Where is the most luxurious area to live in Antalya?

Where is the most luxurious area to live in Antalya?

Antalya is one of the most important tourist centers in Turkey. Due to the nature, the historical center -Kaleici, which has preserved its traditional architecture, and large-scale investments in tourism, Antalya has become very popular with tourists from all over the world. Antalya is also one of the major immigration destinations in Turkey.

In Antalya, where the Mediterranean climate prevails, summers are dry and hot, and winters are soft and rainy. The average temperature in summer is from 30 to 34 degrees, and in winter the average temperature is from 7 to 15 degrees.

Public transport in the city is well developed. Trams, public buses, taxis, and sea buses are all available day and night.

Antalya Airport is one of the busiest airports not only in Turkey, but also in Europe. There are piblic buses that run regularly from Antalya Airport to the center city. In addition, private service offers taxi and car rental.

Agriculture is well developed in Antalya. A wide variety of fruits and vegetables can be found at local markets all year round.
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1. Lara and Konyaalti

Lara and Konyaalti are the most beautiful and elite areas of Antalya, which attract a lot of attention with their beautiful clean beaches and magnificent nature.

The fine sand of Lara Beach, marked with a blue flag award, is located just a few kilometers east of Antalya.
In the Lara district, which is one of the most prestigious areas of Antalya, there are many shopping centers, cafes, restaurants, playgrounds, and theme parks.

Attracting both locals and tourists, Lara remains lively even after the summer tourist season, thanks to the variety of leisure opportunities it offers.

Like Lara, Konyaalti district also offers a wide selection of shopping malls, bars, restaurants, cafes, a developed transport system and a lively nightlife.
The Bogacay Creek marina project is located here, which will make Konyaalti one of the largest and most modern sailing centers on the entire Turkish Riviera.

In general, the weather in Antalya is characterized by high temperatures, especially in summer. Due to the warm climate, the sea season lasts for 6-7 months.

Most of the properties in Lara and Konyaalti have a beautiful view of the sea. Real estate with sea views is sold at high prices, but moving away from the coastline, many residential complexes offer modern housing at affordable prices and within walking distance from the Mediterranean Sea.

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2. Belek

Belek is a resort in the Serik district of Antalya, located near the main highway D400, which runs from east to south of Turkey.
In recent years, Belek has become a popular tourist center in Turkey due to the presence of golf courses and equipped sandy beaches.

There are more than 15 world-class golf courses in Belek, where such famous personalities as Tiger Woods and Barack Obama performed, this is not only the golf capital of Turkey, but also an ideal place for a peaceful and comfortable life among nature.
You can also enjoy the sun and the sea on the wide beaches of Belek and do various water sports.

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There are many shops in Belek where you can buy everything you need.
The nightlife in Belek is mainly concentrated in restaurants with live music and bars in many 4- or 5-star hotels.
To date, comfortable villas and apartments of high quality with a modern layout are being actively built in Belek, which attracts investors from many countries.

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3. Kalkan

Kalkan is in the western part of Antalya, in the Kas district.
The area stands out for its beautiful summer houses with sea views; boutique hotels; bright colors covering the walls of almost every house; clean beaches marked with blue flags; fresh air and historical beauties surrounding it.

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You can come to Kalkan comfortably by public transport, private car, taxi, or airport transfer.

Winter in Kalkan is warm and rainy, while summer is quite hot.
Elite, relaxed and picturesque are three adjectives you could use to describe Kalkan. This place will suit people with a measured lifestyle and peace.

A little further from the center there are ultramodern villas with sea views.
There are more than 100 restaurants in Kalkan that are ready to offer high-quality service as well as a variety of cuisine.
The rooftop restaurants with panoramic views and the port serve a variety of dishes - from international to Mediterranean cuisine, from fresh fish and seafood to Turkish cuisine.

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4. Alanya

Alanya attracts attention with its natural and historical beauties. This city is considered one of the most important tourist centers of Turkey. It is located between the Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea.

Alanya offers all kinds of entertainment for families with children and young people.

Tourism is considered the most important source of income in Alanya. With tourism, the city has been actively developing in recent years.

Alanya has a developed transport network, as it is located on a vast territory. Gazipasa Airport, located within the boundaries of the district, provides direct flights with domestic and international flights.

Alanya has a wide variety of restaurants serving Turkish and international cuisine, cozy coffee shops, pastry shops with oriental sweets, bars, and famous nightclubs.
Public and private hospitals and medical institutions are concentrated in Alanya.
In recent years, Alanya has seen a significant increase in urban infrastructure due to the development of ultramodern residential complexes, the use of land to create residences with picturesque views to the Mediterranean Sea.

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Choose the most luxurious area of Antalya to live!

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