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Who wouldn’t want to have a holiday-like life? Antalya city is one of the best locations in Turkey to live both as a foreigner and as a native. The city possesses marvellous natural treasures, historical heritages and perfect life standards combined with the best weather conditions. All these advantages lead the Antalya city to be the leader of tourism in Turkey. Buying a real estate for sale in Antalya Turkey will thus allow you to benefit from these marvels fully.

Antalya estate offers you a wide range of alternatives to buy a property for sale in Antalya. There is countless real estate for sale for every budget, expectation, and lifestyle. The distinction between these alternatives mostly lies on the location of the property. The real estate market involves a wide range of choices for your personal preferences.

Before we mention houses for sale in Antalya Turkey, to settle your confusion about all the neighbourhoods and provinces in the city, let’s talk about Antalya in general.

  1. Life in Antalya province
  2. Buying real estate for sale in the Antalya province
  3. Best places to buy real estate for sale in the Antalya province
    1. Alanya
    2. Belek
    3. The Antalya City
      1. Konyaalti
      2. Lara
      3. Kepez
      4. Muratpaşa
  4. Where should I buy a real estate for sale in Antalya

Life in Antalya province

Antalya is more than a tourism centre. The increasing population leads the city to grow quickly as well, which leads the property values to increase drastically. The sooner you buy a property for sale in Antalya, the more profit you can make out of it. It is crucial especially if you are considering your properties as investment opportunities.

The Antalya city offers so many advantages and opportunities to everyone of all ages. While you can conduct your business here, you children will get the best education in international schools. You will have access to all types of goods for reasonable prices. Hospitals are also very advanced in Antalya city, where you can get any kinds of professional treatment you need. Transportation means are very advanced and easy to learn and follow. The transportation system makes it easy to get even to the furthest districts easily.

The advanced tourism sector has led Antalya to improve the entertainment industry drastically. After you buy a real estate for sale in Antalya, you can spend your free times with fun activities. You can visit the zoo, the Antalya Aquarium, or an amusement park as well as chilling near the Konyaalti Beach and enjoying the sunny weather of the city, which lasts over 300 days a year.

Buying real estate for sale in the Antalya province

If you have decided to experience this beautiful city to the fullest, you can now start finding your dream house in Antalya Estate. Before starting, you need to figure out a few things such as if you want to buy an apartment or villa for sale in Antalya. What you expect from this city is another important factor.

Do you want to settle here permanently, or do you want to make a financial profit out of your property? Would you rather be living in the busy city centre, or near green fields and sandy beaches in your luxurious modern complex? Your occupation and the frequency to travel are other important factors that you need to figure out before you move any further. All and all, your property in Antalya is supposed to make your life easier.

If you have settled these questions and determined what you need and expect from the Antalya city, you can now start searching the neighbourhoods. Initially, it is useful to mention the districts and geographical features of the Antalya city.

Best places to buy real estate for sale in the Antalya province

Antalya Estate mainly works on three of the hottest locations in Antalya: Alanya, Belek, and the city centre. Alanya, Belek, and Antalya city centre are the most popular locations when it comes to real estate for sale in Antalya. There are countless reasons behind this fact: they each have so much to offer such as sandy beaches, a sunny weather, and great locations.

The properties for sale in Alanya, Belek, or Antalya involve private gardens, sandy beaches, swimming pools and many more advantages that will offer you a comfortable lifestyle in general. Your life in Antalya won’t be any boring, routine, not uncomfortable. Thus, we can conclude that Antalya offers you the ideal investment options.


Alanya is a beach resort city located on the eastern part of the Antalya province. Alanya is one of the leading locations when it comes to tourism, benefiting from all the appealing advantages of Mediterranean climate.

Antalya Estate offers you a wide range of alternatives for real estate for sale in Alanya Antalya. If you want luxurious villas for sale in great location close to the sea, Alanya may be the ideal place for you. Plus, the properties here gain an increasing value quickly, which also makes it one of the ideal investment locations in Antalya Turkey.

If you want to buy a real estate for sale in Antalya, you should know that Alanya is a unique city that successfully hides a holiday inside of a normal city life.
Alanya is not as big as the Antalya city centre, but it is as advanced. Plus, the city offers you a relaxing life away from the stress a usual big city always brings within.

If you are considering buying a villa for sale in Alanya or buying an apartment for sale in Alanya, we can guarantee you that this city will feel like a treasure.

Villas for sale in Alanya Turkey offer some of the most advanced technologies for security. Our villas are all tastefully designed and decorated by professionals. Most of our villas are newly built, they have their own private gardens, private pools, and parking lots. The best neighbourhoods to live in Alanya are Bektash, Kargicak, Mahmutlar, and the centre.


Belek is perfect for country houses for sale. A life in Belek has so much to offer including green areas and a comfortable lifestyle. Apart from tourism, Belek is also famous for social facilities such as golf courses. These golf courses offer world quality services from professional teams.

Our luxurious villas for sale in Belek are close to these golf courses. If you decide to live here, we suggest you take a look at them even if you are not a golf enthusiastic.

The Antalya City

Apart from all the touristic places we have mentioned up till now, the Antalya city is another popular option to buy a real estate for sale in Antalya.

Antalya city is relatively bigger compared to the provinces listed and you can find yourself lost within infinite number of options. The first thing you should do before choosing a property for sale in Antalya is to determine your expectations and requirements.

Your budget is a very important factor here as apartments and villas for sale in Antalya offer a wide range of options for each budget. How much you will need to pay on a real estate for sale gradually depends on the neighbourhood, which floor the apartment is located on, and how big the property is. Plus, the closer your property is to the sea, the more luxurious and higher priced it is.

Antalya Estate offers various newly built modern complexes for sale in Antalya with specialities such as underground parking, swimming pools, and private gardens.

As we have informed you about the properties for sale in Antalya in general, now we can talk about the neighbourhoods and provinces within the Antalya city centre and help you determine where the ideal investment in Turkey Antalya is.

Though there are multiple distinctive qualities between all the neighbourhoods in Antalya, there is not one single perfect place for everyone. This depends highly on your needs and expectations. If you run a tourism related business for example, Konyaalti would be the best option for you. However, if you prefer residential areas, Lara or Kepez could be more fitting. If you want one of the most reasonable priced apartments, Kepez and Muratpaşa are perfect for you. Let us inform you further about the places we recommend you buy a real estate for sale in Antalya:


Konyaalti is the touristic part of Antalya city centre. Most of the settlers here are foreigners. The price rages are very wide here. You can find both moderate apartments and very luxurious modern complexes. You can even find luxurious comfortable penthouses for sale in Konyaalti.

Konyaalti is a district in Antalya province that offers a colourful life with good standards. The 7 kilometres long famous Konyaalti Beach is accessible in various parts of Konyaalti district. Most of the neighbourhoods are preferred as a settlement for expats all around the world.

There are many beautiful neighbourhoods within Konyaalti. The most popular ones for foreign settlement are Çakırlar, Molla Yusuf, Hurma, Liman, Altınkum, Arapsuyu, Gürsu, Sarısu, Toros, and Uncalı. These neighbourhoods have different qualities to offer.

All these neighbourhoods are at walking distance from the beach. Antalya Estate even offers sea-front villas for sale in Konyaalti Antalya. As we have mentioned, the distance between sea and property is an important factor that determines the prices of the properties for sale.

Our villas and apartments for sale in Konyaalti are newly built modern complexes. Çakırlar, Molla Yusuf, Liman, Altınkum are some of the neighbours that are bordered by the Konyaalti Beach, which increases the prices.

Properties for sale in Hurma offer you a beautiful mountain view. Toros on the other hand, offers affordable prices. Toros is a very comfortable and peaceful neighbourhood located just near the Toros Entrance of Akdeniz University. If you are a university student and want to buy real estate for sale in Antalya, Toros might be one of the best places you can buy real estate for sale with its great location and friendly locals.

The Konyaalti Beach is one of the most famous ones in Turkey, lying on the Mediterranean coast of 7 kilometres. Here you can spend your spare times chilling and getting rid of all your tensions. In Konyaalti beach you will see a colourful environment. People of all ages and nationalities will be sunbathing, swimming, having enjoyable conversations, reading books, or having drinks with their families. There are tons of cafes, restaurants and bars located on the coast, offering colourful themes, delicious meals, and exotic cocktails. Spending a summer day on Konyaalti Beach will be one of your favourite activities in Antalya.

If you want to buy a villa for sale and use it only during your holidays, if you want to live in the heart of tourism of the Antalya centre or if you like the relaxing, chill, and enjoyable environment of Konyaalti, this neighbourhood will be the best option for you to buy a property in Antalya.


Another great neighbourhood in Antalya city centre to live as a foreigner is Lara, which is the most famous location for expats who prefer a residential life. Just like Konyaalti, it is impossible to generalise the property prices in Lara, there is a wide range of variety.

If your flat or villa is located closer to the coastal areas in Lara, they are most likely to be priced higher, just like in Konyaalti. Also, we cannot compare the price rages of these two places as both offer different opportunities and qualities.

Antalya Estate offers you varied alternatives for property for sale in Lara Beach. Some of these properties have landscaped gardens, private pools or shared pools as well as sea and mountain views.

Most of the modern and luxury villas for sale in Lara Antalya have huge pools, advanced security systems and tastefully decorated rooms. They all have great locations, at walking distance to all the places you would want to be nearby. They are close to the beach.

Lara is known as an elite neighbourhood where you can find a real estate for sale in Antalya. You will here have an enjoyable and comfortable life. There are a great deal of expats living in Lara, but you will still get to know the locals better as well.

Another advantage of buying real estate in Lara Beach is the availability of various occupations. Lara offers you countless opportunities to conduct your business here. You can open your own office and work freely in Lara. You will see that here there are countless job opportunities.

The properties and streets in Lara more rooted compared to the ones in Konyaalti, which leads the life here to be more residential rather than touristic. In Lara, you can have a luxurious life with swimming pools, sandy beaches, and private gardens in your modern residents.

If you want to live in this peaceful and wonderful district, you should check out Kundu, Güzeloba, Yeşilköy, Yeniköy, some of the best neighbourhoods in Lara.


Kepez is another popular neighbourhood for foreign settlement. Most of the residents living in Kepez are the locals but you can still find expats here.

Kepez offers apartments for sale for affordable prices in many of a developing area. The apartments in Kepez are generally older compared to the ones we have mentioned up till now. However, it is of course possible to find newly built modern residences with swimming pools as well.

In the previous years, Kepez was only popular among the native Turkish people. However, as more and more projects are carried out concerning the neighbourhoods of Kepez (due to the increasing demand of lands for sale), the district gets modern and fashionable.

These mean that it is possible to make big profits out of an apartment you buy today that is very affordable now. As the projects continue, the neighbourhoods in Kepez will become more and more elite and the apartments will be subject to a high value gain.

However, you need to be aware that Kepez is located further from the sea levels. This is actually another reason for its being so affordable. To keep the prices even lower, we recommend you check out the flats on the ground floor.

For the reasons stated above, we can say that if a luxurious lifestyle is not essential to you, you must definitely consider Kepez for property investment. Kepez is a reasonably prices neighbourhood that still offers good life qualities and standards when you buy a real estate for sale in Antalya.

If you are considering buying an apartment in Kepez, we recommend you search the ones in Göksu, Karşıyaka, Altınova, Varsak, Kültür, and Gülveren.

Göksu is one of the neighbourhoods in Antalya city that is quickly growing. Here, you can find many modern apartments for low prices.

Both Kültür and Gülveren are very close to the Kültür Entrance of Akdeniz University. You will see that the population in these neighbourhoods are constructed of young university students. Thus, there are numerous activities to do here. Even though these neighbourhoods are not very close to the sea, they have numerous cafes and restaurants within. If you are interested, we recommend you look at Kafeler Caddesi (a street full of interesting concept cafes for students).


Muratpaşa is a district of Antalya city that is located right at the city centre, which creates advantages over the other places that we have talked about. In Muratpaşa, you will see that it is very easy to get to places in the city. All the busses pass through some locations in Muratpaşa. Plus, the famous Old Town is located here.

In Muratpaşa you can get a newly built sea front apartment for sale that is surrounded by green areas. Another advantage of Muratpaşa is that the houses here have easily affordable prices.

The great location and affordable prices lead Muratpaşa to be one of the best places to live in Antalya. The prices lower down even more as you move further away from the sea.

Antındağ, Meltem, Kırcami, Bahçelievler, Konuksever, Zümrütova are some of the best neighbourhoods in Muratpaşa.

Where should I buy a real estate for sale in Antalya?

This question, as we have stated before, doesn’t have one perfect answer. It all depends on you and your family.

If you like to be close to the sea and nature, Konyaalti will be the best option for you. The same goes if you don’t want to be involved too much with the locals. If you want to learn the Turkish culture and language and if you want more residential neighbourhoods, Lara, Kepez and Muratpaşa will be great for you. If you want an elite, luxurious life, Lara is the best while Kepez and Muratpaşa offers the lowest prices.

If you want to be living in peace in nature but cannot do without a city life, Alanya is your city. Belek, on the other hand, offers you pure peace.

As you must have realised, no one can accept this much from a city, but Antalya brings them forth anyway. This is such a city that everyone can find something for themselves here.

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