Property Ownership & Property Buying Process in Turkey

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When you decided to buy a property in Antalya or Alanya , we highly recommend you to come to here and look at the properties . AntalyaEstate organizes free of charge airport transfers and property viewing tours for its customers.


If you decide to purchase a property, we prepare you a sales contract.

Our sales contract includes the buyer -, the seller - and the properties information as well as the agreed conditions.

We guarantee you to purchase the property:

i. from the actual seller
ii. exactly as shown to you
iii. without any debt
iv. under the agreed conditions


When signing a sales contract, you, as the buyer has to pay between 3.000-5.000 Euro as a down payment to the seller. Within 2 weeks time, you send the agreed amount which is written on the contract.

You might need to open a bank account in Turkey. Everybody can open a bank account in Turkey. You only need an address document from your country. A utility bill (electricity-, water-, internet bill, etc.) with your name and your house address written on it is obligatory. We are happy to assist you with these formalities.

3. TAPU (Title Deed)

You need several documents to apply for a Tapu in Turkey. You only need to bring your passport or valid ID card. AntalyaEstate helps you to prepare the other documents:

-Passport translation at Notary
-2 passport photo
-Turkish tax number
-Expertise report
-earthquake insurance
-Currency purchase receipt from bank ( Döviz Alım Belgesi )

In contrast to most of the European countries, the entry in the property register in Turkey is not performed by a Public Notary. It is performed by an official of the Property Registry Department.
It is a legal requirement for both sides (the seller and the buyer) to be present at the entry. It is possible to authorize another person by giving a Power of Attorney at Notary Public. After the entry and delivery the property register issues a proof of ownership, which is called the Tapu.

With the transfer of ownership, all costs (tax + registration) must be paid.

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