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What is the best area of Alanya to buy property and live?

The best areas of Alanya to live and buy property in 2023 from different aspects.

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What are the conditions and benefits of Turkish citizenship in 2023?

Examining the benefits and methods of obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment

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All about retirement in Turkey in 2023

Full review of the pension process and conditions in Turkey in 2023.

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ways and advantages of real estate investment in North Cyprus

Examining the methods and benefits of investing in North Cyprus real estate in 2023

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Is Northern or Southern Cyprus better? A complete review of various aspects

Review and compare North and South Cyprus from different aspects for real estate investment.

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Review of the cost of living in Northern Cyprus in 2023

A complete review of all types of living costs in Northern Cyprus in 2023

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What are the best cities in Northern Cyprus?

Introducing the best cities in Northern Cyprus that are suitable for buying property and living.

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