How to spend winter in Antalya?

How to spend winter in Antalya?

Many foreigners are familiar with Antalya as a summer resort and come here only during the hot months, but Antalya is full of life all year round! Winter in Antalya is quite cool with a comfortable air temperature - an average of 15 degrees Celsius. But keep in mind that it often rains in Antalya in winter. What to do in Antalya in winter? We offer you several win-win options.

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• Museums and attractions

The winter season is the best time to visit many attractions for those who can hardly stand the heat. In winter, you can visit the ruins of ancient cities in the open air at a comfortable temperature without fear of getting burned and long lines and a large number of tourists. For example:

Kaleici is the historical center of the city of Antalya, where buildings of different periods of time, starting from the ancient Romans, have been preserved. In winter, you can take a leisurely walk in this old town, admire the sights, pop into an open-air cafe with a beautiful view of the old seaport and the Mediterranean Sea, and enjoy Turkish cuisine at your leisure.

Mini City Miniature Park is an open-air park where you can see models of the most famous architectural sights of the country.

Karaaoglu Park is a national park that stretches along the Mediterranean coast right in the center of the city, where you can enjoy beautiful sea views. The park also houses the Atatürk Museum and a small zoo with exotic animals.

Recreation in Antalya in winter

Recreation in Antalya in winter

Mount Tyunektepe - You can climb Mount Tyunektepe by cable car. This mountain offers stunning panoramic views of the entire city.

Antalya Aquarium – Antalya Aquarium is open all year round. You will find a tunnel 131 meters long and 3 meters wide and 40 themed aquariums with more than 250 varieties of inhabitants of the underwater world. Also in the aquarium you can visit: a wild park with reptiles, an ice museum, a wax museum and an XD cinema. Great entertainment for families with children.

It should be mentioned that if you want to enjoy your trip more, we suggest you choose a villa for your stay. Also, to find out about the prices and available cases, refer to villas for sale in Antalya.

• Shopping

Turkey is the textile capital of the world. Shops and boutiques of local production are open all year round, as well as stores of international brands that are difficult to find in your own country. And most importantly, after the end of the summer season, a period of discounts and price reductions begins.

Vacationing in Antalya in winter

Vacationing in Antalya in winter

The most popular shopping centers where you can meet both local brands and international ones:

• Terracity

• 5Migros

• MarkAntalya

• Mall of Antalya and Deepo

• Agora

In addition to clothing, home textiles are bought in Turkey, as Turkish textiles are of good quality. The most popular Turkish home textile brands:

• English home

• Madame CoCo

• Taç

In addition to clothing and textiles, Antalya also buys leather and fur products, ceramics, carpets, spices, sweets and coffee.

• Ski resorts

Turkey has a large number of ski resorts with elevation changes up to 3100 m. They are located both in the north of the country and in the south. A small cozy ski resort Saklikent is located 45 kilometers from Antalya. The ski season starts here in December and lasts until mid-April. There are three slopes waiting for you at the resort: blue, red and black, the length of which is from 1500 meters to 4000 meters, as well as the yellow slope (training slope) and tubing. For comfort, the resort has ski equipment rentals and qualified instructors. You can warm up and have a snack in the cafe and restaurant of the resort.

• Spa and treatment

Medical tourism is very popular in Turkey: in addition to treatment and operations for a small budget, you will get the best service and find time to get to know the country. And the beloved Hamam will be a holiday for your body at any time of the year.

Medical tourism is handled by specialized travel agencies that make up an individual program for you from meeting at the airport, accompaniment and translation services at the clinic to organizing entertainment and excursions while you are in rehabilitation. For example, the already established company Medgol organizes tours for medical purposes, the company's employees will advise you on all aspects of the tour and treatment. The company works with clinics that deal with: plastic surgery, hair transplantation, dentistry and obesity.

Excursion in the city of Antalya

Excursion in the city of Antalya

Turkish hammam is not just a bath, people go to it in order to wash themselves. Turkish hammam is visited in order to relax and unwind, communicate, become healthier and more beautiful. Hamam is a spa salon intertwined with Turkish traditions. In addition to steam rooms, peeling and olive soap soap massage, you can order massages, masks and other spa treatments to relax your body and soul.

Advice on renting and buying apartments and villas in Antalya

If you plan to spend this winter in Antalya, you need an apartment or villa to live in. If possible, you can contact Antalya Estate Group and take advantage of expert advice on renting and selling apartments and villas in Antalya and choose the best option.

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