Compare buying property in Belek with Limassol, Marbella, Puglia, and Valletta

Compare buying property in Belek with Limassol, Marbella, Puglia, and Valletta

Belek has marvelous natural treasures as well as a calm, peaceful, enjoyable, and fun daily life to offer and thus it is a wonderful option for property investment. The city itself has undeniably divine beautiful sites, views and much more to offer all its visitors and settlers.
While living in your villa in Belek, you can access anything you need and socialize as much as you want. Belek has multiple grocery stores, supermarkets, bazaars, souvenir stores, hospitals, schools, theme parks and anything else you might think of to have a proper daily life.

belek antalya turkey Belek is valuable, so are the properties inside. In conclusion, buying a property in Belek might be one of the best decisions that you ever made, no matter if you are buying the property to live with your family, to rent it or as a means of investment.
Belek is such a city that anyone of any age will constantly find great opportunities to have an enjoyable time and relax. Another advantage of Belek is the quality of the villas you can live in.

Antalyaestate offers you the best designed villas that are not only of high quality, but also surprisingly reasonable in financial means. Each year, thousands of tourists choose Turkey to have a budget friendly holiday. Life in Turkey is very cheap and affordable especially for a foreigner.

Buying a property in Turkey will be one of the best decisions that you have ever made, no matter if you want to live in the luxurious villa, you have chosen or if you are only buying a property for citizenship and are considering renting or selling your villa.

In regards of investment, the properties in Turkey are highly rewarding. Considering the recent change in the foreign exchange rates, investment in properties is getting more and more logical lately.
Apart from being financially reasonable, Belek has many other advantages over the other cities we have mentioned.

Your villa in Belek will gain immense value each day while in other cities, this is only achieved through a long-term process.
Another thing worth mentioning is that in Belek, you can join many kinds of social activities. One of the first things that comes into mind while mentioning Belek is the magnificent, huge, and quite famous golf courses.
These courses offer its participants world-class qualities.

The golf courses in Belek are the biggest ones in Turkey. We recommend you participate in one of them in Belek as soon as you move here and start your new life, no matter if you are a huge golf enthusiastic and a serious player or if you are a newbie that wants to see what all the fuss about this place was about.

Another wonderful thing to mention about these golf courses in Belek is that due to the lucky climate of the Belek city, over 300 days of the year are shinny with sun, which creates the best and appropriate conditions for a golf game.

Apart from golf, you should also try rafting in Koprulu Konyon, diving and even quad safari. We recommend you travel as often as possible to learn the environment better and find activities that will appeal you most.
Your life in many other cities will feel monotonous after a certain point, no matter how beautiful they may be and no matter what options they will offer to its settlers. The authenticity of Turkey will make you feel like you are on an exotic country.

Belek will be the best choice in many aspects for property investment and living. While living in a villa in Belek, you and your family will find the ideal life you have been looking for.
In the city, you can find many luxurious, modern, and exclusive properties that are designed especially for your family’s needs and expectations. Our luxurious villas come with a great architecture and design, swimming pools, security cameras and more. Plus, if you invest in such properties, you can benefit from a Turkish citizenship.

Still, if you have doubts about choosing a city to invest in a property, buy a villa and settle, the best way to come up with the best decision will be by means of comparison.
Limassol, Marbella, Puglia, and Valletta are some of the most popular locations in Europe for property investment. These cities all have a relaxing environment as well as spectacular natural beauties.

Limassol – Cyprus vs Belek

Limassol is one of the most popular destinations of tourists and expats to have a holiday, buy a property and settle. Limassol is a beautiful city in Cyprus that is famous for its sunny weather almost all year long.

Two of the main ports of the island are located here, which keeps Limassol busy and tourism alive at most of the times. Also, some of the touristic attractions will make you feel like you have taken a step towards history. You will love the archaeological sites in Limassol.

limassol cyprus marina We can safely suggest that Belek and Limassol are not so different from each other. First things first, both of these cities are located in the Mediterranean seacoast and thus they both carry the characteristics of a Mediterranean region.
The good thing about Belek is that it carries similar qualities as Limassol. Belek also offers a year-long sunshine and a Mediterranean climate. Tourism is the leading sector in both Limassol and Belek.
Living in a villa in Belek or Limassol won’t be much different from each other. However, some things will be recognizably distinguished.

The main difference is about finances. As an expat, you can live in great and luxurious villas in both Limassol and Belek. However, as much as being of good quality, a villa in Limassol requires you to pay a rent of roughly 650 to 3000€ per month and the least money you can pay for a property is around 300,000€. However, in Belek, you can buy a villa as cheap as 250,000€, which is the adequate amount you need to pay for a property to obtain a citizenship in Turkey.

Marbella – Spain vs Belek

Marbella is another popular city for tourism and property sales for expats. Marbella is located in southern Spain and it lies on the coast of Mediterranean Sea. People all around the world spend their holidays in Marbella for various reasons.

Another city carrying the Mediterranean qualities, Marbella is one of the cities that people compare most with the other ones on our list, including Belek.

marbella spain marina Marbella is full of natural beauties of the Mediterranean areas. Your days in the city will be peaceful and relaxing and you will feel like you are on a holiday, in your own home.
Belek is no different in that regards as well. Belek is also very beautiful and it offers at least everything Marbella does. Additionally, Belek is much more reasonable as it coasts far less than Marbella does.

However, the villas in Marbella seem to be overcharging compared to Belek. Paying over 1,000,000€ for a property doesn’t seem logical when you consider the surprisingly low prices of the villas in Belek.
The villas in Belek are constructed and designed in a modern way. They are generally close to the coastal areas.
In Belek, you won’t have any necessities of sacrificing any criteria. You can find a property Belek that meets every expectation of yours and yet, you won’t have to pay a fortune on it.
Turkey is the best option for you especially if you want to make a profit while spending money on a property and Belek will provide you with that opportunity.

Puglia – Italy vs Belek

Another beautiful place that is worth to appreciate is Puglia. Puglia is a beautiful city located in the southern parts of Italy.
Puglia is famous for its long coastline. Mediterranean climate suppresses the city and allows Puglia to be highly appropriate for tourism. Each year, hundreds of tourists leave the city in satisfaction.

Puglia is also famous for its modern, well-constructed villas that will help you live the luxurious life you want. In Puglia, you can find huge villas with pools, security cameras, beautiful gardens and many more.

puglia italy marina Belek, on the other hand, has nothing less to offer than this beautiful city. Belek is also a great place where you can enjoy various tourism-related activities such as swimming, travelling, and enjoying your spear times.
Antalya Estate has a wide range of villas that are designed especially for you and according to your needs. Your villa in Belek can involve as many balconies, swimming pools, bedrooms, and security systems as possible.

Moreover, the financial advantage of Turkey is still valid. You can buy a villa in Turkey with far less of a money that you would need to buy a villa in Puglia. Plus, in Belek, you pay less for more.
Turkey does not only offer real estate options for low prices, but also involve more than you would expect.

In Puglia, will have to pay at least 500,000€ to get an average conditioned villa. In Belek, on the other hand, 250,000€ is more than enough to get a well-equipped, modernly constructed, favorably designed houses.
Also, we must mention the safety issues. Belek is full of friendly people who will welcome you from your first day on the city. However, in Puglia, you may want to be more careful and cautious. All and all, we are talking about luxurious villas and high standard holidays.

Each year, Turkey hosts thousands of tourists during the summer months and have rare problems, which you can encounter even in the safest places that exist.

Valletta – Malta vs Belek

Valletta is the capital city of Malta. Located in the southeastern parts of the country, Valletta is another city that offers a beautiful life for a settler.
The climate of Valletta is also Mediterranean and thus the long summers make the life here even more beautiful. The sun keeps shining here during most of the year.

valletta malta marina However, like the other cities that we have mentioned up till now, Valletta is also not the most reasonable decision that you can make. Even though the city is very beautiful and even though you can buy a great villa here, the money you will pay won’t exactly worth it.

A villa of usual qualities charges around 2,000,000€ in Valletta. This price is far more expensive than what you will need to pay for villas for sale in Belek. Also, the qualities won’t differ much. Thus, we cannot say that the additional price will worth it.
One of the reasons that many foreigners chose buying a property in Belek as an investment is that they do not have to be rich to get the luxurious lifestyle they have always wanted.

Buying the villa of your dreams doesn’t have to consume all your savings. You can get the luxurious house for a reasonable price as well.
Since buying a property in Turkey is a great investment method, your money won’t be wasted over nothing. In a relatively short period of time, you will realize that your villa is gaining a value with each passing day.

Luxury doesn’t always bring threat
The crime rates in the cities that we have mentioned are all low to moderate.
If your life is going to include luxurious villas, travels, dining etc., you should be extra careful about your safety. Neither of these places come with great risks of burglary, fraud, harassment of terrorism. However, it is good to be cautious at all times.

Antalya hosts thousands of tourists each year, all of whom leave the country with only good memories. The chances of you getting into troubling and threating situations in Turkey as a foreigner is very low.
The locals in Belek love foreign people. They love to help, be friendly, and host. You will most probably see many locals who willingly try to get you to try a traditional dish of the region or visit a spectacular spot together.

Most of the Europeans who visit Belek state that they felt secure in the region and nobody created any problems for them, neither other foreigners, nor locals.
If you have any questions about Belek or Antalya Estate properties in belek Turkey, you can contact us.

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