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Villas for Sale in Izmir

The third largest city in Turkey is Izmir. This great city has a very long history and was called Smyrna in the past. This large coastal city has a population of about four million people and its unique beaches are well known.
As a beautiful and lovely city with unique beaches of the Aegean Sea, the city of Izmir is a very suitable place to live and invest.

The villas built in this city are among the best and most ideal villas in Turkey, and they are made of the best materials and equipment.

In addition to the high quality of this type of villas, their unique and European designs and maps have also made these villas very stylish and luxurious. Surely, spending days in such villas can be very enjoyable and memorable for everyone.

Villas for sale in Izmir, Turkey

It can be said that in terms of security and peace, Izmir is one of the best cities in Turkey. If you intend to experience a comfortable and peaceful life in addition to obtaining a permanent residence in Turkey and investing in this country, we suggest you to buy a villa in Izmir, Turkey, because with a peaceful environment and full of joy of living in You will encounter this city.

In addition to having a good and suitable climate in all seasons of the year, the city of Izmir has markets, spectacular beaches and many other amenities and tourism facilities, and access to all these facilities will be possible in one place in the most convenient and closest possible time.

This city is very clean and pure, and walking on the beautiful beaches will lead you to a beautiful world of happiness.

Investing by buying villa in Izmir, Turkey

The city of Izmir is considered one of the best geographical regions of Turkey for real estate investment in this country and has attracted many foreigners due to its history and tourism resources.

Domestic and foreign tourists and businessmen realized that investing in this area can be very profitable for them in the long run. Also, foreigners have realized that in addition to safe and profitable investment, by buying a villa in Izmir, Turkey, they can also get permanent residence and other facilities provided by buying a villa in this city for themselves and their families.

Maybe with just a short tour in this beautiful city, you can realize how enjoyable and memorable it can be to buy a property in Izmir, Turkey, especially a villa in this city.

This city is full of ancient monuments and culturally it has a lot of similarities with the ancient cities of our beloved country Iran, and this evokes a special feeling for Iranians who intend to live in this city.

This city is full of water and sea tourism places and has a world-famous reputation for its many diverse restaurants and cafes.

It can be said that Izmir, Turkey is an ancient but modern city with altruistic people and countless and God-given natures that captivate the eyes of every viewer with its wonders.

Advantages of buying house in Izmir, Turkey

As mentioned, the city of Izmir is considered one of the biggest and best cities in Turkey, where you can experience a life full of peace and also have a safe and stable investment.

Below, we present only some of the most important and prominent advantages of buying a house in Izmir, Turkey, as a summary of your service.

- The moderate and very suitable climate of Izmir city, which makes you go through the four seasons of the year with unique experiences.

- There are still stylish but cheaper and more untouched areas in this city, where you can get it at a more reasonable price and you can be a little far from modernity. In fact, those looking for modernity or a more traditional texture can find plenty for both.

- The existence of many tourism and tourist centers in Izmir, which are suitable places for rest and recreation of all classes and ages.

- The existence of the metro system throughout this city makes it possible to manage your trips as soon as possible and with the lowest cost.

- Due to the existence of the subway in this city and the suitable and wide population of this city, the traffic has been reduced to a minimum and it can be said that this city does not have any special traffic in its streets, and this issue is very happy for people who like to travel with their own cars. will do.

- The existence of a long coastal strip in this city has created a unique and beautiful view for this city, and this issue has led many enthusiasts and fans to use these exceptional natural views towards this city.

- In this city, what is evident is the absence of stress among its residents. This city is one of the safest and most relaxing cities in Turkey. As a result, by buying a villa in this city, prepare yourself for a life full of peace.

Every year countless exhibitions, conferences and festivals are held in this coastal city, which causes many tourists from inside and outside of Turkey.

This issue can create a very good opportunity for people who have international jobs and like to globalize their job and profession.

- Due to the less presence of construction companies and the decrease in the number of properties in this city, if you plan to sell your property later, this will be done easily and quickly, and this can ease your mind for a safe investment.

Of course, this issue has caused the price of property in Izmir to be a bit more expensive than other large and important cities in Turkey, but this numerical difference can be ignored compared to the numerous advantages of this city.

- The city of Izmir in Turkey is one of the fastest cities in terms of creating economic developments, and for those who like to do business in this city, it can be considered a turning point for them, especially if this business has an international aspect.

- Another advantage of this attractive city is its high security, which has improved life and business in this city, because you can easily and comfortably deal with business and life in this city and not worry about issues. Do not be a security for your business and family.

- The existence of the top universities of Turkey in this city is one of the other advantages of Izmir, Turkey. People who have children who are students or who are looking for a suitable university to continue their studies in relevant fields with international rankings, can choose this city for their residence.

- The interesting thing about this city is that the current costs in this city are more suitable than other prominent cities in Turkey, and this has given peace of mind to its residents and has created a safe and hopeful environment.

- In Izmir, Turkey, treatment costs in various fields of medicine are lower than other important cities in Turkey, and the use of health insurance services is also more extensive.

- The presence of various shopping centers in all parts of Izmir, Turkey has made it easy for you to get all your daily needs, from clothes to all kinds of food and also luxury goods.

- The residents of Izmir are warm-hearted and hospitable people, and a greater percentage of them are fluent in English, which can be very suitable for those who do not know Turkish and whose second language is English.

Villas for sale in best districts of Izmir

Buying a villa, house or property in general in all areas of Izmir, Turkey can be considered a suitable and useful investment opportunity.

Like all the different cities of the world, in every city there are more expensive and cheaper areas to buy a villa or property, and the city of Izmir is no exception to this rule.

For this reason, our consultants will always try to offer you the best area and property according to your capital and available investment opportunities, so that you can easily choose your dream property in this city.

Pay attention to this point, due to the large coastal strip of this city, many villas have been built for sale in this coastal strip and due to being modern, they are considered higher in price than the villas and properties inside the urban context.

This is the reason why the presence of great experts and lawyers allows you to invest and buy property in different areas of Izmir, Turkey with full knowledge. For example, if you are planning to buy land and build on it, Bornova area will be the best area for this, but buying a villa on the beach or buying a villa or apartment property in the urban context can be completely different.

As a result, before making your final decision, be sure to consult with our experienced experts to buy a villa in Izmir, Turkey, with an open mind and a deep perspective.

Villas for sale in Cesme Izmir

One of the most famous areas of Izmir is Cesme city, which is about 80 km away from Izmir. The interesting point here is that Cesme city is considered as the westernmost city in Turkey.

The reason why this city is named after the spring is due to the presence of many mineral springs in this area. The presence of unique and pristine beaches in this area, extraordinary sandy beaches, healing mineral waters and its low population have made many enthusiasts travel to this area and buy villas and properties in this area.

The existence of numerous restaurants, bars and historical and recreational places has made foreign tourists to know this area well and have a lot of traffic in this Turkish city. This area is recommended for people who like to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city and are looking for a life full of peace and pleasure.

This small town also has important places from the ancient point of view. Cesme Castle is one of the most important attractions of Cesme City.

The closeness of this city to the island of Chios, which has a long history, makes a trip to it one of the regular programs of one-day tourism tours in this region.

It is worth mentioning that east of this city there is a small area called Erythral in Ildiri village, which dates back to a thousand years before Christ. Among the other historical wells of this region, we can mention the discovery of small statues in the excavations of the Acropolis, which were used for worship, the most important of which are kept in the Izmir Museum.

Another important point of this region is the annual international music festival held in July, which is one of the most popular music festivals. At this time, many singers and actors in the name of Turkey are also present, and you will be able to see many of these famous people up close by participating in this festival.

Among the tourist places of this city, we can mention the Oasis water park, which has very beautiful and attractive pools, as well as exciting water games where you can spend many hours having fun.

Surfing is one of the other entertainments and attractions of this city, because the coastal winds of the city are a constant source. Ilija beach is also one of the important beaches of this region.

This beach is about two kilometers wide and is famous for its white sand and clear water. Pirlanta beach is also considered one of the best spots for surfing in this region due to the presence of suitable and constant winds. Altinkum beach is one of the most attractive beaches in this region.

This beach means a beach with golden sand, which makes this beach more special among other beaches in this region.

This beach is only ten kilometers away from Cesme city center and it will be very easy to access. Other beaches such as the beautiful Boyalik beach with its white and natural sands, Ayayorgi beach with countless entertainment centers and unique recreational facilities, and also Maui Koi beach, which is also known as the aquarium beach, because of the very clear water in that area, you will be able to see fishes. See the inside of the water, it is one of the other attractions of this area.

Villas for sale in Alacati

Alacati is located 70 kilometers west of Izmir and is one of the important ports of western Turkey. This city is considered one of the most traditional cities in Turkey, which has very beautiful stone houses, narrow streets and cafes and restaurants with street side tables and colorful houses that attract the eyes of every viewer.

In this city, many passages and alleys are cobbled and old houses more than a hundred years old stand out in it. The presence of colorful and diverse flowers at the entrance of houses and shops has also made this city more attractive than before. This greenness and beauty is also due to the climate of this region.

Moderate weather with abundant seasonal rains and warm sunshine in the summer, which is suitable for using its beaches and countless water activities.

In this city, there is an old windmill that belongs to the 19th century and is about 150 years old. This historical mill has unique views. For this reason, a number of cafes and restaurants have been installed so that you can enjoy these pristine and spectacular views while drinking or eating your meal.

Among other places of interest in this city, we can mention its big and famous bazaar, which is famous among domestic and foreign tourists and travelers. In this market, all kinds of traditional handicrafts as well as unique spices and foods of this region are offered.

The presence of colorful and traditional cafes and restaurants in this small town and the presence of night life in it, which enables you to have a good and happy time at all times, is one of the advantages of having an attractive villa in this area.

The existence of many water sports and the possibility of using surfing due to the constant waves in this area can introduce you to new stages of water sports experience. If you don't know how to surf, there is no need to worry, because there are many centers in this area that will teach you how to surf in less than two hours so that you can take the experience of surfing with you on the unique beaches of this area.

In the heart of this city, most of the residences and properties have remained traditional so that its texture does not change. Most of the new villas and properties in this city are located two to ten kilometers from the city center, so that the beautiful and attractive texture of this city does not change. To access these points, there are many taxis and vans that make it easy for travelers and tourists.

Around this city, there are also countless luxury hotels, the most famous of which are Alacati Casa Bella Hotel, Kariz Ta Alacati Hotel, Alacati Beach Spa Hotel, Jombali Villas, and Aft Khanum Guest House.
Many festivals are held in this area.

One of the most important of these festivals is the medicinal plant festival in April. Also, the fishing competition in October and the kite festival in May are among the other annual competitions and festivals of this region.

Villas for sale villa in Urla

Urla region has 40 kilometers of beach and in between it has a unique and wonderful nature. This city is located 35 km from Izmir and is in the shape of a peninsula.

This city, like the cities around it, has a very long history. It is worth mentioning that the history of Liman Hill in this area dates back to about four thousand years before Christ, which was known as an olive producer in the past. Due to the long history of settling in this area and trading in it, there are many ancient monuments from the Ottoman era that are worth seeing.

Geographically, Urla region is connected with Guzelbahce region from the east side, Cesme region from the west side, Aegean Sea from the north side, and Hesar travel region and Duden Bay from the south side. It is interesting to know that this region is now called the pearl of the Aegean Sea and Urla is known as the oldest port in this region.

This area has had famous olive oils and vineyards in the past, and now it is using this capability at the global level, for this reason, investing in this part of Urla region can be profitable and interesting.
One of the famous foods of this region is artichoke, which is unique to Urla region in Turkey.

This issue has caused the annual artichoke festival to be held in this area and attracts many enthusiasts from inside and outside the country. It is worth mentioning that this festival is held every year in April. In this festival, different types of artichoke dishes cooked with olive oil, meat, and also desserts, burak, boyuz and other different foods are offered to the audience.

In the artichoke festival, in addition to the mentioned events, appropriate conferences and workshops are also held, and all kinds of art and handicraft products related to this issue are displayed to the public.

Unlike in the past, today Urla is more in the eyes of investors and tourists and has a lot of room for growth. Access to this area is also easy. It takes about 30 minutes to get to Urla from Izmir by car. Also, public services and buses also accompany many enthusiasts and tourists from Izmir to this region.

Also, this area has a lot of medicinal plants and unique seafood of all kinds of fish, shrimp and octopus. The products obtained from Urla grapes are also famous in Turkey and even in the world. For this reason, in addition to olive oil, good exports in this field can also be seen in Urla.

On Zafar Street, which is located in the center of Urla city and is also known as Urla Art Street, there are various shops on both sides of the street. Antique shops, handicraft and ceramic products sales, traditional and interesting cafes and many other interesting businesses can be found on this street.

Another attraction of this area is the kite festival. This festival is held annually in the month of June in Tepe Sefa and Kushchular village, and one of its main goals is to help orphans and homeless children. Among the major festivals of this region, we can mention the 9th of March festival, which is held annually by the Urla Natural Tables Association with the aim of displaying the local products of the region.

In a way, this festival heralds the beginning of spring and is held in one of the best times with the best weather in this region. Holding the ancient festival of Bozumo Garden in August, as well as the village theater festival in July and holding the Tanju Okan boating races in June are other famous festivals and competitions of this region, which attract countless lovers to this region every year.

The existence of historical and traditional markets of Arasta and Malagaja are also considered as other tourist attractions of this region, which have been commercial centers since ancient times. These topics show the economic development and the history of commerce in this region.

In this area, as in some other areas of Izmir, Turkey, the presence of mineral springs and hot water with many healing properties attracts every visitor. One of the most famous of these water treatment centers is Eichmeler, which has a good reputation.

In the city of Orla, there is a museum called the Orla Submarine Museum, where archaeological discoveries from the excavations carried out in the Liman Tepe area can be seen. This museum also has a conference hall, library and laboratory.

Also, there is another museum called Necati Jumali House of Culture, which is one of the prominent figures of Turkish literature, in which a collection of works, photos and historical tools can be seen.

It is interesting to know that there is also an island called Quarantine Island in this area. During the Ottoman period, this island was used by the French to prevent common infectious diseases.

The center was opened in 1865 and was dedicated to this until 1950, but later it was used as a public hospital named Sea and Sun, specializing in the treatment of joint and bone diseases.

Villas for sale in Selcuk

The anciently important part of Izmir region should be attributed to the city of Selcuk. The name of this area was given the same name because of the Selcuk rule in this area.

This area is considered one of the most peaceful areas of Izmir city. Geographically, Selcuk is on the Aegean Sea and has a beautiful coastline. This city is connected to Izmir from the south and Kusadasi coastal strip from the east.

This region of Izmir, Turkey dates back to about eight thousand years ago. In order to understand the ancient history of this city, it is enough to walk in the streets and alleys of this city to realize the great historical value of this area. Near Seljuk is the ancient city of Ephesus, which dates back to the Roman civilization.

For those who are very interested in history and monuments, this area is recommended to achieve this by buying a villa in Selcuk, in addition to countless other benefits.

According to the historical background, this city is also known as the gate of the ancient city of Ephesus. For this reason, many tourists and antiquities enthusiasts visit this beautiful and amazing region every year to spend pleasant and happy days and enjoy seeing the many ancient artifacts of this region.

The existence and presence of historical castles, interesting museums, ancient Roman churches and ancient waterways have given this city a different color. This area is full of historical and touristic attractions and with a short distance you can enjoy all its various natural and ancient recreations.

It is safe to say that this city is considered one of the most important attractions in Turkey, and its ancient city of Ephesus is very popular among domestic and foreign tourists and is world famous. In the past, this city had a population of nearly 250,000 people, which shows the glory of this region in ancient times. This region has extensive ancient sites, some of the most important of which are mentioned below.

The Ephesus Museum is located in the heart of the Selcuk city, and the ancient artifacts discovered in the ancient city of Ephesus are abundantly found there. One of the most famous ancient works discovered in this area is the statue of Artemis.

Also, a room called the Gladiator's Room stands out in this museum, where the discovered works from the era of gladiators and the life of that time can be seen, which will be attractive and spectacular for most people.
In this area, there is a prominent ancient church called St. John's Church, which is considered one of the great churches of the ancient Roman Empire. Some people compare this church with the famous Hagia Sophia in Constantinople and consider its importance as high and valuable.

Of course, after the Seljuqs came to power, they turned this church into a mosque and then into a market, and after the earthquake, a large part of it was destroyed, but still, among the ruins left from that era, one can see the greatness and wonders of He saw this ancient place.

Temple of Artemis, which was considered one of the seven wonders in ancient times, but today only one column remains, is located in this area. This ancient place of worship was built in the 6th century BC and had 127 columns. This building caught fire many times and was destroyed, and its stones were used to build other buildings and it completely lost its glory.

According to the traditions and legends that exist among the people of this region, the Holy Mary traveled to the city of Ephesus and died there.

This story originated from a dream of a German nun in which she described the location and appearance of the house where the Virgin Mary lived and died, and then a few years later a French priest found the ruins of a small church that today It is named as the house of the Holy Mary and is respected by Christians.

Today, this place is welcomed by many tourists who can visit it.

Ayasoluk Castle is located on a hill and dates back to the ancient Roman era. This building was expanded during the Selcuk era and 15 watchtowers were built for it along with strong walls.

At the top of this historic hill, the beauty of the city doubles. You will be able to visit this historical fort, but sometimes for more discoveries, days in this fort may be closed for those interested.
There is also a famous mosque in this city called Isa Beyk Mosque.

This mosque belongs to the 14th century and has tall columns made of black granite. This mosque has a vaulted courtyard and a nave with two domes, and an inscription with a beautiful script can be seen at its entrance.
As mentioned above, the beautiful beaches of this region are also famous. The most famous of these beaches is the Pamukkak sandy beach, which is very busy in the summer season, and it is better to go to that area in the middle of the week.

Of course, this beach hosts migratory flamingos in early spring, and if you have bought a villa in this area, you will be able to enjoy seeing these beautiful and lovely flamingos for days and hours.

Villas for sale in Foca

Foca is a beautiful and small city located in the north of Izmir. It is about 70 kilometers from the center of Izmir to this city. This small town welcomes a large number of tourists and those interested in swimming and water sports in the summers.

The existence of clean and clear waters of this area and the small and spectacular waterfalls are special and common. Foca bays are because of these beauties that the country of the general public assigned the blue flag to this area, so that the blue flag has become the symbol of this area.

Among the most important bays of Foca, which have clean and clear water, are the first Mersinaki Bay, or Samata Beach, the second Mersinaki Bay, or the Fukaya Club Hotel, the third Mersinaki Bay, or the former Mod Club, the fourth Mersinaki Bay, or the Handen Hotel, and the last bay. Yeni Fuka Kanak, or Pollen Hotel, pointed out.
Foca is also world famous for the presence of Mediterranean seals, and fortunately these seals are protected so that the beauty of the area is not endangered.

Calculate how much you can benefit from its incredibly beautiful and clean nature if you get a stylish and modern or traditional villa in the style of ancient houses in such an area. Indeed, living in such an area will make a person younger for years and will lead to a special and wonderful peace away from stress.

About 20 kilometers north of Ski Foca, or the old Foca, there is the town of Yeni Foca, or the new Foca. This newly established area has very beautiful and modern summer villas.

Archeological excavations in Foca city started around 1900, and so far, many monuments from ancient times have been discovered, such as Kaibel Altar, Athena Temple, open-air theater, castle, pottery and ceramic pieces, etc. Today, some of these discovered items are placed in the Archaeological Museum of Izmir for public display.

Based on the evidence, it is believed that the Temple of Athena was built in the 6th century BC on a stone platform overlooking the city of Design and the famous statue of Athena sitting on it.

Foca region has many small islands, the most famous of which are Fig, Fener, Metalik, Orak, Kartdere and Hiersis islands.

The interesting point here is that the two famous islands of Injer and Orak, which are known as Cyrene rocks, are mentioned in Odyssey and Homer. Among these islands, Orak Island is the largest island and has a long beach with high cliffs.

Also, Fig Island is an important recreational area and its beaches are used more. Kartdere and Hayersiz islands also have high cliffs and a special attraction. It is worth noting that in the most recent archaeological finds on the islands of Orak and Fig, archaeologists found sacred rocks facing the temple of Athena in Phocaea.
It is interesting to know that when you plan to approach Foca, the view of the old windmills located on top of Degirman hill will dazzle your eyes. Most of these mills were built in the 19th century and some of them were in operation until 1960.

The reason for using these windmills is the presence of very good and strong coastal winds in this area. These mills have been destroyed over time, but recently the Turkish government has planned a plan to revive them in order to attract tourists from these unique sights.

Among the other places of interest in this area, we can mention Satan's Bath, Stone House, Besh Kapilar Fort or Five Gates, Dish Kale Fort, Fateh Mosque, Kayalar Mosque, and Hafiz Suleiman Mosque.

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IZM17, Luxury lifestyle villas in Guzelbahce Izmir for sale


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IZM16, Designer properties in Guzelbahce Izmir for sale


Designer properties in Guzelbahce Izmir for sale consists of two separate blocks. The project has one-bedroom, two-bedroom duplex, two-bedroom and three-bedroom duplex. The size of these properties is from 67 to 137 square meters. Designer properties in Guzelbahce Izmir for sale has many features such as central heating, anti-earthquake systems, landscaping and private parking.

Property Nr.
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67 - 137 m²
Price from 124,000 €
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12 Month

IZM15, Luxury Residential complex in Narlidere Izmir for sale


Luxury Residential complex in Narlidere Izmir for sale can be bought in cash or with long-term installment

Property Nr.
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1+1,2+1,2+1 duplex,3+1
60 - 210 m²
Price from 130,000 €
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IZM14, Bargain luxury flats in Karsiyaka Izmir


Bargain luxury flats in Karsiyaka Izmir is offered in cash with 15% discount

Property Nr.
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70 - 250 m²
Price from 128,000 €
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IZM10, Luxury Villas for sale in Urla Izmir


By purchasing Luxury Villas in Urla, Izmir - Turkey, you become the owner of Turkish citizenship

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Price 1,080,000 €
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