most popular areas in Turkey to buy a villa, including Istanbul, Antalya, Alanya, Izmir, and Belek. This will help you choose the best option based on your needs, conditions, and investment goals.

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The Best Areas in Istanbul to Buy a Villa

Istanbul is considered one of the main and touristic cities of Turkey, making it a popular option for buying investment property due to the many tourists it attracts throughout the year.

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The best areas in Istanbul to buy a villa are:

Buick Chekmeje

This area has a very quiet and long beach. It is also considered one of the areas with good weather in Istanbul, which is a short distance from the city, and this is considered a great advantage. So, if you want to buy a villa near the city of Istanbul that is easy to access and travel to the city center, Buyukcekmeje is considered one of the good areas that can meet your needs.


Skodar is a relatively large and densely populated area located in the Asian part of Istanbul. Although the European part of Istanbul is somewhat more touristy and has more facilities; But if you plan to live in one of the areas of Istanbul that has an original and local texture and also has a good level of facilities, you can count on Skudar.


Shile area is located 50 km away from Skodar. Continuous beaches can be seen in the western part of this area and it is also more prosperous and crowded in the summer season than in other seasons of the year. Because of this, there are many residences and hotels in it that are intended for tourists. In general, Shile is a touristic and at the same time beautiful area that has a unique natural texture and you can choose it to buy a villa.

Zakaria Coy

Zakaria Koy is a European villa area in Istanbul where you can find a variety of special, luxury, normal and high-square-meter villas at various prices. Of course, the prices of villas in this area are relatively high; Because Zakaria Koi has very favorable conditions both in terms of the environment and in terms of the level of access and the texture of the region.


Siluri is one of the areas of the European part of Istanbul, which is about 70 km away from the city center. Usually, it starts raining in this region in early autumn and it gets more intense in winter. As a result, it has relatively cold winters and mild summers.

Popular Areas to Buy Villas in Antalya

Along with Istanbul, Antalya is also an attractive option for buying a villa in Turkey. As the main province of Antalya, it boasts stunning natural scenery, rich history and culture, numerous tourist attractions, and growing real estate market. Antalya is considered a popular and effective investment option for foreign investors with favorable conditions for living and recreation. Below are the best areas of Antalya to buy a villa.

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Lara is a popular area in Antalya where investors usually go to buy villas. Lara has a combination of modern facilities, restaurants and conveniences along with the beautiful nature and rich culture of Turkey, which can be attractive to every tourist. Because of this, it is usually very prosperous in terms of tourism and is one of the developed and growing areas of Antalya.

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Konyaalti is an area that is located between the Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea and is considered one of the privileged areas of Antalya to invest in luxury and stylish villas. Stunning mountain views, easy access to the city center and common amenities make Konyaalti a popular area.

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Introducing Popular Areas of Alanya for Buying a Villa

Alanya is a quiet and beautiful coastal city on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. It has become one of the prominent cities for investment in the real estate market due to its mild climate, numerous beautiful beaches, and various tourist attractions. There are many popular areas in Alanya for buying villas. In the following, we will introduce you to four of these areas.

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Kargijak area is about 16 kilometers away from the city center. As a result, access and transportation to the city will be easy for residents. Due to the short distance of this area from the main airport of Alanya, Kargijak has grown significantly in the last few years, many investors come to this area to buy villas. Kargijak is relatively busy in the summer season and attracts many tourists.


This area is about 25 kilometers away from the center of Alanya, which is not a significant distance, and therefore it will be easy to reach the city. The presence of one-hand sandy beaches next to cafes and restaurants and other numerous recreational tourist facilities have made Avsalar one of the best areas to buy a villa in Alanya.


This area is also a short distance from the center of Alanya. Bektash has an advanced public transportation system, and you don't face any restrictions for traveling in and around the region. Bektash is considered a northern region located in the heights of Alanya, so you can see pleasant and eye-catching views from inside your villa.


Demirtash area is about 15 km from the city center and 25 km from Ghazi Pasha Airport, which is the main airport of Alanya. Demirtash has a pleasant climate and is surrounded by a rich and green forest. The texture of this area is a villa, and therefore you can see a wide range of villas for sale in it.


Konakli is 12 km away from Alanya and has special tourist attractions. Konakli is considered a relatively crowded tourist area.

Popular Areas of Izmir to Buy a Villa

Along with all the cities introduced so far, Izmir also has a great demand for buying villas. This city has become one of Turkey's main destinations for tourists and foreign investors due to its high cultural diversity, rich history, and mild Mediterranean climate. Therefore, you can see all kinds of luxurious and attractive villas with special architecture in this city that are available for sale. In the following, we will introduce the best areas of Izmir to buy a villa.

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Orla is one of the best areas of Izmir, where the prices of villas are usually relatively higher than other areas. The villas in this area are very luxurious and special, and the so-called Orla is considered an aristocratic area in Izmir, Turkey, where if you have a high budget, you can find the best special and luxury villas.


Fuço is a historical area in Izmir that houses the following old buildings and thus has become one of the main tourist attractions of Izmir. The texture of this area is a villa and it has a calm and relatively quiet environment.

Garden Goose

Guzel Baghche Hamin is one of the residential areas of Izmir, which has a small population and can be considered a peaceful and quiet environment for buying a villa. Due to its calm environment and suitable access level, Guzel Baghche has more expensive villas than other areas of Izmir.


Many thousand-year-old historical monuments are located in Izmir's Karaburun. Because of this, many tourists come to this region every year to see these historical tourist attractions. In fact, the users are considered as one of the traditional cultural areas of Izmir. Beautiful beaches, historical monuments and rich natural texture are the main features of this region.


Like Karaburon, Menderes is one of the historical areas of Izmir, where there are many old buildings. As a result, in terms of tourism and history, it is considered one of the important areas of Izmir, which is a suitable option for buying a villa.

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Popular Areas to Buy Villas in Belek

Introducing Black to buy a villa in Türkiye
Belek is smaller than other main cities of Turkey such as Antalya, Istanbul and Alanya, but it is considered one of the best areas of this country to buy a villa. In general, the texture is black villa. Also, due to the presence of many recreational and tourist facilities such as the Land of Legend complex, first-class hotels, high security, and also the proximity to Antalya Airport, there is a great demand for buying and selling villas there. Therefore, if you intend to buy a villa in this area, you can find your ideal villa and buy it in a short period of time. This also applies to the sale of villas, and villas are sold quickly in this area. It is interesting to know that many of the residents of Black are Europeans, which is also significant.

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Finally, Which Area is Better to Buy a Villa?

In general, buying a villa in any of the introduced areas can be profitable, promising, and desirable in its own way because all these areas are among the tourist areas with good weather and indicators of each Turkish city, which have a relatively large number of applicants for buying a villa. Finally, if you intend to choose the best area among these areas to buy a villa, you can contact Antalya Estate through the mentioned communication channels so that the experts can choose the best option based on your budget, conditions, goals, and level of needs.

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