What are the working conditions in Turkiye for foreigners?

What are the working conditions in Turkiye for foreigners?

If you, having moved to Turkey, decided to find a job and get a job in a Turkish company, you need to know all the rules regarding the work of foreigners in the Republic of Turkey in order to avoid violating the laws of this country. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about legal work in Turkey and provide useful recommendations. Stay with us until the end of this article.

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Work in Turkey

Important aspects when obtaining a work visa

• A work permit is issued for a specific place of work. If you want to change jobs, you need to apply for a new visa, the old one will not work.

• Your employer must provide you with social and health insurance.

• It is important to remember that upon dismissal, the employer must report to the Ministry of Labor in order to cancel the work visa/work permit. Otherwise, an administrative fine will be imposed on him.

• If your work permit needs to be renewed, you must apply for an extension within the last 60 days your work permit is valid.

کار در ترکیه چگونه است

• You must register at your address within 20 days or your work visa may be cancelled. Registration is done at the Nüfus (administrative body for work with the population). For registration, you need a rental agreement and tapu, if you rent an apartment on your own, if the employer is busy with this issue, he will prepare the documents for you.

• For business owners or those who are planning to open a business in Turkey, you need to know that you need to have 5 employees of Turkish citizens in order to hire a foreign citizen. Otherwise, sanctions are imposed on the employer, and the work visa is not extended to the foreign worker.

• A residence permit (ikamet) does not give you a work permit, you must apply for a work permit (çalışma izin) with it when applying for a job.

• A work visa/work permit replaces a residence permit while valid

• You must carry your work permit with you at all times so that you can present and justify your legal presence in the country when required by the police or government authorities.

• In case of loss of work permit by an employee, the employer is obliged to notify the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services of Turkey.

Working conditions in Turkey

Working in Turkey for foreigners

Who can not work in Turkey for foreigners?

Turkey also has bans on certain areas of activity for foreigners. The list of prohibited professions includes:

• Dentist, nurse nurse, veterinarian and veterinary surgeon

• Pharmacist

• Manager in private hospitals

• Lawyer

• Notary

• Security guard in private and public enterprises

• Work in territorial waters (captain, diver, etc.)

• Customs officer

• Excursion guide

To work in the urban planning sector (architect, engineer), you must apply for registration with the relevant authorities.

To work as a pilot or aircraft technician, you need to obtain a Turkish license to work in this field.

Find work in Turkey

Where to look for a job in Turkey?

Of course, you can always find a job through your friends or in Russian-speaking groups on social networks. There are also online job search platforms in Turkey where you can create your resume and apply for a job that interests you. Job search sites:




Working in Turkey

What competencies do you need to have in order to successfully find a job in Turkey?

In Turkey, narrow specialists and rare professions are highly valued. To successfully find a job in Turkey, you need to be the best candidate, because you will compete with a Turkish citizen who is easier to apply for a job. The unemployment rate in Turkey as of November 2022 was 10.2%, and therefore, a large number of Turkish citizens will apply for the vacancy you are interested in.

In addition to professional competencies, we recommend that you learn the language, get acquainted with the working culture in Turkey (and it is different from the European one).

Most often, foreigners are employed in the field of tourism and hospitality, in the field of real estate sales, in sales in tourist regions, as translators and tutors (with the appropriate license).

Is it possible to live in Turkey and work remotely in your own country?

Many foreigners live in Turkey but work online in their own country. Living in Turkey on a short-term tourist residence permit and working remotely in Russia, you do not become a resident of Turkey (even if you stay in the country for more than 6 months), and therefore taxes must be paid only in Russia. Turkey and Russia have an agreement on the avoidance of double taxation, so you do not have to pay the same tax twice.

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