Discover 2024's Best Properties for Sale in Lara Antalya

Suitable for Turkish passport

Close To Beach Apartment

Antalya / Lara

This beach point property is 160 meters, which includes a large living room, 3 bright and spacious bedrooms, balcony with a beautiful view, kitchen, 2 bathrooms and a bathroom.

Property Nr.
Completion year
160 m²
Price 117,000 €
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Spacious 2 bedroom apartment Antalya Lara

Antalya / Lara

The good access of this property to shopping malls, supermarkets, schools, medical centers, parks is one of the advantages of this large apartment, and it is 5 km from Antalya city center, 1 km to the Lara sandy beaches and 8 km to Antalya Airport.

Property Nr.
Completion year
120 m²
Price 103,000 €
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Bargain Lara Antalya Furnished Flat for Sale

Antalya / Lara

Lara beach is very close , airport just 10 minutes , terra city shopping center 10 minutes , friday bazzar 5 minutes far from this flat.

Property Nr.
Completion year
100 m²
Price 149,000 €
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Cheap Property for Sale in Lara Antalya with Rental guarantee

Antalya / Lara

there is high demand for purchasing property in this area for Buyers and Renters. because of beach social aminities and airport many people wants to rent a property for their holidays here .

Property Nr.
Completion year
95 m²
Price 157,500 €
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Brand new Apartments in Caglayan Lara

Antalya / Lara

offer you 3 bedroom apartments with two bathroom and two balcony for sale. 
in this project you can find garden , children play ground , swiming pool .

Property Nr.
Completion year
160 m²
Price 197,000 €
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Exclusive Apartment Project Lara Antalya Turkey

Antalya / Lara

in center of lara fener mahallesi which you can find many modern bar cafe and restaurants also banks , school and shopping centers like terra city are very close.

Property Nr.
Completion year
3+1, 4+1
150 - 200 m²
Price from 192,000 €
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Do you want to buy property for sale in antalya lara beach?

Explore the enchanting neighborhood of Lara, Antalya, a prime destination for real estate investment and luxurious living by the sea. Our detailed guide offers insights into Lara's real estate market, featuring an array of properties from stunning seaside villas to modern apartments that cater to every lifestyle and budget.

Discover why Lara is a top choice for buyers and investors, with its beautiful beaches, thriving tourism, and robust infrastructure. Start your journey to owning a piece of paradise in one of Turkey's most desirable locations with our expert advice and current property listings.

Property for sale in lara can be found in guzeloba caglayan fener or kundu area .
lara is a part of Muratpasa area in east side of Antalya city from city center till aksu.

Cheapest property for sale in antalya lara beach can be found in Kundu and some parts of guzeloba , generally New Build properties for sale in lara are without furniture but its possible to find fully furnished second hand property .

Luxury property for sale in antalya lara beach can be found in Eski lara street from famouse duden waterfall till akra barut hotel , first line apartments have beautiful see view to antalya gulf and city center also in this street there is many cafe bar and restaurants and its full of young and modern crowd of lara.

Rauf denktas street is situated in guzeloba and it has most cheap properties in lara district.
barinaklar bulvari is situated in guzeloba and caglayan starts from friday bazar till beyaz dunya square near terra city shopping center.

properties for sale around barinaklar bulvari are generally expensive, main reason is there is no more land with premission to build in this area.

bulent ecevit bulvari starts from middle guzeloba till laura square , properties for sale near bulent ecevit bulvari prices are mid range not high like eski lara and not cheap like kundu and guzeloba.

Antalya Lara beach is one of most famous beaches in antalya and the world many investors prefer to buy a property for sale in antalya lara beach but unfortunately it's forbidden to sell a property to a forginer close to Lara beach because of a Turkish navy zone is close to lara beach
finding an ideal property in Lara is not easy and needs experienced advisors close to you to find a suitable Home.

For more information on prices and other properties for sale, visit the Real Estate in Antalya.

Property for sale in Lara Antalya

Antalya is one of the tourist cities in Turkey, which is visited by many tourists every year. This issue has made Antalya one of the economic poles in the field of real estate.

Buying a property in Lara Antalya

Lara Beach Park

One of the very good areas of Antalya with a beautiful and eye-catching beach is the Lara area. Lara has a very beautiful beach, numerous entertainment facilities and shopping centers and has always been the focus of tourists who travel to Antalya.

Buying a property in Lara Antalya is dream of many tourists who travel there. Buying a property in Lara can be a great investment for those who plan to operate in the Turkish real estate market, especially in Antalya. If you are planning to buy a property in Lara Antalya, read this article to the end.

Where is Lara in Antalya?

Lara is located 6 kilometers east of Antalya in the Muratpasa municipality. Lara is also very close to Antalya International Airport.

There is only 12 kilometers from the Lara coastline to this airport. Lara is one of the three main areas of Antalya, which can be said to be the luxury part of Antalya.

Most hotels, entertainment centers and business centers are located in this part of Antalya city. Lara area is located on rocks with a height of 50 meters.

The coastline of Lara is very long and about 1,800,000 square meters. It is considered one of the largest coastal strips in Turkey.

Lara beach is one of the most attractive beaches in Turkey with golden colored sand and it is also known as Altinkum beach which means golden sand. Lara Beach is about 45 meters wide and its waters are shallower than other beaches in Antalya.

For this reason, many families with small children choose this beach for recreation, so that they can feel at ease about their children's health.

One of the attractive places in Lara is Duden waterfall. This waterfall can be considered as one of the fun and attractive places in the ski area of ​​Lara, which is located in the rocky part of Lara beach.

If you go three kilometers west from Lara beach, you will come across a beautiful waterfall that is more than 40 meters high and is the only waterfall that flows into the Mediterranean Sea.

In addition to the waterfall, Doden Park is also near this waterfall with various recreational facilities such as ski slopes, cycling trails, hiking, sports equipment, etc.

Buying a property in Lara is one of the ways to obtain Turkish citizenship

As you know, to obtain citizenship in Turkey, you can buy a property in Lara. Of course, the purchase of property for the turkish citizenship contract has conditions that we discuss below:

Buying a property worth 400 thousand US dollars from a Turkish citizen
Receive a tax number
Having a bank account in Turkey in the name of the person who bought the property
Official property valuation
Buying property in the registry office
Obtaining Turkish residence after 7 to 10 days
Getting Turkish citizenship after three months

 property for sale in Lara with a sea view

Lara beach resort in Antalya

If you decide to buy a property in Lara and want to live in Lara after completing the citizenship and residence procedures, we must say that this area is not only very pleasant and has a very beautiful nature, but also urban facilities, transportation, education and ... is very good. Because this area is one of the most luxurious and expensive areas of Antalya.

Steps to buy property in Turkey

Visiting properties for sale

To buy a property in Turkey, you must first visit and check the property you want. Try to check the desired property in person and match it with the document provided to you.

There is an important point that if you are not fluent in Turkish, it is better to use a translator or a guide when visiting properties to explain contract details or provisions of the document.

For this, you can get help from Antalya Estate Team, who have a lot of experience and skills in this field and have been working in the field of real estate for sale in Lara Antalya for more than 12 years.


After you have chosen the property you want, the contract is signed. In this contract, important provisions such as the date of delivery, the contents of the document, the facilities of the complex, the date of registration of the document, etc. are stated. Apart from these issues, the method of paying property costs is also included in the contract.

Usually, an amount of around 3000 to 5000 euros is taken from the buyer as a deposit or advance payment at the time of signing the contract. This action is called reserving the property or booking it.

Document transfer request

After signing the contract and paying the desired amounts in the terms of the contract, the transfer of the document must be done at the Turkish Deeds Registration Office.

Usually, a certain time is set for this work, and delaying from that time will cause a delay in the transfer of the document.

To receive a document in your name, you need to declare documents to the registry office. These documents are as follows:

Document of the desired property with complete details of the previous owner and the geographical location of the property
Passport and official notarized translation of the buyer and translation of the national ID of the buyer
Provide tax settlement
Property expertise report
Currency conversion certificate from the bank
2 pieces of 4 x 6 photos of the buyer (photos of the buyer must be from the previous month at most)
If you are not fluent in Turkish, having an official translator
Earthquake insurance

Payment of the property according to the contract

The next step in buying real estate in Lara is pay for the property. This payment is made according to the clauses of the contract, and it is also possible to transfer money through banks or private institutions.

Obtaining ownership rights

After successfully completing all the above steps, the inspection organizations will check all the purchase steps and your documents to make sure that the purchased property is free of tax, municipal duties, insurance policies, etc. After this step, the owner receives the ownership documents of his property, which is called a Tapu.

Once the buyer gets the title deed for his property, there is no possibility of any intervention or interference in his property.

This document shows that the purchased property is completely legal and no one can sell or contract the property without the permission of the owner of the tapu.

Considering that buying property in Lara requires sufficient knowledge about the real estate market and the process of buying property takes time and requires specialized knowledge, it is better to buy property from consultants specializing in real estate for sale in Lara Antalya. Get help to avoid financial loss.

The consultants of the desired property will check your previous debts such as debt in paying taxes, debt in paying municipal fees, debt in paying all kinds of bills, debt to the bank and mortgage of the property in the bank, and such issues and guide you through the process. Taking ownership helps.

House and apartment with waterfall and sea view in Lara Antalya

A view of the apartments next to the Lara waterfall with a sea view

Antalya Estate Consultants, with many years of experience in the real estate market in Lara, can guide you in the best possible way.

Why buying property in Lara Antalya is a safe investment method?

One of the important points for any investment is its risk. Buying a property in Lara is one of the most reliable ways to invest in real estate.

You can buy one of the villas or apartments in Lara area and rent it to someone. It is also possible to rent property without obtaining Turkish citizenship.

European investors are one of the important players in the field of buying property in Lara Antalya, and they buy and sell many properties in Lara. Because Lara region has always been the first real estate market in Antalya.

If for any reason you decide to sell your property, you don't have to wait too long. Buying and selling property is done quickly in this area.

Real estate prices have also increased day by day, and this has made the fans of investing in Lara properties increase day by day.

One of the interesting points of investing in Antalya is that the profits of real estate in it are increasing day by day.

Currently, the price of each square meter in Antalya is around 30,000 lira (July 2022). While this average price for each square meter in Istanbul is double.

Important points of buying a property in Lara Antalya

Buying a property anywhere in the world is determined according to the location of the property, type of property, size, year of construction, access to important commercial and recreational centers, etc.

lara beach sandland

Sand land museum in Lara region

This is no exception in Lara. If you are planning to buy a property in Lara Antalya, you should pay attention to which part you want to buy a property.

Lara beach strip is much more expensive than other parts due to its proximity to the beach and beautiful beach views.

In this part, most of the houses are villas and are beautifully built. If you have decided to buy a villa in Lara Beach, you should know that you are buying a property in the most expensive part of Lara. Therefore, it is natural that you have to pay more money to buy a property.

Some parts of Lara are residential and houses are located in apartments. These apartments have a lower price than the villas in the Lara beach strip.

Usually, the price of an apartment in Lara is estimated according to its location. Proximity to Terra city Lara shopping center, Lara ski street, weekly fruit and vegetable market, chain supermarkets, etc. are influential factors for the price of buying an apartment or villa for sale in Lara Antalya.

It can be said that Eski Street is the most important street in Lara region, and this is the reason why the price of property in it is higher than other streets. According to the proximity or distance of the apartments to this street, its price is also different.

In general, apartments in Sirinyali, Caglayan, Fener, Guzeloba and Kondu areas are bought and sold more than other areas of Lara.

To view other villas for sale in Turkey, refer to the following page:

Property for sale in caglayan

Caglayan can be considered one of the best areas in Antalya to buy or rent a property. Caglayan is located near the Lara coastline and close to the sea. Part of Lara beach is public and part is private.

It is possible that the residents of Caglayan also enjoy the beauty of Lara beach. Caglayan area continues from Beyaz Dunya Square to Duden River.

Caglayan is located in the center of Lara region and therefore has good access to all kinds of hospitals, dentists, offices, shopping centers such as Terra City shopping center.

Due to its location in the heart of Lara, Caglayan is very close to the most equipped and advanced medical centers of Lara and Antalya.

Many people choose this area to live because of the advanced hospitals and clinics. In recent years, the city of Antalya has become one of the medical hubs in Turkey and even in Europe, where many of these hospitals and medical centers, including Medical Park and Anadolu Hospitals, are located in Lara.

buying apartment and villa by Lara beach with sea view

Apartment and villa by Lara beach with sea view

If you are interested in living in Lara and would like to live in a neighborhood close to the weekly market, Caglayan is the right option for you. Caglayan is located near Lara Bazaar on Sunday and Friday so that you can easily do your weekly shopping.

Terra city shopping center is the largest shopping center in Lara region and has 185 stores. This shopping center was built in 2011 and quickly became one of the most popular shopping centers in Lara and Antalya city.

Terracity shopping center is located near Chaglayan and you can easily access this shopping center by buying a property in caglayan.

As mentioned, Eski Lara Street is the most important street in Lara region. This street is full of luxury apartments and villas, and it is considered an important street from a commercial point of view.

By buying an apartment in Caglayan, you have access to this street and you can take advantage of the entertainment facilities, restaurants of Eski Lara Street.

If you like to visit a rocky beach in addition to a sandy beach, this area has more variety in the beach and some parts of that beach are rocky with incredibly beautiful views that you can enjoy.

One of the positive things about living in Lara is its proximity to the airport. Caglayan, which is located in the center of Lara, is no exception to this rule. The distance from Caglayan to the airport is about 15 minutes.

It is not only the medical and recreational facilities of Caglayan that make it a suitable area for living or investing, but its educational facilities are also excellent. This neighborhood has very advanced and well-equipped public and private schools.

Features of caglayan apartments for sale

The available apartments in Caglayan are one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments. Some of these units have a swimming pool and a separate parking lot. In general, property prices in Caglayan are higher than in other areas of Lara.

Property for sale in Lara with waterfall view

A view of Duden waterfall in Lara Antalya

Each house has a different amount according to the type of materials used, year of construction, size and location. There are very beautiful villas that you can buy in the coastal part of Caglayan.

Some of the properties in Caglayan are affordable for rent, so it is better to pay attention to the properties for sale in Lara Antalya in Caglayan neighborhood that are not rental properties.

There are few lands in Caglayan, and this has made the value of properties higher than other areas.

Despite the fact that Caglayan is one of the good and luxury areas of Antalya, the property prices are reasonable and you can buy a property with relatively simple conditions.

According to what we mentioned above, if the price of the property is equivalent to 400 thousand US dollars and you bought it from a Turkish citizen, you will get Turkish citizenship.

Of course, most of the buying and selling of real estate in Antalya and Lara region is done by foreign investors.

The most famous street of Caglayan is Eski Lara, which is considered the most important and luxurious street in Antalya. Most of the houses on this street have a view of the sea and overlook it, so they have many fans.

Among the main streets of Caglayan for buying property in Lara, the following streets can be mentioned:

Barinaklar Street
Eski Lara Street
Bulent Ecevit Street

Property for sale in Kondu

One of the good areas to buy property in Lara Antalya is Kondu area. This area is located in the eastern part of Antalya city. There are many villasfor sale in Kondo area.

This area is located on the coastal strip. Compared to other areas of Antalya, this area is more peaceful and far from the hustle and bustle of big cities. For those who want to buy a villa for their holidays, buying a villa in Kondo can be a great option.

The famous Lara Beach Park in Antalya

The famous Lara Beach Park in Antalya

The security of this area is very high and you don't need to worry about the security of your villa or property. Kondo can be considered the entertainment center of Lara, where all kinds of 5-star hotels can be seen.

Currently, Turkish, Russian, Indonesian, and Italian architects have been engaged in building various residential projects and 5-star hotels in this area. Hotels located in this area along its coastline.

If you intend to buy a property in Lara Antalya to obtain a residence, if your purchased property reaches the amount determined by the Turkish government, you can go through the procedures for obtaining a residence in Turkey. With excellent conditions, Kondo is a great option not only for residence but also for investment.

In Kondo Lara, there are bus lines 07 and 511 that you can use to get around the city. Also, there are several large hypermarkets in this area that meet all your needs for buying consumables.

If you choose to buy real estate in Lara and its beehive section, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Proximity to the best hotels in Lara region
Proximity to the tourist center of Antalya and the use of Antalya's welfare and public services
Having a safe, comfortable and peaceful environment for life
Proximity to the sandy beach of Lara for leisure and recreation
Using intercity bus lines to go to other areas of Antalya
Antalium shopping center
All kinds of boutiques selling clothes, shoes, bags and...
Souvenir shops
Sports equipment stores
Children's stores
The distance is about 16 kilometers to the center of Antalya

The prices and conditions for buying all kinds of apartments for sale in Turkey on the following page:

Property for sale in Fener

You can't say about real estate for sale in Lara Antalya, but not about buying real estate in Fener. This part of Lara is considered one of its good areas.

Fener area continues from Lavra shopping center to Beyaz Donya square. In fact, this square is the border between the two areas of Fener and caglayan in Lara. Among the main streets of Fener, we can mention the following:

Bulent Ecevit Street
Fener Street
Falez Street
Tekelioglu Street

photo of Lara sandland

A photo of sandland in Lara

It should also be mentioned that Muratpasa Municipality is located in Fener district and on a street with the same name.

Terracity shopping center, which is the largest and most equipped store in Lara, is located in Fener district. There are currently several units for pre-sale in Fener, ready for delivery by the end of 2022.

The company that is responsible for the construction of this project is one of the famous companies in Turkey. The location of this project is near the main street and near Terra city.

If you intend to buy a property in Fener, buy pre-sale units before the end of 2022. Because with the completion of the construction of this project, its total price will multiply.

The construction company of this residential complex has completed about 100 projects so far, and apart from this project, it has other projects in hand. This complex has two-bedroom and four-bedroom apartments.

The size of each unit is different and the two-bedroom units are 75 meters and the four-bedroom duplex units are 150 meters.

By purchasing one of these pre-sale aaptments in Fener, you will enjoy the following benefits:

Multifold price increase at the end of 2022 and the end of project construction
Proximity to Tracity shopping center in a few minutes
Proximity to Juma Bazaar Lara to buy daily necessities
The location of Migros Hypermarket near this complex
The location of various restaurants and cafes near this residential project

Property for sale in Sirinyali

Sirinyali region can be considered the westernmost part of Lara. Sirinyali starts from Akra barut Hotel and reaches Laura shopping center.

In this area, two shopping malls, Lauera and Shimall, are located at the intersection of Laura and both are close to each other, which are among the largest shopping centers in Lara and Antalya city.

A photo of Lara Antalya Beach Park by the sea

A photo of Lara Antalya Beach Park by the sea

The first part of Eski Lara street is in Sirinyali area, where you can see all kinds of luxury apartments. Apart from Eski Lara Street, the following streets are also among the important streets of Sirinyali:

Sinanoglu Street
Ismet goksen Street

Among the facilities of Sirinyali, we can mention a well-equipped hospital called Yasam Hastansi, which is located in this area and will meet your medical needs.

In addition to this hospital, Memorial Hospital and Medical Park are also located in this area.

One of the most expensive areas of Lara to buy property is Sirinyali area. This area has the most expensive and spacious apartments. Usually, in this part of Lara, apartments with large areas and three bedrooms or more are offered.

Usually, the price floor in Sirinyali is above 200,000 euros, which indicates its high price compared to other areas of Lara. The beach of Sirinyali region is rocky and in few places there is a sandy beach.

Property for sale in Guzeloba

If you are looking for a property for sale in Lara Antalya at a lower price, the Guzeloba area has lower prices than other areas.

The reason for this lower price is the presence of Antalya International Airport and the noise that is created when the plane lands and takes off and when the plane flies in the sky.

Of course, after living in this area for a while, this noise will become normal for you and you will not be bothered like in the first days.

However, this area is one of the promising areas of Lara and will make significant progress in the next few years. It is considered one of the tourist areas of Antalya. The main streets of Guzeloba are as follows:

Lara Road
P-T-T Road
Lara Tourism street
Aydin Sokak
Barinaklar bulvari

Buying a property near Lara beach in Antalya villa town

One of the big projects located in Lara Beach is its Villa City. This villa town is a short distance from the beach and has a good location for shopping.

If you intend to buy a property in Lara Antalya, the houses and villas of this project can be a good choice for you. In general, there are not many of these villa settlements in the city of Antalya.

Apartment for sale in Lara Antalya with sea and beach view

Apartments with sea and beach view in Lara Antalya

The terms of sale of these villas are for immediate sale and are ready for delivery.

This villa town has villas with reasonable prices. If you are not satisfied with the villa after buying it or you want to change the style of the villa, you can renovate it.

This villa town has a swimming pool, 24-hour guard, private parking, special cleaning staff, etc., and it has very good conditions.

These villas are a very good option, especially for those who plan to renovate them and sell them at multiple prices.

Therefore, most capitalists and investors active in the city of Antalya make several thousand pounds by buying such villas and renovating them.

Buying an apartment, villa or land in Lara Antalya is increasing day by day. Many European investors have entered its real estate sector since 2021, when Antalya passed the economic recession, and this has led to the strengthening of buying and selling and construction of large residential projects in this city.

Lara is one of the best areas of Antalya with a sandy and rocky beach, a beautiful waterfall, various shopping centers, etc. Lara area can be considered the wealthy and luxurious part of Antalya city.

Lara itself is divided into several parts. Caglayan, Sirinyali and Fener are more expensive than other parts. Eski Lara Street is the most famous street of Lara, which is located in both Caglayan and Sirinyali areas, and the prices of apartments in this street are very high. This street is considered the most fashionable and modern street in Lara.

Buy villas and apartments by Lara beach

Luxury villas with full facilities next to Lara beach

Due to its proximity to the airport, Guzeloba area is currently being bought and sold at a lower price than other parts of Lara. Of course, construction is currently increasing in this area and many real estate experts in Lara believe that very soon this area will also develop very well and property prices will multiply in Guzeloba in the next few years.

If you intend to buy a property in Turkey, get a Turkish passport and immigrate to this country, the amount of the property you want should be more than 400,000 US dollars in Tapu and you must meet the purchase conditions for obtaining permanent residence or citizenship.

If you buy a property in Turkey and get citizenship, you can live in Turkey with your spouse and children. But if you intend to buy a property in Lara Antalya as an investment, you can buy an apartment, villa or land at any price.

An important point that you should always pay attention to is that due to the complexity of the process of buying property in Turkey, it is better to get help as much as possible from consultants specializing in buying and selling real estate in Turkey and especially in the city of Antalya.

Don't lose money and have a safe and profitable investment.

Antalya Estate consultants with several years of experience are at your service to guide you to have a safe investment.

Also, to get information about the specifications, daily prices and conditions of buying real estate for sale in other cities, refer to theTurkey Real Estate for Sale.

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