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Mountain view Villa for Sale in Kemer Turkey


A Three-Bedroom Villa in Kemer is priced at 130,000 euros. If you are interested in buying real estate in Kemer, please contact our sales managers.

Property Nr.
Completion year
450 m²
Price 130,000 €
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Two Bedroom Villa in Kemer Turkey


A Two Bedroom Villa in Kemer Turkey is for sale at a price of 100,000 euros. If you are interested in buying real estate in Kemer, please contact our sales managers.

Property Nr.
Completion year
2+1 duplex
180 m²
Price 200,000 €
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large Villa with a Private Pool in Kemer Antalya


A large Villa with a Private Pool in Kemer Antalya is sold at a price of 200,000 euros. If you are interested in buying real estate in Kemer, please contact our sales managers.

Property Nr.
Completion year
380 m²
Price 480,000 €
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Large Villa with Sea Views in Kemer


A large Villa with Sea Views in Kemer is for sale at a price of 280.000 euros. If you are interested in buying real estate in Kemer, please contact our sales managers.

Property Nr.
Completion year
312 m²
Price 530,000 €
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A large Villa in Kemer is for sale Turkey


 A large Villa in Kemer is for sale Turkey at a price of 220.000 euros. If you are interested in buying real estate in Kemer, please contact our sales managers.

Property Nr.
Completion year
200 m²
Price 265,000 €
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Buy Property in Kemer in a small Butik Apartament


Buy Property in Kemer in a small Butik Apartament built in accordance with international quality standards. If you are interested in buying real estate in Kemer, please contact our sales managers.

Property Nr.
Completion year
1+1, 2+1
60 - 90 m²
Price from 125,000 €
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Buy an Apartment in Kemer near the sea


Buy an Apartment in Kemer at a price of 87.000 euros. If you are interested in buying real estate in Kemer, please contact our sales managers.

Property Nr.
Completion year
90 m²
Price 147,000 €
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house in Kemer is for sale with swimming pool


house in Kemer is for sale with swimming pool is surrounded by coniferous forest and mountains that come close to the sea.

Property Nr.
Completion year
2+1 duplex
110 m²
Price 156,000 €
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Buy Real Estate in Kemer Antalya

One of the most beautiful and touristic cities in Antalya is Kemer. This beautiful city is located on the edge of the sea on one side and on the base of Taurus mountain on the other side.

The existence of beautiful sandy beaches and mountain recreation together has made Kemer one of the most popular areas of Antalya for travel and living. Many tourists who travel to Antalya consider Kemer areas for travel and recreation, or come to Turkey with the intention of spending their free time in Kemer.

In the past, when Kemer was considered one of the Greek regions, its name was Greek Idros. After taking Turkey and Antalya, the Ottoman government changed the name of this region to Kemer.

This city was located in the path of mountain floods and this caused damage to the people of this region. Between 1916 and 1917, a 23-kilometer long wall was built in Kemer, which protected this area from floods and enemy entry.

This wall divides the waist into two parts, north and south. Until 1960, there was no other way to go to Kemer except by boat. But with the boom of tourism in Antalya, the road from Kemer to Antalya was also created.

This small town is located approximately 45 kilometers west of Antalya. This small and beautiful city has 53 kilometers of sea coast which is located on its eastern side. Taurus mountains are also located in the west of Kemer. Approximately 50,000 people live in this area.

The city of Kemar is ranked A in terms of social status. Social rank indicates the cultural status, population density and the corresponding density of buildings, access to urban facilities, including access to the subway, buses, shopping centers, schools, medical centers, etc. It is graded from C- to A+.

If you want to buy a property in Kemer Antalya, whether you intend to buy a residence or an investment, reading this article can be useful for you; Because in this article, we tried to investigate the conditions of buying property in Kemer, Antalya and its different areas. Follow us until the end of this article.

Advantages of buying a property in Kemer Antalya

Very interesting entertainment

If you intend to buy real estate in Kemer Antalya, and you want to choose this city for your stay, either temporarily or permanently, we must say that you will never get bored.

This city is full of attractive sightseeing and entertainment places. The history of the waist is very long. This city has so many places to see that it might take a few months to visit all of them.

Beautiful Beach, Ancient Area of ​​Phaslis, Olympus Cable Car, Nomad Folklore Park, Kemer Weekly Markets, Dolosu Water Park, Dino Park, Boat Tour, Goynuk Valley Visit, Babel Palace Spa, Diving, 4WD Jeep Safari in Taurus Mountains , Chimaera, pine forests, lemon groves, horse farms, cycling tracks, Paradise Bay, etc. are only part of the facilities and recreational places of this beautiful city.

Apart from the recreational places in Kemer itself, due to its proximity and easy access to Antalya, you can easily go to Antalya and enjoy the sights of Antalya.

Obtaining temporary residence and permanent residence

One of the ways to acquire residence in Turkey is to buy a property. If you buy real estate in Kemer for 75,000 US dollars, you can apply for temporary residence.

If the amount of the property you buy is 400,000 US dollars, you have the conditions to acquire Turkish citizenship and permanent residence. Of course, you must buy these properties from a Turkish citizen. Your deed will be held by the Turkish government for three years, and after that, you can sell your property if you wish.

Peace and quiet next to a unique nature

Despite the countless number of tourists in the Kemer region, this region has a certain peace in its residential parts. The presence of all kinds of facilities in addition to the beautiful nature where the beach and the forest can be seen in some places, caves, parks, rivers, mountains, historical sights, etc. have made this area one of the best places to buy property in Antalya.

Despite its distance from Antalya, Kemer is so attractive that some areas are more expensive than Antalya. For those who are interested in buying a property in Antalya, and want to spend their leisure time or vacation in a peaceful, pleasant environment full of recreational facilities, real estate for sale in Kemer is a great option.

Excellent boom in the kemer real estate market

Among the tourists who travel to Antalya, Kemer is famous for its natural beauty and excellent tourism conditions. The popularity of Kemar in the tourism industry has caused the real estate market in this city to grow a lot in the last few years.

With the increase of the tourism industry in this city during the years 2018 to 2022, the growth of the real estate market of this city has been 110 percent. Currently, Kemer region is more expensive than many regions of Antalya and many residential and commercial projects have been built in this city. This number indicates the favorable condition of life in Kemer as well as investment in the real estate market of this city.

Variety in selection and real estate for sale in Kemer Antalya

When choosing Kemer as a place to buy property in Antalya, an important point is the variety of options. Depending on your criteria, there are many choices for you.

The city of Kemer itself is more populated than other areas and neighborhoods around it and has the facilities of a city life. The areas around Kemer are like recreational settlements, however, they also have very good living facilities. If you like mountain views and seeing cedar forests, you can buy property in its mountainous areas.

If you are interested in buying a villa in Kemer, there are many beach villas in different areas and you can choose one among them. There are also citrus orchards, dates, etc. in this area, which you can purchase if you wish.

In addition to the variety in the choice of location, the purchase price of real estate in Kemer also varies greatly. According to the location and type of your choice, there are cheap, medium and expensive houses in this area. These houses have relative facilities and the better their facilities and location, the more expensive they are.

The possibility of visiting and buying real estate for sale in Kemer, Antalya

If you like to visit real estate for sale in Kemer Antalya, but you don't have the possibility to personally visit all active projects in this area, just contact Antalya Estate real estate consultants.

Antalya Estate will be your guide for buying property online. The remote consultant will show you the properties according to the type of view you requested, the amount you considered for the purchase, facilities and urban location, etc.

You can choose the property you want from the properties for sale in Kemer Antalya with guidance and advice without having to bear the costs of traveling and staying in Kemer Antalya. After the selection, the consultant will start the work related to the transfer of the document and you must go to Turkey in person to sign the document and the rest of the work procedure.

The possibility of pre-sale real estate projects and installments in Kemer

One of the reasons for the prosperity of the real estate market in Kemer is the investment of many Europeans in Kemer with the construction of large projects. There are several projects under construction in Kemer, which is good news for those who are interested in buying property in installments in Kemer.

If you buy an apartment or villa unit before the construction time, you will get a very good profit. Because as soon as the construction of the project is completed, its price will increase dramatically. Due to the large number of intermediaries in the Kemer real estate market, do not trust those you do not know.

Do not make the payment of the advance payment and the contract without being sure of the construction company and the intermediary of buying the property in Kemer. Because there is a possibility that the property is mortgaged by the bank or that the tax has not been paid. In the following, we will introduce you to the different areas of Kemer, where you can choose one of these areas to buy a property in Kemer, Antalya

Buy real estate in Arslanbucak Kemer

Arslanbucak is not located along the coastline of Kemer. However, this beautiful area is located next to the beautiful Taurus Mountains and the Kemer River. In Arslanbucak area, there is a special peace and quiet and many people who want to live in a quiet place and away from the hustle and bustle of life in a big city, choose this area to live.

No hotel has been built in Arslanbucak and only beautiful villas and apartments can be seen in this area. Considering the smallness of Kemer city, the distance between its different neighborhoods is not much, and you will only need 15 minutes to walk from Arslanbucak to the center of Kemer city. Arslanbucak is only 30 minutes away from the beach by foot.

The houses in Arslanbucak are mostly traditional and villa-style. Apartments are not very high and are usually below 5 floors. The price of buying a property in Arslanbucak, Kemer, is lower than the price of buying a property in the center of Kemer.

With its cypress forests and mountains, this pleasant and beautiful place is a dream place for lovers of hiking and cypress forests. Arslanbucak region is one of the safest regions of Kemer, and for this reason, many public schools in Kemer are located in Arslanbucak.

If you intend to buy a property in Arslanbucak Kemer, get residence and live in this area and you don't want your child to go to public school, you don't need to worry about your child's transportation and educational conditions. Private schools in Kenyalti are very close to Arslanbucak, and by traveling 30 minutes by bus, your child can go to the private school of your choice.

Buy real estate in Beldibi Kemer

Beldibi is one of the very good areas of Kemer, which is located at a distance of 26 kilometers from the road from Kemer to Antalya. Beldibi is located between Lilica mountain region and Pamphylia plain.

During the 1950s and 1960s, when archaeologists explored this area, they found cave shelters, inscriptions, and beautiful paintings. In this beautiful and old neighborhood, statues and houses from the Paleolithic era can be seen. Also, near the beach of this neighborhood, there are goat-shaped mosques.

Paleolithic houses are also close to the beach. In addition to the houses from the Paleolithic era, there are also coffins from this era in the inner side of Beldibi forest. A beautiful river also originates from Beydağları mountain and passes through Beldibi and then flows into the sea. Beldibi has a beach, and for this reason, buying a villa is more prosperous there than in Arslanbucak.

There are many lemon and orange fields in Beldibi, which are one of the attractions of this beautiful region. In 2007, the population of this area was around 10,000 people.

Buy real estate in Goynuk Kemer

Goynuk is actually more than a neighborhood, it is a resort town between Antalya and Kemer, which is closer to Kemer. Goynuk has one of the cleanest beaches and sea waters. In most of the coastal areas of Goynuk, there is a pebble beach, but in some places there is also a sandy beach.

In summers, the sea water warms up to 27 degrees Celsius. Playing on the beautiful beaches of Goynuk is very exciting and fun for children in the summer season. Especially areas with sandy beaches.

In this neighborhood and near it, there are several attractive entertainment places. Dino Park, Goynuk Valley, Phaselis City, Behesht Bay, Tetali Mountain are just some of the entertainment places in Goynuk town or near it. Many tourists of Antalya travel to Antalya with the intention of seeing the recreational attractions of this region, and for this reason, this beautiful town has more tourists during the tourist seasons.

Due to the coastal nature of Goynuk, most of the buildings in this town are villas and there are less apartments. Therefore, if you want to buy an apartment in Kemer Antalya, it is better to choose other areas for this.

Despite having a beach, almost all the properties there are not with a beach view and this part is mostly available to tourists. However, buying a property in Goynuk Kemer has a moderate price. Because the properties built in this beautiful area are of very good quality and the facilities available in them are excellent.

Goynuk is about 7 kilometers from the east of Kemer, and it is about 45 kilometers from Antalya airport. It can be said that Goynuk is the closest neighborhood of Kemer to Antalya.

In terms of access to the transportation system, this area has favorable conditions. Because the proximity to the D400 highway has made the people of this area easily accessible to the buses that travel from Kemer to Antalya and vice versa.

The 30-hectare Dino Park is located in this area, which is an exciting experience for families, and contains countless sculptures of different animals that inhabited the earth millions of years ago.

In this park, in addition to watching the statues, there are also a variety of entertainment facilities such as a cinema, trampoline, cafe, swimming pool, etc., which will easily entertain you for a day.

In addition to Dino Park, Goynuk Valley is also one of its most beautiful and touristic areas. There is a mountain river in this area and you can swim in this river using special clothes. Living in Goynuk will be an exciting experience for you, because on one side you can see the beautiful forests and mountains and on the other side the sea and the beach. The intersection of the sea and the forest in Goynuk has added to the charm of this area.

Hotels, shops, restaurants, etc. have occupied the coastline of this area and this has caused that there are no villas or apartments near the beach in this area. However, due to the active 6 months of tourism, many recreational spots and attractions of Goynuk, many real estate agents recommend Goynuk to those who want to buy property in Kemer Antalya. The acceptance of buyers in this area has made the price of properties in that area to be average and expensive, despite the fact that there are no beach properties.

Buy real estate in Kiris Kemer

Kiris is one of the very good areas to buy real estate in Kemer. This area is located at a distance of 5 km from the center of Kemer. The entrance to the beach with a gentle slope, clean, clear water and pebble beach are some of the beauties of this coastal area.

For the convenience of families and especially children, sand and gravel have been poured in some parts of the beach so that children can easily play on the beach in this area.

In terms of access to the transportation system, this area has good conditions like Goynuk. The D400 highway also passes through this area and the buses of this highway are accessible to the people of Kiris. Regular buses also regularly go from Kiris to the center of Kemer city.

The ancient city of Phaselis, Cirali Bay, and Mount Tahtali (Olympos) with the longest cable car in Europe are some of the historical and recreational places close to Kiris. The view of Kiris houses is unique.

By buying a property in Kiris Kemer, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and recreational places, medical and educational facilities of this area in addition to investing and experience a comfortable life.

Most of the real estate in Kiris is in the form of villas and offers views of cypress forests and orange groves. Compared to other areas of Kemer, Kiris has been more welcomed by foreigners and this has affected the real estate market there. In addition to buying a villa in Kiris Kemer, considering the size of the gardens in this area, you can also purchase a garden.

Buy real estate in Tekirova Kemer

One of the elite areas to buy property in Kemer, Antalya is Tekirova, which is located 15 kilometers west of Kemer. 2500 people live permanently in this area and the rest of the population are tourists.

Tekirova is about 50 km from Antalya and about 60 km from Antalya Airport. One of the attractive points of buying a property in Tekirova Kemer is its attractive beaches. This area has blue flag beaches. The blue flag indicates the purity of the coastal waters of this region.

The Botanical Park, the ancient city of Phaselis, Mount Tahtali (Olympos) with the longest cableway in Europe, Ulupinar, which is popular with fishing lovers and fish restaurants, and Cleopatra Bay are some of the recreational and historical places in Tekirova. Some of these areas are located in Takirova itself and some are located close to it.

Like the other two neighborhoods, by buying a property in Tekirova Kemer, you don't have to worry about public transportation. This area also has access to the D400 highway, and this has made the people of Tekirova easily travel between the city center of Kemer and Antalya.

There are many restaurants and hotels in Tekirova. With the recreational attractions and unique nature of Takirova, it is not so strange why several thousand people visit this area every year.

Recreational attractions and life in this area have made the purchase price of real estate in Tekirova expensive. If the properties built in Tekirova, the villa houses are very stylish and less apartment houses are built in Tekirova.

But the apartments in Tekirova have very good facilities like villas, and the apartments built in them are built with complete facilities such as swimming pool, parking, children's play area, green space, etc.

There is very little vacant land for construction in this area, and if you are planning to buy a property in Kemer Antalya for construction, this area is not very suitable. Due to the lack of land in this area, weather, Taurus mountains, cedar forests, clean beaches, etc., this area has expensive villas.

Buy real estate in Ovacik Kemer

One of the small and peaceful neighborhoods in Kemer is Ovacik neighborhood. Ovacik is 25 km from Kemer and 70 km from Antalya. The economy of the native people of this neighborhood is mostly based on agriculture and animal husbandry.

This neighborhood is less developed than other areas of Kemer and there is no primary school. However, the conditions for children to go to school have been provided. Compared to other areas, buying a property in Ovacik Kemer has a lower price. Because it is not advanced compared to other areas of Kemer and the water and sewage system has not been done in this neighborhood.

Buy real estate in Beycik Kemer

One of the best places to buy a property in Kemer, Antalya is to buy a property in Beycik Kemer. This area is known as a tourist village with facilities and beautiful nature. Beycik is 70 km away from Antalya Airport.

To go to the center of Kemer city from Beycik, you have to travel a distance of 25 kilometers. Beycik is not located in the coastal area of ​​Kemer, and you can use the beautiful beaches of Tekirova to go to the beach.

Despite the fact that Beycik does not have a beach, its beautiful nature and pine and cypress forests attract tourists. This cozy and quiet area is a suitable place for lovers of silence and peace.

Buy real estate in Camyuva Kemer

If you are planning to buy a property in a holiday resort, Camyuva is one of the best options for you to buy a property in Kemer Antalya. The population of Camyuva is around 10,000 people. Camyuva is located 10 kilometers west of Kemer and 60 kilometers from Antalya. Its distance from Antalya airport is about 70 km.

This beautiful tourist area is surrounded by the coastline on one side and mountains and pine trees on the other side. Camyuva means pine nest and considering the presence of several hectares of cypress and pine forest, this name is really fitting for this beautiful area.

In addition to lands full of pine trees, orange groves, palm trees, and Venus flytrap trees are also found in abundance in this area.

Camyuva beach has a gentle slope and most of its parts are pebbles. But along the coast, there is also a strip of sandy beach with pebbles for children to play or adults to have fun.

Paradise Bay is the most famous recreational place in Camyuva. The name of this bay is very suitable for its beauty and recreational pleasure. In September, the water level in Paradise Bay shines amazingly, and many tourists choose this area for this reason.

This area is suitable for those who are looking for silence, peace and family fun. Camyuva district is far from the hustle and bustle of the city and is considered a holiday resort. Camyuva is divided into two parts. Residential sector and tourism sector.

The lack of land, the welcoming of foreigners to this area, a wide range of housing choices are the reasons for the prosperity of Camyuva in the real estate market in Kemer Antalya. The price of buying a property in Camyuva Kemer is relatively high and most of the houses are villas.

Buy real estate in Kuzdere Kemer

Kuzdere neighborhood is the third neighborhood in Kemer in terms of size. Until 2009, this rural area was close to Kemer. After this year, by holding a referendum, the officials of this village agreed to be a part of Kemar.

There are good educational centers in this neighborhood, including Kemer Anatoly High School, a middle school, an elementary school, and a kindergarten in the neighborhood. There is an indoor market in this neighborhood, which is a good place for shopping.

This indoor market was opened in 2020. Kuzdere does not have a coastline, however, it takes very little time to go to the beach from Kuzdere. There are several natural recreational places in this neighborhood that are interesting for many tourists.

Choosing Kemer to buy property or invest is a safe and profitable choice. The 110% increase in the real estate market in Kemer shows that this area will make significant progress in the next few years.

Currently, it is considered one of the elite areas of Antalya to buy property. The Mediterranean climate, beautiful nature next to the Taurus Mountains, cypress forests, citrus and palm plantations, a very clean beach with a blue flag, a variety of water activities, etc., have made a huge number of tourists choose this region from Antalya as their destination. to choose This is one of the reasons for the growth of this region in the real estate market.

If you decide to sell the property in Kemer, you don't need to worry about the sale amount or the time of sale. There is a lot of boom in buying and selling real estate in Kemer and your property will be sold quickly for a great price.

One of the ways to invest in Kemer is to rent your property to tourists. If you rent your property to tourists, after 20 years, the entire amount you paid for the purchase of the property will be returned to you. Buying property in Kemer Antalya for restaurants, shops, hotels, guesthouses, etc. will also be very profitable.

By buying a property in Kemer, you can apply for residency in Turkey. If your property reaches 400,000 US dollars, you will receive the tapu certificate after approximately three days, and after that you can apply for permanent residence in Turkey.

If you have any questions about buying a property in Kemer Antalya or checking properties for sale in Kemer Antalya or you want to know more about the details of properties for sale in Kemer Antalya, just call Antalya Estate Consultants to help you in this regard. guide This company has been active in buying and selling property in Turkey for many years and can be your guide in the way of investing or obtaining residence.

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