Buy property for sale in Izmir 2023

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IZM25, Brand new luxury apartments in Cigli Izmir for sale


All needs of Izmir Cigli residents such as public and private educational centers, reputable medical centers, public transportation stations has provided.

Property Nr.
Completion year
104 - 185 m²
Price from 122,000 €
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IZM24, Spacious apartments in Mavisehir Izmir for sale


he existence of various markets and big shopping centers has made the residents of Mavisehir Izmir comfortable. The project is also 30 km from Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport.

Property Nr.
Completion year
Price from 121,000 €
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IZM23, Bayrakli Izmir modern apartments for sale


The complex in Bayrakli Izmir, consists of 48 apartments, each one has three-bedrooms and one living room all are 140 square meters and it has 5 commercial units.

Property Nr.
Completion year
Price from 185,000 €
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IZM22, Stone house villa in Alacati Izmir for sale


The stone house villa is built by reputable constructor who have the necessary standards for a comfortable, luxurious and pleasant stay.
Due to the high demand for accommodation in the Alacati ​​Izmir, we offer this type villas for investors who are looking for early return investing.

Property Nr.
Completion year
175 m²
Price 370,000 €
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IZM21,Well priced villas in Alacati Izmir for sale


Cesme is located 75 km west of the Izmir, which has a beautiful urban architecture due to its small population, and the and alleys are destined for tourists to spend their holidays. The Alacati is 10 km from the coastal city of Cesme.

Property Nr.
Completion year
190 - 290 m²
Price 355,000 €
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IZM20, Bargain apartments in Ulukent Izmir for sale


Ulukent is one of the most growing and beautiful areas in the north of Izmir, and there are also reputable educational and academic centers in this area. It is less than 2 km from the main road and highway and 40 km from Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport.

Property Nr.
Completion year
101 - 266 m²
Price from 149,000 €
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120 Month

IZM19, Beach villas in Menderes Izmir for sale


The project, located in a quiet and pleasant place, just 50 km from Konak Izmir, 40 km from Kusadasi Izmir, 100 km from Cesme Izmir and 35 km from Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport.

Property Nr.
Completion year
Price 360,000 €
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IZM18, Modern apartments for sale in Karsiyaka Izmir


Karsiyaka is one of the developed areas in Izmir and offers a modern lifestyle.

Property Nr.
Completion year
120 - 165 m²
Price from 123,000 €
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IZM17, Luxury lifestyle villas in Guzelbahce Izmir for sale


For more information about buying vluxury lifestyle villas you can contact Sales department.

Property Nr.
Completion year
310 m²
Price 520,000 €
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24 Month

IZM16, Designer properties in Guzelbahce Izmir for sale


Designer properties in Guzelbahce Izmir for sale consists of two separate blocks. The project has one-bedroom, two-bedroom duplex, two-bedroom and three-bedroom duplex. The size of these properties is from 67 to 137 square meters. Designer properties in Guzelbahce Izmir for sale has many features such as central heating, anti-earthquake systems, landscaping and private parking.

Property Nr.
Completion year
67 - 137 m²
Price from 124,000 €
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know all about property for sale in Izmir

Izmir is the third largest city in Turkey after Istanbul and Ankara. This large and beautiful city is located on the coast of the Aegean Sea, and after Athens, it is the second largest and most important city on the coast of the Aegean Sea.

This beautiful and touristic city dates back to 8500 years ago. Izmir is a beautiful city located between the mountains and the sea, and many high-rise buildings have been built there.

In the past, this city was smaller and many of its present-day neighborhoods were an independent city. But with the increase in population and the development of Izmir, these cities were added to Izmir as a neighborhood.

Izmir has the facilities of a great life and compared to cities like Istanbul, it has a lower price to buy an apartment in Turkey or to live in it, that's why many foreigners choose Izmir to immigrate, work and live in Turkey.

Izmir is known as the city of olive groves, citrus trees and pine forests. The quality of life in Izmir is so high that many European tourists prefer to stay in this city forever after traveling to this city.

Because this city is full of peace, it has a very good climate, its economy is growing and it has good conditions for students and those who want to work in Turkey.

The cost of living in Izmir is lower than many big cities in the world and Turkey. According to the estimate, the cost of living in this city is 19% less than a city like Istanbul.

The city of Izmir is known as one of the calm cities with lots of Turkish culture. The people of this city have a high culture and their lifestyle and behavior are very similar to European culture.

Buying an apartment in the center of Izmir, Turkey

A view of residential towers in the city of Izmir, Turkey

If you choose this beautiful city for investment or living and you intend to buy an apartment in Izmir, this article can be your guide in knowing more about the city of Izmir and the conditions for buying an apartment in Izmir. Follow us until the end of this article.

History of Izmir

This historical city, whose history goes back to 8500 years ago, was located in the current Bornova region about 6500 years ago. In 1500 BC, the ancient Hittite Empire ruled in this city.

In four centuries BC, this city was rebuilt by the Macedonian king. In 133 BC, this city fell into the hands of the Romans and later became one of the main centers for the promotion of Christianity.

In 1400, the Mongols destroyed this city, and in 1424, the Ottoman Turks captured Izmir, and from then on, the modern city of Izmir was born.

In the following years, Izmir gradually became a very important commercial port in Europe, and many Europeans gradually got to know this city, and many consulates were established in this city. So that in the 17th century there was a diverse population in Izmir.

Throughout history, Izmir has experienced many incidents, and one of these incidents was two devastating earthquakes in the 17th and 18th centuries.

None of these reasons prevented Izmir from continuing its development. During the 1920s, the Greeks claimed Izmir as theirs and the city was handed over to them for 5 years. In 1923, it faced many protests and finally the Republic of Turkey was formed and this city became one of the cities of Turkey.

Geographical location and climate of Izmir

This city is the capital of Izmir province in Turkey, which is a port city on the coast of the Aegean Sea and is located in the west of Turkey. Izmir is the second largest seaport in Turkey. The area of Izmir city is 7000 square meters. The height of this city is about 30 meters above sea level. Izmir province has 28 different regions, 11 of which belong to Izmir city.

Like many cities in Turkey, Izmir has a Mediterranean climate. Hot and dry summers and mild and wet winters are the most obvious characteristics of Izmir city's climate. It rarely snows in Izmir. The last snow in Izmir dates back to February 2012.

Almost in winter, it rains 10 days out of every 30 days in this city and the average temperature in this season is 7 degrees Celsius. The city has relatively hot summers, with temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius on some summer days.

Sightseeing and touristic places of Izmir

According to the historical age, location by the Aegean Sea, forests, mountains, rivers, streams, etc., Izmir's sightseeing places are divided into several categories. Some of these places of interest are the ancient monuments of Izmir, which show the history of several thousand years of Izmir.

Kadifekale or Kadife Castle, Izmir Agora or Smyrna, Hisar Mosque, Izmir Historical Elevator, Kemeraltı Bazaar, Hierapolis Theater, St. Polycarp Church, Clock Tower, etc. are part of the historical sights of Izmir.

Tourist attractions of Izmir city

Tourist attractions of Izmir city

Çeşme Beach, Ilıca Beach, Pirlanta Beach, Altinkum Beach, Mavi Koi Beach, Boyalik Beach, Ayyurgi Koi Beach, Izmir Telefric, Pamo Kale, Sipilos Mountain, Izmir Zoo, Izmir Water Park, Yasika Island and... some of the places There are sights and natural scenery of Izmir.

Culture and customs of Izmir people

Considering that the city of Izmir has a long history in European urban culture and many Europeans have lived in this city for many years, the culture of this city is slightly different from other big cities in Turkey.

This beautiful city is multi-national and is said to have been the birthplace of the famous Greek writer Homer. The people of Izmir are warm and extremely hospitable and treat immigrants and tourists very well. The official language of this city is Turkish, but almost most people in Izmir can speak English.

Izmir health and treatment centers

In recent years, with the increase in the number of universities and medical schools, Izmir has grown significantly in terms of medical centers.

There are 57 hospitals in Izmir, including public hospitals, private hospitals and medical schools. In this city, there are 7 health and dental centers, 680 medical offices and 123 health and dental clinics that cover all your medical needs.

Educational centers and schools of Izmir

One of the special features of Izmir is the presence of several prestigious Turkish universities in it. Aegean University, Dukoz Ilul University, Izmir Institute of Technology, Katib Chalabi University of Izmir, Bakir Chai University, Democracy University of Izmir are public universities of Izmir.

Izmir University of Economics and Yashar University are also private universities in Izmir. You must take an entrance exam to be admitted to a reputable university. There are separate tests for foreign nationals that they must take before entering the university.

Izmir public transportation system

Out-of-town public transportation system in Izmir

Adnan Menderes Airport is located 20 kilometers from the center of Izmir. From this airport, there are several daily flights to important cities in Turkey, including Istanbul, Ankara and Antalya. If you choose Izmir to buy an apartment in Turkey, you can easily use flights from this airport to go to other cities in Turkey.

In addition to domestic flights, many international flights are also carried out at Izmir airport. This city has one of the biggest airports in Turkey.
In addition to the air route, you can also use the sea route to go to other cities. Izmir has four ports and these ports are used for both trade and passenger transportation.

In addition to air and sea, Izmir has very good conditions for public transportation by land. This city has two railway stations. Basman railway station located in the center of the city and Alsancak station located in the northern part of the city.

The central bus station of the city is located in its northeast and has very good facilities. These buses pass through the center of Izmir and are used to go to other cities in Turkey.

Izmir's intra-city transportation system

The city of Izmir not only has very good facilities in the extra-urban transportation system, but also offers very good facilities in the intra-city transportation system.

Light City Train (LRT) is one of Izmir's intra-city trains, called Izban, and it is one of the busiest inter-city trains in Izmir. These trains are specially designed to transport passengers from Izmir to the outskirts of Izmir.

Since 2007, with the construction of the subway in Izmir, the public transportation conditions in this city took on a different color. Currently, Izmir subways are one of the cleanest, fastest and most popular public transportation systems in Izmir.

Izmir State Intercity Bus Stations with the abbreviation ESHOT has 322 lines, 1500 buses. Another station called Isolas has 400 buses. This is a private station. These stations cover almost all parts of Izmir city.

Apartments for sale in Izmir, Turkey

Texture of the city of Izmir, Turkey

In addition to buses, taxis, rickshaws, ferries and ferries are also used for transportation in this city. Buying an apartment in Izmir and choosing this city for your life, you will not have any problems with transportation.

Izmir shopping centers

One of the reasons for a comfortable life in Izmir is the wide variety of shopping centers. This city has a variety of cheap to expensive stores. Below we mention some big shopping centers in Izmir:

Agora shopping center

Agora shopping center is one of the largest and most popular shopping centers in Izmir, which has 30,000 square meters of indoor area and 89,000 square meters of outdoor area.

There are hundreds of stores in this shopping center that cover 178 global brands. You can buy all kinds of items you need in this shopping center. Agora shopping center is located in Balçova district.

Forum Bornova shopping center

It is one of the largest open-air shopping centers with an area of 200,000 square meters located in Bornova region. This shopping center has 128 stores of different global brands.

This shopping center has two separate sections. One part of it is commercial and all kinds of stores are located in it, and the other part is residential. A beautiful park is built between its commercial and residential areas.

Optimum Outlet Mall

The construction of this shopping center has lasted for several years. Currently, this shopping center was built near the airport and on 5 floors. Clothes, jewelry, household appliances, electronic appliances, accessories needed by children and teenagers, etc. are among the items that you can find in this shopping center. Shopping prices at Optimum Outlet Mall are fairly fair, but not the cheapest. This shopping center offers discounts on its products once in a while.

In addition to these three shopping centers, the following shopping centers are among the most important stores in Izmir:

• Ozdilek shopping center
• Konak Pir shopping center
• Kemeralti market
• Kipa shopping center
• Asmaçatı shopping center
• Selvi outlet shopping center
• Media Market
• Aegean Park Izmir shopping center
• Palmiye shopping center and etc.

Property for sale in Bornova

Bornova is the third largest neighborhood of Izmir, which is located 8 kilometers from the northeast of Izmir. Also, this area is 5 km away from the beaches of Izmir. If you choose Bornova neighborhood to buy an apartment in Izmir, you can benefit from the many advantages of this neighborhood for living.

The biggest hospital of Izmir, University of Aegean and three big shopping centers of Izmir, namely Forum Bornova, West Park and Point Bornova are located in Bornova neighborhood.

In addition to the large commercial centers, several days a week there is a weekly market in this neighborhood where you can get your daily fresh fruit and vegetables. Bornova is not far from the center of Izmir. The apartments in this neighborhood are built in such a way that they have good resistance against earthquakes.

According to historical evidence, Izmir was located in the Bornova neighborhood in ancient times and has gradually expanded.
For this reason, it can be said that Bornova neighborhood is as old as Izmir. In recent years, the constructions of this neighborhood have changed from traditional to modern, and now very beautiful new apartments have been built in it. For this reason, Bornova has become one of the popular areas for buying apartments in Izmir.

There is another important point about buying an apartment in Bornova, and that is that you can use housing stock to buy an apartment in Bornova.

Peace and beauty in the city of Izmir, Turkey

Peace and beauty in the city of Izmir, Turkey

Currently, Bornova has a very good capacity for construction and many projects are under construction in this neighborhood. In terms of the price of buying an apartment in Izmir, this neighborhood has an average price, and due to the presence of stylish newly built houses with more reasonable prices and the facilities of this neighborhood, it has become one of the popular areas among the immigrants of Izmir.

Property for sale in Karşıyaka

One of the most luxurious and beautiful areas of Izmir, which has its own fans, is the Karşıyaka area. This area is located near the beach on one side and close to the mountain on the other side, which made the price of buying an apartment there high.

There are fewer shops and restaurants in Karşıyaka than in many other areas, so it is not very crowded. Karşıyaka is one of the most peaceful areas of Izmir, which has very good conditions in terms of silence and peace for those who plan to live there.

In this area, you can experience a cruise through its pier and use land public transportation such as tram, subway, and bus.

In the summers, boating competitions are held on the pier of this area and it gives a special vitality to this area. On the coastline of this area, there are special areas for walking, cycling and parking. In addition, its beaches are full of beach recreation facilities.

Property for sale in Mavişehir

One of the coastal areas of Izmir city, which has semi-pristine beaches, is its famous Mavi area. This area is located near the Karşıka region and it can be said that it is located in the north of Izmir Bay and it is 40 years old. Mavi Bahce Shopping Center is one of the famous and large shopping centers of Izmir, which is located in Mavişehir area.

This shopping center can be considered a recreational town. This shopping center is very close to the beach and many tourists prefer to choose this shopping center because of its proximity to the beach. In this shopping center there are more than 200 stores of all kinds of Turkish and international brands.

If you buy an apartment in Mavişehir, you can easily access this shopping center and its entertainment facilities, including cinema, live music, cafes, restaurants, Turkish bath, flower garden, swimming pool, etc. and have a good time there.

Mavişehir is only 30 km away from Adnan Menderes International Airport in Izmir. According to the 2019 census, this area had a population of approximately 14,000 people. Mustafa Atatürk Sports Hall, Izmir Opera and several sports halls and fields are among the places located in this neighborhood. This area is also known as one of the growing areas of Izmir.

Many projects and residential complexes are being built in this area, and you can choose one of them to buy an apartment in Izmir. If you are interested in investing in Izmir, buying one of these pre-sale residential projects can be a good profit.

Mavişehir has relatively good conditions in terms of public transportation system. In this area there is a tram station and Izban city train station. Of course, this station is not exactly within the boundaries of this neighborhood, but it serves the people of this neighborhood.

Mavişehir has very good conditions in terms of access to educational centers and medical centers. Because of its pristine and clean beach, you can spend a great weekend on its beach. If you are planning to buy an apartment in a growing coastal area in Izmir, consider buying an apartment in Mavişehir.

Property for sale in Balçova

One of the very good areas of Izmir, which is known for having pleasant weather in the summer season, is the Balçova region. About 80,000 people live in this area. This neighborhood is 300 years old.

Balçova has cool summers, so there is no need to turn on the air conditioner in summer nights. Balçova hot springs are very famous. Balçova is a coastal region and it is bordered by Kanak region from the east side, Narlıdere region from the west side, Izmir Bay from the north side, and Karabağlar and Ghazi Amir regions from the south side. This area is located almost in the southern part of Izmir.

It is about 8 kilometers from the center of Balçova to its coastline. If you want to reach the beach by foot, it will take about half an hour to walk from the center to the beach.

The presence of hot springs in this area and the proximity to Adnan Menderes Airport, having a beautiful coastline and pleasant nature, have made it one of the first tourist areas in Izmir, and many tourists who travel to Izmir choose this area for tourism first. The distance of this area from the airport is only 18 km.

Two of the very good universities of Izmir and even Turkey, named Dokuz Eylul and Economy, are located in this area. Dokuz Eylul is one of the famous medical universities that is very popular among Europeans. You can choose this university to study and buy an apartment in Balçova so that you don't have to travel a long distance to go to this university. The University of Economics is one of the most prominent private universities in Turkey.

There are many recreational and tourism facilities in Balçova region. One of these recreational places is its cable car, which is known as the second largest cable car in Turkey. There are also beautiful forests near this cable car, where you can walk in these beautiful forests after using the cable car and have a great time.

İnciraltı Beach Park is also one of the famous places that many tourists choose this park for recreation. İnciraltı Maritime Museum, İnciraltı Urban Forest, Balçova Water Treatment Complex- Balçova Dam, Agamemnon Springs, etc. are also other tourist places in Balçova tourist area.

Buying an apartment with a sea view in Izmir

A view of apartments with a sea view in Izmir

There are two highways near Balçova that you can use to go to other areas of Izmir or other cities in Turkey. Through one of these highways, the journey to the airport from Balçova takes only 15 minutes. Balçova metro is in the final stages of its construction and will be opened in the coming years.

Most of the apartments in this neighborhood have kept their traditional shape. But in the last few years, many new buildings and residential projects have been built in this area.

Property for sale in Güzelbahçe

One of the densely populated areas suitable for investing by buying an apartment in Izmir is Güzelbahçe area. This old neighborhood has preserved its traditional texture. The population of this area is relatively high and it has 12 neighborhoods. The area of Güzelbahçe reaches 77 square kilometers. Fishing and agriculture are the main economy of Güzelbahçe.

The height of this neighborhood is about 50 meters above sea level. Güzelbahçe is one of the coastal areas of Izmir, so there are 8 coastlines in it. Among these 8 coastlines, one of them has received the Blue Flag. One of the most important caves of Izmir, named İnkaya Cave, is located in Güzelbahçe neighborhood.

There is no hospital in Güzelbahçe and you have to go to other areas to use the hospital. There are several medical centers in this area that will take care of your medical needs. There are several private and public schools as well as private and public colleges in this area. İzmir-Çeşme highway passes through this area.

Transportation to the area is provided by ESHOT buses and IZDENIZ ferries that depart for Güzelbahçe Ferry Terminal. It is also planned to build a metro line in Güzelbahçe in the next few years.

The presence of the highway, reasonable prices and beautiful beaches have made Güzelbahçe one of the most popular areas in Izmir for buying apartments. The population of this area in 2021 is 37,000 people. If the security of the area where you live is very important to you in order to buy an apartment in Izmir, you can think about buying an apartment in Güzelbahçe, because this area is known for having security among other areas of Izmir.

Property for sale in Konak

One of the most famous areas to check apartments for sale in Izmir is Konak area. This beautiful area is located in the center of Izmir and is one of its most famous neighborhoods.
It is surrounded by Izmir Bay from the north, Bayrakli from the northeast, Bornova from the east, Boca and Karabaglar from the south, and Balçova from the west. The area of this area is 24 square kilometers.

This area has 55 neighborhoods. The famous clock tower, which is known as the symbol of Izmir city, is located in this area.

Clock Square is one of the busy squares of Izmir city, which was designed by a French architect in 1901. 345,000 people live in this area. Konak Yali Mosque, Kemeralti Bazaar, Music Academy and Museum of Contemporary Arts, the ruins of the Agora of the ancient city of Smyrna, Konak Ferry Port, etc. are some of the sightseeing places of Izmir that are located in Konak area.

If it is important for you to be close to government offices to buy an apartment in Izmir, it is better to choose to buy an apartment in Konak. Because most of the government offices of Izmir are located in Konak region. This neighborhood is 30 years old and there are many houses in this area that were built 30 years ago.

In the last few years, the construction of various complexes and residential projects has started in Kanak region, which creates good conditions for investors. You can buy one of the units of these complexes in advance. Then, after the completion of the construction, sell it for several times the amount.

Konak can be considered the center of culture, art and entertainment of Izmir, and for this reason, it has always attracted the attention of tourists.
There are many schools in Izmir in Konak. 73 primary schools and 78 secondary schools are among the schools in Konak region.

Izmir Atatürk High School, Izmir Girls' High School, Izmir American Private College, Izmir Turkish Private College and St. Joseph Izmir High School are the famous educational institutions of Izmir located in this area.
Due to the location of this area in the center of the city, by choosing Kanak to buy an apartment in Izmir, you will not have a problem using all kinds of public transportation. In this area, there are buses, trams, ferries, subways, etc.

Property for sale in Bayrakli

Bayrakli neighborhood is one of the growing and immigrant-friendly neighborhoods of Izmir. This neighborhood is located next to Bornova and is one of the old neighborhoods of Izmir. This area is 5000 years old. The ancient city of Smyrna, which dates back to 3000 BC, is located in this area.

The legendary Tantalus tomb is also one of the important historical places of Izmir, which is located in the Bayrakli area.

In the last few years, the construction of large residential projects has started in this area and many modern buildings have been built in it. İbrahim Hakkı Street and Bayrakli Municipal Building have influenced the price increase of buildings in this area. The price of buying an apartment in Bayrakli is average and rising.

This region was a part of Karşıka region until 2009 and then became a separate region with the local elections this year. On the coast of 2020, the Aegean Sea earthquake caused damage to the buildings in this area, and since then, efforts have been made to ensure that the buildings built in this area have the necessary safety against earthquakes.

Currently, Bayrakli is considered one of the growing and suitable areas for investment by buying an apartment in Izmir. Public transportation in Bayrakli is provided by ESHOT buses and IZBAN trains.

It is planned to extend the Izmir metro line to Bayrakli. A hospital is currently under construction in Bayrakli.
Bayrakli is famous for its tall skyscrapers.

Bayrakli has 24 different neighborhoods that make up a total of 300,000 people in Bayrakli. Many office towers of Izmir have been built in this area. But in general, Bayrakli is a residential area in Izmir. Folkart towers are the most famous towers in this area, which have a height of 200 meters.

The main and popular city of Izmir, located in Turkey

The main and popular city of Izmir, located in Turkey

These twin towers are the second tallest twin towers in Turkey and the fifth tallest in the world. Many real estate experts active in Bayrakli believe that modern Izmir will soon be established in this area, and in the next few years, this area will become the most modern area of Izmir.

Location in the center of the city, easy access to the beach and public transportation system, and newly built units are among the reasons for the development of Bayrakli for buying an apartment in Izmir.

Ege Perla West Park Izmir Shopping Center, Temple of Athena, Athena Street, Double Megaron, Yad Fountain, Great City of the Dead, Burial Area, Tomb of Tantalus, Yamanlar Mountain, Black Lake or Kara Göl, Catholic Church of St. Antony, World Peace Memorial, Tepe Kole Congress Center, Dr. Akram Akorgal Park are some of the sightseeing and historical places of Bayrakli region.

Property for sale in Buca

Buca neighborhood is located at a distance of 9 km from Izmir city and is in the south of the slopes of Nif mountain.

Kanak is located in the north, Barnova in the northeast, Kamal Pasha in the east, Torbali in the south, Menderes in the southwest, Gazimir and Karabaglar in the west of this region. Buca is one of the oldest areas of Izmir where people have been living since several thousand years ago.

Life in Buca dates back to 130 BC. The area of Buca is 178 square kilometers and its height above the sea is 38 meters. Buca is one of the most crowded areas of Izmir, with a population of 508,000. This area has 48 neighborhoods. A statue of Rumi, which is one of the largest statues in the world, is located in this area.

In the last few years, the price of buying an apartment in Buca has grown very well. In the last three years, 65% has been added to the price of real estate in Buca, which shows the boom in buying and selling houses in Buca.

If you buy an apartment in Buca and rent it, on average, after 18 years, the entire price of the apartment you bought will be returned to you. The return on investment from renting to buy an apartment in Buca is estimated at 18 years.

Buca is one of the important tourist areas of Izmir and has many places to visit. Belenbasi village, Equestrian field, Seven Lakes or Yedi Guler Buca, Buca lake, Hasan bay Park, Dosti alley, mansions such as Forbes mansion, De Jong mansion, Baltaji mansion, Rousseau mansion, Reis mansion, David Farkoh mansion, American College, Presbyterian Church, water bridges, etc. are just some of the sightseeing and entertainment places in Buca area.

By buying an apartment in Buca, you can experience great moments by seeing its sights and views.
Buca is one of the important educational areas in Izmir, where a branch of Dukoz Eylul University has recently been established.

One of the reasons for Buca’s progress and large population is its advanced urbanization. In this area, the principles of modern urban planning have been implemented, and for this reason, Buca has very suitable conditions for living. Besides, Buca is famous for having sports stadiums and fields.

Buca is one of the popular areas to buy an apartment in Izmir for athletes or sports friends. This region has a special place in Turkey in terms of horse racing. In terms of the transportation system, Buca has very good conditions. İzmir ring road and İzmir-Aydın highway pass through this area.

Transportation to the area is provided by IZBAN trains and ESHOT buses. The planned M2 line of Izmir Metro passes through Buca.

Property for sale in Narlıdere

One of the most expensive and smallest areas of Izmir, which is located in the neighborhood of Balchova and Guzel Bahce, is Narlıdere neighborhood. This area is known for having very luxurious houses. Narlıdere region has 11 neighborhoods. Its population reaches 65,000 people. The area of this area is very green and its soil is fertile.

Narlıdere takes its name from the large number of pomegranate plantations that are located in its borders. In addition to pomegranate orchards, Narlıdere has countless pine trees. Narlıdere has one of the cleanest and most oxygenated air in different regions in big cities of Turkey. The second largest nursing home in the world is located in this area.

Buying an apartment in the center of Izmir, Turkey

Tourist attractions of Izmir city

Narli Dere area is more residential than other areas of Izmir and there are fewer commercial buildings. For this reason, it is quieter and there is more silence and peace in it. The population density in this area is also lower. The buildings built in Narlidere are mostly newly built.

Narlıdere can be considered a holiday settlement in Izmir that is developing and expanding day by day and has very good conditions for buying an apartment in Izmir.

Currently, many pomegranate orchards have been replaced by citrus orchards. Due to the very good conditions Narlıdere for agriculture, the economy of this region is largely dependent on agriculture and horticulture. The distance between Narlıdere region and Konak region and Izmir city center is about 10 kilometers.

In Narlıdere, there are highways, subways, buses, and shared bicycle services, which make it ideal for public transportation. In the last three years, the growth in the price of buying an apartment in Narlıdere has been very high, so that in the last three years, the price of buying an apartment in Narlıdere has increased 100 times.
The Faculty of Fine Arts and the Hospital of the Faculty of Medicine of Dukoz Eylul University are among the academic and medical centers of the Narlıdere region. Narlıdere Cultural House, Jam Historical House, Narlıdere Beach, Narlıdere Martyrs' Tomb, Atatürk Cultural Center, Citrus and Pomegranate Gardens, etc. are historical, scenic and cultural places in Narlıdere.

You can buy an apartment in Narlıdere both in cash and in installments. Apartment purchase installments in Narlıdere start from 12 months. The minimum price for buying an apartment in Narlıdere is 150,000 euros.

Conditions of apartments for sale in Izmir

Most apartments for sale in Izmir have many facilities for living. Some of the luxury complexes of this city, such as five-star hotels, have many facilities. Usually, apartments in this city have facilities such as swimming pool, parking, CCTV system, night club, sports field, play area for children, etc.

Currently, apartments for sale in Izmir, which are located in the city center, have many fans. Because these apartments have a very good access to the amenities and social facilities of Izmir city.

Apartments for sale in Izmir, which are located in its bay and close to its beach, are the second priority for buying apartments in Izmir. Most of those who choose these apartments want to enjoy beach activities.
If access to medical, educational, and shopping centers is important to you when looking for apartments for sale in Izmir, Bornova, Konak, Bayrakli, and Karşıka have very good conditions in this regard.

The price of buying an apartment in Izmir is determined based on the type of area, access to public transportation system, new construction, location, number of bedrooms, building facilities, etc.
If luxury and high-level living are important to you when looking at apartments for sale in Izmir, you should consider buying a unit in the high-rises of Izmir.

These towers are built in such a way that they contain the facilities of a 5-star hotel. Swimming pool, covered swimming pool, children's play park, jacuzzi, sauna and Turkish bath, cafe and restaurant, fitness center and gym, parking and shopping center are among the facilities of Izmir Towers.

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