Buying apartments for sale in North Cyprus in 2023

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Fully facilitated apartments for sale in North Cyprus Famagusta

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Cyprus, the third largest island in the Mediterranean is an island well-known for its mild climate, cultural diversity and untouched natural beauties. These fully facilitated apartments have been constructed by renown architects and are fully furnished; ready to be at your hands. Purchase this apartment now and have an estate investment in North Cyprus Famagusta

Property Nr.
Completion year
2+2, 3+1, 3+2
100 - 120 m²
Price from 165,000 €
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Purchase homes in Long Beach Famagusta by payment plan

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Famagusta, Ammókhostos in Greek and Gazimağusa in Turkish, is home to one of the deepest harbors in the island that gives the city strategical importance. Long beach is one of Northern Cyprus's best and quietest beaches. The Long Beach district of North Cyprus is very ideal in terms of living conditions

Property Nr.
Completion year
Studio, 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 5+1 Villa
42 - 300 m²
Price from 70,000 €
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Properties by installment in Famagusta North Cyprus

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Famagusta is home to one of the deepest harbors in the island that gives the city strategical importance. North Cyprus is gradually becoming one of the most popular areas of investing in real estate for its riches in culture, climate, low tax rates and the easy access to get a residence permit. Owners of property in North Cyprus Famagusta and everywhere else can apply for the residence permit in the country although the residence permit must be renewed every year

Property Nr.
Completion year
Studio, 1+1, 2+1, 3+1
40 - 160 m²
Price from 102,000 €
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Pre-sale construction homes in Famagusta, Northern Cyprus

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Northern Cyprus and the Famagusta region have good weather conditions. This large construction project in Famagusta North Cyprus has all amenities and entertainment facilities. If you intend to buy a property in Northern Cyprus and invest in the Famagusta, you can make your purchase in cash or in installments. Contact our agents to inquire about the latest house prices in North Cyprus and remaining flats for sale in Famagusta.

Property Nr.
Completion year
Studio, 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1
46 - 180 m²
Price from 72,000 €
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120 Month

Cheap apartments with installment in North Cyprus

North cyprus

are comprised of 3 luxury apartment blocks with studio, one and two bedroom apartments, each with seafront terraces.

Property Nr.
Completion year
Studio, 1+1, 2+1, 2+1 Duplex
40 - 135 m²
Price from 80,000 €
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120 Month

Properties in Cyprus with installments

North cyprus

offer 25 Garden Apartments and 25 Penthouses. Holiday makers come here for sandy beaches, Mediterranean coves and a top notch golfing experience.

Property Nr.
Completion year
1+1, 2+1
50 - 95 m²
Price from 115,000 €
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Find out all about Apartments for sale in Northern Cyprus

Welcome to the alluring island of Northern Cyprus, where pristine beaches, cultural heritage, and a warm Mediterranean climate create a truly unique living experience. If you are considering buying an apartment in Northern Cyprus, you have come to the right place.
Northern Cyprus offers a harmonious blend of modernity and tradition, making it an attractive destination for homebuyers and investors alike. With its stunning natural landscapes, rich history, and welcoming local community, Northern Cyprus is a place where you can truly feel at home.
Investing in an apartment in Northern Cyprus is not only a wise financial decision, but it also allows you to enjoy a high standard of living and a relaxed lifestyle. The island's excellent infrastructure, including top-quality healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and modern amenities, make it an ideal location for those seeking comfort, convenience and security.
Northern Cyprus is a melting pot of cultures, where influences from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East come together to create a unique social fabric. This diversity is reflected in the island's vibrant culinary scene, with a variety of local and international cuisines to indulge in.
From luxurious seafront apartments to stylish city-center flats, Northern Cyprus offers a range of properties to suit every taste and budget. Whether you are a first-time buyer, a seasoned investor, or simply looking for a second home, Northern Cyprus has something to offer.
So, take the first step towards owning your dream home in Northern Cyprus today. With its stunning natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and warm local community, Northern Cyprus is the perfect destination to enjoy a fulfilling and rewarding life.

You can also refer to the following page for information on the price and conditions of purchasing various types of Real Estate in Turkey:

Girne is a beautiful city on the coast of Northern Cyprus

Girne is a beautiful city on the coast of Northern Cyprus

Advantages of living in Northern Cyprus

The advantages of living in Northern Cyprus are:

English is the common language in Northern Cyprus

The dominant language in this country is English and most of the people in this country are fluent in English. If you are not a Turkish speaker, you can learn English and live easily in Northern Cyprus. This country was one of the British colonies many years ago and this has caused many of the English culture and language to remain among the people of North Cyprus. It can be said that 90% of hoteliers, sellers, shopkeepers, etc. in this country are fluent in English.

Low cost of living

As mentioned, Northern Cyprus works with the Turkish lira unit, so the cost of living in the country is relatively low. Of course, valid currencies such as euro, dollar and British pound are also common in this country. If you are worried about issues such as the falling value of the lira, you can easily exchange it with the euro and even take advantage of these fluctuations.

In general, the cost of living in North Cyprus is lower than Australia, America, Canada, European countries and even South Cyprus.

High security and low crime rates

The crime rate in Northern Cyprus is even lower than in many European countries. You can easily walk on the beach in the middle of the night without worrying about extortion or crime. This country also has extraordinary conditions in terms of security.

Average cost of living and satisfaction level of citizens in North Cyprus:

City Name

Satisfaction level of foreign citizens (out of 10 points)

Average cost of living (monthly)



400 Pound



300 Pound

Long Beach


350 Pound



450 Pound


Quality healthcare

Northern Cyprus is one of the best countries among its neighboring countries in terms of quality of treatment. The public hospitals of this country have complete medical equipment and the personnel of these hospitals are experienced, experienced and very disciplined. For those who have permanent residence in Northern Cyprus, all treatment costs in public hospitals are free.

Low tax rate

One of the most important issues in European countries is the tax rate. In many countries, the cost of government services is financed only through taxes, and that is why the tax rate is high. But this is not the case in Cyprus. This news is very good news especially for those who plan to register a company in North Cyprus. In the past years, the tax rate in this country was so low that it was considered a tax haven. But currently, only 12.5% ​​of the income of companies and companies is taxed.
However, there are good tax-free schemes in this country for business owners or retirees.

Good conditions for remote work

One of the great conditions for living in North Cyprus is the telecommuting culture. If you choose this country as your university destination, you can easily work remotely in one of the companies in this country and enjoy the benefits of being an on-site employee. This country has excellent conditions for freelancers who are interested in two jobs and do their work carefully and on time. Because for most of the international clients and employers in this country, only the time to send the project and its quality is important, not whether you are sitting at home behind the laptop or in the company.

Very high internet speed

A common perception about a country's infrastructure may be that a country like Northern Cyprus, which is a small island country whose governance issues are still in dispute, does not have high-speed internet or high-level technology. While this notion is not true at all. Thanks to all kinds of small and big companies operating in this country, this country has a very high infrastructure and the internet speed is amazing. If you have chosen a telecommuting job in this country, you will be surprised by its internet speed. In addition to high speed, internet outages rarely happen in this country.

Very low air pollution and peace

Today, in many cities of our country, we see air pollution, either because of the smoke of cars and factories or because of dust particles. But in Northern Cyprus, due to its island structure, the climate is very clean. For many elderly and sedentary people, the climate of Cyprus is excellent, and it also has a clean climate for children.

Even the coastal waters of Cyprus are among the cleanest coastal waters in the world according to the European Environmental Organization. In this country, there is a certain peace and silence, and you will be safe from the hustle and bustle of big cities.

Conditions for buying an apartment in North Cyprus

Before taking any action to buy a property and apartment in North Cyprus, pay attention to the following:

If the property you want belongs to North Cyprus, it needs to have a maximum area of 1338 square meters. But this does not apply to non-Cypriot properties and you will not have any restrictions.
Note that foreigners are only allowed to buy a property either individually or as a couple.
Providing a certificate of no bad background is required to buy an apartment in North Cyprus and any other type of property. Accordingly, the owner or buyer should not have any criminal record.
There is no need to obtain a visa to buy property in this country; Because after entering North Cyprus, you will be given an airport visa
After choosing the property you want, you need to register your request with the North Cyprus Municipal Association and you should keep in mind that this process may take up to 6 months.

Obtaining permanent residence by purchasing a property in Northern Cyprus

One of the ways to get a residence in North Cyprus is to buy a property. Of course, this work has special conditions that you should research about these conditions in advance. Usually, getting a temporary residence and having a residence permit in this country is easily possible after buying a property, and you can extend your and your family's residence every year. But the conditions of permanent residence in this country are slightly different.

Purchase Affordable Apartments in North Cyprus

As previously mentioned, the current prices of properties for sale in North Cyprus are lower compared to many countries, including Turkey. This presents a great opportunity for those seeking to purchase property at a low cost. For instance, there are many reasonably priced apartments available in cities such as Guzel Yurt, Skele, Famagusta, and some villages in Northern Cyprus, which can be purchased for around 15 thousand pounds. It is important to note that the condition, location, and other criteria discussed in previous sections impact the property's price. The lower the price of the apartment or property, the fewer facilities it may offer.

While these properties may have lower price growth compared to properties in other regions and cities of Northern Cyprus, our collection experts can provide knowledge and experience to help you choose and buy suitable options for long-term investment, even with a low budget. Currently, purchasing property in coastal areas such as Long Beach and Boaz is a favorable option for investment, which will likely experience good price growth in the near future.

Studying in quality and cheap universities

The universities of North Cyprus are recognized in the world and many Europeans also choose the universities of this country to continue their studies.

The cost of studying and living as a student in this country is much lower than in European countries. Accepting students in these universities is also relatively easy, and you can register in these universities even if you do not have a language degree. It is possible to simultaneously enroll you in the university and participate in English language courses in this country. Also, study visa is not mandatory in this country.

Advantages of buying an apartment in North Cyprus

In addition to the good benefits of living in North Cyprus, we must say that there are also many benefits for those who plan to buy an apartment in North Cyprus or who want to pre-purchase an apartment in North Cyprus. You can get the following benefits by buying an apartment in North Cyprus:

The price is right

One of the most important advantages of buying an apartment or pre-purchasing an apartment in North Cyprus is the reasonable price of real estate in this country. Although in recent years, with the arrival of foreign investors in this country and the implementation of large residential projects, the price of Real Estate in North Cyprus has increased significantly, but still, compared to many European countries and even South Cyprus, the cost of buying an apartment there is economical. Furthermore, you can own a unit in North Cyprus for as little as £50,000.

Installment payment terms in Northern Cyprus

In most of the apartment buying and selling transactions in North Cyprus, the buyer can buy the desired unit both in cash and can do it in installments. Usually, one third of the total price of the property is charged from the buyer. By giving a third of the price, the buyer can easily get temporary residence in this country.

Benefits from country services only by paying 30% of the apartment amount

One of the most important advantages of buying an apartment in North Cyprus is that by paying an initial 30% of the total amount of the apartment you want, you will not only get temporary residence in this country, but also all public services such as educational services, medical services and other services. The public of this country will benefit.

Ensuring capital increase

By pre-purchasing an apartment in North Cyprus or buying an apartment, you can be sure of increasing your capital over time. On average, real estate prices in North Cyprus increase by 10-20% every year. Many real estate experts believe that due to the amount of investments made in this country, real estate prices will soon increase significantly and the authorities of this country will enact new laws in this regard.

Receive a definitive document

You can get a confirmation document by buying an apartment in North Cyprus. Of course, each couple can only buy a property of 1338 square meters and they will not have a definitive document for more than that. Instead, you can get an official power of attorney and register in the registry office that the purchase and sale of the property is done only with your permission. But you cannot apply for a definitive document.

Ready to Move Apartments for Sale in Northern Cyprus

If you are planning to buy an apartment that is already completely built and ready for delivery. You must pay 70% of the total amount of your unit at the time of signing the contract. The rest of the amount will be collected from you in installments. The terms of the installment are different according to the type of project and builder's rules. Apart from the amount of the property itself, you have to pay taxes, property registration fees, electricity, gas, water, etc.

Pre-sale apartments in North Cyprus

If you have decided to pre-purchase an apartment in Northern Cyprus, then the payment conditions will be slightly different. Due to the fact that the apartment has not been built yet, you will pay only 30% of the total amount of the property at the time of signing the contract. By paying the same amount, you can apply for temporary residence and benefit from public services such as educational and medical services.

After that, until the delivery of the apartment key, you will receive another 40% of the apartment amount. You pay the remaining 30% of the apartment amount in installments. The installment terms of each apartment building company are different from another company. Usually, in order to sell more apartments, companies that build apartments act in favor of the buyer and adjust the terms of installments according to the buyer's wishes.

In the pre-purchase of the apartment, you will be required to pay taxes, pay the water, electricity and gas distribution fee, pay the document registration fee, etc.

Second hand apartments for sale in North Cyprus

Apartments that are not the first key will have different conditions. Usually, these apartments are not installments and you have to pay the entire amount of the property in one place at the time of the contract. Usually, second-class apartments are sold furnished. This means that they have some essential items needed for life, and you don't need to pay an amount to buy the items needed for life by buying a second-class apartment.
Usually, second-class apartments have 5% of their taxes paid. If you buy a second-class apartment, make sure that the tax has been paid. As a buyer, you are not obligated to pay the second category apartment tax.

Top Cities in Northern Cyprus to Buy Apartments and Houses

When looking to purchase property in Northern Cyprus, there are various cities and regions to consider based on your specific needs and preferences. Below, we provide a general overview of three main cities in Northern Cyprus to help guide your decision-making process:

  • Kyrenia: As a popular tourist destination, the cost of real estate in Kyrenia tends to be higher compared to other cities in Northern Cyprus.
  • Iskela: A developing city that has been recognized as one of the best coastal cities in the world by Forbes magazine.
  • Famagusta: Considered one of the best cities in Northern Cyprus for study migration, Famagusta is home to many prestigious universities.

It is important to note that these are just general descriptions and that the suitability of a city for your specific needs and preferences may vary. Our team of experts can provide you with more detailed information to help you make an informed decision on where to purchase property in Northern Cyprus.

Apartments for sale in Nicosia

The capital of Northern Cyprus is Nicosia, which is not a coastal city. There are few villa projects in this city and most of them are apartment houses. One of the advantages of living in Nicosia is that the price of fruits, goods, restaurants, etc. does not change during the tourist seasons.

Aerial view of the Kyrenia on a cloudy winter day in North Cyprus

Aerial view of the Kyrenia on a cloudy winter day in North Cyprus

Because the number of tourists who choose this city is not high. North Nicosia is an old city full of historical monuments in Northern Cyprus. The square of this city is known as a symbol of Nicosia and is very beautiful. Despite the fact that the main style of the city is close to the medieval architectural style, today there are all kinds of modern shops, restaurants, apartments, etc. People of all religions live in this big city and there are different nationalities in this city.

About 34,000 students are studying in Nicosia, which shows that Nicosia is a good city for students and has a large population of students. Dereboyu area is one of its special areas and it has all kinds of commercial centers, entertainment areas, and the center for holding various festivals and street concerts.

In this city, there are two universities, Atatürk and Near East. which hold special ceremonies every year. One of the downsides of living in Nicosia is the heat. This city is hotter than other cities in Northern Cyprus and the temperature reaches 40 degrees Celsius in summer.

Another important point is that most residents of Nicosia are locals and speak Turkish, and to live in this city, you must know the Turkish language well. The nearest beach to Nicosia is about 50 kilometers away from this city.

Famagusta apartments for sale

Famagusta is one of the big cities of Northern Cyprus, which is located on its coastal strip. If you plan to drive from Famagusta to Kyrenia or Karinia by car, you need about an hour. The city of Famagusta is the center of gazimagusa region.

In this city, you can see a combination of traditional and modern urban fabric together. Famagusta is one of the best cities in Northern Cyprus for both living and tourism. This city has a population of about 70,000 people. Famagusta port is bigger than other ports in North Cyprus. For this reason, most of the big commercial ships go to other parts of the world from this port.

Karpaz peninsula is one of the interesting and fascinating places of Famagusta city, where there is also a village. Most English tourists like this village and this island and visit it. If you choose Famagusta to buy an apartment in Northern Cyprus, you will never be bored.

There is always something amazing to see and do. Eastern Mediterranean University and Istanbul Technical University are two important universities of Northern Cyprus located in Famagusta. In terms of climate, Famagusta is very favorable for living. In winter, the minimum temperature reaches 15 degrees Celsius and the weather is sunny most days of the year.

This city is considered one of the most equipped and best cities in terms of medical services in Northern Cyprus. The educational system of Famagusta is in three languages: Turkish, English and Greek. If you are fluent in one of these languages, you will not face any problem in the educational centers of this city. Of course, Famagusta universities accept students without a visa and then hold English language courses alongside university studies.

One of the famous tourist areas of Famagusta is Salamis. Salamis is an ancient city in Famagusta and shows the historical course of Famagusta. In addition to Salamis, the coastal protection wall, Lalapasha Mosque and Namik Kamal Square, City Mall shopping center, and as mentioned, Karpaz Island are among the sightseeing and tourist areas of Famagusta. A large number of people in Famagusta are students.

This city is also known as a student city. This issue has caused the real estate market in this city to have a special boom and large apartment residential projects have been built in this city. In the following, we will introduce some completed or under construction apartment projects:

Introducing Apartment projects for sale in famagusta (gazimagusa)

Project 7906 This construction project is one of the cases that you can buy as a pre-purchase apartment in North Cyprus. In order to find out about the remaining units in this project and the pre-purchase conditions of the units in this project, you can contact the contact number of Antalya Estate Consultants to guide you in pre-purchasing these units.
The distance of this construction project to the sea is only 100 meters. The land on which this project is built is 17,000 square meters and a large part of its environment is dedicated to planting grass, flowers and trees so that the space around the project is green and beautiful. The distance between this residential complex and Begaz fishing port is very short.

Swimming pool for adults and for children, restaurant, Sarzab and indoor water park, bakery and pastry shop, beauty salon and hair salon, gym, etc. are some of the facilities of this residential complex.

The apartments of this complex are one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom and four-bedroom apartments. The size of the units varies from 46 meters to 180 meters. Prices in this complex start from 72,000 euros, and the most expensive unit reaches 367,000 euros.

An overview of living conditions in Northern Cyprus:

Name of the region

Average cost of living (monthly)

Education level (out of 10 points)

Average property price per square meter


(out of 10 points)

Economic conditions

(out of 10 points)

Culture and religion

Northern Cyprus

300 – 500 Pound


1،800 Pound



Christianity - Islam

Southern Cyprus

700900 Pound


3،000 Pound





Project 1108 One of the big projects for buying apartments in Famagusta, Ko 1108. This project has no bedroom, one bedroom, two bedroom and three bedroom units. This project is located in the vicinity of the Eastern Mediterranean University, which makes it a very good option for investment. All the units in this project face the sea and you can watch the sea view from the windows of these units. Swimming pool, jacuzzi, massage parlor, 24-hour security, anti-earthquake technology, central generator system, air conditioning, etc. are some of the facilities available in this project. The delivery time of this project is in December 2022 and you can buy the unsold units in installments.

Kyrenia Apartments for sale

The city of Kyrenia, which is called Kyrenia in Turkish, is one of the most beautiful cities in Northern Cyprus. Buying and selling apartments is booming in this city, and many European investors choose Kyrenia to buy or sell apartments in Northern Cyprus.

This city reaches the mountains from one side and is located on the sea coast from the other side. The people of North Cyprus have nicknamed this city Jewel and it is one of the biggest tourist centers in North Cyprus.
This city, like other important cities in Northern Cyprus, has several thousand students, and a large population of people in this city are students.

The three private universities in Northern Cyprus are the University of Kyrenia, the American University of Kyrenia and the Cyprus University of Science.

The average student population of these three universities reaches 14,000 people. Despite the fact that these universities are private, their tuition fees are low, and this has made many students choose these universities to study.
The presence of several thousand students in Kyrenia has given this city a special vibrancy, and for this reason it is also called the city of vibrancy.

The presence of several thousand tourists and students in Kyrenia has especially expanded the construction industry in this city. Currently, several apartment and villa residential projects in Kyrenia are either under construction or have been completed.
Kyrenia Castle, Kyrenia Port, Belpais Monastery, St. Hilarion Castle, Antiphonitis Church, St. Andrew Church, Agha Kafer Pasha Mosque, etc. are only some of the beautiful and beautiful places of Kyrenia.

Introducing Apartment projects for sale in Kyrenia (Girne)

Code 2101 One of the very good apartment projects in Kyrenia is project code 2101. This project has 7 blocks and its apartments have 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom apartments. This construction project is located inside the city of Girne.

Facilities such as cinema, outdoor and indoor swimming pool, kindergarten, store, restaurant, children's playground, 24-hour security, parking, Turkish bath, etc. are some of the facilities available in this construction project.

The project is now completed and ready for delivery. To buy the units of this project, you can put 60% of the total amount at the time of the contract and pay the remaining 40% within two years in installments without interest.
A 62m 1 bedroom unit is £75,000. A two-bedroom unit is 79m2 and costs £91,500, and a two-bedroom with a 252m2 penthouse and private pool is £209,000.

The three-bedroom apartments of this project are also sold in two ways. The standard three-bedroom is 172 square meters and £137,500, and the three-bedroom with a penthouse and private pool of 274 square meters is £302,000.

Apartments for sale in Long Beach or seafront Northern Cyprus

One of the best areas to buy or sell an apartment in Northern Cyprus is the Long Beach area. This coastal area is located between the pier and Famagusta and is one of the most important touristic areas of Northern Cyprus.

This area is one of the important places to invest in real estate and buy apartments not only in North Cyprus but also among the countries around North Cyprus. So that in 2021, the American magazine Forbes announced the Long Beach region as one of the best places in the world to buy an apartment or villa in the world.
Long Beach area is a three kilometer long beach strip and 35 kilometers away from Arjan International Airport. To go to Famagusta, you have to travel 12 kilometers from this area. If you want to go to Kyrenia from Long Beach, you have to drive 45 minutes by car.

Buying an apartment in Northern Cyprus

Kyrenia Castle view in Northern Cyprus

The Long Beach area has a unique beach and many recreational facilities, including a special bicycle track, children's play park, adult sports park, swimming in the sea, shuttle riding, fly boarding, water skiing, jet skiing, boating, diving, etc. in this area.

there are. which has made this coastal area one of the most popular recreational and investment areas of Northern Cyprus.

If you decide to sell an apartment in North Cyprus and in Long Beach, you don't need to worry about it being sold late or losing money. Because buying and selling apartments in Long Beach is booming and an apartment unit is bought and sold very quickly.

Introducing Apartment projects for sale in Long Beach Cyprus

Project 1313 Project 1313 is one of the biggest projects for buying apartments in Long Beach. This project is built on an area of ​​2.5 hectares. There are 5 blocks and 416 apartments in this project. The distance of this project to the beach is about 500 meters.

The apartments of this project are built in such a way that their windows and terraces face the sea view. Indoor and outdoor swimming pool, sauna, Turkish bath, air conditioning, children's playroom, amphitheater hall, 24-hour security, etc. are only part of the facilities of this project.

It is only 10 minutes away from this project to the center of Famagusta city. It is also a short distance from the hospital, university and schools of Famagusta city.

Non-bedroom units from 46m2 to 53m2 sell for £63,000. One-bedroom units of 69 to 89 square meters are traded for £92,500. To buy a two-bedroom unit from 99 to 145 square meters, you need to pay 136,000 pounds.

The 334 square meter penthouse unit with 134 square meter terrace is listed for £950,000. The important thing about this project is that it is under construction and not yet ready for delivery. The delivery time of this project has been announced as March 1402. It is possible to purchase each unit in this project in installments.
You will pay 40% of the project amount at the time of the contract, 30% until delivery and the rest in two-year installments.

Project 1305 This project has 1630 apartment units and there is something for every taste in that unit. Buying a unit from this project brings you closer to buying a dream house in North Cyprus. This project is one of the largest and most beautiful residential projects in North Cyprus.

The apartments of this project are studio, 1 bedroom to 4 bedroom and 3 and 4 bedroom duplex apartments. Three buildings of this project are 27, 29 and 31 floors, and 7 buildings are 5 floors. One building of this project also includes a hotel.

Almost everything you need to have fun and live in a city is provided in these residential complexes. Some of the features of this project are as follows:
• Indoor and outdoor swimming pool
• Sauna and Jacuzzi
• sport Club
• children playground
• the cinema
• Cooling, heating, internet and central satellite system
• Parking and...

A studio unit in this project, which has a basement of 45 meters, is sold for 97,900 pounds. Its 56m one-bedroom unit costs £104,900. Its two-bedroom, 95-square-metre unit is worth £127,900. It sells for 200,000 pounds for a three-bedroom unit with an area of ​​220 square meters.

It should be noted that these towers are under construction and not yet completed. One of the towers will be ready for delivery in June 2023. The second tower will be completed by September 2023 and the third tower will be completed in November 2024. The terms of purchasing the units of this tower are different in two types of contracts.

In the first method, you will pay 30% of the amount of the apartment at the time of signing the contract, and the remaining 70% must be paid until the key is delivered. With this method, you can own 5 pieces of kitchen equipment.

The second method is that you pay 30% of the amount of each unit at the time of signing the contract. 40% of it must be paid until the key is delivered. For the remaining 30% after handing over the keys to each unit, you have three years.

Of course, the first tower has interest-free installments and the other two towers will have interest-bearing installments. These units are one of the best pre-purchase apartments in North Cyprus and there are very good conditions for paying the price of each property.

Tips for buying an apartment in North Cyprus

• For every square meter of residential unit you buy, you have to pay taxes of 85 to 260 euros per year.
• Each couple can only buy one property and will not have the right to buy several properties at the same time.
• The maximum area you can buy will be 1338 meters.
• If you buy your apartment from a non-Turkish or non-Cypus person, you will not have a size limit.
• Registration and purchase of property in North Cyprus usually takes some weeks.
• You do not need a visa to live and study in Northern Cyprus.
• You do not need to live in this country in order to obtain residency. But you need to travel to Cyprus several times.
Among the important cities of Northern Cyprus, Famagusta is more affordable than other cities and has a better price.

Average house prices in Northern Cyprus cities:

City Name

The price per square meter of the house

The average purchase price of a suite

The average purchase price of a 1-bedroom house

The average purchase price of a 2-bedroom house

The average purchase price of a 3-bedroom house


1،750 Pound

80،000 Pound

100،000 Pound

140،000 Pound

190،000 Pound


2،000 Pound

85،000 Pound

110،000 Pound

160،000 Pound

220،000 Pound

Long Beach

2،000 Pound

85،000 Pound

110،000 Pound

160،000 Pound

220،000 Pound


1،600 Pound

75،000 Pound

100،000 Pound

130،000 Pound

180،000 Pound


Conditions for online purchase of apartments in North Cyprus

If you want to buy an apartment in North Cyprus or want to buy pre-sale apartment in North Cyprus, you can do it online. Antalya Estate experts are at your service with several years of experience in the field of online apartment purchase in North Cyprus, and you can get the necessary guidance from Antalya Estate consultants.
You can ask your real estate agent to show you pictures of projects and apartments that are closer to your goal. You can see the facilities of your desired property in a visual form, and if the property is ready for delivery, the inside of the building, the views and the appearance of the apartment will also be easily visible to you.
You and the consultant to whom you have entrusted the purchase or pre-purchase of an apartment in North Cyprus make an agreement with each other so that your consultant can do your business for buying an apartment in North Cyprus.
If you like a apartment among the properties shown to you by the consultant, according to the construction company's contract, you will deposit the advance payment to the construction company's account. Then you have to send a photo of its receipt and a photo of your passport to your consultant.

After that, the property will be registered in your name and passport number. But in order to finalize the document, you need to travel to North Cyprus yourself to be able to sign the property document.

Online consultation allows you to view projects online with the help of a consultant without incurring travel and accommodation costs for buying an apartment in North Cyprus also you have chanse to freeze the price.

North Cyprus is currently one of the best Mediterranean countries to buy an apartment. Because currently, a lot of investment is made in the real estate sector in this country, and the real estate market is especially booming there.

The very good conditions for buying an apartment in North Cyprus have made many people interested in investing in this country. The common language of the people of north cyprus is Turkish and English, and 90% of the people of Northern Cyprus understand English and can speak English.

Universities and schools also teach in English, and if you know English, you will have no problem communicating.
Considering the large population of tourists and immigrants in this country, the people of this country treat immigrants well and have a higher culture than many European countries.

Buying apartments for sale in North Cyprus

Residential units with sea view in North Cyprus (Palm Beach, Famagusta)

If you have a small budget and you want to invest in North Cyprus, instead of buying an apartment in North Cyprus, you can purchase a pre sale apartment. Apartments under construction are sold for much less than the actual price. The apartment building companies are meticulous and complete the construction of the apartments as per the schedule.

In most apartment complexes in North Cyprus, in addition to the very good facilities of the houses themselves, there are also special facilities outside the apartment. Indoor and outdoor swimming pools, children's pools, security, parking, CCTV cameras, etc. are almost among the secondary facilities of apartments in North Cyprus.

If you decide to sell an apartment in North Cyprus, you don't have to worry about the sale price. In this country, the buying and selling of apartments is booming and the property you want will be sold at a high price and in a short time.
If you need more information about buying and selling apartments in North Cyprus, contact our consultants at Antalya Estate to guide you in this field.

Receive Expert Advice on Buying Property and Apartments in North Cyprus

If you are considering purchasing real estate in North Cyprus, such as an apartment, house, land, shop, or villa, Antalya Estate offers free expert advice from our experienced and professional experts. During the consultation, our team can review the options you are interested in and evaluate them from various perspectives to help you make an informed decision based on your specific needs, budget, and wishes. We strive to support you in establishing a principled, purposeful, and long-term investment plan, which may include goals such as educational or work migration to the country.

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