Antalya airport transfer and vip transfer

Antalya airport transfer and vip transfer

Antalya airport transfer and vip transfer are provided by our company for you. The transfer in Antalya reduce the cost of transportation in Antalya. It is very easy to move to the areas of Antalya, such as: entertainment centers, visit the Antalya historical monuments by the Antalya transfer services. For more information about Antalya airport transfer and vip transfer and prices and details, read the rest of the text.

Antalya is one of the largest tourist cities in southern Turkey. Every year a large number of European tourists travel to Antalya for holidays. Antalya airport transfer and vip transfer is one of the concerns of travelers in Antalya. Moving between Antalya hotels and Antalya tourist centers can be costly and difficult for travelers. Taxi costs in Antalya, Turkey are very high and people prefer to use cheap transfer services in Antalya. Antalya airport transfer and vip transfer has several advantages for travelers.

Why Antalya airport transfer and vip transfer are affordable?

  • Reduce transportation costs in Antalya
  • Easy booking for transfers
  • Possibility to go to different destinations in Antalya as a group
  • No stress to find the location
  • Reasonable transfer price in Antalya compared to taxis
  • Booking an airport transfer before traveling to Antalya
  • Online booking and later do the transfer payment

For information on Antalya airport transfer and vip transfer, please call 00905387247679.

Antalya airport transfer and vip transfer have reasonable prices and it can be in the form of 7-seats, 14-seats, 21-seats and 40-seats vehicles. Types of transfer services in Antalya include: Airport transfer, Shopping center transfer, City tour transfer, Aqua park transfer, Kaleici transfer, Land of Legends transfer and Antalya historical center transfer. There are more than 700 luxury and 5-star hotels in Antalya, They are located from Kemer to Alanya.

Types of Antalya transfer vehicles:

  • VIP cars
  • Vito (7-person)
  • Minibus (14-person)
  • Midi Bass (21-person)
  • Bus (40-person)

What are the types of Antalya transfer services?

In general, transfer services in Antalya consist of airport transfers and tourist transfers. Tourist transfers include all Antalya tourist and entertainment centers. The following are the types of Antalya transfer services with the price list.

  • Antalya Airport Transfer
  • Denizli Airport Transfer
  • Isparta Airport Transfer
  • Transfer to Antalya tourist centers
  • Antalya Tourism Transfer
  • Antalya VIP transfer

We suggest you to use the Antalya transfer service to reduce your costs in Antalya. At the bottom of this article is the list of Antalya transfers. You can find out the transfer fee in Antalya by choosing your accommodation and destination. Transfer fee includes stop time, petrol fee and driver fee. Contact us for more information on how to book a transfer in Antalya and the Antlya transfers costs.

Antalya airport transfer and vip transfer contact number +905387247679

Antalya Tourist Attractions

Antalya Airport Transfer

Antalya Airport Transfer is not affordable by airport cars and taxis. You can see the prices in the belowing table of Antalya airport transfer prices. Antalya Airport consists of two terminals 1 and 2. Domestic flights and more than half of foreign flights are in Terminal 1. Antalya Airport Terminal 2 is dedicated to foreign flights, which are usually open in summer. Among the regions of Antalya, Kundu region has the shortest distance to the airport and the longest distance is Mahmutlar Alanya.

Antalya Airport transfer costs are determined based on the area of hotels and tourist centers. For example, airport transfer costs are the same for Kundu hotels and Antalya center hotels. In the table below, you can check the cost of airport transfer from Antalya airport to different areas. Please note that these prices are for a single route from Antalya Airport to the hotel or from hotels to the airport. Book Antalya Airport Transfer at least 2 hours before your expected time.

  • Antalya Airport Transfer to Kundu Hotels
  • Antalya Airport Transfer to Kemer Hotels
  • Antalya Airport Transfer to Antalya Hotels (Center / Konyaalti)
  • Antalya Airport Transfer to Belek Hotels
  • Antalya Airport Transfer to Side Hotels
  • Antalya Airport Transfer to Manavgat Hotels
  • Antalya Airport Transfer to Alanya Hotels

Antalya Airport Transfer Price List 2022

Start Destination Minibus/Vito Midibus Bus

Antalya Airport

Kundu/Center 35 $ 65 $ 90 $
Belek 50 $ 70 $ 110 $
Kemer 60 $ 75 $ 120 $
Camyuva/Tekirova 65 $ 80 $ 130 $
Side 65 $ 90 $ 150 $
Alanya 75 $ 130 $ 200 $
Mahmutlar 80 $ 140 $ 210 $

Alanya Airport Transfer

Alanya Airport Transfer to the destinations of Alanya Center, Antalya Center, Belek, Kemer and Mahmutlar. Alanya Airport transfer is from Gazipasa Airport. Alanya Gazipasa Airport is 30 km from Alanya city center. Transfer to Alanya Airport could be with VIP vans and regular cars. The number of people to be transferred to Alanya Airport is at least 6.

To book for a Alanya Airport Transfer, please send us the number of people and your flight ticket through WhatsApp. Transfer reservation from Alanya Airport to Antalya is made at least 24 hours before the flight. Reasonable price transfer from Alanya Airport is one of the concerns of travelers. Below you can see the Alanya Airport transfer price list of.

Alanya Airport transfer price list

Antalya Tours transfers

Antalya Tours transfers includes the cost of the distance to tourist centers and does not include the cost of your use of the services of these centers. The Antalya city has many attraction centers. Antalya tourist centers include: entertainment centers, shopping centers, Kaleici (Old Town), Antalya Aquarium, aqua parks, Land of Legends, boats, rafting, Duden waterfall and historical centers.

It is possible to book Antalya Tours transfers in groups and with a large number of people. If you need a leader who speaks English and tour guide for the Antalya Tours transfers, you can inform us before your resrvation. Also, contact us for information on various types of recreational tours and for more guidance.

Price list of Antalya Tours transfers 2022

Tours Programs Start Mini/Vito
KEMER 120 $
BELEK 120 $
SIDE 150 $
ALANYA 180 $


KEMER 100 $
BELEK 120 $
SIDE 150 $
ALANYA 180 $
KEMER 120 $
BELEK 80 $
SIDE 100 $
ALANYA 150 $


SIDE 100 $
BELEK 150 $


KEMER 120 $
BELEK 90 $
SIDE 90 $
ALANYA 150 $


KEMER 100 $
BELEK 120 $
SIDE 150 $
ALANYA 180 $

Antalya VIP transfer

Antalya VIP transfer is accompanied by an English speaker tour guide if you need it. Antalya VIP transfer is done by luxury cars. VIP cars are equipped with Wi-Fi internet, TV and refrigerator. The company's VIP cars are Benz.

Antalya VIP transfer is suitable for long-distance tours, concerts and Antalya aqua park. Book VIP transfers at least 6 hours before your time. VIP cars do not have time limit.

Antalya VIP transfer is one of the special services of our company for you. All Antalya tours, Antalya concerts and visiting Antalya historical monuments are done with special VIP services. To book Antalya VIP transfer with special services, you can contact us through WhatsApp.

All Antalya tours can be with VIP transfer in Antalya. For information on VIP Antalya transfer prices, please call 00905387247679.

Advantages of Antalya VIP transfer

  • Luxury cars
  • Serve unlimited drinks along the way
  • TV and high speed internet (Wi-fi)
  • English speaker tour guide (if needed)
  • Special discount on Antalya tours

Antalya VIP Transfer

Antalya Concerts Transfer

Antalya concerts transfer is one of the issues for travelers who have purchased their tickets from outside of Turkey. Antalya concerts will be held in different parts of the city, including the Expo Concert Hall, Acikhava Concert Hall and Nest Concert Hall. The cost of Antalya concerts transfer depends on the distance from your hotel to the concert place. It should be noted that the minimum number for booking Antalya concerts transfer is 6 people.

Price list of Antalya concerts transfer

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