Real Estate for Sale in Izmir

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Luxury beach apartments for sale in Cesme Izmir


One of the most famous areas of Izmir is Cesme city, which is about 80 km away from Izmir. The presence of unique and pristine beaches in this area, extraordinary sandy beaches, healing mineral waters and its low population have made many enthusiasts to travel to this area and purchase properties. These luxury properties come along with many great facilities.

Property Nr.
Completion year
1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1
93 - 458 m²
Price 0 €
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Villas for sale in villa town Alacati Izmir


Alacati is located 70 kilometers west of Izmir and is one of the important ports of western Turkey. This city is considered one of the most traditional cities in Turkey, which has very beautiful houses, narrow streets and cafes and restaurants with street side tables that attract the eyes of every viewer. This property in Alacati Izmir brings you a life of quality in Turkey.

Property Nr.
Completion year
2+1, 3+1, 4+1
143 - 300 m²
Price 599,000 €
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Seaview properties for sale in Narlidere Izmir


This complex in Narlidere Izmir provides residence with complete amenities for living in a peaceful environment. Narlıdere has one of the cleanest and most oxygenated air in different regions in big cities of Turkey with fewer commercial buildings. By purchasing this property, you get to enjoy a lovely view of the sea and pine forests in Narlidere and have a wonderful residency in Izmir.

Property Nr.
Completion year
3+1, 4+1
180 - 220 m²
Price 375,000 €
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Deluxe Apartments for sale in Konak Izmir


One of the most famous areas in Izmir is Konak district. This beautiful area is located in the center of Izmir and is one of its most famous neighborhoods. This project will contain four commercial and residential towers. These towers will contain all the necessities for a classy and a strong business life. This city is peaceful, it has a very good climate and it has good conditions for students and those who want to work in Turkey.

Property Nr.
Completion year
1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1, 5+1
62 - 328 m²
Price 563,000 €
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Izmir new brand villa for sale close to sea


Guzelbahce is found only a few km from the city centre of İzmir, one of the city's wonderful natural attractions. Local amenities in the area provide you with waterfront seafood restaurants, bars, cafes and steakhouses. This wonderful villa also has smart home system. The living room has sliding doors taking you to the terrace where you can spend your evenings and have dinner.

Property Nr.
Completion year
245 m²
Price 340,000 €
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High quality villa for sale in Izmir Turkey


Seferihisar district area borders on other Izmir districts of Urla to the west and Menderes to the east. Urla is a coastal area of Izmir. Overall a truly stunning and high-quality home built to very high specifications, ideal for a discerning family for luxury seafront holidays, perfect for year-round living or an ideal high-end investment in Izmir.

Property Nr.
Completion year
180 m²
Price 360,000 €
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Beach villa for sale in Izmir Urla prime location


The Urla is also known for its fabulous production of wines and olive oil, and huge flower fields, fresh fruit and veg that are all sold on the local markets, along with offering a great deal of history with many historical sited to visit.

Property Nr.
Completion year
185 m²
Price 659,000 €
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River side exclusive villas in Urla Turkey


The villas in Urla Turkey designed as duplex which includes 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Features of the villa include: fully branded kitchen, central air conditioning system, underfloor heating, and lots more for a comfortable life in Izmir.

Property Nr.
Completion year
250 m²
Price 420,000 €
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Stunning Forest villas for sale in Izmir Turkey


The villas situated within forests and mountains, You can enjoy your own private garden and use outdoor swimming pool during summer time. These villas have 4 bedrooms, open American full equipped kitchen, and smart home system.

Property Nr.
Completion year
189 - 189 m²
Price from 360,000 €
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Buy modern villa close to Izmir city


We offer a bustling community in Izmir City that comes alive during the summer season and attracts tourists for summer vacations. Overlooking to the Aegean Sea and fascinating mountains has made these villas special and different to similar options in Izmir.

Property Nr.
Completion year
385 - 470 m²
Price 485,000 €
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All you want to know about real estate for sale in Izmir Turkey

Izmir, which is written as İzmir in Turkish, is one of the most important cities in Turkey. This big city is the third largest and most populated city in Turkey. In addition to its size, it is one of the most important cities in Turkey in terms of trade, economy and port. According to the census conducted in 2019, it had a population of about three million people. The total population of Izmir province is around 4,500,000 people. Izmir is the capital of Izmir province in the western end of Anatolia, which is located on the coast of the Aegean Sea.

This beautiful and unique city, which is known as beautiful Izmir in Turkey, has a rich history. Izmir is one of the ancient cities of Turkey, and in terms of the age of urbanization, it dates back to 3000 years ago. Also, in terms of the age of human life, the age of life in Izmir reaches 8500 years ago. In the past, like many cities in Turkey, Izmir has been one of the ancient Greek cities in the past, and many monuments from that time still remain in this city, and today it has become one of the important historical and touristic places in Izmir.

Until 1930, the name of this city was Smyrna, and all the countries of the world knew this city as Smyrna. Since then, the Turkish government tried to popularize the Turkish name of this city, Izmir, among the countries of the world, and after a few years, it succeeded, and today this city is known by the Turkish name of Izmir.
Izmir has been one of the important commercial cities not only now, but also from the distant past until now due to its ports and docks.

Due to its economic and commercial importance for Turkey, Izmir hosts many scientific, commercial and industrial exhibitions and conferences every year. Two prestigious Turkish universities, Aegean and Dokuz Eylul, are located in this city, which are among the most prestigious and famous universities in Turkey.
Izmir not only has ideal conditions for a vacation life due to its unique nature and beautiful beaches, but also has a good location for social and urban life.

Although it is one of the most equipped cities in Turkey in terms of social facilities, the price of buying a real estate in Izmir is lower than in cities like Istanbul and Ankara, and you can buy a house or property in Izmir at a lower price.

To get information about the price and complete specifications of other properties for sale, refer to the Turkey Real Estate.

Izmir, one of the most important cities in Turkey

Izmir, one of the most important cities in Turkey

Izmir has a very good location for real estate investors in Turkey. Many real estate owners in Turkey choose Izmir for their investment because this city is considered one of the most promising cities in Turkey for property sales in Turkey.

Geographical location and climate of Izmir

Izmir is located in the Aegean sea region and is the capital of Izmir province of Turkey. Izmir province is one of the 81 provinces in Turkey. In terms of area and size, Izmir province is the 23rd largest province in Turkey. Izmir is located at the beginning of a long and narrow bay where there are many ships and boats. The port of Izmir is the seventh largest port in Turkey.

In terms of vegetation, Izmir is influenced by the Mediterranean climate. Its hot and long summers and mild and wet winters are the most obvious features of Izmir's climate. Approximately 700 mm of rain falls annually in Izmir, of which about 80% falls only in the months of November to March. It rarely rains in the summer months. In summer days, the temperature in Izmir can rise up to 40 degrees Celsius.

Quality of life in Izmir

Izmir is not only one of the most tourist-friendly cities in Turkey, but also one of the most immigrant-friendly cities. Usually, Izmir has such an attractiveness for life that many tourists of Izmir are attracted to it and stay in this city forever, or they show interest in buying property in Izmir to migrate to this city for life after the retirement period. Izmir is the city of olive groves and pine forests. The Mediterranean climate has made this city experience hot and dry summers and mild and wet winters.

The population of this city is small compared to its size and for those who are looking for peace, Izmir is a very suitable city. Izmir does not have the hustle and bustle of big cities like Istanbul. Economic prosperity, job opportunities and investment along with low cost of living have a very positive effect on the quality of life in Izmir. Considering the large size of Izmir and its small population compared to its size, Izmir is calm and has high security compared to cities like Istanbul. Also, in this city, most of the roads have smooth traffic and you will not be stuck in traffic for hours.

In general, it can be said that the cost of living in Izmir is 82% lower than Malaga and 12% lower than Istanbul. These percentages show that compared to big cities like Istanbul and Ankara, the cost of living in this city is lower and the people of this city have more economic comfort.
Culturally, the city of Izmir is calmer and more stable than a city like Istanbul. It has higher security and their culture is closer to European cities.

The culture of the people of Izmir is very similar to European culture, and unlike Istanbul, there is no combination of traditional and European culture. Therefore, if you choose Izmir to live, you may feel a little homesick in the first days after immigrating. Of course, this is temporary and after some time you will be attracted to the high quality of life in this city and you will get used to its culture.

Average cost of living in Izmir

If you are interested in buying a property in Izmir, Turkey to live in, and you are planning to move to this city, it is not a bad idea to familiarize yourself with the average cost of living in Izmir.

Current living costs in Izmir are 82% lower than in Malaga.
The cost of renting a house in Izmir is 226% lower than in Malaga.
The price of renting an one bedroom apartment in Izmir is 295% lower than in Malaga.
Spending a meal in a similar restaurant with the same menu in Izmir is 116% cheaper than in Malaga.
Buying food will be 55% cheaper from Malaga until 2023.
The purchasing power of the citizens of Izmir has been 190% less than the purchasing power of the people of Malaga until 2023.
On average, the cost of living in Izmir is 82% lower than the average cost of living in Malaga.
The cost of rent in Izmir is 226% lower than in Malaga.
The monthly cost of living for a family of four in Izmir is approximately $1,200, not including property rental costs.
The monthly cost of living for one person, excluding monthly rent, is $488.

Safe investment by real estate for sale in Izmir, Turkey

According to the statistics published by the Turkish government in recent years, the number of real estates sold in Izmir to foreigners has reached 8000, which can be said to be a high number. Izmir has two free trade zones and 13 industrial towns, and therefore there are very good conditions for working in this city, which has added to the popularity of this city for buying real estate.

For information on the price and conditions of buying a house in Izmir, refer to the following page:

Buying a property in Izmir, Turkey

A view of Izmir towers at night

Most of the apartments and villas in Izmir have amenities such as sports club, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, children's play area, coffee shop, etc. According to polls conducted among the world's major cities, Izmir has been selected as the sixth most ideal city in the world to reside, work and live in Turkey. After Istanbul, it is the second most popular city in Turkey for investment by foreigners.

The popularity of real estate for sale in Izmir among people

In 2019, among the property buyers in Izmir, europeans were at the top. This continued in 2020 and europeans ranked first among foreigners who bought property in Izmir. This shows that Izmir has very good conditions for investment or immigration for people, and in recent years, Izmir has been of great interest to forigners. Among the different neighborhoods of Izmir, Narlidere, Karsiaka, Bornova, Guzelbahce and Bayrakli are among the popular neighborhoods for people to buy property in Izmir.

Real estate for sale in Narlidere

Narlidere is known as one of the luxury and expensive areas for buying property in Izmir. Many properties for sale in Izmir, Turkey are located in Narlidere and usually these properties are luxurious and modern. Narlidere has many facilities. Narlidere is about 10 kilometers from the south of Konak neighborhood. Considering that Konak neighborhood is located in the center of Izmir city, it can be said that the distance between Narlidere and Izmir city center is more than 10 kilometers. The highway passes through Narlidere.

There is also a subway, bus and bicycle sharing in this neighborhood. By living in the beautiful neighborhood of Narlidere, you will benefit from the weather and the very good location of Narlidere, and with the proximity to the city center and the presence of many public transportation means, you can easily access the social facilities of Izmir. Faculty of Fine Arts and Dukoz Eylul University Hospital are located in Narlidere neighborhood.

In the past few years, the increase in the purchase price of property in Narlidere has been exponential, and it can be said that about 100% of the properties located in Narlidere have experienced an increase in price. Narlidere is adjacent to Balçova, Guzelbahce, Karabaglar and Bay of Izmir and is one of the most green areas of Izmir and is known for having fertile soil.

The name of Narlidere is derived from pomegranate, which has become famous due to the abundance of pomegranate gardens in this area. Although today, pomegranate gardens have given way to elegant villas and apartments and citrus gardens. Agriculture is popular among the indigenous people of Narlidere and there are many citrus groves in this area. In Narlidere, there are countless pine forests, which are a rich source of oxygen.

Narlidere area is an excellent option among real estate for sale in Izmir, Turkey for those who suffer from acute respiratory problems and for retirees who are interested in buying a villa or apartment in a quiet and oxygenated place yet close to the city center. . Of course, Narlidere not only has very good living conditions, but it is also a paradise for investors in Izmir.

In recent years, with less land, the price of buying property in Narlidere has increased many times, which has made many foreign investors pay attention to buying property in Narlidere. The population of Narlidere is around 65,000 people and the standard of living in this area is grade A.

Real estate for sale in Urla

Urla is actually a small town near the city of Izmir, which is 35 kilometers away from it. The city of Urla has become famous due to its proximity to tourist areas such as Cesme. Urla leads from the east to Guzelbahce and Seferihisar, from the west to Cesme, from the northwest to Karaburun and the Aegean Sea, from the north to the Gulf of Izmir and from the south to the Aegean Sea.

Urla is one of the very old areas of Izmir and it is one of its important residential areas from the past until now. In this area, there are many mosques, baths and karavan seray left from the Ottoman period.
There are also many farms and vineyards in this city.

There is the campus of Izmir Institute of Technology, Faculty of Fisheries affiliated to Ege University and Faculty of Marine Management and Management of Dokuz Eylül University. In terms of transportation location, this city is close to Cesme-Izmir highway. You can also use different ships to travel between cities.

The price of buying a property in Urla varies according to the location and conditions of the property. There are cheap to expensive properties in Urla Izmir. The population of this city is around 70,000 people and the standard of living is A. A rating indicates the high level of life in this city in terms of urban and social facilities, entertainment, security, health and treatment centers and educational centers.

Real estate for sale in Torbali

Torbali is one of the neighborhoods outside the city of Izmir. The population of Torbali is approximately 200,000 people. The distance of Torbali from the center of Izmir is about 45 kilometers.

Property for sale in Izmir, Turkey

Sightseeing places in Izmir, Turkey

Torbali people are particularly interested in agriculture and animal husbandry, and most of the natives who live in this area are engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry. In addition to agriculture and animal husbandry, the presence of many factories located in this area has turned Torbali into an industrial city, and many workers and employees are working in Torbali.

Torbali has become the largest industrial center of Izmir since 1989. The initial population of Torbali was very small, but with the increase of industrial factories in Torbali, its population increased dramatically. According to published statistics, about 100 large Aegean industrial companies and 5 large Turkish industrial companies are located in Torbali. There are 46 primary schools and 9 secondary schools in Torbali.

You can use the two-track railway to travel from Torbali to Izmir. The presence of the Aydin-Izmir highway near this city has facilitated commuting to Izmir.
Torbali is adjacent to Tire, Bayindir, Kamalpasa, Boca, Menderes and Selcuk regions. This city takes its name from Metropolis or Tripolis, which was one of the important cities of the ancient Roman era. It was also considered as one of the important and strategic areas in ancient times, and throughout history, there have been many wars and conflicts between Iranians, Romans, Ottomans, etc. over this area.

Torbali, like many areas of Izmir, has experienced a very good growth in the real estate market in the last few years, so that in the last three years, the purchase price of property in Torbali has increased by 90%. Torbali has 60 neighborhoods.

See the daily price of all types of villas for sale in Izmir along with full specifications on the following page:

Real estate for sale in Selcuk

One of the old and valuable areas of Izmir, which is 8000 years old, is the Selcuk area of ​​Izmir. You can see the originality and rich history of this region of Izmir. The ancient city of Ephesus, which belonged to the ancient Romans, is located in this area. Ephesus is the oldest and most famous ancient work left by the ancient Roman emperor.

Due to the existence of this ancient and historical city, the Selcuk region receives many tourists every year and has a world reputation. The distance between Selcuk and the ancient city of Ephesus is two kilometers.

If you are interested in living in a historical area, consider buying a property in Selcuk. Selcuk has a population of 37,000 and the standard of living is B. The name of this area is derived from the name of Selcuk Turks and this neighborhood is also known as Selcuk.

Selcuk is one of the coastal areas of Izmir and is located next to the coastline of the Aegean Sea. Living in Selcuk, you will have easy access to the beach and you can have a great time at the beach on the weekend.

Real estate for sale in Seferihisar

According to many real estate consultants in Izmir, Seferihisar is the best area of ​​Izmir to buy a villa. Villa houses built in Seferihisar are really beautiful and unique. Most of the houses in this area are villas. There are rarely apartment houses in this area. Of course, the existence of these luxury houses and beautiful villas has made the price of buying property in Seferihisar high, and Seferihisar is one of the expensive areas to buy property in Izmir.

Seferihisar is also one of the popular areas for people to buy villas. The average size of Seferihisar houses is 130 meters. Seferihisar is one of the tourist and recreational areas of Izmir and attracts many tourists. If you don't plan to stay in Turkey, you can buy a villa in Seferihisar and then rent it to tourists.

Rents under one year are expensive in Turkey and you will have a very good investment by renting out the villa you bought. The travel climate of Hesar is also very pleasant and excellent, and one of the reasons for the prosperity of this neighborhood is the construction of villas.

Real estate for sale in Menderes

Menderes is located 20 km from Izmir city and is actually one of the cities of Izmir province. Menderes has received many immigrants from the eastern and southeastern provinces of Turkey, and currently a large number of people in this city are immigrants from other provinces of Turkey. Most of the foreign immigrants in Menderes are Bulgarians. Due to its fertile soil, this region has a prosperous agriculture and many crops such as wheat, barley, tobacco, cotton and citrus fruits are grown in this city.

In addition to agriculture and animal husbandry, the occupation of the majority of Menderes people is related to tourism. In recent years, industrial organizations have chosen the activities of Menderes for their activities, and Menderes is becoming more industrialized day by day.

Menderes has about 40 kilometers of beaches that have very high facilities. There are 38 primary schools and three secondary schools in Menderes. Aydin Highway passes through Menderes.

A view of the beautiful city of Izmir in Turkey

A view of the beautiful city of Izmir in Turkey

Izban train and ESHOT buses transport the people of Menderes. A part of Adnan Menderes Airport is located in Menderes city. There are 9 health centers in Menderes and only Menderes Hospital is under construction and its construction will be completed by the end of 2022.

Menderes is adjacent to Torbali, Selcuk, Buca, Gaziemir, Karabaglar and Seferihisar. The population of this city is about 101 thousand people. Menderes beaches are very famous and have been able to receive the blue flag. The blue flag is an international mark that shows the high quality of the beaches and its cleanliness.

The history of life in Menderes also goes back to the ancient Roman era. The most famous beaches are Menderes Ozdere and Gumuldur.
Many villas have been built near these beaches, and you can choose one of them to buy a property in Menderes.

Real estate for sale in Konak

Konak can be considered the central neighborhood of Izmir. This neighborhood is one of the most popular areas of Izmir for buying a house, and there are many apartments with different sizes and prices. This area is full of recreational and tourist attractions and there are many parks and urban facilities in it. Due to its location in the center of Izmir city, it can be said that by living in this neighborhood, you have access to all kinds of social, welfare, health, educational, recreational, etc. facilities of Izmir city.

Some people of Izmir believe that Konak is the most beautiful area of ​​Izmir. Despite being located in the center of Izmir, part of this neighborhood reaches the coast of the Aegean Sea, and this neighborhood also has beautiful properties with a view of the Aegean Sea.

There are many residential projects near Sahildery that are pre-sold with special conditions such as loans or installment payments.
Also, there are many projects and villa settlements in this area, so you can choose the property you want according to your conditions and budget. By buying a property in Konak, you will have the facilities of the city center of Izmir, and you can enjoy the beauty and entertainment of the Aegean coast.

In this area, in addition to large residential projects, there are also many old houses that are usually furnished and you can buy these houses with all the furniture. Some of these houses are more than 30 years old.

If to buy property in Izmir, access to Izmir city offices is also for you, the best neighborhood to buy a property in Izmir, Turkey for you is Konak area. Because most of the offices of Izmir city are located in this area. The famous clock tower of Izmir is also located in this area.

This tower is actually in the main square of Izmir and is the busiest square in Izmir. Konak Yali Mosque, Kemrati Bazaar, Opera House, Music Academy, Museum of Contemporary Arts, etc. are some of the tourist places of Izmir located in Konak area. Konak is located along Ataturk Street of Izmir, which is the most famous street of Izmir.

Prices and terms of buying houses for sale in Turkey on the following page:

Real estate for sale in Karsiyaka

Karsiyaka is one of the very nice and luxurious areas of Izmir, which is one of the favorite areas for europeans to buy property in Izmir. Despite the large number of europeans living in Izmir, buying a property in Karsiyaka and living in it will not make you feel alienated or far away from your homeland.

In Western sources in the 19th century, this area was mentioned as Cordelio. In the 13th century, this area was called Cordeleon. Yemenlar mountain is located in Karsiyaka range. The height of Karsiyaka varies from one meter to 700 meters above sea level. The population of this city in 2020 is 350 thousand people.

Karsiyaka is located near the beach and is considered one of the good and expensive areas of Izmir. Karsiyaka area has very beautiful natural scenery, because it is located near the green mountains on one side and the sea on the other side. Karşıyaka is more residential than other areas of Izmir, and there are not many commercial properties, restaurants, shops, etc. in this area, and the neighborhood is quiet and secluded.

In this neighborhood, you will have very good facilities in the public transportation system, because the presence of the pier opens the way for your sea trips, and the presence of trams, subways, and buses makes it easy for you to travel by land within the city of Izmir and Do the adjacent areas.

In summer, Karsiyaka is the venue for summer boating competitions. At the time of the competitions, there is a special enthusiasm in the Karsiyaka area and many people of Izmir come to this area from other areas.

Ege Park Mavişehir, Mavibahçe and Hilltown Karşıyaka shopping centers are Karşıyaka shopping centers. In terms of sports, Karsiyaka is one of the poles of basketball in Turkey, and the basketball team of this region won the Turkish Super Lake Basketball Championship in 2014. ESHOT buses, tram and railway lines, Izban train, etc. are public transportation services available in Karsiyaka. The ring road of Izmir also passes through Karsiyaka.

Real estate for sale in Izmir

A view of the skyscrapers of Izmir

There are many natural and historical attractions in Karsiyaka, which you can enjoy seeing by buying a property in Karsiyaka and living in it. All along the coastline in Karsiyaka there are places for cycling and parking where people can ride a bike or relax and have fun in the park.

Real estate for sale in Karaburun

Karaburun is one of the cities around Izmir that has a rich history. This city has a population of 11,000 people and is a small city that reaches the sea on three sides and has only one land route. Karaburun has a land center only with the city of Urla and is connected to other cities of Izmir province through this city. The average age of the people of Karaburun is 39 years, which shows that most of the people of Karaburun are middle-aged and young.

The distance between Karaburun and the west of Izmir is 106 km. This city is mentioned in many legends and it is said that Mount Bozdag is the same Mount Mimas that Odysseus mentioned in his famous epic Homer and called it Mimas Badi in this book. Karaburun is considered one of the main habitats of seals in the Mediterranean Sea.

The main occupation of the people of Karaburun is agriculture, and crops such as citrus fruits, pomegranates, grapes, almonds, and narcissus flowers are grown in this city. Due to the large capacity for building houses, Karaburun has a more reasonable price than the areas inside the city of Izmir. The city of Karaburun has several islands and piers, and seeing these islands and piers along with boat tours is one of the favorite things for travelers who choose this city.

In addition, the geographical features and the presence of beautiful natural landscapes, the customs of the people of this city, the existence of many medicinal plants and the good and peaceful behavior of the people of this city with tourists, have caused many tourists who travel to Turkey to consider Karaburun as Choose your tourist destination.
One of the reasons for the attractiveness of Karaburun is the existence of various festivals held in this city. Tangerine, olive, narcissus festival, street theaters, Chinese wool, etc. are part of Karaburun festivals. Karaburun is one of the coastal cities of Izmir province, and its beaches are a good place for fishing, diving, and boat tours.

Cuycak beaches and the aquarium or Fig Lee Koi have been able to receive the Blue Flag. The purchase price of property in Karaburun has increased by 77% in the last year. By buying a property in Karaburun at a lower price than Cesme and Urla, you can live in a beautiful coastal city and at the same time be close to the most beautiful and best entertainment centers of Izmir.

Real estate for sale in Guzelbahce

Guzelbahce, which is also called Guzelbahce, is one of the old and popular areas of Izmir, which is why the population of this area is relatively high. Guzelbahce is close to Aydin highway and the beach. Proximity to the Aydin highway has paved the way for intercity trips for the people of Guzelbahce neighborhood, and the proximity to the seashore has made there are many recreational and water facilities for the people of this neighborhood. Most of the houses in Guzelbahce are villas and newly built.

Luxury and beautiful villas have been built in Guzelbahce area, which you will realize from the very beginning when you enter this neighborhood and explore its streets. Most of the villas and luxury houses in Guzelbahce overlook the sea.

Houses overlooking the sea are not only interesting for the people of Izmir, but also for foreigners and nationals of this city. Buying property in Guzelbahce is relatively expensive and this area is one of the most expensive areas to buy property in Izmir.

Despite the high security of the city of Izmir, it can be said that Guzelbahce is at the top of the city's safe neighborhoods. Guzelbahce is a famous area for investment by buying property in Izmir. As mentioned, most of the houses in this area are villas and have almost a large area. Roughly speaking, the area of ​​houses in this area starts from 180 meters.

See the prices and specifications of all types of villas for sale in Izmir on the following page:

Real estate for sale in Gaziemir

Gaziemir is one of the inner areas of Izmir city that does not have a beach. Therefore, the price of buying property in Gaziemir is lower than the coastal areas of Izmir. The existence of shopping centers like Optimum Shopping Center has given a new spirit to Gaziemir and has had a great impact on the purchase price of property in Gaziemir. In addition, Gaziemir is an important economic center in Izmir.

Izmir Airport, military barracks, carpet and furniture production workshops on Akcay Street, Aegean Free Zone and one of the world's three space camps are among the important places of Izmir located in Gaziemir. Gaziemir is adjacent to Buca on the north and east, Karabaglar on the northwest, Narlidere on the west, and Menderes on the south.

Original and traditional texture of Izmir city

Original and traditional texture of Izmir city

The population of this area is 138,000 people. The score of the social status of living in Gaziemir is B+. In Gaziemir, there are 13 primary schools, 12 secondary schools of the first half and 8 secondary schools of the second half. The special school for Air Officers of the National Defense University is also located in the gas area of ​​Gaziemir. Izmir Belt Road passes through Gaziemir. In this area, transportation is done using ESHOT buses and IZBAN trains. There is no hospital in Gaziemir area, but there are several medical service centers in this area.

Real estate for sale in Foca

Foca is one of the tourist cities of Izmir. This beautiful city, which is the destination of many tourists, is located 70 km from Izmir. You can see the beautiful harbors and bays of Foca with a one-day tour. There are many small and big islands in this city. The population of Foca is 33,000 people and the standard of living in this city is A.
Foca reaches the Aegean Sea from two sides and borders with land from the other two sides. Aliaga region and Menemen region are the land borders of Foca. By buying property in Foca, you can use Foca as your vacation home while enjoying the facilities of living in a city.

Foca Halk Plaji, Eski Foca Halk Plaji, Karakom, Kosova, English Borno and Cubic are among the beaches of Focha where there are many recreational facilities. These beaches are one of the important reasons for the prosperity of Foca as a tourist area in Izmir and create a good opportunity for investment. By renting your villa in Foca, you can make a very good investment. Especially since renting a villa for a few nights in Foca is expensive.

Real estate for sale in Dikili

Dikili is one of the cities of Izmir province and it is about 120 km away from Izmir city itself. Dikili has a very good capacity in terms of natural resources, including forests, rivers and lakes. It can be said that most of Dikili's economy is based on agriculture and the products of this city are tobacco, olives and cotton.

In addition to agriculture, the presence of Dikili pier also plays a very important role in attracting tourists and the economy of Dikili city. Dikili is bordered by Bergama, Ayvalik and the Aegean Sea.

Dikili has 44 kilometers of coastline and is one of the most beautiful coastal areas on the edge of the Aegean Sea. The most famous beaches of Dikili are Halk Plaji, Hightli, Badmelik, Kaira, Fime Beach and Pisa. About 45,000 people live in this city. Dikili's social status has been evaluated as B+. Dikili hosts many festivals and cultural and artistic events.

Dikili port is a customs port and is very important. Many tourists who go to Izmir by sea use Bandi Dikili to enter the city of Izmir. With a 105% increase in the real estate market in Dikili over the past few years, buying a property in Dikili will be very profitable.

Real estate for sale in Cesme

Cesme city is one of the areas outside Izmir city and close to it, which is located in the westernmost part of Turkey. The distance of Cesme from the west of Izmir is 85 km. There are many small and big mineral springs in this city, and that is why they named the spring on it. Cesme is one of the best recreational areas of Izmir province. Among the cities located on the coast of the Aegean Sea, Cesme is the most beautiful of them.

Aegean has sandy beaches, warm sun and healing waters, and for this reason thousands of tourists visit this city and its famous springs every year. Velvet and golden beaches, small bays that look like aquariums, structures suitable for all kinds of water sports, etc., have made the spring special not only for the people of Izmir and Turkey, but also for many people in the world.

If you are particularly interested in surfing, choose Cesme to buy a property in Izmir and enjoy the waves of Cesme beaches. It is windy almost most of the year on Cesme beaches and it has very good conditions for surfers. Cesme can be considered a peninsula, because it is connected to the Aegean Sea on three sides and has a land center only on the east side.

The level of interest of foreigners to buy a villa in Cesme is so high that even Cristiano Ronaldo and Brad Pitt have bought a villa in Cesme. Buying a property in Cesme is one of the safest ways to invest in Izmir and even in Turkey. property sales in Cesme is very prosperous.

The only land border is the spring of Urla, which is located on its eastern side, and it is the connecting road of the Cesme with other cities of Izmir province.
Most of the residents of Cesme are literate and Cesme has very good cultural conditions. 46,000 people live in Cesme.

Cesme in terms of welfare status, cultural status, population density and density of buildings, access to facilities (including subway, bus, school, cultural centers, medical facilities, park, etc.), crime rate and neighborhood residents' satisfaction with living there. It puts it in A+ condition, which indicates that it is in the best condition for living.

In fact, it can be said that living in Cesme means living in one of the most ideal cities in the world for recreational life. Cesme has 26 small and big neighborhoods that you can choose to live or invest in. In the last few years, the growth of the real estate market in Izmir, Turkey, has been more than 100%, which shows that Cesme has ideal conditions for both living and investment.

For information on the price and specifications of apartments for sale in Turkey, refer to the following page:

Buying a property with sea view in Izmir

Apartments and beach villas in Izmir, Turkey

Among the recreational and sightseeing places of Cesme are beaches, yachts, water sports, festivals, mosques and churches, museum and castle of Cesme, caravanserais, boat tours, hot springs, Alacati, etc. are among the recreational and touristic places of Izmir.

Real estate for sale in Bornova

Bornova is the third largest neighborhood in Izmir in terms of neighborhood size. Bornova is 8 kilometers from the northeast of Izmir and 5 kilometers from the Gulf of Izmir. Bornova is a luxury and almost newly built neighborhood in Izmir where prestigious and large universities are located, for this reason Bornova has very good conditions for students both in terms of academic facilities and in terms of living and urban facilities.

The variety of apartments and houses in Bornova for students is very large. One of the biggest hospitals in Izmir is also located in Bornava neighborhood. You will not have any problem with buying a property in Bornova. Three big shopping malls in Izmir, namely Forum Bornova, West Park and Point Bornova, are located in this neighborhood and will easily meet your needs. There are several local markets in Bornova where you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables at low prices.

In addition to products such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products, handicrafts and all kinds of daily necessities can be found in these markets.
Although Bornova is one of the old neighborhoods of Izmir, it has become a modernized neighborhood in the last few years and most of the houses in this neighborhood are newly built and modern. This neighborhood is one of the favorite neighborhoods for immigrants and those who have chosen Izmir as a place to live. Many residential projects located in Bornova have housing stock and therefore have many interested parties.

Narlidere, Cigli, Gaziemir and Dikili neighborhoods are luxury and expensive neighborhoods to buy property in Bornova, and most of the people who live in these neighborhoods have high incomes. Bornova has a large capacity for construction, and if you wish, you can buy land in Bornova and then build it as you wish.

Real estate for sale in Bergama

Bergama is the cheapest area to buy property in Izmir. This area is suitable for those who want to buy property in a cheap place in Izmir. Bergama is in Bakircay area. This city has been one of the oldest human settlements and was built on the historical city of Pergamon. Bergama became famous during the Hellenistic period. At that time, it was the capital of the kingdom of Pergamon.
In Bergama, you will see many historical monuments from the ancient Roman era to the Ottoman era.

Bergama is like an open air museum and has a very rich culture. The ancient city of Pergamon, the ruins of the Acropolis, the ruins of Asclepius, the seven churches, the temple of the Egyptian gods, the altar of Zeus, the Kozak plain, Selinus and the bridges left from the ancient times, the mound-shaped tomb, Haji Hakkami Maulana's bath, Olu Mosque, Cleopatra's beauty center, Atmaja quarter, Bergama houses, village handicrafts market, Bergama museum, Selcuk minaret, etc. are only some of the historical and sightseeing places of Bergama.

Although the property purchase price in Bergama is low, it is considered one of its good areas and has a good environment for living. Bergama has a population of around 105,000 people and the social rating of this area is C+.

Real estate for sale in Bayrakli

If you are looking for an area with soaring towers and skyscrapers with very high floors to buy a property in Izmir, consider buying a property in Bayrakli. Bayrakli is located inside the city of Izmir and is one of the most prosperous areas for construction in Izmir. Although the traditional houses of Izmir can still be seen in places in this area, the fabric of Bayrakli is changing and many houses in Bayrakli are large residential projects.

Bayrakli is 5000 years old. The ancient city of Smyrna, which existed 3000 years ago, is located in this area. Bayrakli is located in the neighborhood of Karşıyaka and Bornova and is one of the central areas of Izmir city with a population of 300,000. In total, the area of ​​Bayrakli reaches 30 square kilometers. The 200-meter-high Folkart Towers are the most famous skyscrapers in Byrakli. In fact, these towers are a symbol of Izmir's modernity.

Many efforts have been made to make Bayrakli the most expensive neighborhood to buy property in Izmir. Ancient city of Smyrna, Temple of Athena, Athena Street, Double Megaron, Wall, Memorial Fountain, Excavation Area, Tomb of Tantalus, Yamanlar Mountain, Black Lake, St. Anthony's Catholic Church, World Peace Memorial, Dr. Akram Akurgal Park and... and the history of Bayrakli region.

The central location of Bayrakli and access to offices, access to the sea and urban facilities of Izmir has caused many old houses and warehouses in this area to give way to luxury apartments and complexes, and the construction has been booming there.

Real estate for sale in Balcova

Balcova is one of the recreational and tourist areas of Izmir. In terms of nature, this area is one of the most beautiful areas of Izmir, which ends at the sea on one side and the forest and mountains on the other side, creating beautiful scenery. This issue has played a very important role in the development of the tourism industry in Balcova.

Balcova cable car is the second largest cable car in Turkey, which is also considered one of the most important recreational areas of Izmir.

Dukoz Eylul University and Izmir University of Economics are two universities located in Balcova region. Dokuz Eylul University is one of the most prestigious universities in Turkey. The University of Economics, which is the most famous private university in Izmir, is located in Balcova.

The literacy rate in Balcova is 93%, which shows that the majority of the population of this region is literate and has a high level of culture. The price of buying a property in Balcova has experienced a great growth in recent years.

The price growth of real estate for sale in Balcova has reached 65% in the last three years. Balcova is adjacent to Narlidere from the west, Karabaglar from the south, and Konak from the east. From the north side of this area, it leads to Izmir Bay.

Living in the popular and touristic city of Izmir

Living in the popular and touristic city of Izmir

One of the most famous neighborhoods of Balcova is Ingeralti, which has a very beautiful beach and cafes, and usually the young people of Izmir choose this beach and cafes for fun.

The most famous hotel in Izmir, named Wyndham Hotel, is located in Balcova region. In terms of urban fabric, Balcova area has largely preserved its traditional texture and there are fewer modern houses in this area than other neighborhoods.

Real estate price in Izmir Turkey

The purchase price of real estate for sale in Izmir, Turkey depends on various factors. Which region or city of Izmir province you choose to buy a property in Izmir plays an important role in the price of buying a property in Izmir. To get to know Izmir's neighborhoods better, it is better to get help from people real estate consultants in Izmir.

Among the types of neighborhoods and areas of Izmir, Bayrakli, Karsiyaka, Narlidere, Bornova and Guzelbahce are more popular among europeans than other neighborhoods. If the number of europeans living in Izmir is important to you, it is better to visit properties for sale in Izmir, Turkey, which are located in these areas.

The areas of Narlidere, Karsiyaka, Guzelbace, Bayrakli, etc. are among the best and most expensive areas to buy property in Izmir. Cesme, Seferihisar, Foca, Urla are among the most luxurious and best cities around Izmir, which are more touristic than other cities and have a higher price for buying property.

Real estate for sale in Izmir, Turkey includes beachfront villas, apartments and high-rise residential towers, agricultural and garden lands, commercial properties, etc., each of which has its own conditions for purchase. The coastal areas of Izmir are mostly villas and less apartments are built in these areas.

The central areas of Izmir, such as Konak and Bayrakli, have more high-rise apartments and towers.
When visiting properties for sale in Izmir, Turkey, keep in mind that if you are planning to buy agricultural or garden land in Izmir or nearby cities, as a foreigner you can buy under 30 hectares.

If the purchase price of a property in Izmir, Turkey reaches more than 400,000 US dollars, you will easily qualify for a permanent residence permit and citizenship in Turkey. By purchasing a property worth 75,000 US dollars, you can apply for a temporary residence.

If you plan to go to Izmir in person and choose one of its properties, be sure to get help from registered real estate experts in Izmir. The real estate agent should check the property in all aspects so that you don't have any problems later.

Of course, there is another way to buy a property in Izmir, Turkey, and that is to make an agreement with a real estate consultant in Izmir, and he will visit properties for sale in Izmir, Turkey instead of you, and then according to your wishes buy a property

Another thing that you should pay attention to when visiting real estate for sale in Izmir, Turkey is that usually in Izmir, especially for large residential projects, towers and apartment complexes, the common area is counted in the document as the actual area of ​​your apartment.

This area is usually considered to be 30%. With this account, if your property is 70 meters in your document, it means that about 20 meters of it is in the common area and the actual size of the unit you bought is 50 meters.

If this issue is very important to you, pay attention to this when purchasing a property in Izmir, Turkey. Among the different neighborhoods of Izmir, Cigli, Buca, Ulukent, Serik and Bergama are cheap areas to buy property in Izmir. If the low price is very important to you, you can choose one of the real estates for sale in these areas of Izmir for purchase.

How to buy a Real estate Izmir?

One of the ways to buy a villa in Izmir is to personally travel to Izmir and check the properties of this city. Of course, this kind of work is time-consuming and you may not be able to get detailed information about all the properties in the city, and you may have to buy a property that has a higher price than usual, or whose deed is mortgaged by the bank, has not paid its taxes, etc. There is a better way to buy property in Izmir.

A good way to buy a property in Izmir and know the best time to buy a property in this city is to get help from experienced real estates in Izmir. You can ask for help from real estate experts active in the Turkish real estate market to guide you in buying a property in Izmir.

Our expertss at Antalya Estate try to help you in offline and online purchase of property in Izmir. All the efforts of the Antalya Estate Consultants Group are a safe and secure purchase for you at the lowest cost.

You can call the contact number of Antalya Estate and explain your conditions for buying a property. With the help of our experts at Antalya Estate, you must first decide which neighborhood you will choose to buy a property in Izmir. Is the neighborhood you would like to buy a property good for investment or not?

How important is it to you to be close to medical centers near the property you are buying? What is the type of property you are considering? How much do you care that school, kindergarten, sports club, swimming pool, etc. are close to your property? How important is it to you that the property you buy is close to the freeway, the airport, the city center, shopping centers, bus and subway stations, etc.?

There are many things that our consultants will ask you in advance and guide you to make an accurate and safe choice. If your purpose of buying a property in Izmir is investment and you have the possibility of selling a property in Izmir, our consultants will check to introduce you properties that have ideal conditions for sale and will be sold at a high price in a short time.

After the budget that you considered for this work is decided and according to your opinion, the expert in Izmir will visit the properties that suit your conditions and prepare videos and photos for you online.

You can check different properties in terms of facilities, view, proximity to the beach, etc. If you are interested in properties for sale in Izmir, Turkey, which are second class and furnished, the real estate consultant in Izmir will show you only these properties.

After your final selection, the consultant will carry out the relevant work to transfer the title of deed and you must travel to Izmir to transfer the document and sign. In this way, you can buy a property in Izmir, Turkey, without wasting time.

Our consultants in Antalya Estate check all the properties they introduce to you beforehand. These properties are reviewed and then introduced to you in terms of internal facilities, building strength, tax payment, non-encumbrance of the document, loan payment, etc. Therefore, by choosing Antalya estate Consultants Group, you will not have to worry about this.

Choosing Izmir as an immigrant city to live in can be difficult at first glance. Especially since compared to Istanbul, you will feel more strange in the first days of arriving in Izmir. Despite the many advantages of living in Izmir, such as low traffic, low unemployment rate, high economy, the existence of Turkey's first-class universities, the existence of various settlements and industrial factories, the cleanliness of the city's air and streets, the existence of various coastal areas with excellent facilities for recreation and ... one cannot ignore the disadvantages of living in Izmir.
Many areas of Izmir have modern and traditional textures next to each other.

Sometimes the houses that have turned into ruins can be seen next to the luxurious and beautiful complexes that have given an unfavorable image to the city of Izmir. Unlike Istanbul, where most people can speak English, in Izmir it is rare for anyone to speak a language other than Turkish.

In order to live comfortably in Izmir, you must be able to speak the Turkish language easily. For your own convenience, try to learn Turkish well before immigrating so that you don't get into trouble in Izmir.

If you choose Izmir to live, think about its disadvantages in addition to its good advantages and then proceed to immigrate. Needless to say, due to the lifestyle and culture of the people of Izmir and the use of fresh and organic products, it has the lowest rate of cancer compared to other cities in Turkey.

If you have chosen Izmir as a city for investment, you should know that in the last few years, property prices in Izmir have experienced an unprecedented growth, and some of its areas have increased in price by more than 100%. This shows that by buying property in Izmir for investment, you will get a good profit.

If you are interested in buying a property in Izmir and want to know more about different areas of Izmir, just call our number. At Antalya Estate, we are trying to help you achieve your goals in the best possible way.

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